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The sun was sinking low over the calm sea on this particular Friday evening. Gulls cawed up above as they floated aimlessly on the updraughts of the cool rising air. There was a cool sea breeze that swirled out of the dock and onto the sea, agitating the almost still blue water, and disturbing the sun baked pavement from earlier in the day. Ships creaked gently in their docks as the wind teased the tall wooden masts. None of this really bothered a young man, who was sitting at the bow of his anchored ship, leaning against wheel as he sat painting the dying sun. Pirates tended to keep their hobbies to themselves (unless it was raising a good sea shanty) - but if it was painting and poetry - these were generally frowned upon in the larger community.

Sighing the young man ran a hand underneath his hat and through his rowan locks. At times like these the would sit and sometimes contemplate at how different his life would have been if he hadn't become a pirate in the first place; but then he would stop and think about the plundering, the shanties, the running people through... the ham. He smiled and shook his head. The young family that he'd left behind never really entered his thoughts - but that was because he never let them.

He was a pirate and a pirate's life was good enough for him.

The artist dipped his brush gingerly into the water and wiped it clean on his trousers before applying another coat of colour. The water colours themselves were starting to run out, they had been a gift from his youngest sister many years ago, and were the only thing he had kept as a memory of the previous life he'd escaped from. Suddenly there were footsteps that sounded behind him, the elderly wood of their beloved boat creaking under the strain of the weight and giving them away. Although these footsteps were far to light for any man.

"That you Pirate with a Scarf?" a gruff voice asked.

"Oh hello Curvaceous," he replied smoothly, not bothering to hide away his talents from this particular pirate.

"If that's how you're gonna play it," the man behind him replied.

Ignoring his fellow crew mate he carried on perfecting his painting, shuffling over to let 'him' sit in the vacant spot. They shared a comfortable silence as the sun started casting its amber glow gently across the ocean, caressing the white horses as they tumbled and danced amongst the blue water. Dusk began to chase away the light the Pirate with a Scarf finished of his painting, finishing it off with a flourish of his signature, he placed it on the cool deck to dry and cleaned his brush before putting his paints away. The air cooled dramatically as the night fell, and he brought his coat tighter around him. There was a flicker of warmth next to his thigh as Curvaceous lit a lamp, and Pirate with a Scarf watched it as it's artificial light playfully teased away the darkness. They sat there for what seemed like hours, until the candle in the lamp started to die down, and the yellow light started to fade with increasing certainty. Glancing towards his fellow crew member he saw 'him' take out what looked like a flask and two mugs, before poring a steaming liquid into both cups, and handing one to him.

"Thanks," Scarf replied as the heat through the mug starting warming his hands.

"Hot chocolate, thought you might like some," came the gruff answer from his companion.

"You read my mind," he nudged 'him' gently. "You know I know,"

"'Bout what?" the blond looked at the brunette, the blue eyes sparkling in the half light.

He gave Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate a pointed look, before glancing out towards the darkening sea. "About the whole disguise. I may be a man; and a pirate. But I'm not as dense as the rest of them,"

Sighing Curvaceous drew her knees up to her chest and sipped her coco from her mug. "Look just don't tell them all right?"

"What me?" the Pirate with a Scarf grinned. "Never, besides, the Captain thought I was the girl, so you've done a good job at thwarting them so far,"

Curvaceous grinned at him, "But you paint,"

"Touché," he took another sip of the hot beverage, "You don't tell them about my painting and I won't tell them about the whole woman thing," he was smirking at her over the rim of his cup.

Laughing the blond smiled, "Thanks Scarf,"

"Hey, it's what I'm here for, but why aren't you in the pub with the rest?"

"I, like you, didn't want to hear any more of Gouts sea shanty's. I've had enough of them for now,"

As if on cue the door of the Barnacle's Face opened, the yellow candle light spilling out onto the worn pavement. Loud drunken bellowing could be heard from inside the pub and a small slim figure could be seen making a beeline for the old ship. "Two doubloons that it's Albino,"

Grinning Curvaceous nodded. "Deal," they watched as the stars started coming out in their full glory, the only true betrayal to their location. Pirate with a Scarf looked at them and mentally sighed, this was why he'd hated London Town, with all the air and light pollution he could never see the stars probably.

Once again the old ships stairs creaked as light footsteps bounded up the steps from the quarterdeck to the poop deck. "Hey guys, whatcha doin' up here?" the pair grinned at each other as the youngest crew member made his presence known. Pirate with a Scarf snatched up his sketch book and slipped it into his coat.

"Not being in the pub," Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate replied, her voice going back into it's usual gruffness, but smiling fondly at the youngest pirate all the same. Albino Pirate – aptly named by his crew mates – had blood red eyes and bleached blond hair, his alabaster skin was tinted rosy red from sunburn and freckles adorned his nose. This appearance was ignored by his crew who loved him for his playful nature and his adorableness. Although this came with a price, he could be extremely tactless when he wasn't careful.

"I know Gouts singin' is awful – sounds like when Grandma used to scratch her fingers down the cupboard door- don't tell him though," he plopped himself down on the rail that lined the poop deck at the stern of the ship. The young pirate swung his legs back and forth banging rhythmically against the wood.

"Party not good enough?" Pirate with a Scarf craned his neck so he could talk to the alabaster coloured boy.

The lad shrugged his shoulder, "The Pirate Captain was getting into a drinking game with Peg Leg Hastings," he paused. "It was getting pretty heavy in there and I know he only listens to you whens he's off his head drunk,"

Pirate with a Scarf let out a groan of annoyance and embarrassment. They were supposed to take sail in the morning so they could catch the outward tide, but they all knew what it was like dealing with a hung over Pirate Captain (and it was normally his faithful quartermaster that had to deal with him), it was like trying to tame a angered lion when the Captain was recovering from a night of drinking. Sighing he pulled himself upright, and cracked his neck before he stretched. By now it must have gone past midnight with the moon was high in the sky, and had already started it's slow decent back into the horizon. Albino eagerly took the half drunken cup of coco from his hands and took a sip, his eyes fluttering shut in pleasure. He knew that Curvaceous would bring his paints back to his hammock with much more discretion then Albino would.

"Right lads, I'd better go and collect the remainder of our crew and Captain, wish me luck,"

As he suspected the pub was filled to the brim with drunken pirates – at least the sea shanties had stopped (for now anyway) – even though every pirate was probably off their head drunk it was quite a casual and friendly place to be. The warm atmosphere and the flickering candle light made the Barnacle's Head look like any other dockside pub. As Pirate with a Scarf walked into the crowded one room building he saw that a large sea of pirates had concentrated in the middle of the room, and they were cheering something on. Intrigued the Pirate with a Scarf made his way towards the bar – which was surprisingly empty and casually leaned against the wood. The elderly bar keeper ignored him as he went to ring the bell situated for signalling last orders.

"Last orders up!" there was a surrounding groans from the rest of the pirates. "Hey I need sleep too!" the bar keeper replied as stragglers came forwards for their last pint.

"Where's the Pirate Captain?" he asked the bar keeper as the man dealt with the flood of last orders. The elderly barman's eyes flicked over to the large cheering crowd in the middle of the room. Following his eyes the Pirate with a Scarf saw the rest of his crew (most of them with tankards), cheering something on, with his keen eyes he saw Polly perched on the Pirate with Gout's shoulder. Groaning silently as he realised what was happening - Albino Pirate hadn't been wrong when he was talking about a drinking contest - shouldering his way through the crowd he met up with his misfit of a crew. Only to sigh when he saw the sight in front of him. The Pirate Captain was in a battle with Peg Leg Hastings – although it wasn't a battle of wits – it was much more a battle of who could hold their alcohol longest.

"The last tankered!" the crowd let out a cheer as the feminine voice sounded over the bar. "Number thirty-one, both are drawn at thirty!"

"Go on Captain!" the Pirate who had a Hook where his Hand should Be hollered waving his hook in the air.

"Don't encourage him!" Pirate with a Scarf scolded, though it fell on deaf ears.

"Drink, drink, drink!" the rest of the pirates that surrounded the two Captains started to chant, in a on going riff.

"Righ' Peg, thin' yer, can beat meh?" the Pirate Captain challenged, his words slightly slurring as he received his final tankard for the evening.

"HAH! You'll see you landlubber!" even though Peg Leg Hasting's was definitely bigger then the Captain in proportion, even he was struggling with the amount that they were consuming.

"Here are the last two tankards!" the announcer called, and to his surprise he saw Cutlass Liz refereeing the match between the two alcoholics. A supportive roar went up among the other pirates. Sighing the Pirate with a Scarf rolled his eyes at the display of over masculinity at the two sea goers who were putting on the show. The two tankards of ale were placed in front of each pirate, and a hush surrounded the room. "Avast yourselves boys!" Cutlass Liz commanded, and the two pirates zoned in on the metal jugs. "Three, two, one!" the rest of the crowed cheered as each pirate grabbed their consecutive mug and started to chug. "The first one to finish wins!"

"Come on Pirate Captain!" Pirate with Gout cheered on his leader, and Pirate with a Scarf gave him a pointed look. The crutch laden pirate grinned and shrugged a shoulder. Scarf couldn't help but watch the two (slightly enthralled) about how they could just drink so much in one sitting, but he couldn't help but cheer as the Pirate Captain slammed down his own tankard first and stood (slightly uncertainly) to his feet, arms high in the air in celebration as the crowd around them cheered his victory. Peg Leg finished quickly afterwards and shook his head grinning, standing up to give the Pirate Captain a firm handshake.

"The best drunkard won heh? C'pain?"

Laughing the auburn haired man slung his arm around his fellow pirate. "Well takesh one to knows one heh Captain?" a smirk split it his lips and Peg Leg Hastings pushed him away giving him a drunken grin.

"All right boys," Cutlass Liz placed a light hand on both their shoulders, before gripping the Pirate Captain's wrist and thrusting it into the air. "The Pirate Captain wins! Thirty-one to thirty!"

Even though he rolled his eyes at the antics he couldn't help but clap his Captain long with the rest of his crew. After a few minutes things started to die down in the pub as the pirates realised that their entertainment for the evening was gone and the sea of drunken pirates gradually began to disperse.

"All right lads, I think that's enough entertainment for one evening," Pirate with a Scarf addressed the remainder of the crew. "If we're going to get that early tide without sore heads tomorrow we'd better get back to the ship,"

"Eye-eye C'ptai'" Pirate with Grout gave his quartermaster a mock salute and grabbed his crutch, ushering the rest out of the pub, sending the lieutenant a pointed look to grab their Captain. Rolling his eyes the Pirate with a Scarf made his way over to the drunken Pirate Captain, who was in a conversation with a smirking Peg Leg Hastings.

"Captain," the elder man's eyes focused on him for a second and then a toothy grin split his face. "Number Two!" he laughed, pulling the younger man closer and displaying him proudly in front of Hastings. "This -" he paused. "This man here, is the greatest quartermaster that you'll ever see on the high seas," the Pirate with a Scarf couldn't help but feel his ears go slightly pink at the over exuberant praises from his beloved Pirate Captain. "None better – right Number Two?" still grinning he pushed the younger man's shoulder good-naturedly (but he almost knocked the Pirate with a Scarf over – being a few inches taller then the younger pirate, and a stronger build – he might not have been the best pirate but he definitely wasn't weak).

"C'mon Captain we'd better get going, the lads have already made their way to the ship,"

Giving a over the top sigh the Pirate Captain nudged him. "Fine, I get your point Number Two,"

"Well a ship can't run without it's C'ptain," Hastings grinned. "Go on, off with ya,"

"Not catchin' the tide t'morrow the'?" the Pirate Captain replied intrigued.

"I've got other things to catch up on," he winked and titled his head in Cutlass' Liz's direction. "If you get my drift,"

"No, I don't think I do,"

"Oh he will," the Pirate with a Scarf grinned at the African man, who smirked knowingly back.

"Come'n Two, though' we wh'r goin'," the Pirate Captain tugged on the younger pirates arm. "Where's Polly?"

Giving the Captain a gentle shove towards the door the Pirate with a Scarf replied, "Grouts got her- she's safe," the auburn haired man saluted Peg Leg who grinned and gave him a mock salute back. The two made it out of the door and started the slow inebriated walk back to the boat. The night air was surprisingly warm for this time of year and the cool inward sea breeze stung their faces and blew their hair out from inside their hats.

"Y'know Number Two," he glanced at his Captain, smiling slightly as he hoisted the elder man's arm around his shoulder to prevent him from stumbling on the cobbled dock. "I really did mean what I said in the pub," the quartermaster couldn't help the blush that ran up his face and warmed his cold cheeks. He smiled at the Pirate Captain who grinned back. They made it to their ship and the Pirate with a Scarf was grateful that they'd left the Jacobs ladder out on the dock. "One of these days we're gonna be walkin' down this dock an' I'ma goin' to be sayin' somethin' stupid like I love you Two,"

The Pirate with a Scarf froze and his voice stuck in his throat, he knew that his Captain was drunk, but he didn't realise that he was this drunk. "No you're not Captain," he replied, trying to stop his voice from sticking to the roof of his mouth.

"Totes goin' to be," the Pirate Captain nearly stumbled up the Jacobs ladder, but the Pirate with a Scarf had a firm grip on him, the two made their way into the Pirates Captain's Cabin, and the Pirate with a Scarf eased the elder man gently so he was perched on his desk, and quickly set up his hammock. "Er Number Two," there was a muffled voice from behind him. "Little help?" the Pirate with a Scarf couldn't help but grin and shake his head when he saw the Pirate Captain struggling with his clothes. His over-garments where already shed but his fingers where struggling with the buttons of his shirt. Moving so he was in front of him the younger pirate easily undid the shirt, not being able to help but blush at the sight of his Captain's chest. "Like what you see eh?" the Captain grinned down at him and the younger pirate scowled playfully.

"Seen better," he grinned up at the elder man, suddenly his eyes met his Captain's and there was a spark of electricity in the room.

"You've got beautiful eyes Two," the Pirate Captain suddenly complemented. "Look like the sea," he paused. "I look into those and always see the sea – and then I'm home," the Pirate with a Scarf looked at him shocked, and broke eye contact, trying to look anywhere but into his Captain's oak brown eyes. "You think we'll get gold next time?" the moment was broken and the Captain slipped out of his shirt. "I think I've got the trousers Number Two," he gave him a lopsided grin.

"Ah- er, okay," the younger man fumbled with his words, stumbling backwards.

"Two are you all right?"

The Pirate with a Scarf nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine, you'll be okay now, won't you?"

Rolling his eyes the Pirate Captain smiled. "I can do stuff myself y'know Number Two,"

"Yes Captain,"

"Now off with you," he shooed his quartermaster out of the door, "Unless you want to see the rest of me-" he paused. "Actually don't answer that,"

Smiling to himself the Pirate with a Scarf left the room, shaking his head as he went, shutting the door behind him he slumped tiredly against it, pinching the bridge of his nose and letting out a sigh. He cared for the man dearly, but sometimes, just sometimes, he did or said things that really made him think. The light suddenly disappeared from the cabin and the Pirate with a Scarf turned, gently opening the door slightly he saw the Pirate Captain was sleeping peacefully, already out like a light Polly cuddled into his chest (Gout must of dropped her off on the way down to the sleeping quarters in the hull). He shut the door softly, making sure the lock clicked shut, and made his way down to his own cabin in the hull of the ship.

"Hey Scarf?" it was Albino Pirates quiet voice, came from the large gun deck where the rest of the crew slept.

"Yes Albino Pirate?" the quartermaster replied, struggling to hold back a yawn.

"Is the Pirate Captain okay?"

The Pirate with a Scarf couldn't help but chuckle. "Yes he's going to be fine – as you said, he's just a little off his head," he paused. "Is that a lantern Albino Pirate?"

There was a shuffling of pages being ruffled and the younger pirate tried to hide what he was reading. "No," came the whisper. "Please don't tell the Pirate Captain Scarf! They were just comics that I bought with the last of my doubloons,"

"You know the code Albino-"

"I forgot?"

Sighing and rolling his eyes the quartermaster quickly and quietly stepped over the cannon lying on the floor and blew out the flame, before ruffling the youngsters bleach blond hair. "I won't tell him this time, but next time you might get to meet the Captains Daughter," the younger pirate paled (even if it was possible), and tensed, but grinned as he saw the elder pirate smirking playfully in the half light of the hull.

"Thanks Pirate With a Scarf," the Albino Pirate yawned and snuggled down into his hammock, his eyes sliding shut. Making sure the rest of the crew were asleep he made his way into his own cabin. Quickly hanging up his own hammock he kicked off his boots and slumped into the cloth, yawning as he pulled off his coat – too tired to even take off his shirt and breaches.

Maybe there was hope yet, he thought as he drifted into the deep recesses of sleep. Just maybe.

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