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This chapter is kind of fluffy with a cliffhanger and goes more into Loki and the Chitauri and builds up some sexual tension between an unlikely couple…you shall see. There is definitely a sensuality warning on this chapter.

WARNINGS: Language, Blood, Angst, Innuendo, Dirty Thoughts, Sex



Angel and Steve were awkwardly viewing the place like a couple and neither of them knew what to say to each other, but Angel felt awkward. She wanted to pull him close and explain it all to him like Bucky had told her to, but Steve was still so mad at her for pushing him away these last few months and she totally understood that—it had almost been like a rejection. That had never been her intention and the apartment lady was feeling a little awkward too, so she told them she was going to go and get some paperwork really fast since Steve seemed to want the place.

"She bothers me," Angel said aloud as she came out of one of the walk-in closets she was looking at.

Steve shot her a look. "She is a very nice lady."

"She wants you all to herself," Angel responded like Steve should know that.

"She's just being polite!" Steve protested shaking his head.

"Yes, politely undressing you with her mind," Angel replied making a face.

Steve sighed and glanced over at her. "You don't get to be jealous…"

Honestly, the fact that Angel was so upset about it was making him smile just a little bit, but at the same time should the woman overhear this conversation…that would be bad. Still, Steve wasn't quite prepared for the whole onslaught that was coming next when Angel whirled around on him and started talking with her hands, which made him a goner. It didn't really matter how much time they had spent apart because right now Angel was being animated and it was about him and it warmed his heart despite everything else.

"I think that you kissing me upon waking up from being thawed gives me license to be jealous about anything I want to be jealous about involving you!" Angel yelled at him.

Steve nodded slowly—he deserved that one. "But then you left…"

"Because I couldn't live with the thought of putting you in danger!" Angel replied shaking her head. "How could you think I just wanted to be away? I brought Bucky back for you!"

"Wait, you…what?" Steve asked her hopefully.

"I wanted to be her, okay?!" Angel asked waving her hands about as Steve got closer and closer to her. "I want to know that you liked me and not her regardless of her being me technically because I want you to love me for me! I want you to be attracted to the woman that saved Bucky and not the copy of her because I want this to work, okay? I don't like being away from you either! That whole time I was away I just kept thinking about you and thinking about you and those nosebleeds? I ruined a perfectly good shirt—"

Steve was grinning from ear to ear as Angel rambled off about how she had been the one to save Bucky and he cut off her rant by capturing her lips with his. Angel nodded into him and kissed him back, pulling him in close and wrapping her legs around Steve's waist as he hoisted he up, resting her back against the wall gently and just focusing on kissing her until the landlord came back in and cleared her throat. Letting Angel's feet touch the floor again, Steve blushed and cleared his throat too, texting Bucky about them having a new apartment and also smiling at Angel who felt high off of the kiss and incredibly blissful, glad she'd gotten it all off of her chest.

Wait a minute…Steve was still moving?


Andy had been having a tough time getting all of her feelings sorted out, but not as tough a time as Sharon, who had been thinking about sex with Loki all morning. It was hard not to think about because it had been by far the best sex she'd had yet, but at the same time she felt like maybe this was wrong because he was still Loki…something was wrong here. Still, she wasn't the only woman that had been drawn in by the Asgardian charm and with Thor it hadn't even been about seduction, it had been about learning how to better use Mjolnir.

While she was by no means an expert on Asgardian artifacts, but even she was smart enough to know that Thor's hammer was far more than met the eye. He was a God in his realm for Heaven's sake and a God in Norse mythology, so that meant that he had to be able to do something else than just wield it like a weapon even though it was that as well. Now, there was something else at work here and she knew it and she had been helping Thor to figure it out, which had peaked Odin's interest.

Odin approved of this mutant woman.

So, Thor had been spending more and more time with her and they had known from the moment they had met that there was a spark, but it became more and more apparent each meeting. Andy had had to break up with Tony because of it and as the tension between her and Thor mounted and mounted, at one point there was absolutely no way to contain it anymore and things happened. One moment they're staring intensely at each other trying to take themselves out of it and suddenly they're mouth to mouth, hands fumbling with the other's garments.

Regardless of Thor's slight inexperience as well, he had brought Andy over the edge more than once and now they were lying there in her bed just holding each other. Thor's fingers gliding through her hair and her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat as they stay skin to skin thinking it all over. Andy had a whole soul mate theory too and while she normally wasn't so mushy about the whole thing, it all seemed to make perfect sense to her the way that Angel had explained it.

Angel had always seen the whole soul mate idea as two souls made to complete each other, but that didn't mean that the two souls ended up together. One could die, they could listen to their heads instead of their feelings—in fact Andy almost stayed with Tony just purely based on principle, but she knew it was wrong to be with Tony and think about Thor. There was a pull there and they both felt it and they were content with it…and Andy thought that Sharon having a thing for Loki despite his reputation and Steve ending up in the future just to find Angel had to be more than coincidences.

Andy didn't believe in coincidences.

Thor smiled as Andy traced shapes along his chest with her fingertips as she was deep in thought about it all, kissing the top of her head and stroking her hair more. It made Andy smile and she snuggled into him more, kissing his peck and running her toes along his bare legs as she tried to figure out when it was that she had been this damn happy before…hadn't been for a long time if she was ever this happy before. All she knew as she lay there that she had done the right thing and while it hurt her to hurt Tony, her heart hadn't been totally in it.

"I feel as if we have yet again stumbled across something ideally fantastic," Andy said gently, looking up at Thor.

He smiled and nodded, kissing her tenderly on the mouth. "Father believes you rightly challenge me."

"I do like to think that you challenge me as well—I mean together we are unlocking the secrets of Mjolnir!" Andy said excitedly. "That and you're unlocking a whole lot of other things…"

"What other things?" Thor asked her, honestly puzzled.

Andy had meant that in a sexual way, but Thor didn't get all of her references and innuendo and that alone made her laugh a little bit because it was adorable. He blushed when she started to grin and laughed a little though, because he knew that she had meant something that had gone far over his head and she just giggled and kissed him some more. Her warm lips crushing against his were enough to make him forget his embarrassment however…at least until Sharon walked in.

She had gone out shortly before Andy and Thor had gotten in, and when she returned from her shopping trip she had seen that Andy's car was there. So, she had hurried to her best friend's room and opened up the door, only to see Andy and Thor naked in bed together and she just stood there, obviously checking out the God of Thunder's abs. He was incredibly fit and she smirked a little bit, figuring that Andy and Tony had actually been doing work the night before or else Andy had lied about where she was going to be because Sharon knew Andy and Andy would never cheat.

"Hammered by the God of Thunder, I should have known…" Sharon said aloud, nodding gently and then looking at the both of them. "I no longer feel as dirty for sleeping with the God of Mischief…"

Just like that, Thor was sitting up straight, Andy holding the covers to her. "Loki has been here?"

"Loki had been a lot of places in here," Sharon admitted nodding slowly.

"Yeah, like between your legs," Andy said laughing.


"I think that you two should honestly just screw and get it over with," Natasha told Angel as she ate a carrot stick dipped in ranch dressing. "You clearly have strong feelings for each other and this move is going to kill you…you know that, Ang."

Angel sighed loudly and ate a carrot too. "It's his choice and I agree with him—he is a grown man and he has to be allowed to stand on his own two feet."

"Move in with him," Natasha shrugged gently. "Then he's not taking charity from your brother and you don't have to lose him. It's a win/win."

"Not when Bucky is moving in with him…" Angel reminded Natasha shaking her head. "The two of them deserve to get to be roommates and I'm not going to stop them. They need to learn how to better live in this world on their own and all I would do is coddle them and they're not children."

"Admit it," Natasha began, "you want to move in with him."

Angel made a face and sighed even though it was true—she did want to move out of here and let Tony live on his own like he'd been hinting at for years. Tony and Angel loved each other and got along just fine, but they were also adults and it was time for them to live without the other even if Angel didn't actually have anywhere else to go. The apartment was supposed to be for Bucky and Steve and Angel couldn't just invite herself along for the ride and she knew that so there was really no point in even having this conversation right now, now was there?

"I think you should just man up and talk to him about it because clearly you two want to be together." Natasha continued as she sipped her coffee too.

Angel made a face and then sighed. "We haven't even been on a proper first date so we shouldn't be contemplating moving in together, now should we? That would be moving way too fast."

"I don't think it's moving nearly fast enough," Natasha responded, laughing when Angel hit her in the arm. "I'm just saying, Ang: it's an itch that you two should scratch."

"You and Bucky are exactly the same!" Angel teased as she got up to pour herself some more coffee from the coffee pot.

Natasha gasped playfully. "Excuse me? I take offense at that because I saw Mr. Barnes while he was frozen and as endowed and attractive he was thawing out, we are not alike at all."

"Oh yes you are," Angel replied sipping the hot coffee and leaning on the counter. "I bet that if I tried to set you up, too, that the two of you couldn't go the whole night and not end up having sex—you heard me, Tasha!"

Angel had started laughing when Natasha had gasped again, only this time she was slightly offended because she had the ability to keep her legs closed. Sure, she had used her body on the job before like it was just another weapon in her arsenal, but this was different—this was almost like a challenge and Natasha loved challenges. In fact, this one seemed almost too good to pass up and in the mean time maybe she could put a plan in motion with Bucky that would help Steve and Angel get through this whole thing together because it was obvious they were meant to be together.

"Steve and I need sugar," Bucky said as if on cue.

Angel looked over at him as Natasha turned to face him, taking in his visage and finding herself actually a bit turned on by his new appearance. He wasn't blue in the face or unconscious and he held himself well and that grin on his face as he clearly checked her out made her smirk and Angel laughed a bit as she pointed to the cupboard and sipped her coffee. This was going to end up being a bet and the stakes were going to get high, but Angel and Natasha were going to go through with it, if it was the last thing that they did.

"Are you free tonight?" Natasha asked Bucky as he got some sugar.

Bucky looked at her and smirked. "Are you asking?"

"I'll pick you up here," Natasha replied as she stood up and grabbed her keys. "8 o'clock sharp."


Bucky honestly didn't know what he was doing, but the moment he had gotten back into the pool house he had just started pacing and ranting. Steve chuckled a bit as he packed up a box or two, neither of them really having all that much stuff to move in the first place regardless of how long they had been in this time now. All Steve knew right now, was that Bucky had been emotionally disarmed by a woman and it wasn't just any woman either—Steve's best friend had feelings for Angel's best friend.

"I mean this was the most attractive woman I've ever met!" Bucky exclaimed as his hands flew to his head and he grabbed his hair. "And she was forward!"

Steve nodded and chuckled a bit more. "I think it would be good for you to go and maybe we can ask Angel how to dress you…"

"Is there something wrong with the way I dress, Steve?" Bucky asked him shaking his head. "I know how to get a girl, you know."

"Yes, but Angel and Agent Romanov are really close and it might be nice for you to know what taste she has as you're clearly attracted to her," Steve suggested slowly. "In fact if you think that you need the company, maybe I can even take Angel with me on a real date and we can all go together."

"That might actually take some of the edge off," Bucky admitted after a pause.

He was considering all of the possibilities and figured that a double date was the best idea because if something went wrong, Steve and Angel cold buffer. Bucky used to be in his element back in the day, but right now he was out of time and he had no idea what the women were like even though he'd been trying to figure it out. They all seemed a lot more promiscuous than they had before, but even Bucky Barnes didn't have as much experience in this time as he had before…he had a lot to learn and a lot to get used to and having Steve and Angel there to chaperone would put his mind at ease.

"It's up to you, it was only a suggestion," Steve responded shrugging, taping up a box. "I'm going to miss Angel…"

Bucky smiled a little bit at that sentence. "Ask her to move in with us. Neither of us should be living in her brother's pool house but that doesn't mean that she shouldn't come with us. We have a small window of opportunity to get a three bedroom place and until noon tomorrow we can back out and get the deposit back…we could even instead get a three bedroom town house. Two floors, more room, and the three of us could try it out. I bet she'd love to move out of her brother's place."

"That's moving too fast," Steve said after a pause.

They both knew that he was considering it and Bucky smiled a bit when Steve noticed that Bucky knew that and his cheeks tinted pink. Bucky smiled even more when Steve shook his head and went to pack another box, following Steve to the bathroom and leaning on the door frame as Steve packed up the razors and the soaps and the conditioner from the side of the tub. The two still had to clean up a bit, but they also knew that should they leave it a mess—they never would—Tony wouldn't even notice because he was never out there and had a house keeper that came once every other week.

Bucky just wanted Steve and Angel to be happy and seeing as how their son from the future had never come back, he knew that they had avoided Steve dying for now. The only reason he wouldn't come back would be because they had changed the future and he no longer existed, which would also account for the woman who had killed Steve not showing up again. Of course she was still around in this time, it was just that she hadn't thought about killing Steve yet…that they knew of. Bucky wanted Steve to be safe as much as Angel did, but he wanted Steve and Angel happy together more.

"I'll ask Angel at dinner tonight if she'd consider a town house with us," Bucky said picking up the phone. "We need to cancel the application process though."

Steve hurried over to Bucky and reached for the phone but Bucky moved it out of his reach. "Buck! I can't just suddenly ask her to move in with me and we both know it! She and I need to date first and then I'll ask her. Besides, it's not proper, alright? We're not married and what if I see her…you know…just in passing? She deserves her privacy."

"You say that like you're going to find it hard to restrain yourself from her…" Bucky suggested calmly, smirking. "Wow. You are incredibly turned on by her, aren't you?"

"Just don't make it awkward for her," Steve said as he blushed a deeper shade of red.

"Look, if I ask her it's just a friendly gesture," Bucky told Steve, having a feeling that he was going to win this one, "so you really need to just worry about the lust you've got written all over your face for her."


Loki knew that he couldn't put Sharon in direct or indirect danger but that didn't deter him from his mission to conquer Earth. He was more determined than ever to make sure that Thor and Odin could see that he was a fit ruler and while Sharon was somewhat of a distraction if he gave the Chitauri, Earth, then nothing bad would happen to her. She was the one thing that he was willing to protect with his life, so as he got ready to strike, he observed a bit so as not to be caught off guard in any way.

"You seem…a bit out of place," a raven haired woman said as she slid into the diner seat across from Loki. "I'm Mareena."

Loki looked at her hand and then looked at her. "I am wondering why it is you believe you are worthy to sit across from me."

"Because my dear, sweet, Demi God…you want to take over the world and I want to kill Angela Stark and everyone that she loves," Mareena explained with a grin, taking her hand back like it didn't bother her at all that he hadn't shook it. "We can both very easily help each other."

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