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I dont know what came over me when I wrote this.. mind you, it's rated M and Yaoi; but that's what makes it awesome xD has loads of naughty words, make sure your parents aren't around. hehehe cos that would be awkward.

Let's go!

Kuro knows about the kind of relationship his master has with his own brother, and of course as his familiar he would respect whatever decision Rin chooses. He's not bothered by it even, though they were brothers, Kuro knows Rin and Yukio love each other more than brothers would. He is also aware of the things the couple does. Though, there is one activity the two does that Kuro is most curious about...

"mhhnn..ahh..Yuki...Yukio..~" There it is, Rin's voice. Kuro's ears perked up, he walked down the dark hallway and went to the door that was open by just a fraction. The cat went inside stealthily and crawled under Rin's bed across Yukio's and observed the activity he is most curios about. In the past, whenever the two starts, the cat walks out, but now his curiosity is just getting to him much.

There on Yukio's bed, lied Rin with his younger brother on top of him. Kuro watched as the two licked each other's tongue and made different kinds of sounds. His big eyes trailed over to the rest of his master's body noticing that Rin is half naked with no pants nor underwear his shirt was scrunched up revealing his torso. He saw that Yukio's hand was between Rin's legs and was moving.

Kuro squinted his eyes, he doesn't understand what Yukio is doing because Rin's thigh was blocking his sight of the action. Thankfully, Yukio raised that thigh. Kuro's eyes widened, Yukio's fingers was going in and out of Rin's ass. He was confused because he knew that in mating you use another part in your body... but then again, Yukio and Rin weren't an animal like him. It was so fascinating, he thought and continued to watch

Rin seems to be enjoying himself having Yukio's fingers going in and out of him.

"Ahh~ Yukio...enough...I want you..." Rin said panting, he loved it when Yukio fingers him. The way he curls it up, stretch his hole, and would find his sweet spot and kept on pounding on it thoroughly preparing him. But he loves his dick far more than his fingers. He's hungry for it.

Yukio pulled out his fingers and started undoing his pants and revealed his huge member.

Kuro's eyes widened, he realized what they were doing earlier wasn't mating yet, he continued to watch, he's learning more of human's intercourse now.

The half demon shuddered with delight feeling his brother's dick brush up against his leaking hole. He moans as Yukio started going in slowly letting him feel the whole length. Rin wrapped his arms around Yukio's back as he started thrusting in and out. "Ah! Ahhh.. Y-Yuki.."

''Oh my gosh Rin! Yukio's huge penis went inside you and it's moving in and out!''

"Haa! ah..K-kuro..?" Rin can't believe this. Was that really Kuro's voice? Or was the fucking too good that he's starting to hear voices

Yukio didn't like what he heard and went faster, "Rin..I'm the one fucking you..ngh..Not Kuro.."

"Ahnn~! N-no..Kuro is..w-watchinnggg~...hah..hah..wait..Yukio.."

"I don't care.." And he kept going

Rin just closed his eyes tight convincing himself that it was just his imagination and focused on the pleasure Yukio is giving him. Yes, just him and Yukio shoving his length in him. 'ahh so good~' He realized that focusing his thoughts on what's going on made him hornier,

"Ngghh! Yukiooo..!"

Said boy felt the walls around him tighten, "Rin...don't tell me you're gonna cum already..."

"No..aahh...hah..ah.." He breathed hard trying to relax himself, he doesn't want to come yet, they just started about five minutes ago it would be so lame if he cums that fast. Successfully, his walls relaxed and let Yukio thrust in deeper and hit his spot, "AHH! Yukio! There! hah..nngh..harder~!"

Yukio grabbed Rin's thighs and pushed it on the older's body letting him go deeper and harder.

''Wow Rin! I didn't know you were so lithe!''

Hearing that voice again, Rin is positive that it is Kuro, though he didn't know how to react. Having someone watch you while you're getting fucked was one thing, but making comments is beyond him. He feels his blush got deeper.

"ngh.. Rin..you got tighter again..."

"..I-I..! ah..hah...!..c-can't help..iiitt~ I'm..getting..embarrassed all of a...sudden..!..Aaahh~!" Giving a full sentence coherently even in between pants while having a nice huge dick ram inside his heat has got to be one of the greatest challenge he has conquered, Rin thought.

"Why is it embarrassing, Rin? Is it because you can see Yukio's penis go in and out of your hole?"

'Damnit Kuro!' Rin cursed him in his mind. Though the thought still registered, he and Yukio has done this a lot of time, and in this position, but he never thought he could actually watch the whole thing even though he could, perhaps this is the time. He focused his blurry vision and opened his half lidded eyes a little more and peered between him and Yukio and between his legs.

And there it is, Yukio's thick member thrusting hard in him, he could also see the precum coating the member and some leaked out of his hole making that familiar wet sounds. He mewled at how erotic and naughty it actually looked like and closed his eyes tight. Yukio saw his reactions and came to a dull conclusion as to what makes Rin embarrassed all of a sudden.

"Haaaa~!" Rin screamed when Yukio suddenly thrusted really hard and then pulled out completely, "nnng..Y-yuki -eh?" His whine was cut short when the younger flipped him over, making him support himself on all fours. He shivered in satisfaction as he felt Yukio's dick plunge deep in to him again.

"You're still not used to seeing yourself getting fucked, huh?" Yukio said smirking and began thrusting going faster and faster,

"Ah..n-no..! hmmnn~..ah~! ahh~!..f-forget it...just don't stop!..ah yes! There! Harder~! aahn~!" Rin moans and gasps a loud as Yukio pounded in to him at a steady quick pace going hard every now and then that would make him scream as it hit his sweet spot over and over

Kuro tilted his head to the side as he watched the two in another position, a very familiar position for him. Rin on all fours, on his knees and elbows, his hands digging on the sheets, rocking back and forth with every thrust. The half demon's tongue stuck out a bit with saliva trickling down his mouth down to his chin as he continued making those sounds that even Kuro would have to admit is quite adorable. Rin's long black tail held onto Yukio's waist, who kept thrusting into that tight hot ass keeping a firm grip on the smaller's hips leaning a bit forward. Yes, that looks very familiar to Kuro,

"Wow! You look like mating dogs! That's so cool! Though you look more like a kitty too Rin, but Yukio is definitely a dog."

Rin's eyes snapped opened after hearing yet another disturbing comment, but he won't let that stop his fun. After all, this is his favorite position. He likes to take it doggy style, it let's Yukio go really deep and hard into him. 'Forget you Kuro!' Rin started moving his hips meeting with Yukio's thrusts. He removed his grip on his hips planting it on either side of Rin and leaned down further lick and kiss on his nape. Rin turned his head, opened his mouth inviting Yukio, he moaned when the Yukio began fucking his mouth with his tongue while having his huge cock thrusting mercilessly in his ass and his nipples being rubbed skillfully. It felt even better than heaven, "hah..ah..Y-yuki..!" He sucked on Yukio's tongue hard as he came.

"Ooh! You came Rin! Is that what they call orgasm? So fascinating, when will Yukio do that?"

And another comment from the sidelines, thankfully it's not as embarrassing as the other ones. He could still focus on what their doing. As always, Yukio loves how Rin gets really tight and squeezes his length whenever the older came, and the effect is. He goes rougher and faster and harder.

"Haa..! Aahh..~!...Y-yukio..~! can't..keep up..hyaann~!" He said in between pants, moans, and screams. Rin stopped moving his hips and let Yukio take over, rocking it along his own pace. Kuro is right about the dog comment, Rin thought. The people were also right about the quiet, gentle, shy ones about being good in bed, because seriously, Yukio is a monster in these moments. "oh! Yukio! Feels so good~! Mhnng!"

"Ah..Rin..gonna cum.."

"Yes! Do it~!"

"So this is the part where he spills his milk in you, Rin? Hey! I remember sometimes you take his penis in your mouth and then slurp the milk, can I watch that next time?"

Oh great, so now he wants to see him do a blow job too. "ngg..KUURROO!" in his rage, he said the cat's name in time with Yukio's release. The younger grunted in frustration, and Rin blushed hard as he realized what just happened. Everything fell silent. Yukio pulled out after his release without another word and sat at the edge of the bed. Rin tried his best to sit up ignoring the recurring pain of his back and crawled over to Yukio,

"Y-yukio! That wasn't...uh.. I was focusing the whole time I swear! It was just spur of the moment. Yeah that's it!..Yukioooo" He whined as he explained

His partner looked coldly at him, "Get Kuro to fuck you next time."

"Noooo! I want you! You! You! YOU!." Rin kept pulling on Yukio's arm sleeve, meanwhile, the cat already made his escape, "It's because Kuro was watching the whole time and kept saying weird things! Like how huge your penis is, which I love, and somethings about milk and other pervy stuff. Yukiiooo..!"

Yukio sighed, "I'm aware that Kuro is watching, but was I bothered? No I wasn't."

"It's because you can't understand what he's saying." Rin pouted at him still defending himself

"Let's say I do understand, and most probably hear things that are perverted and tad bit disturbing, but we say those things too. Most especially you. So I don't see why those words be so bothering anymore."

Yukio smirked at how Rin is frowning while thinking, "I don't say stuff like that!"

"think so? Wasn't it you who kept begging for me to do you harder? And how sometimes you just say, 'please fuck me Yukio' , and 'Oh yes Yukio, your dick is so big and hot inside me..mm yes..more' Those are pretty naughty if you ask me."

"That's different!" The half demon blushed hard, he has to admit, he says those things. But seriously, why couldn't he? Sighing in defeat, "Okay fine, i'm sorry, I'll focus more next time."

"Hn. Yeah right."

Rin smiled slyly and climbed on Yukio's lap straddling him, "How's about I make it up to you? Yukio-sama~"

Next day..

Bon and the others raised a brow as Rin went in limping and using his Kurikara as a cane 'Damn that moley four eyes! Enjoying the make up sex too much... Gah! My back is killing me!'

Last night Yukio decided on punishing Rin, and well... they went up to four rounds.

'Damn you KUURROOO!'

"Hey Rin, When can I watch you put his penis in your mouth, huh? I've always been curious about that. Is it tasty? It looks tasty, cos you always suck the milk hungrily when it comes out"

Rin's eyes widened and blushed deep as Kuro was there sitting by the window, asking such questions



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