Chapter Seven


The night turned sweet as Fred and George held Gwen in bed. They had not spoken about their feelings towards Gwen at all. Of course they would both love her. She was an amazing witch and young lady. She was beautiful and intelligent; who wouldn't love her. While neither of them thoroughly enjoyed having to share the witch they loved, they knew that she couldn't love one of them as much as she loved them both. They shared a look they both understood. To hell with what anyone thinks, she's our witch no matter what.

As if Gwen could hear their shared thought, she shifted between them. She had been thinking about how this would work. She glanced at Fred and George. Oh how she loved them. In her heart, she knew she would never be as happy or as loved as she was with the troublesome Weasley Twins. She smiled as Fred's blue eyes caught hers.

"I see you are awake. How are you feeling?" he asked, kissing her forehead gently.

"My head hurts a bit, but I'll be alright. I think it's more because of where my mind has been."

"And where is that, love?" said George as he snaked his arms around Gwen tightly.

Attempting to sit up, Gwen just looked at George. He wouldn't budge. Deciding not to fight it, Gwen shifted and laid back down comfortably. "Just where we go from here; the whole female population here is going to hate me for stealing away two handsome and smart wizards. I mean, how is this going to work?"

Sharing another look with his brother, George looked lost. "I really don't know. I mean it isn't unheard of for there to be multiple witches and wizards in relationships."

"But never two wizards from the same family, twins at that."

"For now, love, we can keep it to ourselves. It's really no one's business. The people that matter won't mind, and the people that mind don't matter." Fred knew that wouldn't last for long, but he knew it was something Gwen needed. She had enough eyes on her over her brother. People would rumor that she was only trying to feel something. They wouldn't think that she were in love.

"If that's how it needs to be for now, love, that's fine. As long as I have you in my arms, I'm happy." said George. That had to have been the sappiest thing he had ever said, but when it came to Gwen, he was all mush.

Tears crept into Gwen's eyes as her twins said these words. How could she be so lucky? They were willing to not let anyone know, just because of her. "I love you both, so much. As much as my head is telling me that would be easier, my heart would not be able to contain itself if I were unable to claim you both as my own. I want to the whole world to know that I am completely smitten by the Weasley twins and them with me."

Both Fred and George were shocked and both had silly grins on their faces. She truly did love them. She would face the hounds of hell to claim them without thinking twice about it. They both attempted to pull her to them.

"Scoot in closer to me. I feel so safe right here; between your two hearts and encircled within your arms." Gwen gave them each a sound kiss.