Every Day Quotes: June

Jun 1
A smile is the shortest distance between two people.
Victor Borge (1909 - 2000)

Jennifer Shepard stood on the catwalk and watched Gibbs' team.

She had a rare five minutes with nothing to do. Her paperwork was temporarily up to date, she had no meeting in her office and she was not due in MTAC for another half an hour. A certain Supervisory Agent had not assaulted a reporter and left her to deal with the aftermath. There were no phone calls to make, no agents to supervise and her diary was completely organized for the next month.

However much she knew it would fall apart the moment one senator decided to change his appointment with her on a whim.

But for now, she was content to watch Gibbs' team go about their daily business. She observed as Tony said something snarky to Ziva, who retaliated by throwing a stapler at his head, hitting her target spectacularly. As Tony whimpered in pain, McGee and Ziva giggled at his stupidity.

The great man himself ignored his team's childish antics and focused on the report in front of him. Until Tony either collapsed or complained too loudly, or his team stopped working (she had to admit they were doing a sterling job in continuing with their paperwork despite the banter), he would act as though they weren't there.

He looked up and caught her in the act of observing him. She shot him a smile. He smiled back. There was nothing that needed to be said.