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In theory, it had been a good, no, a great plan.

The fact that it had indeed worked had proven that.

Unfortunately, the ever meticulous Batman hadn't counted on one thing, that he was currently kicking himself over mentally.

A mother's rage for her murdered daughter.

It began with an idea to keep Poison Ivy from continuing to be a problem. He, as anyone else who knew her, knew that Pamela Isley, Poison Ivy, truly wanted one thing in this world more than anything, to be a mother. Unfortunately, the accident that had turned her into Poison Ivy had rendered her sterile.

So, using his resources as Bruce Wayne, along with some of her stolen blood to analyze, and some help from Lucius Fox, he had developed a way for Ivy to have a child, even if she could never carry the child.

So he had offered her the chance to be a mother, in exchange for behaving in Arkham and never returning to her life of crime. And it had worked. In six months, Poison Ivy had been declared sane, and released from Arkham Asylum. And after two years in which Ivy never once returned to her criminal activities, Batman had aided her in her dream.

Nine months later, Poison Ivy's daughter was born, unknowingly Bruce Wayne's as well. Not wishing to blow his identity as Wayne, though he still kept an eye on little Rose, Ivy raised the girl herself.

But two weeks ago, a month after Rose had started pre-school, Joker had decided that Gotham without Ivy as a criminal was boring.

He kidnapped little Rose. And her dead body was found three days ago.

Her funeral had been yesterday.

Today, Poison Ivy was once more a criminal.

But, as her vines restrained Batman from intervening and from saving the Joker's pathetic life (he had to admit that he wanted the bastard dead for harming his daughter, only his morals prevented him from such an act), Batman caught a glimpse of Ivy's eyes.

Eyes that were devoid of life, or joy, and filled with an anger only a mother could posses.

And Batman knew than and there that Ivy wasn't a criminal once.

She was just a mother, one that had lost what was more precious to her than life itself.

And as Ivy's vines crushed the Joker's body, killing him painfully, as the broken but alive Harley Quinn (Ivy's one time best friend) watched in horror, unable to save the man she loved, there was nothing Batman could do to stop her.

And he didn't even know if he wanted to.


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