Chapter 1

When Thor and Loki were little boys, they would play in the gardens of Asgard daily. One day they were playing when Loki saw a little girl sitting all by herself agaisnt a stone wall. This girl looked to be about four or five years old. Loki could tell that her hair had never been cut because of how long it flowed behind her. This girl was sitting with her legs gathered up against her chest. She had her arms wrapped around her legs and she was crying into them.

As Loki looked on her, he couldn't help but feel sorry for whatever was bothering her no matter how small the matter was. He knew that on the inside he always felt the way this young girl looked to be feeling because he always felt so inferior towards his brother. Loki walked up to her and knelt beside her. "Hi, I'm Loki; what's your name?" He said with a smile on his face. He felt a little awkward because the girl didn't respond at all. He attempted to try to make her talk again. "What's wrong?"

This is when she looked up at him. She looked into Loki's eyes to reveal a tear-stained face. He wondered what could possibly go so wrong in such a young girl's life to make her that sad. "Theoric was being mean to me. He stole my doll." She looked back down at her lap. For some reason he didn't know why, this fact made his furious. He was the God of Michief after all. He was always playing tricks like that on people. However, he suddenly felt something towards this girl like if anyone tried to mess with her, they'd have to answer to him.

Loki looked at her with rage in his eyes. "Where is he?"

She told Loki where Theoric was and without a moment's hesitation, Loki went straight to him.

Theoric saw Loki approach and he was about to say something when Loki completely interrupted him, "Where is her doll," Loki demanded from him with anger in his features.

"Why do you care?"

"Why would you want to hurt a little, innocent, girl?"

"I was just having some fun. You're the God of Mischief after all; don't act like you're some sort of saint." Theoric shouted in Loki's face.

"I will ask you one more time." At this point, Loki almost touched noses with Theoric.

Theoric and Loki stared each other down for a few more seconds until Theoric pulled the doll out from behind him and handed it to Loki. Right when Loki touched the doll, he turned around and stormed off.

"Yeah that's right; you better get out of here," Theoric shouted after Loki.

Loki ran back to where the little girl sat; she wasn't there. He looked around, desperately, to see if maybe she was still around somewhere. He spotted her walk away with a woman. He ran after her.

"Hey, wait up!" the little girl heard the voice of the boy who comforted her from before shout. She turned around to see that she was indeed correct. By the time Loki had caught up to her, he was out of breath. He held the doll infront of him. She looked at the doll, then to him, then to the doll again and recieved it. She looked at it for a moment and then quickly embraced him. She let go. "Thank you," she said cheerfully and then ran back to her mother.

"Wait!" shouted Loki.

The little girl turned around to meet his gaze.

"I didn't catch your name."

"I'm Sigyn." She then turned back around and walked with her mother.

"Sigyn," Loki said under his breath. For some reason he didn't know why, he felt something special towards this girl. After she told him her name, he knew that he could never forget it.