"You ready?" Grovyle asked. I nodded,

"Yeah, let's hurry so we won't get caught," I told him and we took off. We were running at full speed, ignoring the Pokémon that were attacking us. By the time we reached the place Celebi was we were covered in blood.

"What happened to you two?" Celebi asked us, she was really angry.

"It's nothing, just some scrapes from the Pokémon in the woods," I told her.

"Okay, now we have to hurry before Dusknoir finds us," Grovyle suggested and we nodded. And we ran down to the Passage of Time so we can complete our mission.

"Grovyle, before we do this, let's make a promise that no matter what, we will always stick close to each other and complete this mission," I told him, which made Celebi angrier. I know she's been jealous of me because of Grovyle and I being best friends and close partners.

"I'm with you, Kaori," Grovyle said and I pulled out a pendant cut it in two and gave the other half to Grovyle, which made Celebi even angrier.

"Now, you two have a world to save!" Celebi snapped, I smiled at Grovyle and the two of us jumped into the Passage, but I saw an attack coming for Grovyle and I pushed him out of the way, letting the attack hit me instead.

"W-Whoa! A-are you okay?" Grovyle asked me.

"Y-yeah, I'll be fine," I said, losing my grip on his hand.

"N-No, hold on!"

"I-I can't!" I lost my grip,