A/N: This story is going to fallow the episodes but with a little twist. I'm adding an OC. Warning to all those people who don't like OC stories but please just try it anyway. It's my first Fanfic. I'm going to keep it Razer/ Aya because I think they are so adorable together.

Name: Mary Cabon Jordan

Description: 6'5; has bright brown eyes; with brown hair and wears it down as a hero and wears it in a ponytail as a civilian. Her Green Lantern suit consist of a green mask, long green flannel shirt, white under sleeve, white leggings, green boots, and a Green Belt around her waist with a green lantern symbol that go to her thigh. Her favorite civilian outfit is a pair of jeans, blue t-shirt, black long sleeve under shirt, and tennis shoes.

Hero Profile: Green Lantern of Earth, Sector 2814. She is also a Healer Green Lantern in Training under Ganthet since she was 11. She is dubbed one of the best fighters around Oa under Killowags instruction. On Earth her hero name is Young Lantern, partner to the Green Lantern.

Civilian Profile: 14 year old and lives in Coast City as the adaptive daughter of Aerialist Hal Jordan. Attends Coast City Middle School as a 7th grader. I am going to make the story take place missing her last few weeks as a 7th grader and her summer. She plays a lot of sports from basketball to lacrosse but is not very good in academics.

She likes to hang out with her friend Vivian who is almost the total opposite of her. Perky, shy, and really good in Academics. These 2 like to hang out everywhere if Mary is not called in for training.

Back story: Her father left her family when she was 1 so she can only remember her mother being the center of her life while living in NY. Her life spiraled down hill at age 7 when her mother died as their house caught on fire. She never really had the hard-knock-life like Annie did at the orphanage, but she became a social outcast for 3 years. One night when she was 10, the ring came to her. Since she knew so much about the Green Lantern, because he is was her favorite hero, she instantly knew she had to find the Green Lantern. But the next day, Hal Jordan came into adopt her and when they got to Coast City, he explained everything to the young 10 year old. From then on Hal had become more like a brother figure and she became happy again.

Personality: She is very Hard Core making her excel in being a good fighter at a young age. But that mental toughness is her weakness when healing since it takes a calm mind to heal. The only time she ever losses her tough side is when she hears of someone's passing or when someone brings up the topic of her mother. But she tries to never lets it get to her.