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Chapter 1-Prologue

"How dare you speak to this man! Do you have any idea how important he is, compared to the scum you are? You belong in the streets, kid. Now beat it, Crona!"

A harsh kick sent the small pink-haired girl flying back down the stairs and landing in a disgusting puddle of gutter water. The store owner turned away from the crying toddler and hustled a cloaked man in white and red inside. She slammed the door shut.

Amidst her own crying she could hear the fading voice of the strict weaponry store owner:

"So sorry about that! The children around here, I swear. It makes you wonder what their parents are like…take a seat, General…"

The little girl sat up, wiping her tears away. Her brown cloak that fell to her knees was soaked and now smelled like dead fish. She wanted to let the tears flood down her cheeks, but knew she had to be strong. Her feet were cold and dirty; after all, she wore no shoes.

Not that her family could afford them.

Tears welled in her eyes again when she dwelled on her family's economic position. Before the big push for military weaponry and soldiers, there was enough gil to be spent on improving the welfare of the people of Milites. Milites' people were angry and untrusting of the new politicians, politicians who did nothing unless there was money to be rewarded.

"Get out of the way, kid!" shouted a merchant.

The girl darted out of the way, only to find herself in front of a guardsman. He eyed her and was about to approach her when a firm hand grabbed the hood of her cloak and hauled her to her feet.

"Come on, Crona. What are you doing wandering around these parts of town?"

Crona, the girl, smiled happily after hearing his voice. She stepped closer to him and sighed in relief. The dark thoughts of her present situation always caused Crona to become depressed. When the darkness closed in around her, wrapped her in a thick blanket and threatened to suffocate her, he came to her side. Her only light in the world.

I remember those days, as clear as day, as dark as night. A paradoxical phrase. When my life was ruled by menacing clutches, the clutches of those who only served to strip power from anything and everything. Such sickening people.

It is through those very same young eyes that I look at this town. Filthy and desolate. I wait for the day with eagerness when I abandon it and sever the ties that hold me here. I'll escape, and strike back on the empire that dared to extinguish that light of my world.

But for now, I linger in the shadows, flitting from gray to black, my blue eyes every watchful, piercing through this haze of lies and treachery. My time will come when I leave this place. I won't let that chance escape.


Is that not what you once wanted for us both…Rokuro?

2nd AUTHOR'S NOTE: Now I know this prologue might have been a bit confusing, but things will be cleared up as chapters fly by. And yes, I deleted the previous "Impure Eyes" story to replace with this one, because, well…I like it better! More to come on "Crona", our mysterious, bright-eyed girl. You'll see how I describe her form…she's actually closer to Sice and Seven in terms of physical form. Tell me what you thought of Crona and her mysterious "Rokuro".