"Please. Please let me in." the voice pleaded.

Gendry still had no idea who it could be. It sounded like no one he knew.

Then again his intercom always did that. It messed voices up to the point of no recognition.

That wasn't what bothered him though. What bothered him was that this person, whomever they were, refused to identify themselves.

But that was was made him not want to open it.

He had no idea what made him want to open it though. But something did.

Perhaps something in the womans voice. The way she pleaded so calmly, yet with such desperation.

Whatever it was, he finaly made up his mind and went into his room grabbing his gun. On his way out he pressed the "door" button on the intercom.

He rushed to the stairs leading to the next floor up and hid behind the rails where he still had view of his door.

A few moments later, he saw the boy emerge and walk towards his door. His back was to Gendry, so he had the advantage.

Gendry began to quietly slide his butt down the stairs one by one using his free hand to push himself to the next stair down.

He froze when the saw boy reach inside his pocket. Gendry noticed two things.

That boy had a gun, and that the boy wasn't a boy at all. He wasn't fooled by the short hair and baggy suit.

As if on instinct, Gendry stood, gun pointed forward.

"Drop the gun. Turn around slowly." he said.

In the few months he had been working at the station, he had never had the chance to say that, until now. In his head, on several occasions. But never in a real situation.

The only things he ever did was patrol downtown, stand in during football games, and had hsd the chsnce to arrest a few times, thanks to Arya.

"I have a gun pointed to your head. You'll be dead before you can pull the trigger of your gun. So drop it!" he yelled when he saw the girl wasn't obeying.

Stubborn much?

When they'd first given him his uniform at work, along with the gun, Gendry's first thought was, I hope I never have to kill someone.

But as time went by he came to realize it would be inevitable. He would, one day, come to shoot a person, perhaps kill a person, and even get injured or killed himself.

It came with the title. And he came to accept it, and realize that yes, that day was out there somewhere in his future. The day when it would come to "kill or be killed." as Yoren liked to say. And he accepted it. He just never thought it would happen so soon.

When the girl suddenly spun around and his finger twitched over the trigger his mind screamed It's today!

Thankfully, he would have recognized Arya's face anywhere. Even with chopped hair and drowning under a suit, so as soon as he got a glimpse of her face, the gun in his hand felt as though it weighed a ton, and his hand fell under its weight.

"Arya?" he gasped as he ran down the rest of the stairs to her. She had a large blood stain on her shirt.

"Gendry." she sighed with relief, dropping her gun to her side.

"Are you hurt? What happened to you?" he yelled, as he opened her suit jacket for a better look. She pulled away from him.

"I'm fine. It's just the shirt."

"What happened to you...your hair and... why are you dressed like that?"

"Can we go inside. Please." she said lifelessly.

Gendry nodded and put his hand on her shoulder and lead her into his flat, sweeping the outside hall to see if they'd woken anyone or if anyone had followed Arya before he closed the door behind him.

"I could have killed you tonight. Why the hell didn't you tell me who you were?" he asked furiously as he locked the door.

"I didn't know who you were. Yoren brought me here." she sat herself on his couch pulling off Yoren's jacket. "All he said was to ring number 6."

"Where is he now? What happened to you?" Gendry demanded noticing the blood stain was on the back of the shirt too.

Whomever that belonged to was dead now.

Arya didn't feel like talking and Gendry wouldn't shut up. It was pissing her off.

The last thing she wanted was to re-live everything all over again.

"Don't you watch the news?" she finally asked him as she reached for the remote on the floor.

"I was studying." Gendry told her, as though she was already suppose to know that.

Arya turned the tv on and flipped through the channels, until she found CNN. Just as i thought.

The incident was being broadcasted.

Reporter on tv

"...It is still unclear what his condition is, but we do know that Chairman Robert Baratheon was still alive when he was taken to the hospital, but reports are the shooting took place during a private family celebration. We do know that in addition to the Chairman, there was several others who were shot and seen taken out of the building in gurneys. Now we do know that the shooter was Ned Stark, one of the Chairman's closest friend and a guest at the event. We know he has been shot by two of Baratheon's security, but it is yet to be confirmed whether there was someone else involved, but we will continue to..."

"He's dead." Arya whispered over to Gendry without looking away from the tv.

Gendry stood there. His body felt unable to move from the shock.

"They're liars." she shook her head, feeling the tears in her eyes. "My father would nev..."

"I know. He would never do that." Gendry cut her off.

He was finally able to move and he walked up to the sofa and took the remote from Arya's hands and turned the tv off.

This can't be real.

He rubbed his face trying to find sense in everything that had just been thrown at him. Ned Stark was dead, and not only that, but his name had been stained with accusation, and lies.

Arya Stark was in his flat, clearly in shock. He had no idea how much she had seen, but whatever it was, he didn't wish on anyone.

Gendry had no idea what to do. He had no idea what to say. He felt an ache himself, and even after seeing the reports and the state Arya had arrived in, none of it seemed real.

The girl sitting on his sofa in front of him, seemed the least real of all of it.

Gendry did not know what he was suppose to say to her.

He sat himself next to her, but no words came.

Arya sat there, staring at the tv, even after he'd turn it off. She wasn't crying. She wasn't doing anything. That made it even harder for him to do or say anything. Why wasn't she crying? Was wasn't she in hysterics?

Why was she just sitting there, lifelessly?

Gendry sat there looking at her, then away from her, then stealing a glance at her again.

"Arya." he whispered and she turned to him. There was nothing in her eyes."Arya, I'm..."

They both jumped when someone began pounding at the door.

"It's Yoren!"

Gendry sighed in relief and ran to the door, fumbling with the locks.

As soon as he opened the door, Yoren stormed in and closed the door behind him.

"Car's gone." he announced, turning to Arya. "I'm sorry, i had to make sure you were safe first. Your father wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I'm sorry i wasn't there for him!"

"We both failed him. Not just you." Arya said, never facing Yoren.

"How did all of this happen? How were they even able to blame Ned?" Gendry demanded, as if Yoren knew all the answers.

"Lasnnisters. It was all the Lannisters." Yoren said as he took a glass, which was probably dirty, from the table and filled it with water from the tap.

He tipped it over, drinking it all in one gulp, and wiping his mouth and beard with his hand.

"This isn't real." Gendry said to himself, fisting his hands around his hair and walking towards the window, giving both Arya and Yoren his back.

"I knew it! I knew I should've faked those bloody paper!" Yoren yelled, his hand grasping the glass in his hand to the point of nearly breaking it. Gendry turned to face Yoren.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

Arya too, was now looking up at Yoren from the sofa.

Yoren looked them over carefully, considering whether or not to tell them. His eyes rested on Arya.

"Robert asked your father to find the whereabouts of a son he had way before he ever married Cersei."

Arya nodded, recalling the conversation she had overheard between her mother and father,

"Ned already knew who the boy was, but he made me fake an investigation that stated the boy and his mother had passed away. Ned didn't want Robert to know who his son was."

At that, he turned to Gendry. He opened his mouth to speak, but Arya spoke first.

"The will!" she said, and both Yoren and Gendry looked at her.

Arya stood and walked around the sofa, towards Yoren.

"Those men. Before they... they asked father about a will."

"Fuck." Yoren turned his back to them. "I know why this happened."

"Why?" Arya and Gendry said at the same time.

Gendry was still trying to catch up with all of it, trying to make the connection between one thing and the other.

Yoren walked to the sofa and grabbed his suit jacket from where Arya had left it, ignoring their question.

"I have to go somewhere. I'll be back in the morning." he assured them, turning to Gendry. "I need her to stay here. I wouldn't ask if i had any other place."

"It's fine." Gendry told him.

"I'll need your car."

Gendry fetched his keys off the kitchen table, tossing them at Yoren.

"I'll be back." he repeated. "Don't try to contact your mother. Don't try to contact Sansa. Don't talk to anyone until i return." he pointed at Arya. She nodded.

"Lock the door after me." he told Gendry, and he was gone, leaving them both standing there, staring at the door.

After a few moments, Gendry sighed, turning to Arya. "You should get out of those clothes. Shower's in there." he pointed and walked into his room, returning moments later with a towel and some pajamas.

"Thank you." she said taking them from him. He didn't let go of them right away.

"Arya. I'm sorry about your father."

She nodded once and he let go of the towel and clothes, staring after Arya as she walked into the bathroom.

Ned was dead.

The only man who ever believed in him. The man who saw past image, and status, beyond what anyone else had ever dared to look past. That great man that day after day encouraged him to not give up.

Gendry grabbed a table lamp and smashed it against the wall. He reached for something else, but it was Arya's gun.

He exhaled loudly, trying to calm himself.

The shower was already running and he hoped Arya hadn't heard the lamp break.

Gendry decided to clean his place to get his mind off his anger. He never had anyone over, except for Brienne, and that was only occasionally when they had game night, which they hadn't had in a while, so his place was a dump.

He couldn't remember what kind of state the bathroom was in, but it was too late for that.

After picking things up in the kitchen and living room, and cleaning up the broken lamp, he moved to his room, where Arya would sleep.

SInce he was closer to the bathroom, he was able to hear it. Arya was crying.

At first he wasn't sure. But then he walked to the bathroom door and he heard it clearly.

She was being very quiet, but he could still hear her little moans and occasional sniffs.

The anger returned to Gendry, only this time it came with tears of his own.

He wiped at them roughly with the back of his hand.

He hadn't cried since his mother had died. But he had been a child back then. He was a man now, and Ned was technically nothing to him.

Yet it hurt. It hurt to hear her cry and it hurt to know he'd in a way lost someone too.

"Pull it together Gendry!" he told himself, walking back into his room to finish making the bed.

By the time Arya was done showering, he had finished more or less cleaning up the place and had even fixed her some toast, though he doubted she'd be hungry. When she walked out of the shower, Gendry was siting in the kitchen, inspecting her gun.

"Is this yours?" he asked as she walked over to sit next to him.

"It was a gift." she said

"Your father?" he asked incredulously. Gendry doubted Ned would ever give Arya a gun, especially knowing how Arya was.

"No. My brother Jon." Arya said as Gendry handed her the gun. "It belonged to him, but when he left, he left it for me to remember him by."

"Where is he now?"

"He left for the army when i was 10. He's dead now though." she said sadly as she looked down at the gun, never meeting Gendry's eyes.

Gendry felt like an idiot for bringing it up. The last time they had seen each other had been the day he had arrested her up in the house on Winterfell.

That day made more sense to him now. Arya's anger. The scratches over Jon's named on the tree trunk.

"I'm sorry."

Arya raised her gaze to meet his and Gendry felt an overwhelming desire to reach over and hug her, but he swallowed it and instead stood to fetch her toast.

"I made you toast."

"I'm not hungry. But thank you."

Gendry nodded. "You should rest. I'm not sure what will happen tomorrow, but I can bet Yoren has something in mind. You can have the bed." he pointed towards his room.

Arya stood. "I can sleep on the couch." she said.

"I won't be sleeping tonight, i have finals tomorrow so i have to finish studying. Take the bed."

Arya thanked him and left to the room, closing the door after herself.

Gendry pulled the books out of his bag which rested on a kitchen chair. He looked at the time. It was 2:02 am.

He sighed and tried to find the page where he'd left off. Before he could though, he had rested his head on the books. And in a few seconds, he was asleep.


It had been a long day, and by 10 Cat, Bran and Robb were all in bed. By 11 they were asleep.

When Robb first heard the phone he though it was his alarm. But then he noticed it was still dark out looking down at his phone he saw it was Sansa calling.

He answered but couldn't understand her much over her crying. He rolled out of bed, careful not to wake Bran, and stepped out of the bedroom, into the receiving room of their suite.

"Sansa! Stop crying I can't understand you!"

Cat had woken at that, and was out of her room and sitting next to Robb, taking the phone from him.

"Dad!" Sansa muttered hysterically. "Dad's dead Robb."

At first he couldn't believe it. Even after Sansa had explained everything. Even after they'd found the news report on the television.

Robb had gone outside for air while Cat talked to Sansa, trying to calm her.

When she went looking for Robb she found him crying in the parking lot and ran to hug him.

"I'm going to kill them." he sobbed out as Cat hugged him tighter.

When he had finally calmed, Cat told him that Arya and Rickon were missing.

"Have they tried looking for them at home. Have you called Mordane?" Robb asked.

"Mordane is gone. She wouldn't answer the door and when Cersei sent someone to check if the kids were out our house, they said her car was still there, but when her men broke in, she was no where in sight."

"Arya and Rickon must be with her. She's probably scared and she took them somewhere safe."

"I hope you're right." Cat said, "but they would have contacted us by now.

"We have to go home. We have to find them. We have to clear father's name."

"We're leaving tonight. But no back to Sheffield." Cat told him.


"I have 5 children, but at the moment i am only able to protect 2. We're going to your grandfather's. Once i know you and Bran are safe, I will personally go back and look for Arya and Rickon."

"Spain! No! Mom, you're not thinking clearly."

"Bran was attacked upon our arrival here. This is more than just a set up. It goes beyond that. I'll have it no other way Robb." she yelled as she shook his by his shoulders. "You two are the only thing I have any control of! You're the only thing that's keeping me together right now Robb! Don't dare take that away from me!" Cat began to weep into her hands and Robb pulled her into his chest.

"Ok. Ok mom." he whispered against her hair as he began crying all over again.

"Well go to grandfather. He'll take care of Bran. You and me can go to Sheffield after. Ok?"

Cat pulled away from him. "I want you to stay with Bran. I'll be ok. Don't worry about me. I'm a Tully, remember?" she said, tears rolling down her eyes.

Robb wanted to protest, but he didn't want to upset her, so he saved it for later. He would talk some sense into her once they were at grandfather's.

"Sansa." Robb said suddenly. "Tell her to get on a flight to Spain first thing tomorrow."

"I've tried. She said her place is with her fiancee, where they can comfort each other. Apparently Robert is in a comma. Sansa said she won't leave Joffrey's side."

Robb rolled his eyes. Sansa could be such a blind idiot sometimes.

"Go to the front desk and check us out. I'll go... talk to Bran..." she choked out. "pack our things." Cat said as tears began to well in her eyes again.

Robb nodded. "Ok mom."


Gendry woke to violent knocking on the door.

"It's Yoren! Open up!"

Gendry rose from his chair stiffly. It was already light outside. He rubbed the sleep off his eyes and walked over lazily to the door.

"coming!" he let out thickly as he unlocked the door and yanked it open.

Yoren walked in looking as thought he hadn't slept all night. He was still wearing the suit. He has a black bag with him which he unzipped as soon as Gendry closed the door after him.

"I have new papers for you." Yoren announced as he dug through the bag. "I'm not paranoid, just safe. We need to head to London right after breakfast. I've tried reaching Cat and Robb but they won't answer. Is Arya still asleep?"

"Yes. Papers? What papers?" Gendry asked.

Yoren sighed, setting the bag down on the kitchen table. "You'll need to leave too."

Gendry shook his head sleepily. "I have nothing to do with this." he said matter of fact-ly.

Yoren looked down at the bag in his hands. Thinking of how to tell him. There was no reason to beat around the bush. There was no time. He walked up to Gendry and placed his hands on his shoulders gently.

"You're the boy. Roberts son. It's you." he told him slowly.

It took several beats for Gendry to react. Perhaps because he was half asleep.

He pulled away from Yorens hands shaking his head and rubbing his eyes.

"Please tell me you're fucking with me." Gendry said in an irritated tone.

Yoren shook his head.

Somehow, it made sense. He felt his throat knot at the memory of his mother telling him he had a rich father. A prince who would take them to live in a castle one day. She would sing songs to him about princes and dragons, telling Gendry that was where his father was. Fighting off a dragon.

Then she would get drunk and spill the truth. His father didn't want them. He was never coming back. He had another family. He was as useless as Gendry. That's what her mother would tell him. She would feed him fairy tales by day and the harsh cold truth at night. That went on for years. Until she died.

Gendry was 8.

"Ned died because of Robert's will" Yoren's voice cut through his thoughts. "I'm sure of it. Robert is tracking you down, out of nowhere comes this will, and suddenly he's been shot at and the only two people who know about it are dead. The bloody lawyer...and Ned."

"I have nothing to do with that will. I want nothing to do with that family or their money." Gendry offered.

"You don't know that. Even if you don't, Robert's family will still see you as a threat."

"You said so yourself, you faked my death!" Gendry yelled angrily.

"And only the bloody lawyer and Ned knew that! For all we know Cersei found out what her husband was doing and did some digging of her own, and she came out with the truth. I don't know that, but i don't want to risk it."

Gendry turned away from Yoren, about to saw something, but he came face to face with Arya.

Her hair stuck up in every direction, but her eyes were alert, going from Gendry to Yoren. When they came back to meet Gendry's, she held his gaze.

"Sleep well?" Yoren asked. She didn't answer and Yoren didnt wait for her to, as he walked up to the bag he had brought and dug through it to pull out some folded clothes.

"I have this." he set the clothes down on the table. "I hope it fits. I have new papers for you. We leave for London after you get something to eat." he turned to Gendry. "You have anything decent to eat in this dump?"

"I'm all out of eggs and milk." Gendry said never looking at Yoren. He sounded angry. "Theres a store around the corner, i'll go bring some..."

"No. I'll go. You two get ready and look over your papers. I'll be back."

"How do we know my mother is still in London?" Arya asked, her voice hoarse from sleep and crying. Yoren unlocked the doors.

"We don't." he said, and he opened the door and was gone.

Gendry crossed to the door and began to lock it. When he turned around to face Arya, she still stood in the same spot.

"Did you hear?"


Gendry raised his eyebrows and took the clothes from the table and tossed them to her.

Arya walked inside his room, and came back out a minute later, dressed in more fitted boys clothes. She looked like a badly dressed 13 year old skater.

Gendry was looking down at the id in his hand.

"Apparently you're Arry Williams now." Gendry said as she walked in the room. "So fucking original Yoren." he muttered as he looked over his shoulder to glance at her. He smiled, despite himself.

"Shut up!" Arya snapped.

"I guess Yoren was half-asleep when he picked our fake names and your outfit." Gendry joked as he looked down at his id. "You're to call me Joe now" he told her.

"I have no idea where Yoren got these picture of us from. Yours looks like..."

They both flinched when someone began violently knocking at the door.

Gendry stared at the door, not moving. He exchanged a look with Arya.

Another knock came, this time followed bya very low "It's Yoren."

Arya began to walk to the door, but Gendry caught her arm and shook his head.

It was Yoren's voice, but it sounded forced, and Yoren had always annouced himself as soon he began knocking.

The knocking came a third time. Then Yoren's voice again.

"I told you there's no one in there." he said, but then some one hit him.

"Shut up!" a man yelled.

Gendry threw their ids in the bag and flung it over his shoulder and ran quietly to the kitchen counter where he'd left his gun.

He turned to Arya, who had already grabbed hers, and pointed to the window.

"Kick the fucking door down." came a second voice and Gendry panicked as he fought to open the window.

Arya slipped out first, then him, right on time too, for as soon as he pulled his leg out, he heard his door break down.

They both stood on the sill, backs flat against the building, just inches from the window.

If anyone stuck their head out, they would see them.

Thanks to the curtain, and the still air, no one would see the window was open.

"Look in the rooms." the first voice commanded. "For your sake you better hope they're here!" the man yelled, most likely at Yoren.

Yoren spat. "Fuck you!" he said.

"Empty." came the second voice.

Someone began kicking Yoren.

"Where are they?" they asked.

Yoren could be heard gasping for air, but also laughing and cursing them.

"They're gone now! They've left. They wouldn't stay around. They're not stupid." he gasped out.

"They're not stupid!" he yelled. "They've run! Run! Run away!" Yoren yelled before a shot was heard.

Arya stirred next to Gendry, about to jump over him and back inside the window, but Gendry grabbed her by the arm roughly, keeping her pressed against the building.

"You're a cop!" she whispered through clenched teeth. "Do something!"

Gendry looked into her eyes.

Inside the flat he could hear a struggle. From the sound of it, Yoren had disarmed a man and he was shooting and yelling curses.

"Run, you fuckers!" he yelled Arya and Gendry from inside the building while he shot at men."Run for your fucking life!"

There was more shots, and the sound of more men entering the room.

Gendry turned to Arya. "Go!" he whispered and pushed her forward.

They walked along the sill until they reached the end and jumped onto the roof of the shorter building next to the one they were on.

By then Gendry could hear someone yelling at them from his window. They had spotted them.

Arya landed wrong, and fell forward, but Gendry quickly wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her up. They had no shoes on, and the roof was rough, but they ran, all the way across, until they came to the edge. There was a rusty fire escape along the side of the building and Gendry jumped on it. It shook, almost falling off the wall. He tucked his gun inside the bag over his shoulder and looked up at Arya.

"Jump!" he yelled her as he held his arms out to catch her.

She didn't hesitate, falling in his arms, nearly knocking him over the edge and making the metal stairs swing, but they remained in place.

"Go! he yelled, shoving her forward.

They began climbing down, rust sticking to their feet and hands. The entire time Gendry was expecting the stairs to fall off the wall, or a rain of bullets from the roof. But neither happened.

Once they reached the bottom, they ran down the long alley.

"Why didn't you help him!" Arya yelled behind him. He stopped for breath and spun around to face her.

"Didn't you hear who they were? That was officer Levan! They were cops!" he said, turning to his side to spit.

"So you just let him die then. Save yourself and let them kill Yoren."

"I did it for YOU! I was saving your ass!" he yelled before he started running again, leaving Arya to follow.

He was several meters ahead of her, so he reached the end of the alley first. When he turned around to her, Arya saw two men suddenly tackle Gendry to the floor.

On instinct she pulled her gun out of her pocket and ran faster.

The men pulled their guns out and began lifting Gendry to his feet.

Arya ran faster. Quick as a snake!

Feeling her sides ache. Strong as a bear!

Her eyes were on Gendry. One man turned to face her, but her hand was already up, gun pointed straight at him. She pulled the trigger.

She was scared. Scared she'd missed. Scared she'd accidentally shot Gendry instead.

But the man fell, first on his knees, then forward. When the second one turned, Gendry freed himself from his grasp and had knocked him to the floor.

By the time Arya reached them, Gendry had already knocked the man unconscious. They were not cops. Arya recognized them from the party. They were Lannister men.

Cars drove by. People stared at them. At the other side of the alley, cops were already running towards them.

But Arya was just staring at the body of the man she had just killed.

"Arya." Gendry grabbed her shoulders. "Arya!" he shook her.

She met his eyes.

"We have to go." he told her. She nodded mechanically, and he took her hand and ran across the street despite the traffic. Away from the cops, and away from the dead body. The man she had killed.


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