FAGEtastic Four

Title: And Yet So Far

Written for: Dolphin62598

Written By: LyricalKris

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: Best friends falling in love or realizing feelings for each other ... and there are tattoos involved.

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The new boy was in almost all of her classes. The one exception was Math. She was normal. He was advanced.

Try as she might, Bella couldn't help obsessing over him along with the rest of Forks High School. She felt hypocritical. After all, it had been her under the microscope just last semester when she'd come to live with her dad. Still, though she feigned disinterest, pretending to concentrate on the book in front of her, she was really listening to every blessed word her lunch mates - Alice Brandon and Jessica Stanley - were saying.

It wasn't her fault, she excused herself. It was a product of being friends with the queens of the Forks High gossip mill. Between the two of them, they knew absolutely everything about everyone.

"They moved here from Chicago this weekend," Jessica whispered, her head bent close to Alice's. "Dr. and Mrs. Cullen came to open a bank account with my mom on Saturday. Mrs. Cullen works at the police station as a clerk, I think."

"I heard he's the oldest of three kids," Alice whispered back.

"Right. He has a brother and a sister. I wonder if the brother is even half as hot as he is."

Alice snickered. "You wish, perv. His brother is eight, and his name is Emmett. The sister is just a baby. I didn't catch the name. Ella, maybe?"

"Not even close! Leona. Like.. isn't that the name of the floating head in the haunted mansion ride at Disneyland?"

The two girls giggled. "I haven't been to Disneyland," Alice said thoughtfully.

"I wonder what his middle name is."

"Why does that matter?"

"It doesn't. I'm just curious."

"It's Anthony," Bella muttered distractedly. Her eyes had wandered across the cafeteria where the new boy - Edward Cullen - was sitting, looking vaguely amused at his lunch mates - Tyler Crowley and Mike Newton.

He had a beautiful smile, even when it was half cocked as it was then, Bella thought.

"How do you know?" Alice demanded.

"Ha. I told you she isn't as above it as she wants to seem," Jessica added, elbowing Alice in the side.

Bella frowned, ripping her gaze away from Edward to look at her two friends. "It's not like I went digging for information. We were playing a stupid game in English, that's all."

"Edward Anthony Cullen," Jessica repeated. She sighed. "I want him."

Alice snickered. "Get in line. Every girl and a good portion of the guys want him."

"Does that mean you want him, too?" Jessica challenged.

"Gross. No." Alice grinned primly. "You know I prefer blonds."

At that, Bella laughed. "You don't prefer blonds. You prefer Jaspers."

"Well, yes, that is true..."

After lunch, Bella walked to her Spanish class alone. Of course, she should not have been surprised when Edward walked in a few minutes behind her.

There was no escaping this kid.

Especially since the only open desks were the two on either side of her and the one behind her.

Edward chose the one to Bella's right.

Class started. Like every other Spanish class her four years of high school, they spent the first twenty minutes learning new words and how to use them before Senora Goff paired them up to create a conversation.

Predictably to how her day was going, Bella was paired up with Edward. Obviously, fate wasn't going to let her ignore the boy.

"Hey. You're Edward Cullen, obviously. I mean..." She sighed, knowing she wasn't any good at this kind of thing. "People are talking," she finished lamely.

He grinned that same half smile he'd been wearing at Mike and Tyler's table. "Si, me llamo Edward Cullen," he said, his lips twitching in amusement when he saw her grimace. "Como te llamas?"

"Oh, I'm Bella. Bella Swan."

"Que? No habla ingles," he said, feigning confusion. There was something wicked glinting in his eyes. He was definitely teasing her. True, they were supposed to be speaking in only Spanish, but no one actually followed that rule.

"Me llamo Bella Swan," she said finally.

"Encantado de conocerle."

He was lucky his voice was so pleasant, doubly so because he was speaking another language. Honestly, it wasn't fair at all.

How could Bella not be charmed?


There was no particular reason why Edward couldn't get Bella out of his head.

It was odd. It seemed like she was there every time he turned around. How on Earth was it possible - even in a school as small as theirs - to have every class with one person? She was always there, and yet, she was different.

It seemed like the rest of the school was watching him. She hadn't so much as glanced up.

Of course, because she didn't pay attention to him, he couldn't keep his eyes off her.

Like the way she stumbled in gym. He'd had to cover his mouth with his hand when she'd hit a stray volleyball right into Lauren Mallory's nose. How could he not be endeared to her? Lauren had been particularly... well...

He wouldn't be surprised to find she had a tramp stamp, to say the least.

Edward had had enough of that kind of girl.

Blushing Bella Swan, who'd stumbled adorably but played his little game in Spanish, though she'd rolled her eyes while doing it.

As Edward pulled up in front of the daycare, he grimaced to himself.

It was a nice dream, thinking that he could have a crush like any other kid at his high school. He'd given up that right.

"Hey, Edward Cullen, right?"

Edward looked up, smiling slightly as another guy his age got out of his car. "That's me," he said easily.

"Jasper Hale," the blond boy said, nodding. "You have little kid siblings right?" He laughed when Edward raised an eyebrow. "Man, what don't I know about you? Small town."

"Right. Small town," Edward agreed. "What about you?"

"Little sister. Rosalie."

They got to the door, and Edward raised his hand to knock. Jasper just laughed, opening the door. Frowning - he didn't like that just anyone could walk in- Edward followed the other boy inside.

"Hey, Mrs. Cope."

"Hello, Jasper," she greeted, smiling at Jasper. "The older kids are outside. Let me get your sister." She looked up at Edward. "And you must be Edward Cullen."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Your brother is outside, too. I'll go get them both."

Before she could take a step, there was an excited sounding squeal from the playpen off to the side of the room. "Uppa! Uppa, uppa, uppa!"

Edward felt a smile spread across his face. Quickly, he crossed the room and reached into the playpen, pulling up the one-year-old baby girl that was straining, her arms out. "Hey, little lion," he murmured, kissing her cheek and brushing her nose in a butterfly kiss. He tilted his head, noticing her skin was blotchy, and there were tear tracks on her cheeks. He looked to Mrs. Cope. "How was she today?"

"Oh, you know kids. It can be difficult for them to adjust. She cried a lot, but she'll get used to it here." The older woman smiled and headed out to the back where her assistant was playing with the older kids in the group.

"She's a cute kid," Jasper said conversationally, waggling his fingers in front of the baby's eyes. Leona scrunched up her nose, backing away from him, hiding her face in Edward's neck.

"Yeah, she's got that going for her at least," he said, rubbing her back in a soothing motion.

"My kid sister's the most adorable thing ever." Jasper huffed and shook his head. "She's also the biggest diva in the city."

"Sounds like she and my brother would get along," Edward said amiably.

They were interrupted by the sound of tromping footsteps. Edward turned, rolling his eyes as his little brother came barreling toward him. If Emmett was going anywhere, he was running. "Hey, Edward," he greeted jovially. He turned around, looking over at where a prim, pretty little girl was following after Mrs. Cope at a more ladylike pace. He gestured to Edward, waiting for his big brother to stoop down. "She thinks she's a Kardashinen. What the heck is that?"

"It means she's trying to be a prosti-tot," Jasper muttered, shaking his head.

"A prosti-what?" Emmett asked too loudly.

"Shhhhh!" both the older boys admonished.

The Rosalie girl wrinkled her nose in distaste.

"Sorry about that, man." Jasper shook his head.

"No worries. He's heard worse," Edward said, waving his hand.

"It's so nice of you boys helping your parents out like this," Mrs. Cope gushed, grinning at them. "Not a lot of boys your age are interested in helping their parents out with little siblings."

Edward grimaced.

"It only makes sense. The high school lets out only half an hour after the elementary school, and we're going home anyway. Just a couple of good ol' boys, right?" Turning his face slightly to the side so only Edward could see, Jasper rolled his eyes.

"Yeah." Edward's voice was wry. "Right."

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