Chapter 10

Sigyn got up an hour later. As she was sitting up, she felt nauseas in her stomach. She clutched her stomach and felt like she needed to just lay back down. She layed down and moaned but then heard a knock on her door. "Yes!" she called not wanting to get up.

"Lady Sigyn, I must come in!" called the person from the other side of the door.

She sat up again and felt better; it was magical. She put the thought aside and then got up, put a robe on, and answered the door.

The maid curtsied, "King Loki has sent me to adorn you as a queen would be adorned," said the maid.
Sigyn stared at her with a confused expression.

"May I come in?" said the maid raising an eyebrow.

Sigyn came back to reality. "Yes come in," she said giving the maid room to enter. She closed the door, "Did you say, King Loki?"
"Yes. Since King Odin is in the Odin sleep and Prince Thor is banished, the rule has fallen to him. Since you are his wife, you are now the queen of Asgard," said the maid as she layed out gowns for Sigyn on the bed.

Sigyn couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was happy that Loki had finally gotten what he had wanted but her...a queen? She had only been a princess for three days and she was nervous about that. Now she was a queen? Sigyn couldn't take all this. There was too much happening at once.

"Come, my Lady, we must get you dressed." she said turning back to Sigyn.

Sigyn didn't respond at first because she was too busy thinking about all this insanity that was going on.

"My lady?"

Sigyn snapped back to reality,"Yes. Of course," said Sigyn. She let the the maid make her look pretty for her husband.

Once the maid was done dressing Sigyn, she led her out of the room and down the stairs. Her ivory dress was the same satin material as her bridal gown. It had a low cut scoop neck and revealed a lot. It had lacey sleeves that were a little poofy as the top. There were strands of satin fabric hanging from the base of the poofy parts and dragging on the floor. Her hair was done with ringlets near the bottom with part of her hair up in the back. The maid gave her short earrings that had a gem at the ear and a pearl dangling from that gem.

She led her to where Odin was sleeping. Once the maid entered the room, she curtsied towards Frigga. She then stepped to the side and made way for Sigyn to pass throught the door. Sigyn saw Frigga get up from her husband's side and advance towards her.
Frigga touched Sigyn's elbows and kissed her cheek very lightly. "You look beautiful, my darling; just as a queen should look." She then left Sigyn's side to go retrieve something.
"Frigga, I'm not ready for this," said Sigyn with panic in her voice.
Frigga came back to her with a crown and placed it on her head. "Hush, my love. You are fit for this task. Some kings and queens care nothing for one another and only marry for political reasons. However, you and my son love each other very deeply. That will come as an advantage more than any amount of knowledge." Frigga held Sigyn's face in her hands and bent her forehead to rest on Sigyn's, "trust me," she whispered. She kissed her on the cheek one last time. "Now go be at your husband's side."
Sigyn looked to her mother-in-law one last time before departing from the room.

The maid curtsied towards Frigga one last time before leaving to guide Sigyn to the throne room.

Loki was in the throne room and heard the door opening. He turned to find the maid enter. The maid curtsied to Loki and then made way for Sigyn. The maid then left Sigyn and Loki alone.

Loki could not help but smile at his beautiful bride. He went to stand infront of her. Once he got to her, he gently slithered his arms around her and embraced her. He then pulled away. "You look so beautiful, my queen," he said very softly to her stroking a lock of her hair that was hanging over her shoulder. He then pulled away from her and extended his arm out to her. She took it and he led her up to her throne. He gently let her down into her throne and then sat at her side in his. He slouched in his throne and looked over at his wife who was sitting very straight in her throne. He saw the way her back curved and how her long golden curls fell like a waterfall down her back all the way down to her waist. It brought a smirk to his lips how attractive his wife was and how every man in Asgard probably lusted after her but they couldn't have her because she was all Loki's. It wasn't long until Sif and the warriors three made their way into the throne room. They looked like they had something urgent to say. Before they said anything though, Loki wanted Sigyn to leave. He held his hand out to her to guide her down the stairs.
She took it and got up from her throne.
Once they reached the door, he placed his hands on her waist and she placed her hands on his shoulders. "Let me handle this, love," he whispered to her.

"Okay," she smiled.

They kissed eachother quickly and Loki held the door open for her as she walked out.

She went and sat on a bench close to the door and thought about what she saw in her husband that morning. It scared her because he seemed so different. Almost like there was something dark inside of him. Could it be true that everyone was right? She couldn't believe that she actually kind of saw what people were talking about. He wasn't like that at all. How could he? He loved her too much for that. How could someone who loved someone so much be so evil.
It wasn't long until Sif and the Warriors Three made their way out of the throne room. Sigyn stood up and as they passed her they bowed to her. When Sif rose back up, she gave Sigyn a look that said there was something wrong. Sigyn didn't go back into the throne room until they passed her. When she got back in there, Loki smirked at her, walked over to her, and slithered his arms around her just like before and touched forheads with her's.
"Is everything alright, my love?" she asked.
"Yes, darling, everything is alright. Don't you worry yourself now." He lightly touched her chin.

She gave him a weak smile and then looked down at the ground.

Loki looked upon her with curiosity in his eyes, "What troubles you, my love?"

She didn't want to tell him what was really bothering her. She wasn't ready to confront him yet. She didn't think she'd ever be ready. So she told him the subsided problem. "This is all happening so fast. We've only been married for three days and I was so scared about being a princess. I was getting use to it but now I'm the queen of Asgard. This is all very unexpecting. I don't think I shall make a very good queen." She looked down with despair written all over her face.
He lifted her chin with his index finger. "You will make a wonderful queen. All you have to do is sit there by my side and look pretty. Let me worry about the rest. All you will ever have to do is enjoy the perks of being a queen." He then tightened his grip on her, possessively, and buried his face in her neck. "I love you so much, Sigyn," he whispered in her ear.

"And I love you," she whispered back to him. All of a sudden, she had that nauseas feeling that she had when she woke up for the first time that morning. She moaned a little in his ear.

Loki pulled away, "Are you alright, my love?" he said cupping her cheek.

She tried to ignore it, "Yes, dear, I'm fine."

Loki didn't quite believe her, "Okay," he said excepting it for the moment.