a kind word and a gun

Damon is waiting for her at the airport. Caroline can't hide her surprise when she sees that it's Damon who picks her up.

"Hi." She beams at him, obviously in good mood after her first successful mission.

"Caroline." He nods gravely not looking at her, and it's enough for Caroline to notice something's wrong. When he's happy he calls her Blondie. Now his Caroline sounds weird.

"Something happened?" She frowns as she gets into the car. She instantly thinks of Klaus, but they would call her if something happened to him, wouldn't they? So it must be Damon's problem.

"You tell me."

Caroline shakes her head in confusion, "Excuse me?"

Damon still deliberately avoids her stare. "I've been wondering why you changed so much. Why. How." He drawls.

"All that time I was thinking, what really happened? Maybe I'm paranoid? But I just knew there was more to that accident than you told me."

Caroline gulps. This is not what she expected, it's not a warm welcoming hug. It's a good welcoming kick in the face.

Damon turns to her, and it's the moment Caroline wishes he didn't. Because there's so much anger, burning fury in his eyes. A reproachful glare.


"Shut up, Care." He hisses. "You had time to speak and you didn't. Now I'm talking."

Caroline's face hardens, but she stays silent gritting her teeth.

"You were pregnant, and it was my kid." Damon's fuming. "WHY, Caroline, why didn't you tell me! Because you didn't want a father like me for your baby? Tell me the truth, tell me I wasn't good enough!"

Caroline shakes her head. "I didn't know, Damon. Meredith told me after the accident. I didn't know I was pregnant, and then she came and told me I'd lost the baby." She tries to keep her nerves at bay. She hates talking about that night. She hates hospitals, she hates check-ups, and she tries to stay away from doctors. She wants the past to just fade away into oblivion.

Damon needs a moment for this to sink in. He can't blame her, really. Can he? But it still feels bitter.

"You should have told me anyway." He clenches his fist in the air.

"It would have changed nothing." Caroline winces, resigned.

"It would have changed ME. I saw you change and grow to be so mature and responsible, and I wanted to be like you, but I couldn't. I needed a shock therapy, something big. If you had told me, I would be a different man now."

"You are different, Damon." She gives him a faint, sympathetic smile.

"But back then, I wanted to be different for you." His jaw tightens, and he's not looking at her again. Caroline's eyes go wide. She opens her mouth to speak, but she doesn't really know what to say. Damon continues.

"I thought I was in love with Elena because she liked me for being myself. But I despised myself so much. So much."

He looks really depressed, and they sit in the car for what seems like an hour or more, in a complete silence, trying to swallow one of the most bitter pills ever.

"What about Rebekah?" Caroline asks, finally.

Damon shrugs."She makes me forget. When you get to know her better you discover she's in fact a nice girl. Kind. And brave."

"Do you love her?"

"Do you love Klaus?"

Caroline takes a deep breath.


"And I wish one day I will say the same about Bekah." He smiles bitterly to himself, knowing that it won't be easy, but he'll try.

They don't talk more until they get to Mystic Falls. Caroline pretends to be asleep, but Damon doesn't really care, silent and deep in his own thoughts. When he stops in front of the Mikaelsons' house, Caroline reaches to open the door, but he stops her,

"Have you ever thought about how our life would look now, with the kid and all, if you hadn't had that accident?"

Caroline sighs. "Sometimes."

"Do you think a mafia boss would be a better father than an always drunk local badboy?" Although it sounds like a joke, it isn't. He's dead serious. Caroline's heart aches at the sight of Damon so broken and lost.

"It doesn't matter anymore," she bites her lower lip.

"I'm sorry." He says, and she knows he means it like never before.

A pair of strong arms wraps around her as soon as she closes the mansion door.

"What took you so long?" He purrs into her neck, and it feels so good Caroline closes her eyes, a dreamy smile playing on her face.

"Got stuck... in a traffic jam."

He spins her around to face him and before she can even blink his lips collide with hers. It's a hungry and demanding kiss telling her he's been waiting for too long. Their lips seem to be glued together, not able to part. His teeth graze over her lower lip, tugging at it.

"I missed you." He says looking deep into her blue eyes, his voice so low and alluring. Seductive. Her mind gets blurred, nothing matters right now, nothing but his hands travelling up and down her sides, his lips sucking at her neck, his hips pressing onto hers.

They end up in a guest bedroom on the ground floor, because that's where Klaus is staying in order not to strain himself by using the stairs. He likes that room, it's right next to his art studio, so he can spend all days in seclusion, sketching the blonde and fantasizing about her as much as he wants. He quite enjoys being on this peculiar sick leave.

They stop kissing in front of the large bed and Caroline gently places her hand on his cheek.

"Isn't it still too dangerous for you? It could, you know, irritate the wound." Caroline frowns.

Klaus pushes her onto the bed and carefully creeps on top of her.

"It's just a scratch. You better kiss me, or I'll be the one who gets irritated." He grins mischievously at her. She laughs and caves in, pulling him closer into a deep, passionate kiss. His stubble tickles Caroline making her shiver, and she soon feels goosebumps covering her whole body.

She helps him undress, and gasps when his naked body collapses onto her. Her legs wrap around his waist like a wild plant, and she feels the roughness of the bandage covering the place where he was shot, she feels it rubbing against her thigh, and all she can think of is, he did it for me.

He's slow and gentle this time, probably because he still can't make any sudden moves. It's a nice change, she admits, although she likes his more crazy, rough side too. The way his tongue caresses every sensitive spot on her body, the way his eyes—never sated, always wanting more—look at her, the way his hands squeeze her tights, all this drives her to the edge while they slowly rock together. Until now she didn't realize how much she missed him while being occupied with her task. But now her body reminds her about it, it reminds her as it begs for him to never stop this sweet torture. He's moving slowly, steadily, panting, delighted to be able to be with her at last. She gasps and moans under his weight, her nails scratching at his back and leaving bright red marks. She can't help it, he's the one who drives her crazy, leading her into this blissful state.

Finally she feels the tension growing, and there's this hot bubble of pleasure that's ready to explode. Klaus feels she's getting closer and closer. He hears her moan his name and it's the final kick for both of them. She arches her back, meeting him for the last thrust and her voice gets trapped in her throat as the wave of pleasure sweeps through their bodies.

He's totally worn out, lying next to her on his back, his head tilted to the side so he can watch her angelic face smiling lazily. She's still somewhere in heaven, resting on a cloud nine.


"Hmmmmmm?" Caroline purrs.

"I heard what you said that night in the woods."

Caroline's eyes open up and she turns on her side to face him.

"What exactly?" She asks warily. Well, she's been mostly crying and screaming, but there was a moment when...

He reaches out and pulls her into another mind-blowing kiss instead of answering her question.

"I, too, have a confession to make, Miss Forbes." He smirks, still keeping her face so close their foreheads touch.

Her heart is racing. Is he going to tell her that...?

"You are the most amazing, unpredictable woman I've ever met." Klaus smiles.

Oh. Okay.

Caroline smiles back at him, although it's not what she's been expecting to hear.

"Good to know." She winks, trying to hide her disappointment. Then she sits up on the edge of the bed, with her back turned to him, and collects her clothes. He watches her put on her underwear, and his eyes follow her as she heads towards the bathroom. Just when she's about to open the bathroom door he clears his throat (because mind you, tough boys do not talk about their feelings very often), then says,

"And I love you."

The expression on her face is priceless.


Elena looks beautiful in her simple but lovely wedding dress, white colour contrasts with her dark olive skin. Caroline, Elena's chief stylist, is bursting with pride seeing her friend in the best make-up Caroline ever made. Delicate yet accentuating her best qualities. When Elena for-the-last-time-Gilbert walks down the aisle Jenna sniffs, Bonnie wipes her tears with a hanky, Jeremy squeezes Ana's hand, and Damon—being Stefan's best man—smiles (seductively, as always) at Rebekah.

Stefan's hands are shaking a little, Caroline notices. Her stare tells him, well buddy, too late to run away, and you better treat her right, or I'll claw your eyes out.

And she smiles in the sweetest way possible.

The small chapel seems to be filled to capacity with guests. Elijah finds some space in the back, in the last row. It was nice of Stefan and Elena to invite the whole Mikaelson family even though not all of them are very close friends.

(Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Klaus paid for their honeymoon in Paris? Klaus can be a very generous friend.)

The ceremony starts, and there's a sound of heels clicking against the tiled floor. A female figure pops out next to Elijah, and whispers, pointing at the chair next to him,

"Is that seat taken?"

She's slim, beautiful, with a cascade of dark chestnut locks falling down her shoulders. And he can swear he's never seen so daring brown eyes.

"No. Please." Elijah chokes out, amazed and enchanted. Women don't have that effect on him, at least not usually. He's too composed to let a pretty face throw him off balance. He's the one who does it to people.

But she is... phenomenal. Exceptional.

"Katherine Pierce," the beauty extends her hand to him, "Elena's cousin."

"Elijah Mikaelson." He takes her hand so soft, so delicate, he can't believe it belongs to a human being.

He doesn't let her hand go for, like, ten minutes.

She doesn't mind.

"Whiskey for me," Klaus tells the waiter when they finally arrive at the wedding reception, and all the formal parts are over. "And water for the lady."

He's so happy about the water thing like it's some kind of inside joke, Caroline laughs. She still can't believe it. Nobody knows about their little secret yet. Well, almost, but Meredith has disappeared somewhere with Kol, probably to get more... What was it? Ah, ketchup, Caroline shakes her head with amusement.

"I'm glad you came for the check-up at last! You're perfectly fine." Meredith's wide smile doesn't tell Caroline anything. She's still sitting there with grim expression on her face.

"What's wrong?" The doctor asks.

"As fit as a fiddle. Of course. There's just that tiny, tricky detail—I will never have kids." Caroline says, her voice bitter and full of pain. She had never cared before the accident. She didn't even like children much. But when it was taken from here so suddenly, she felt... deprived. Worse.

"No, you don't understand." Meredith says, her big eyes scanning Caroline's face. "You are one hundred per cent fine."

Everything is fine.


"But you said—"

"—that I was AFRAID you wouldn't be able to have kids. But you never came to the check-ups I scheduled for you. How could we know that anything changed or was getting better?"

"But I've been living convinced that everything's lost." Caroline sags back in her chair. What she's just heard is like a thunderbolt echoing in her mind.

She's rendered speechless.

Well. That's quite a gamechanger.

"How are you feeling?" He asks, the look in his eyes expressing deep concern.

"Klaus," she sighs and takes a sip of water, "you asked me about it two minutes ago. I'm telling you I'm fine. It's not a disease, you know."

Men, she rolls her eyes. Who's the weaker sex now, huh?

''Three...! Two...! One...! Happy New Year!''

The newly-weds kiss, the guests clap their hands, Kol whistles, Damon wiggles his eyebrows at Rebekah before sweeping her off her feet and carrying her somewhere to wish her a happy new year in private.

Klaus and Caroline stand on the balcony, looking at the fireworks dancing in the sky. It's been an intensive time for both of them since they met. The most crazy, shocking, life-changing period.

You can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word.

Al Capone

She remembers when he told her that night, I promise I'm not a serial killer and she threatened to take him down if he was. One night after she came from London, when they were lying in the bed in a tight embrace, he asked her, would you change the past if you had a chance? Would you like to turn back time? She pouted, then said, Only to get a moment to kick your ass for tying me to the radiator.

But there will be time for that, they both smile. The future starts slow.









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