A/N. Just a little story between Carolyn and Barnabas. After the end of the movie. Based on the 2012 Tim Burton. If you don't like this pairing, don't read it.

Collinsport, Maine, 1972. Around 3am.

Carolyn slept in a rather disturbed manner, throwing her head back and forth and persperation beading up on her forehead, and groaning in protest. Her sleep was disturbed by a horrifying nightmare from her past.

A toddler Carolyn lay in her bed late one night, crying silently like she always did as a very small child. She hugged her teddy bear, and held onto it tightly, listening to the scary noises that filled the mansion late at night, when suddenly, she heard a door open. Carolyn's eyes became very wide, her cheeks stained with tear streaks as she heard heavy footsteps come down the hall. She hugged her teddy bear tightly, and pinched her eyes shut, sobbing, hoping nothing was coming for her, like every little girl feared.
The footsteps stopped, and she heard heavy, deep breathing, much like a pant, stop outside her door. Sobbing harder now, she pulled the covers up and over her head.
"Go away monster! Please go away!" she whispered into the teddy bears fur. As she anticipated, the door knob on her door slowly turned, and the hinges on the door squealed in protest as the door was open. The breathing got louder, and Carolyn peeked out from under the blankets. What she saw was not her mother, nor her uncle, but a large, humanoid like beast. A werewolf. It stared at her with terrifying yellow eyes, and growled hungrily, and stepped over to her.
"No, no please!" the toddler whimpered as the wearwolf's head leaned down next to her, pushing the blankets out of the way, it's breath thick in her nostrils. She saw the monsters jaws open wide, and-

Her dream was interrupted sharply by an ear shattering scream, that was emitted by her own throat, and she sat up quickly. Before she could cry into her blankets, she felt a thin, cold hand on her shoulder. When she looked up, it was the last person she expected see, but the only one she could have accepted in her room.


Barnabas walked up and down the hallway, taking comfort in looking at the walls of his home closely for the first time in many years.

His footsteps were silent, and so was he. Without any kind of warning, he stopped aproximately 10 feet from the entrance to Carolyns room. Barnabas turned to look at the wall, gently tapping his walking stick against the thin carpet on the floor, listening to the gentle thumping it made.

Only a few minutes later, his gaze at his home was interrupted by soft groans coming from the wall. No. Not the wall, but Carolyns room. Silently, Barnabas walked toward the few steps that led up into her chamber. He stood there for a moment, listening intently. He hadn't gone up the steps into her room yet, making sure that the groans were not moans of pleasure, and that he would not be interrupting her.

After another few minutes, and her groans had not gone silent. He climbed each step, one at a time, slowly, still listening. As he got to the top, he stood next to the door, listening again, and hoping he would not be interrupted anything. Silently, he opened the door, and held it tightly in his hand, making sure the hinges would not squeal and wake her.

Barnabas peeked his head in through the barely open door, and looked at Carolyn laying in her bed. She was not still, her head was rolling back and forth, as if in pain, and she was whimpering, as if in fear, or pain. Suddenly, a wave of sympathy flooded through him, and he stepped into her room, thankful for that carpet to hide any sound his footsteps could have made. He made his way, not taking his eyes off her for a second, to the side of her bed, and kneeled beside her bed, watching her.
The girlmust be having a nightmare, poor dear, Barnabas thought sadly. He didn't like seeing her like this, and it made him very upset.

He watched her for a few more seconds, before an ear splitting scream peirced through the air. Any other time, Barnabas would have become very irritated with the sound, but he couldn't become frusterated with Carolyn.

To silence her scream, Barnabas laid his hand on her shoulder. For a split-second, she seemed repulsed, and frightened in his eyes, but that look quickly disappeared as she realized who it was, and came back as confusion. Her loose hair bounced over her shoulders, and around her face. With the moons glow, it created a pale shadow over her face. Barnabas saw the tear streaks on her cheeks, with a few more tears spilling over her eye lids, and following the already created trail. She looked at him not with annoyance, but with confusion.

"Barnabas? Wh-What are you doing in here?" she stammered quietly. He stroked away the tears on one of her cheeks with his cold finger.

"I'm here to make sure you're still alive, my dear," he replied softly. In a tone, she had not once heard him use. She sighed a heavy sigh.

"I'm still alive... I'm just not enjoying it," she whimpered, and dropped her hands to her sides on the bed. He looked at her curiously, tilting his head just enough to notice he had.

"Oh dear, you should be enjoying life. I shouldn't, but being here makes it enough that I am," he cooed to her softly, and laid one of his hands over hers. She flinched, but didn't move her hand. She looked down at her blankets, not daring to look him in the eye. She didn't respond.

"Carolyn, why did you scream?" he asked curiously. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but no sound came out. She had a hard time trying to find the right words.

"I... I.. Um... A bad dream..." she finally managed to say. Barnabas became curious as to why she wasn't sneering, or making comments at everything he said, but he didn't dare ask her why. Before he could say anything, she found her voice again.

"I'm going back to sleep now," she groaned and tried to lay back down away from him, as his presence was making her very uncomfortable. When she tried to pull his hand away from his, he gripped in her hand firmly, but still softly.

"No... I know that look. You won't be going back to your slumber, even if you tried. And if you did, your dreams would just be clouded by your nightmare again," he said sternly. He felt her become nervous when her hand tensed up. Carolyn exhaled a nervous breath, but said nothing, and sat back up, leaning against her pillows.

"Dear, do I make you nervous?" Barnabas questioned, with a slight smirk on his face. She sneered her signature sneer and responded a little to quickly to be honest.

"Hell no," she said and looked down once more. He moved and sat on her bed next to her, closer to her. He looked at her, deeply into her eyes, telling himself mentally not to hypnotize her. By the way he looked at her, she shifted uncomfortably.

"Okay, maybe a little," she admitted. He smiled, knowing he was getting somewhere.

"Then tell me what this dream was about," he instructed. She sighed and they became silent for several long minutes. Soon, she managed to explain her re-occuring nightmare to him. He watched her sympathetically, and she grew more comfortable. Despite the fact remembering the image made her voice crack again. He moved to sit closer to her, now just next to her pillows, their heads just about 8 inches from each other. Their hands had not left contact, except they had moved to just next to Carolyn's waist. She returned the gesture by entwining their fingers together. He smiled, and for a second, he saw a small smile cross her lips.

They sat like this for nearly an hour, before she sat up and shifted again, no longer leaning against her pillows. She brought her knees to her chest, and wrapped her free arm around them. Their shoulders touched now, and they had to turn their heads to look at each other. Barnabas did not want to look away from her eyes. To him, they told a story. Of pain, suffering, but so full of love. Love. That's what he thought he was feeling for her. Maybe he didn't know. He hadn't truly loved for so long. Not since Josette.

He leaned his head closer to hers, their noses barely touching. He closed his eyes and tensed his jaw. Her eyes were just barely open.

His lips brushed hers, and he longed to press them together. To his dismay, and before he got the chance, Carolyn stopped him, pressing her hand against his abdomen, and she couldn't help but feel the smooth muscles that rippled under his white cotton shirt. She sighed and took her head off his shoulder. He looked at her curiously.

"Oh dear... I haven't done anything to offend thee, have I?" he questioned. She shook her head and pulled her hand away from his before he could squeeze it some more. She hopped off her bed.

"Just stop," she sneered and wrapped her robe around herself, and left her room and nearly ran down the hall. Barnabas sat on her bed, questioning what had just happened, and what he had let himself get to. He mentally chastised himself and even growled silently, before picked up his walking stick and leaving her room.

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