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Gecko Moria was catching up on new updates in the world by reading the newspaper one foggy morning when a high pitched voice, that could match his own, yelled out his voice. Perona floated down through the ceiling with a picture in her hands.

"What, what the hell is it I'm busy", Moria growled. "Seriously I can't read the damn paper without somebody needed me"! Perona sighed, "Moria-sama no one's bothered you for a whole week now. There've been no passing ships for almost a month. And right now I need to ask you a question"!

Moria set his paper down and slouched down even further into his seat. "Fine go ahead". The pink haired girl smiled and continued. "Ok so what is it with you in this picture"? She held the picture right up to his face. After a few seconds a shadow bat grabbed the picture and ate it.

"Oi I just wanted to know what you were doing in a dress"! She ranted. "SHUT UP NO ONE MUST EVER SEE THAT PICTURE EVER AGAIN"! Moria screamed. "AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW IN THE HELL YOU GOT AHOLD OF IT"! Perona only seemed put on a sad expression and sniffle when she said, "I-I just wanted to know why you were in a dress Moria-sama". Moria's heart somehow have into the cuteness of that face.

"I was drunk, it was late, it was a party, I was dared to wear it, and it was twenty years ago". He sighed. "Just leave it at that and go away". "Oh and this all is none of your business"! The girl then sent a ghost through him. "If I could be reborn I would want to come back as a pickle". He mumbled. When he looked up Perona was gone so he sighed in relief and went back to his paper.

The next day.

As Moria sat down to read this morning's news paper he nearly had a heart attack. The pink haired girl floated down only seconds after he saw the paper. "Well when you snapped at me I remembered that there was another picture in the box I found the first one in". Perona explained. "So I sent it out to the world paper and here it is". "Oh and I know when I asked you a weird question and I got a not so cute ranting I thought up a new part to that saying". "It all goes like this, ask a weird question, get an ugly ranting, and then get the perfect revenge". Moria was so shocked; still, he didn't even say anything about what she had just stated.


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