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Chapter One:


It's not fair! Silvia thought to herself as she brushed some of her blonde hair behind her ear. She was stuck in her room while her three younger brothers (Dylan, nine; Carson, six; and Thomas, four) got to play outside, and all because of something she couldn't even explain. It was the day before her eleventh birthday and her parents were still treating her like a baby. She looked into the mirror and stared into her sky blue eyes as she remembered the events from earlier in the day. She and Dylan had an argument, and as he was walking away, a vase fell in front of him and shattered. Hearing the crash, their parents had rushed in and grounded Silvia, because they said she smashed the vase! She was across the room, how could she have done it? Her parents didn't care; they had grounded her for the rest of the day.

I'll show them! I'll run away! Then they won't have to worry about me or my "strangeness" ever again! Silvia had made up her mind. She was going to go to her grandparents' house in New York City. It wasn't very far, and she had been there a million times in the past eleven years. She just needed to take the subway and walk a few blocks and she'd be there! She was brilliant. So she packed her backpack, hid it under her bed, set her alarm clock, and went to sleep; she'd be up at dawn.

As Silvia slept, she had some odd dreams, all about the strange things that had happened around her since she could remember. She dreamt about the time that her brother accidently fell off the roof and how scared she was. Then how he fell so slow that he wasn't hurt. She then dreamt about the time she got so angry about her parents denying her dessert that her mom's good pudding bowl shattered, splashing pudding everywhere but around her. She dreamt about the time when they were driving to her grandparents' house. She was very carsick and in a hurry to get there. Then, the cars in front of them suddenly all pulled over and let them pass. All the drivers looked extremely confused that their cars wouldn't move until her family's car had passed by them. Then, Silvia had a wonderful dream. She dreamt of a place where she wasn't a freak, where everyone could make weird things happen, and where she would have more than just one friend.

When she woke up she thought about writing her one friend an email. Her friend lived in England, and her name was Vanessa Weasley. Vanessa was a year older than Silvia but they were still very close, and they had even gotten to meet up over Christmas vacation last year! Vanessa was the only one that Silvia could really talk to about the weird stuff that happened to her, because she didn't think Silvia was weird or odd or strange. So Silvia got on her computer and wrote her an email.


I'm running away. I did strange stuff again yesterday and got grounded. My parents think I smashed a vase! I told them I didn't do it, that I only thought about doing it, but I didn't actually do it. They didn't believe me though. They never do. So I'm running away to my grandparents' house. Today's my birthday, they'll let me stay! They understand me! I wish you were here. Maybe this summer we can get together again! Maybe I can come there! My grandparents have been saving money for me to go on a trip anywhere I want for my birthday this year! Maybe I'll go there. Talk to your parents and see what they think! Please! I need to get out of here; my family is driving me crazy! Anyway, I'll email you from my grandparents' house when I get there. TTYL!


She sent her email, turned off her computer, grabbed her backpack, climbed out her window, into the tree, and started her walk to the subway station. It was a beautiful day, but Silvia couldn't shake the feeling someone was watching her. She looked up into the tree and saw a pigeon. A pigeon? What's a pigeon doing here? She wondered. Oh well, it didn't matter. What mattered was getting to her grandparents' house. She got to the subway station about fifteen minutes before the subway was due to leave. She swiped her MetroCard and sat on a bench. Just enough time to eat breakfast, Silvia thought to herself as she pulled a granola bar and a book out of her backpack.

After the first ten or so pages, she heard the train approaching. She got up, put her book away and headed for the train. Once she got on and was seated, she was about to resume her book when she looked out the window. There was that pigeon again! Why was it following her? Silvia just ignored it and went back to her book. She had already read it about thirty times, but it was her favorite. It also wasn't very long, and she should finish it by the time the train stopped for her to get off in New York.

As the train sped along the tracks, Silvia was oblivious to everything but her book. She didn't notice the pigeon following the train. She paid no attention to the man sitting three seats away from her, who was watching her intently. She had no idea that same man would never let her reach her grandparents' house. He wasn't an evil man though, no, he simply had other plans for her. He kept looking up at her from his cellphone, expecting her to notice him. She didn't. She was too involved in her book. He couldn't see the title but by the size of it, it wouldn't take her long to finish it.

Silvia finished her book about 3 minutes before the train reached the station. Just enough time to put it away and get ready to leave. She glanced out the window, then at her watch and, realizing how much time had passed, wondered if her parents had noticed she was gone yet. Probably, she thought, smiling at the thought. Of course they'd know where she was going but she didn't care. She got off the train, not realizing the man was following her. She did see the pigeon again though.

"Shoo! Go away, you silly creature!" She said to the bird. It simply cooed at her and stayed where it was. Silvia shook her head and smiled. "Silly bird," She muttered to herself. The pigeon simply cooed again, almost in defense of himself. Or herself, she didn't really know how to tell a bird's gender. She tried to shoo the bird away once more, then started her walk to her grandparents' house. Maybe they would take her out for lunch for her birthday.

The man kept a safe distance away from her as he followed, not wanting to spook her or make her anxious. He had been told that she was a Plains-born, born of fully non-magical parents who therefore knew nothing about the world of magic that he belonged to, the world that she would soon belong to. He had sent a message to her parents this morning explaining that he would find her and bring her home and that when he did, he would explain everything else. Of course, they wouldn't know what "everything else" meant, but soon they would. As the girl rounded the corner a block from her grandparents' house he knew he had to act. He looked around, made sure there were no Plains, or non-magical people, around and disappeared. He reappeared right in front of Silvia. Silvia jumped.

"Who are you?" Silvia asked, alarmed. She looked at the man. He was tall, probably about six and a half feet tall, with brown hair and bright green eyes. He was wearing normal enough clothes; except she saw what she thought was a stick in the man's right hand. What's a grown man doing playing with sticks? She thought to herself. The man smiled at her, he had a very warming smile, and nodded at her.

"My name is Theodore Kinsley. You may call me Professor," he said in a warm tone. He knew she was scared and didn't want to frighten her further. "You have been chosen, Miss Silvia Wright, to attend a new school in the fall, if you so choose. The school is near here, not far from New York City, so you shall be close to home if you wish to visit on holidays." Silvia was confused. A new school? Why? What was so special about her? "I can see you're thinking about it. Good. However, we do need to discuss this with your parents. I informed them that I would be retrieving you and bringing you back home so we could discuss it properly. Also, if you like, I can also explain the strange things that seem to happen to you."

"You can?" Silvia asked in amazement. That caught her attention. No one had ever been able to explain those things. She was then suddenly suspicious. How did he know she could do strange things? She questioned him, "But how do I know you're for real? What's the name of this school? How do you know about the strange things?"

"I suppose you cannot know for sure that I am trustworthy. It's good of you to ask. However, might I convince you with this?" and at that moment, he pointed his stick at a broken bottle on the ground, muttered something she couldn't understand, and the bottle fixed itself. Silvia was stunned. He could do strange things too!

"Okay, I suppose I can go with you. But I'm sending my parents a text with your name and description telling them I'm on my way, that way if you kidnap me, they'll know what you look like! Can you tell me about the school on the way?" Silvia asked. Professor Kinsley smiled, nodded, and away they went.