Things were only going to get harder. How could he be dead? He had such a full life ahead of him. As one of Hogwarts Champions, he would have been able to do anything; whether he won or not.

It's over, it's all over. Her Mum and Dad didn't know what to do. They couldn't even look at her, their own daughter, without tears coming to their eyes. She can't cry herself or Mum might end up in St. Mungo's Mental Ward. Her Dad tried to spend all his time away from the house. Maybe it reminded him too much of Cedric. Couldn't he tell his family needed him at home?

Gwendolyn didn't know how she was going to survive once school started back. Yes, she was going back; it's what her brother would have wanted. He should have started training for his career. Maybe once she got back to Hogwarts things will be easier. Mum won't cry so much because she won't have the constant reminder of Cedric walking around the house.

Gwen wasn't your typical witch. She had so many secrets; she could hardly believe she had as many friends as she did. Now she didn't care; she would scream every secret from the astronomy tower at Hogwarts just to have her big brother back. He was the only one who understood her. He was her protector, the only reason she hadn't run away from the wizarding world. No one knew the deep dark secrets of the Diggory Clan.