"Butler, butler!" Takaba Akihito shouted, slamming his fist on the table in the dining room as he sat there, empty table in front of him as he waited for his meal to appear. Takaba growled deeply as he sat the table, left hand taping the top of it as his foot tapped the floor, his eyes blazing fire as he waited, and waited, and waited for probably near ten minutes before slamming his hand down on the table. He was hungry dammit, and once again due to the hunger that he had been trying so hard to hold out against, he was having to give in to that ass of a man's order and call him what it was that he wanted to be called. "Dammit Asami! Why aren't you bring my food out?" Takaba shouted, knowing full well that the other man could easily hear him from his position in the kitchen.

"You called for me" Asami questioned as he appeared from the kitchen, his trade mark smirk in place as he looked at Takaba who he could tell was on the verge of almost completely exploding and was having a rather hard time stopping himself from doing so. Asami came to stop at the other side of the table as he looked at Takaba expectantly as he waited to see what it was that the other had to say to him.

"Bastard." Takaba hissed, knowing full well that the older man had heard what he said by the way his mouth twitched, more then likely wanting to widen the already wide smirk that was on his face. "I was asking what was taking so long for you to bring my food." Takaba replied arms crossed over his chest as he waited to see what it was that the other had to say to him.

"Ah yes, your dinner, it took me a little longer then I had intended for it to for me to make, though at this point in time it is almost done. When it is completed I'll be certain to bring it out right away for you, I apologize for making you wait for so long." Asami replied, bowing deeply at the waist, knowing for a fact that he was doing nothing more then irritating Takaba by doing this, because both of them knew for a fact that Asami didn't mean a word of what he said. for Asami never meant it whenever he apologized for something.

Takaba didn't like Asami, he didn't .like the older man one bit, it wasn't just because he was so cocky and self assured despite his position, it also had to do with the way that the older man treated and also because of what it was that he expected from Takaba. Asami was a butler for crying out loud and was expecting respect from Takaba! THAT right there was a huge problem in and of itself, for Asami had no right whatsoever to ask of such thing considering the position that he held, yet some how Asami felt it was right to ask for such a thing.

It wasn't even like Takaba agreed to do such a thing either, in fact he hated being forced to show Asami any respect, even if it was just something as simple as having to call him by his name instead of referring to him as 'butler' of course Asami's want of respect didn't end here.

Asami also expected the boy to say 'please' and 'thank you' whenever he requested anything, ANYTHING at all from the older man, despite the fact that it was Asami's job to do whatever it was that the young man asked him to, and he knew for a fact that be really didn't have a right be asking such a thing. However Asami was crafty, and despite the fact that what he was asking could've easily gotten him fired, or possibly even executed since manners were something that he was apparently lacking, he held something that allowed for him to do as he pleased without having to worry about what might end up happening to him because of what he was doing.

Takaba was a prince, a prince! Most certainly he did have his moments in time where he didn't quite act as dignified as a prince should've, but he did still hold the charm and proper manners that every prince had, and he also had the pride that told him that he shouldn't have to put up with the bullshit that Asami expected of him. Takaba really wanted to fire the older man, however due to some contract or deal that Asami had made with his father, Takaba wasn't allowed to do anything of the sort to the older man until at least a year after he had been working there, and it seemed to Takaba that Asami was trying to make the most out of the free year he had by trying to drive him completely insane.

Takaba at first had to admit that Asami did indeed act like a proper butler should've, showing him the respect that he deserved and not even questioning anything that he was asked to do. In fact if Takaba had to say, and if he had pay attention, he'd have probably noticed the fact that Asami was indeed acting much more polite and proper then his features told him that he should've been. However Takaba had to suffer with the fact that, of course this came from his father's side and most certainly not from his mother, because his mother was a very crafty and cleaver person. Takaba had to deal with the fact that, and it was mostly at important times when he really needed to pick up on things, he had the tendency to be rather naïve about certain things that were going on around him.

Such as the fact that Takaba should've picked up on the fact that very slowly, and even though it was only a little bit here and there, Asami was very slowly starting to show him a little less respect as each day went by.

Takaba had at first thought that when Asami actually did something major by questioning something that he was asked to do, that Asami had probably just gotten comfortable with his position and that it was a matter of reminding Asami of where exactly it was that he stood in the relationship that they had, however that wasn't the case, in fact Asami just found it be rather amusing the way that Takaba tried to warn him that if he attempted to even act higher then his status was that there would be sever consequences.

Takaba however did pick up on the fact that the moment that Asami kept eye contact and head held high, that this man wasn't afraid or even worried about anything that Takaba could to him, which in sort meant that Takaba was rather screwed, because from that point on things only proceeded to get worse and worse for Takaba.

Takaba was stubborn though and there was no way that he was going to allow someone like Asami to do or say as he pleased, this was however of course how Takaba learned the way that Asami had quite the wicked tongue, and even more so wicked hands that could were quite happy to do evil things to the poor innocent and naïve boy. Things that Takaba didn't like or that he wanted done.

"Is there anything else that I might be able to do for you Young Master while you wait for your food to finish? I am certain that there are quite a few ways that I could entertain you while you're waiting those few moments" Asami's eyes glinted wickedly as he straightened up, loving the look of heavy irritation and defiance that was on Takaba's face over being asked such a question.

"Fuck off, I don't want your nasty hands anywhere near me, you disgusting perverted bastard." Takaba hissed, not even trying to hide the venom that thickly laced his voice. Asami tsked as his wiggled his finger in a rather mocking way, his eyes gleaming with amusement as he stared the boy down.

"Language Young Master, someone in your position should know that it was very unbefitting for you to use such language. Must I punish you again in order to remind you exactly how improper it is for you to use it?" Takaba blushed a dark red, and stuttered as he tried to think of something to say to the older man as Asami stood there smirking, seeming quite pleased over the reaction that he had gotten out of the young man. Takaba was about to snap something back at Asami, but before he got this far, a knock on the dining room door signaled that someone was coming in. "Please enter." Asami replied, knowing that Takaba wasn't exactly capable of saying anything that would intelligible, as he was still blushing hard and flustered by what Asami had just asked.

"I'm just coming in to bring the Young Master his dinner." The chef said as he entered the dinning room, the rolling cart with Takaba's food in front of him as he made his way over to the table.

"Thank you very kindly, I was just getting ready to come and see if it was done, the Young Master is quite impatient to have his dinner." Asami replied as he took the tray from the chef, for it was his job to set the food on the table.

"You would be too if you hadn't been allowed to eat anything all day." Takaba huffed under his breath. The chef couldn't quite hear what Takaba said, but the low muttering caught his attention causing him to turn back to look at the table until Asami cleared his throat, reminding him that he was just getting ready to leave the room.

"If you wish for anything else you know to find me in the kitchen." The chef told Takaba, bowing once before he left the room.

A firm pout was set on Takaba's lips as he watched Asami set the table, with the grace that was much too good for any common butler to have. One thing that Takaba couldn't hold against Asami, much to his annoyance was the fact that the other was handsome, not handsome in that slightly boyish handsome way, but the kind of handsome that caused every head in a room to turn and look at said person handsome. Of course Asami didn't just have this on his side, he also happened to have quite a bit of charisma and had no problem putting on quite the charming air if it meant that he was able to get whatever he wanted. Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing, because that was pretty much what Asami was, for he had no problem behaving quite well, except for when he was left alone with Takaba.

Asami's good looks were only enhanced by the butler attire that he was made to wear, and boy did Asami do a good job of using that to his advantage.

Takaba knew that it was the charm that Asami held that for the most part allowed him to get what he wanted, even if the prince wasn't totally liking the butler, Asami somehow always managed to charm Takaba into what he wanted him to do, most of the time that was. The other part of the time he would use a little helpful 'coaxing' as he called it to get Takaba to do what it was that he wanted him to do.

Takaba hated it the most when Asami decided to resort to dirty and underhand tricks to get the boy to do what it was that he wanted him to. Takaba was quite stubborn and had no problem saying no whenever Asami wanted him to do something, and no was something that Asami didn't like to hear from the other, because no meant that Takaba wasn't going to do what he wanted, and if Takaba wasn't going to do what he wanted willingly, then that meant that Asami was going to have to help him along even if the boy didn't like it.

Takaba stared at the food that had been set on the table, his stomach was lowly grumbling about how hungry it was, but Takaba couldn't quite bring himself to eat due to the fact that Asami was staring at him so intently, and it was done in the intent kind of way that meant Asami was expecting something from the other.

"No." Takaba started firmly, pursing his lips together as he grabbed a hold of his chopsticks to get ready to start eating, in the few brief seconds that he looked away from Asami, he missed the dangerous glint that passed through the other's eyes. "I already told you when you mentioned this thing before, that there was no way in hell I was going to agree to it." Takaba flinched slightly when he heard the low chuckle that came out of Asami's mouth, whatever the older man found amusing, Takaba knew he wouldn't see it the same way.

"And if I remember correctly, after a little of 'talking' you agreed to go along with what I wanted, so I think that unless you want to go back on your end of the deal, and have to deal with something worse, I suggest you do as we agreed upon." Takaba gritted his teeth, trying so hard to contain his anger as he gripped his chopsticks so tight he was surprised that he hadn't broken them.

"Fine, but only one." Takaba growled, as he set his chopsticks and turned to face Asami in his seat, trying to hide the blush that wanted to force its way up onto his face as the older man approached him before leaning down to claim the other's lips as he put a hand under the boy's chin in order to tilt his head back that much further.

Takaba reacted almost right away to the kiss, having to hold back the moan that wanted to escape his mouth as Asami's tongue invaded causing Takaba to feel the need to fight back against the other muscle much to Asami's amusement.

"See, that wasn't so bad." Asami commented, the kiss broken quicker then Takaba had expected it to be, somewhat to a light amount of disappointment that Takaba would never allow the other man to see.

"It's much harder then you could ever imagine." Takaba huffed, turning his attention away from the older man who hadn't moved from his spot as he watched the boy start eating with a large amount of interest.

How the hell was it that Takaba ended up in the current mess that he was in?