Mr. Romeo

Chapter 1

The flight to New York left early from Lima Allen County Airport. It was a week after my graduation from McKinley and the time between then and now had not been a walk in the park. Kurt had come back for the weekend of the graduation, taking back some things to New York. Finally though after 7 long days I had my bags and I was waiting to join Kurt in New York. The past year had not been easy. For the first four months we really did Skype every night and we texted and called. Every once in a while I would get a postcard or a package in the mail with greetings from the "Big Apple". Even as the Skype calls became impossible we were constantly in touch. He never pulled anything like he did with Chandler, never cheated; he is the best boyfriend a guy could ask for.

He had told me so much about NYADA and about New York in general. I was overjoyed when I finally landed in Newark International at promptly noon. As 1 walked out of the glass walkways guarding me from the outside world I heard Kurt's high-pitched squeal. I didn't even see him in the crowd of confident New Yorkers until he had a tight grasp on me, holding me. I dropped my satchel to the ground and wrapped my arms around his warm back, which his old leather jacket was draped over. I stroked the back of his head feeling his soft, wavy, brown hair and inhaling his subtle sweet cologne. Teardrops seeped into my sweater vest and I pulled Kurt off looking at his perfect face. Glossy lines of tears streamed down his plump cheeks.

"You're here! You're finally here."

Without pause I drew him close and whispered in his ear

"Of coarse I am. I am never leaving you, ever again, Kurt."

He kissed me on the cheek, interweaving his fingers in mine. I had forgotten how much I loved that.

Our apartment was located in a decent area of New York. It was very safe which was important. It was simple, two bedrooms and one bathroom. There was a small but manageable kitchen attached to a living room. Kurt had added his own personal touch on the decorations, which made it feel complete. He had a table with fresh flowers on the far end of the living room towards the kitchen for a dining area. The living furniture was red and vintage looking. A glass coffee table sat between the couch and a small chair. And the TV was housed in maple media center that I recognized from Bert's storage unit. The second bedroom had two desk and the walls were covered wall to wall with Musical posters. Our bedroom had one large window, which I loved, and a large queen sized bed with a stylish duvet covering it with an array of matching pillows. When I arrived Kurt gave me the grand tour showing where I could put my clothes and other personal possessions. Showing off each detail, you could tell how proud he was.

As soon as I settled and started to relax on the bed, exhausted from the long flight. Kurt laid down next to me, talking about his audition that he had the coming up. He had been talking and fretting about this audition for weeks. It's his first real Broadway audition and he really wants to get in, and if he makes him happy, I want him to get in more than anything.