Alright so this is my first story that I'm letting other people read. And thanks to one person I've realized that only I know what Rixka looks like fully. Her background and more info will be revealed later but for now here's some basic stuff on her. Rixka is not a tall girl. About 5 feet 4 inches tall. She has shoulder length pitch black hair and sapphire blue eyes. She is very pale. Rixka is also in her 20s. So there is the basics about Rixka. Please enjoy the story ^^

She opened her eyes and pushed her long black hair out of her face. She was staring at a pure white ceiling. She had no idea what was going on as she lay there. Her memories….She remembered nothing. She only remembered her name. Rixka. Was that really her name…? Or just a thought…. She didn't know. She didn't like not knowing. She blinked as a man with blue hair and a scar on his face came into her line of sight.

"I see you're finally awake. Come with me." He said. Without waiting for her reply he took her wrist and pulled her up. She stumbled getting a little dizzy from being jerked up so suddenly. She looked at the man before her. He was taller than her and stared at her with cold eyes. She shivered and looked down noticing they wore the exact same cloak.

"Come." He said again and started pulling her along with him. She had no choice but to follow as he wouldn't loosen his grip on her wrist. She was soon confused as he pulled her down many hallways until they finally reached a large room. She saw a couple boys in the room just lounging around. All wearing the same cloak.

A man with flaming spiky red hair walked up. She looked down using her black hair to shield her face.

"Hey Saix. Who ya got there?" The spiky red head asked putting his hands on his hips and bending over a little trying to get a look at her face. She lowered her head more stepping behind the man he had called Saix.

"Her name is Rixka." Saix said pushing her forward a little.

She took in a small breath as the red head grabbed her chin and forced her to look up. Her sapphire blue eyes met his emerald green ones.

"Heh she's kinda cute. You're probably wondering who I am. The name's Axel. Got it memorized?" He said as he let go of her chin and straightened up. Axel then looked at Saix.

"So what can she do? Is she strong?" *he asked as he yawned.

"Not yet. But you and the others will be training her." Saix said.

Rixka looked at the both of them. They continued talking about her. "It's like I'm not even here." She thought as she watched them converse.

Axel then looked at her and smirked. He put an arm around her shoulders and started to pull her away from Saix. "How bout you come get acquainted with the others huh?" He said as he led her over to a couch where a blonde guy sat with some strange looking object. It looked like….like he was trying to play the strange thing. The boy looked up and blinked.

"Who's this?" He asked motioning to Rixka stopping with the strange object.

Axel pushed Rixka forward keeping his hands on her shoulder. "This cute little thing here is Rixka. Rixka, this is Demyx." Axel said as he motioned to Demyx.

Demyx noticed her staring at the object in his hands. He smirked and held it up. "Wanna know what it is?" He asked. She hesitantly nodded just a little bit. He grinned. "It's my sitar. My weapon. But I like to play music on it too."

Axel scoffed. "It's mostly a toy for him. Demyx is extremely lazy and hates to fight. If you get paired with him get ready to do all the work." Axel said, rubbing the back of his head.

Demyx sat forward. "Hey!" He yelled as Axel pulled Rixka away laughing.

Rixka looked up at Axel as he just grinned. He glanced down at her so she quickly looked down.

"Heh you're the shy type aren't ya?" He asked poking her cheek. She turned her head away a little her pale cheeks turning a very light pink. She glanced at him when he just chuckled and put his hand back at his side. He sighed and sat down at an empty couch grabbing her shoulder and pulling her down beside him. "You'll have plenty of time to meet everyone. But when your work starts we'll hardly have any time together." He said smirking as he made her look at him.

She blushed and leaned away a little. She was getting uncomfortable. She glanced around but he forced her eyes back on him. There it was. That devilish smirk. The kind of smirk where you just knew something was going on in the person's mind.

Before he could do anything else she leapt up and ran out of the room. She had no idea what so ever where she was going, she just wanted to escape that man…. What was his name….? She had already forgotten but honestly didn't care. As she rounded a corner she squeaked as she ran into a hard chest and fell to the floor. She looked up seeing a man with his hair tied back and an eye patch over his right eye.

"Hey watch where you're going." He started to yell then blinked when he really looked at her. "Huh…. Never seen you around before. Must be a new one I guess." He said as he pulled her up. He noticed the way she was glancing around. "You must be lost. Well I didn't expect to become a tour guide but whatever. Come on." He turned around and started walking not even bothering to make sure she was following.

She blinked as she watched him. He was helping her? But he didn't even know her. She shook her head and jogged to catch up to him deciding it was best to accept his help. She certainly didn't want to get even more lost. She wondered just where he would lead her though…. Would it be some place scary…? She prayed it was to the room she had awoken in.

She followed him in silence keeping her head down watching his feet so she wouldn't run into him. She squeaked as he stopped suddenly causing her to almost walk right into his back. She looked up at him seeing him knocking on a door.

"Hey Saix! I got a little something here for ya!" He called shoving his hands in his pockets.

The door opened revealing the man she had woken too. He blinked seeing Rixka with this man. "How did she end up with you?" He asked stepping out of the room.

"She ran into me. She's lost. Not sure where she came from but she's your problem now. Later." He said then walked away. Rixka blinked as she watched him go then looked up at Saix who had closed his eyes and was sighing.

He opened his eyes and looked at her then shut his door. "Come. You're going back to your room. I can't have you running around since I can tell you won't stay with Axel." He glanced at her. "Was it Axel that scared you off?

She just looked at him not sure how to answer. She couldn't remember which one was Axel.

He sighed again. "Your memory better start working fast." He said as he grabbed her wrist and started leading her down the halls. She tried to pay attention so she wouldn't get lost again but everything just looked the same to her… Why did it have to be so difficult? She blinked when Saix was opening a door. He stepped aside and looked at her.

"Go on." He said motioning into the room. She blinked but went inside. She glanced over her shoulder at him. "Get some sleep. You'll be training with Xigbar tomorrow." With that he closed the door.