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Title: Waterfall Beginnings

Written for: Cullen Cousin

Written By: Bell 1

Banner By: celesticbliss

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: "A little fun, maybe a date gone wrong..."

Chapter Words Minus Ans: 5,412

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AN: As much as I love our Major and want to use him for this story, I know there are fewer Carlisle/Bella stories out there.

This is my first completed and posted for the world fic. I first hope Cullen Cousin enjoys this fic written for her. Second, I hope you enjoy my version of this pairing. Unfortunately, I did not create these characters, but thanks to Stephenie Meyer I am allowed to play with them for my enjoyment and mold them to my imagination.

Special thanks to readingmama (vampmama) and abbymickey24 for their encouragement, support, and pre-reading. An extra special thanks to QuantumFizzx and hlsmith for their beta work.

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Someone reminded me not everyone is aware what CPOV and BPOV means, so here you go:

The POV part is short for "Point-of-View, which means the story is being seen, or told through a specific character's perspective.

CPOV is short for "Carlisle's Point-of-View"

BPOV is short for "Bella's Point-of-View"

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Prologue ~*~*~*~*~*~*~


It has been a very lonely life since 1663, the year a demonic vampire bit me. At twenty-three, my father put me in charge of the church and the village raids to destroy any supernatural beings. When I woke, I realized immediately what I had become and did everything I could to kill myself, but to no avail. I refused to feed from humans and decided to starve myself to death, running into the woods to avoid human contact. My plan was working until one starving and crazed evening the scent of blood fifty feet away overtook my senses. I took off toward the smell before I knew what was happening.

Ten minutes later, I stood with restored strength and three large, drained deer at my feet. Then realization of not needing to feed from humans enlightened me. No longer under my father's expectations and with forever at my feet, I could achieve things according to my interests. Filled with excitement, I craved knowledge. I studied many various areas from music to science before I focused on medicine. During my travels, I learned of our laws while crossing paths with others of my kind and made many friends. Around 1738, I ended up in Italy where I discovered the Volturi resided. Aro, Caius, and Marcus were very interested in my choice to feed from animals rather than humans and invited me to stay with them.

During my stay with the vampire royalty, they allowed me access to their vast miscellanies. The entire time I resided in the Volturi castle, the brothers never gave in to my pro-human views and continued attempting to persuade me into their "natural food source". I also learned some come into this life with special abilities and the Volutri guard had several vampires with super-human talents. After twenty years, I grew tired of the push and pull persuasion with Aro. It was then I decided to search for others of our kind who believed in my human-friendly lifestyle and traveled to the New World. Unfortunately, I quickly understood the uniqueness in my way of living.

Conceiving to this fact, I resolved to do my part by saving human lives through a medical career. I managed to gain control of the desire for human blood, but not wanting to risk temptation I choose a loveless and a solitary existence outside of my doctoral servitude. Throughout my self-imposed isolation, I debated turning someone and teaching a companion to live my way. Someone to share my eternity, a brother, a sister, or maybe even a wife, but my faith in God kept me from following through with the longing.

The debate ended in Chicago during the 1918 Spanish influenza epidemic. Elizabeth Masen begged me to save her seventeen-year-old son from succumbing to the fatal infection before she died. With a heavy, yet hopeful, heart I turned Edward Anthony Masen and taught him to live this existence without murdering humans. Upon his awakening, I learned of his ability to read minds when he would answer questions I had not yet verbalized.

We travelled together as brothers, even though Edward referred to me as his father in private, which pleased me. In 1921, we were living in Ashland, Wisconsin. I was working late and walking past the morgue when I heard a faint heartbeat and choose to investigate. I was shocked to find it coming from a body lying under a white sheet. Picking up the chart, my suspicions were verified by a time of death for Mrs. Esme Anne Evenson. Mrs. Evenson was found with multiple broken bones at the bottom of a cliff. Pulling up the white sheet to look upon the young woman, I recognized her in an instant. I fixed her broken arm when she was a little girl, Esme Platt. How did such an adorable and happy little girl end up so broken? Wanting to repair the damage and pining for a wife, I was once again at war with my faith and my desire. As I was trying to decide the best way to help this broken and slowly dying woman, Edward walked in.

"Carlisle, I was hoping to find you before…" Edward, catching my sad and indecisive thoughts, rushed to my side.

Listen, Son, she has not yet passed. I do not know if I should help her.

Understanding my debate, "Carlisle, you know we cannot damn her to this immortality just to…" Edward's words faded as soon as he looked at the woman in question. His body posture briefly stiffened before he suddenly pushed me into the wall and took a defensive crouch over the young woman.

Tilting my head to the side in question and understanding he was still a relatively new vampire, I took on a submissive stance without hesitation to calm him. Putting my arms behind my back and bowing my head low, I let my thoughts get through to Edward. Son, I know you are confused and feeling very protective right now, but I can help if you will just let me. After a few minutes of trying to get through to him, Edward took two steps to the side allowing me to help Esme.

I slowly walked up to the young woman's side and once again lost the war with what I knew went against my beliefs. Detaching myself from those thoughts and feelings, I took the necessary steps to change this woman with the faint heartbeat. Edward's quiet growls began when I bit the apex of her neck, and continued when I bit her wrists and ankles. Finally, knowing I needed to speed up the process, I injected my venom directly into her heart and began chest compressions to get her heart pumping faster. Once her heart was beating at a normal rate, I mentally instructed Edward to carry her back to the house through the woods before she began to scream.

Edward never left Esme's side, but was frantic with worry. Three days later she woke in typical newborn confusion and defensive from the potential threats. Edward was able to read her thoughts and promptly began calmly speaking to her. Upon hearing his voice, she looked directly at him and was at his side tout de suite. Edward helped her through her newborn year, thus began their love affair and they married two years later. I was happy for them and even though I now had companions to ease the loneliness of eternity alone, it still did not completely fulfill me.

One evening twelve years later in Rochester, New York, I was craving female companionship more than ever before when I came across a young, blonde beauty who had been beaten, clothes torn from her body, and left to die in the street. I immediately recognized her as Rosalie Hale, the daughter of the local banker. Unable to watch her suffer and hoping to finally have a mate of my own, I chose to change her.

When Rosalie woke, rather than being grateful, she was furious. After we told her what she was now and taught her to feed, she ran off for two days. Upon returning, she told me she would remain with us, but would not play our sick game of changing people for our personal pleasures and would not listen to our explanations. She was especially angry with me for changing her, which left me feeling rejected and miserable, but I did not let it show by throwing myself into work.

Two years later, Rosalie's viewpoint flipped completely. While hunting with Edward and Esme, Rosalie came across a young man dying from a bear attack. Something within her would not let him die. While fighting her own bloodlust, she ran him to me and begged me to change the brave young man. When he woke, Rosalie was rapidly hooked. The dimpled and knowing smile from the spunky, young man certainly did not hurt. Emmett labeled our diet as "vegetarian" because like humans who choose to refrain from eating animal meat, we choose to not feed from humans. Rosalie and Emmett were married eighteen months later.

I could not help loving the new addition to our family. His presence helped to soften Rosalie, especially toward me. She did not forgive me fully, but she understood now and was grateful to have found Emmett. As much as it pained me to now have two couples in my family, I loved them all as my children. When they were not engrossed in marital duties as Emmett referred to the couple's alone time together, we shared family activities such as playing cards, board games, and family hunts. Emmett really did perk everyone up with his carefree demeanor. I enjoyed family time immensely because the lonely feeling was practically nil.

In 1950, Jasper and Alice approached us, wanting to join our family and practice our vegetarian habit. Even Rosalie was swept up by the highly energetic young woman and had an immediate connection to the easy-going young man. Alice's enthusiasm was practically contagious. Her foresight came in handy when it came to investing my finances. I accepted them into our family with open arms and instantly loved them as much as I loved the other four. After only five years, I had acquired enough money to give each of my six children a substantial portion toward their own accounts to manage and build as they saw fit, granting them financial independence.

Jasper brought his mood-enhancing talent, but the first five years were quite unbearable for the only single vampire in the household with three lust-filled, vampire couples. Jasper could sense everyone's basic emotional makeup and understood what I was going through by the underlying loneliness and heartache I kept buried from my family members and my public persona. He made a point to spend time with me whenever he could. As a fellow scholar, we had many deep discussions and debates. He was a very tactical-minded individual.

Over time, we worked together on his lust for human blood because he understood his gift made living with six other vampires more difficult to resist our natural food source while living as we do, merging into the human world by participating in regular social activities such as schooling and careers.

Throughout the next sixty years following Jasper and Alice's addition to our family, I spent a lot of nights at work and fought off the attentions of the nursing staff to the dismay of my family and despite their encouragement to find someone for myself. My libido was nearing a frenzied state, my faith was once again being tested, and I was dejected. As a three hundred, seventy-two year old chaste male, my self-discipline was waning. Unbeknownst to me, my patience was about to pay off once we moved to Forks, Washington and everything would change.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ WfB ~*~*~*~*~*~*~


Something about this week's drive to Forks has me reminiscing back on my life. It could have something to do with my senior year elective in Family Studies. The discussion was about how divorce affects the development of children at different stages, including adulthood, and I began thinking how my parent's divorce had affected me.

~*~*~ WfB ~*~*~

Since I was nine months old, I had spent time traveling back and forth between my parents after their divorce. My mother moved to California with me in tow when I was only three months old. I would visit Charlie in my original home of Forks, Washington for two months in the summer and a week over the school winter holiday. I enjoyed spending time with him because his love for me showed in everything he would do, or try to do. He read bedtime stories to me, cleaned up after me, ate my pretend food, played my silly games, and even did his best to cook, which was a miss more than a hit, and we ended up at Quileute Indian Reservation in La Push often. Luckily, Sarah Black made enough food to share, almost as if she expected us whenever I would visit.

Sarah was the wife of Charlie's childhood best friend, Billy Black. We spent a lot of time with the Black family for things other than Sarah's delicious cooking. The time I loved the most was when we would arrive at the Black's while Sarah was preparing the meal. It granted me the opportunity to learn how to cook. She taught me everything she knew from the time I was six years old, as well as Rebecca and Rachel. After some time, Sarah told Charlie to give up the charade of trying to cook for me. She told him to buy groceries every other week instead and bring me over while he worked the day shifts. After Dad left for his shift, Sarah taught me how to make many Quileute traditional dishes and when I found my Grandma Swan's recipe box, she taught me how to make some of my Dad's favorite dishes.

Billy Black was fun. His enthusiasm for life always showed. He would laugh and joke with Charlie one minute and get down in the dirt, so to speak, with the kids the next. He loved his family and considered Dad and I a part of it. He always made me feel welcome and a part of his kin, like a warm blanket on chilly evening, safe and content. Dad and Billy grew up together, attending La Push School. Charlie was an outsider there, but the ever-happy Billy with his friend Harry Clearwater welcomed Charlie with open arms and became thick as thieves from that moment on.

During our time at La Push, I got to know Billy's children, Rebecca, Rachel, and later Jacob. Rebecca and Rachel were twins and two years older than I was, while Jacob was nearly three years my junior. Jacob was very much like his father – happy, warm demeanor, and welcoming. The four of us spent a lot of time together and spent several nights sleeping in a tent behind their house when we were younger.

When Jacob was nine, his mother died in a car accident. Because of his age, he was able to move on easier than his sisters could. The loss severely affected the girls because they were at an age they really needed their mother. Even though I wasn't there when Sarah died, Charlie insisted I had a right to say goodbye and should be allowed to attend the funeral. Renee claimed I was too young to attend, but my father told her I was a very mature twelve-year old, there would be an airline ticket waiting for me at Sky Harbor Airport, and I better be in Seattle when the flight arrived, or he was coming down here to get me. Next thing I knew, I was crying in my father's arms at Sea Tac. The next day, I was saying goodbye to the woman who taught me so much and was like a mother to me.

Throughout the years, I noticed a bit of sadness my father would try to conceal from me, but he always taught me "the eyes don't lie". I would look over at my father while I was playing with my toys, or reading a book and he was watching his sports on TV, even then there was some lingering pain within his eyes, but I didn't know the core reason behind it. This bothered me and in the back of my mind I wondered if it was my fault. Therefore, after Sarah's funeral, I asked Charlie to tell me why there was always a hint of pain lingering within his eyes.

After recovering from the shock of my question and studying me for a moment, he explained Renee's running off with me when I was only three months old and three days before Christmas left him feeling abandoned, but his love for Renee never waned. Charlie was a Lutheran and attended church at least once a month plus every holiday service, including Lent midweek services. This was an extreme contrast to Renee's religion-free choice, but granted me understanding and an appreciation for Charlie's beliefs. Therefore, I knew not being there for my first Christmas had to be especially difficult for him.

He also told me how much it hurt him to miss so many of my firsts; first Christmas, first tooth, first word, first Easter, first time I said "Daddy", first step, and my first day of school. Then, after I turned four, his parents died within six months of each other and the feelings of loneliness set in. After his explanation with tears streaming down my face, I gave him a long, tight hug while reassuring him as he held me tight; I wouldn't ever abandon him and would always love him.

When the Black twins graduated high school at seventeen, they left La Push shortly after. Rebecca married in June and moved to Hawaii, while Rachel moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. Neither of the girls came home often, which left Jacob and I to spend time getting to know each other better. Jacob was an eager twelve-year old and willing to explore whatever he could.

My friendship with Jacob grew and we would call each other whenever life threw us a curveball, like when Billy became wheelchair bound from diabetes. At fourteen, Jacob took on the responsibility to help his father by helping him get from place to place. Jacob saw this as simply getting to spend quality time together, which helped his father get past the worthless mindset. Billy taught Jacob how to fix an old Chevy truck they owned and soon surpassed what his father could teach him, but Billy was right there beside his son, eagerly helping in whatever capacity he could.

While my visits with Charlie were filled with fun, acting closer to my age, and being cared for, living with Renee was quite the opposite with a sort of role reversal. I knew inconsistency, chaos, and a lack of parental responsibility without Grandma Marie. Grandma was strong, disciplined, compassionate, selfless, and deeply cared for the people she loves. Renee was very absentminded as a mother and liked to try various hobbies to satisfy her venturous nature, but she loved me with all her being.

In California, while Renee went to school and worked, Grandma Marie took care of me and taught me how to take care of a household, such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking when I told her how much I enjoyed cooking with Sarah. After graduating college and I turned four, Renee worked as a Kindergarten teacher. When I started school, Grandma Marie would drop me off at school and pick me up after school until Renee came to pick me up. Renee's adventurous side took us from California and my Grandma Marie to Phoenix, Arizona when I was six.

By the time I was ten, I was taking care of the household, managing Renee's checkbook, and paying whatever expenses surfaced including the monthly bills and Renee's next hobby, or interest. When I did have time to myself, I would read books because my clumsy tendencies didn't allow for many sports or hobbies such as dance. Unlike my mother, I was more subdued. I was a very good student and got straight A's, but didn't socialize with other students because I couldn't relate with them. While they were going to the mall and playing sports, I was taking on adult responsibilities and reading classic books. I didn't mind. I accepted long ago, when you have a flighty mother who loves you as much as she loves trying new things, this was the way of life.

We visited Grandma Marie during Thanksgiving, Spring Breaks, and the first two weeks of summer vacation until she died four months after Sarah Black. Renee did let me attend Grandma Marie's funeral with her. I was devastated. Age twelve became my least favorite. My phone calls to Charlie were shorter than usual because I would end up bawling anytime something reminded me of the two women I admired and missed. Renee was out of her realm and didn't know how to help me through my grief. A month later I went to Forks.

Dad and I spent a lot of time with the Blacks that summer. Charlie somehow managed to keep all of us from dwelling on the lives recently lost by distracting us with reminders of the wonderful things and discoveries in this world. We went fishing, hiking, camping, and exploring. He took us to Seattle and we visited all the various tourist attractions, such as the Space Needle, Fremont Troll, Seattle Aquarium, Waterfall Garden in Pioneer Square, Woodland Park Zoo, Pacific Science Center, Hat n' Boots, Camping and Kayaking at Tumwater Falls, whale watching out of Port Angeles, and so much more. Sometimes the Clearwater family, Harry, Sue, Leah, and Seth, would join the six of us.

When I returned to Phoenix, I had let go of the pain and hurt. I felt lighter and ready to deal with things once again. Life with Renee returned to the normal, yet never dull moments.

Even though Renee was extroverted, frivolous, and an erratic mother, she didn't date. I knew it was because she was trying to protect me from the impact dating a lot of men could have on me. Sensing Renee's loneliness, I told Renee my wish for my fourteenth birthday was for her to start going out with men. By the time I was sixteen she had met Phil Dwyer, a professional baseball player.

Phil was a good man, a little adventurous like Renee, but practical and responsible. They were married after I turned sixteen and then Phil went on the road with his minor league team. I could see how much Renee wanted to be with her new husband rather than staying home for me, so I decided it was time to live with my father. It was my opportunity to spend more time with him.

In January, I flew to Seattle and an ecstatic Charlie greeted me. Charlie had changed a lot since the day I asked him about the pain in his eyes and overcame the hurt he carried with him. He was more peaceful, content, and even began dating. His changed demeanor encouraged the single ladies to flirt and dote on him. Dates were few and far between though. He was never hungry either because the women would vie for his attention with casseroles or meals they prepared and brought to the station. Disappointing his many and ever-determined admirers, Charlie would take the meals with him to La Push and share them with Billy and Jacob since the twins were no longer around.

During the long drive to Forks, we updated each other on our lives since we last saw each other over winter break. Even though we would talk on the phone at least once a week, it was nice to have more than half an hour to fill each other in about what is going on.

After we arrived home from the airport and unpacked the cruiser, Billy Black's old red truck pulled into the driveway, a 1953 Chevy, and Charlie told me he bought it from Billy so I would have a vehicle to drive. I promptly called it "The Thing" until it grew on me and became "Old Red".

Moving to Forks felt right. Dad and I fell into a routine. He worked and I attended school. After school, I would start supper and study while it cooked. When Charlie worked days, he would come home, we would pack up the meal I prepared, and we would go to La Push to share with Billy and Jacob. When Charlie worked nights, Billy and Jacob would come to Forks and Dad would join us for his dinner break. We would part ways by seven in the evening. I would finish my homework, help with some of the house cleaning, or read a book.

Dad always insisted he would wash the dishes if he had the night off because I made the meal, so he could at least do the cleanup. He wouldn't allow me to do a lot of household work when I visited because he knew I had a lot of adult responsibility in Phoenix. He wanted me to have a normal childhood while I was there. However, when I told him I would be living with him on a permanent basis, I insisted we share the housework. He agreed to my terms as long as I kept my GPA up in school and participated in some school activities. We then split the household responsibilities accordingly.

As the new student at Forks High School, I became the center of attention, a position making me feel very uncomfortable. I wasn't interested in dating, but it didn't stop them from showering me with unwelcome attention, no matter how many times I gently turned them down. Jessica referred to it as "new toy syndrome". According to her, I am the new toy; all the boys want go out with because they have known the other girls, or old toys, since elementary school. I discovered her attraction early on to Mike Newton. By the end of our sophomore year, I managed to convince Mike to ask Jessica to dinner and a movie.

Summers were spent reading and spending two weeks in June traveling around the country with Renee and Phil wherever his minor league baseball team went. By the end of my senior year, Phil made it to the major league with the Miami Marlins. I also spent some time with Jacob and sometimes even Angela and Jessica. We would go to First Beach or spend the day in Port Angeles kayaking, watching a movie, or going to the local museums and galleries.

Summers in Forks were filled with unbearable numbers of tourists coming to visit the town featured in a popular book series focusing on a young girl finding a Sasquatch and changing him from a scary, evil creature who isolated himself from humans into a sweet, caring, loving man who ended up saving the town from a flesh-eating Wendigo. The Sasquatch turned out to be a handsome immortal man who dressed in bearskins to protect from the elements, living off the land and animals of the forest. The tourists were obsessed with finding their own Sasquatch to love.

At the beginning of junior year, in order to abide by my agreement with Dad to participate in school activities, I joined the choir because it didn't require a lot time outside the classroom. We were required to learn the music for two concerts each school year and to have an individual lesson once a week, but it was manageable. The first year of choir, I knew the teacher wasn't at all impressed with my voice with each individual lesson. At those lessons, his body language and facial expression said it all, "Let's get this over with." Don't get me wrong, he still guided me and tried to help me improve, but his disdain was evident throughout each lesson. His contempt pushed me because I wasn't going to let a mentor like him get away with his dismissive attitude toward me, so I stood my ground, stayed in choir, and signed up for the next year in spite.

Along with choir, I participated in the only other activity not requiring a lot of my time, Pep Club. They met after school for an hour once a month to discuss plans for how to encourage students to attend and participate in school events such as sports, school plays, and dances. Attendance of the meetings was encouraged, but not required. I usually showed up when they needed additional help, like decorating for homecoming and prom.

By the time winter break came around our junior year, I no longer had to worry about flirtatious boys hovering around me. It was the first semester I had used my position as the "new toy" to gradually play matchmaker. When I discovered which boy a girl was interested in, I worked to refocus his attention on her. By junior prom, everyone had a date and, though I protested, my friends encouraged me to go with them. They promised I wouldn't be left out and the girls told me they gave their dates permission to share a dance with me. I ended up having a good time laughing with my friends.

When senior year began, I started to spend more time doing class activities and getting to know my classmates. My grades never faltered and I focused on applying for colleges and scholarships. I ended up with my choice of full-ride scholarships at Arizona State University, Harvard, Stanford, or University of Washington. I chose to attend UDub so I could spend time with Charlie. Plus, Rachel Black had a spare room in her apartment I could stay. I just had to pay half of everything including groceries. Charlie insisted on covering my extra expenses using the college fund he started building since he knew Renee was pregnant. We shared housework and cooking responsibilities.

~*~*~ WfB ~*~*~

The "Welcome to Forks" sign brings me out of my reverie. I don't know how I have managed to avoid a vehicle accident considering today's extremely icy road conditions plus my apparent road hypnosis. Although, driving just under the minimum speed limit probably aided my apparent luck. Glancing at the time, I decide to visit Dad at work and head to the Forks Police station. Surprising Charlie at work always makes me smile because he is so happy to see me; it makes me feel like I am the luckiest daughter in the world to have him as a father.

Five minutes later, I am pulling into a parking space and putting my truck into park. Jacob has worked miracles on this old Chevy. It continuously holds strong during the trips between Forks and Seattle. That reminds me, it's time for "Old Red's" monthly maintenance checkup. I send Jacob a quick text:

It's time for "Old Red's" checkup. Are you free this weekend?

His response is quick:

Sure, sure. Just let me know when you'll be here.

How about tomorrow morning while Charlie has to work?

Sure, see you then.

Placing my phone back into my school bag, I open the driver's door. As I begin to step out, I hear a vehicle skidding on the icy road and turn my head just as a van crashes sideways into the passenger side of my truck. The next thing I know, everything seems to be in slow motion as I sail through the air toward the trunk of the police cruiser just three feet away.

When I hit the trunk, the air in my lungs is violently pushed out with an "Umph", at the same time I feel a sharp pain shoot up my arm just as my truck crashes into the front end of the police cruiser, while subtly hearing the door to the station fly open and hit the outside wall.

As I am gliding down the side of the car toward the ground I hear, "BELLA!" Hearing Dad's panicked voice makes my heart clutch from the distress in it. I put out my left arm in hopes to help cushion the fall. Hitting the ground, I immediately regret the decision when I feel another sharp pain shoot through my arm as my left hip hits the ground with a thud, followed by my thigh and ankle.

I watch the truck settle just inches from where I land and smell the distinct scent of blood. With heavy breathes, I search out the source of the blood, but all I see is a short fragment of metal jutting out just above the wheel well of the car. As much as I am trying to fight my weakness for the smell of hemoglobin, my short, quick breathes are not helping me to remain conscious and then I realize there is something wet running down my face… blood. Before I pass out, I catch the panicked voice of my father heading my way.

"Bella! Oh please God, NO!" As my eyes close, I listen to his footsteps closing in and then I hear his pained voice once more, "Bella, stay with me. Please, baby don't… " and then blackness overtakes me.

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