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Morning sunlight assaulted the Pirate Captains closed eyes as he was woken unhappily from the deep alcohol educed sleep from the night of drinking before. Groaning he sat up – and immediately regretted his decision – as the world around him span like a coin on its edge before he collapsed back down onto to his slightly rocking hammock. The Captain swallowed and threw his arm over his deep brown eyes to block out the offending sunlight. His hangover was one that was attacking with a avenged fury of too much liquor, and the resulting headache was so bad the Pirate Captain felt like it was made of lead. Letting out a frustrated groan he fell back into his hammock, which creaked just as dangerously as it always did under his weight.

At least he only had a mind-splitting thought-stopping headache, (which was something of a bonus), and he was glad he wasn't feeling as sick as a fish. His parrot (well dodo) squawked a good morning call and hopped onto her masters chest, nuzzling her beak against his beard for some wanted attention. The Captain could never ignore his beloved bird and stroked her feathered head tenderly with his forefinger.

"D'you know how bladdered I got last nigh' Pol?" he asked curiously, his voice sounding like a bullet to the brain.

Polly ignored his question and continued to croon under his administered affections. Sighing he glanced out the window, his headache now reduced to a not-so-gentle thud between the ears. With the bird still attached to his chest the Pirate Captain swung his legs over the edge of his hammock, and watched the wooden floor of his ship sway dangerously around him. Rubbing his oak brown eyes he glanced over to where his uniform was folded neatly across his bedside chair, and his beloved faded red pirate's coat draped carefully over the back, hat perched on the top of the pile. He paused, not remembering when he'd taken off his clothing last night, glancing down he saw that he was in his undergarments and nightwear. Frowning he lent over to his desk where he saw his Best Pirate Captain mug full to the brim with fresh steaming tea, and an apple leaning against the chipped porcelain.

You put on quite a show last night, the note read, Thirty-one tankards and still standing, (well almost), we're preparing the ship for departure at the height of the tide today. Promise I'll waken you straight after sun-up. The note was written in Number Two's neat slanting script, smiling the Captain took a large gulp of his cooling tea, and started to get ready for the day.

Number Two let out a groan as he hefted a barrel of ale onto his shoulders. Pirates had long ago figured that water didn't last well at sea, although a few barrels were always kept sealed below decks, ale was the main drink to quench a salty sea dogs thirst. Stepping carefully around the pile of something left on the cobbles from the night before he made his way back to his ship and the rest of his awaiting crew. The sun was just starting to make itself known to the day as the first tendrils of light crept over the calm morning ocean and caressed the port of Blood Island, casting the water in a pale pink glow, ships were already making a beeline for the sea, desperate to catch the tide when it was going out (not in). He watched as Albino and Curvaceous raced the barrels between them up to the ships Jacob ladder and onto the deck. Shaking his head in amusement he carried on his slow and steady gait taking in the surroundings as the Blood Island awoke from its slumber. Shouts from different vendors could be heard haggling prices with customers and there was always the steady beat of a wooden peg leg against the firm stone pavement. Gulls screeched angrily up above and the ships riggings jangled as they were teased by the flitting morning breeze.

"Pirate with a Scarf!" a female voice was almost lost through the crowded dock. He turned in surprise to she Cutlass Liz running towards him, a knowing grin on her face. "How's the Captain?"

Laughing in response to the question he shook his head, "Oh he's definitely seen better days," he paused. "You're not catching the outward tide?"

Liz shook her head, her hair falling across her face in a dark halo (Number Two could definitely see why the other Pirates of the population of Blood Island found her attractive), she grinned eyeing the barrel across his shoulders. "You really think that he needs more?"

Shaking his head he chuckled as they continued to walk towards the ship. "No, it's for the rest of the crew, unless he downs it first,"

"I wasn't surprised if they were going to drink several barrels between them last night," her Caribbean accent was streaked with humour at the situation. They continued in a companionable silence as they made their way up to the Jacob's ladder where the rest of the crew was already setting the ship ready for departure.

"Getting the Captain up from a hangover as bad as this one is always a chore," he explained. "He bit me last time,"

Liz snorted. "You're not serious are you?" They'd reached the boat, it's wooden hull creaking as always as it stayed tied to the dockside.

The Pirate with a Scarf was about to open his mouth but his reply was thwarted by a another answer. "But you liked it didn't you Number Two?"

The darker skinned woman's eyebrows raised as the other Pirates face flushed a good ruby red. They both craned their necks upwards to see the Pirate Captain himself, beard, bird and all grinning devilishly down at them as they stood on the dock. Using one the many ropes attached to the ship he slid down onto the dockside and gave a swooping bow to the female member of the pair, who placed a hand on her hip, cocking it to the side, unable to keep the grin from falling off his face due to his antics. "I think I recovered quite well from hangovers, don't you?"

"Ey, but you're not up before the rest of your crew, which a good Captain should always be," he other Pirate scowled playfully at her, his brown eyes shining with mischief. "Pray tell Captain what is the cure for a hangover? Because by the look on your face you're diein' to tell me,"

"A cuppa and a apple," he shrugged, taking Polly off his shoulder and hooking her under his arm, giving a automatic affectionate stroke under her beak.

"Suit yourself," she shrugged. "Seems a little-"

"Hey Captain!" there was a shout from Albino Pirate, "Do you want your tea or shall I just leave it on the deck of the ship?" the blond lad was holding his favourite mug for the world to see, with its Best Pirate Captain inscription painted proudly on the side in red. Groaning due to the younger man's tactlessness and genuine talent make any situation embarrassing or awkward the Pirate Captain held his head in his spare hand. Cutlass Liz let out a bark of laughter and wasn't afraid to laugh in her pier's face. "I'll leave it on the deck Captain, better come up quick cause it's getting cold," Cutlass Liz was now leaning against the ships hull, trying (unsuccessfully) to cover up her laughter at the other man's expense.

If Pirate with a Scarf was able to give himself a well deserved facepalm he would have done, but instead he rolled his ocean blue eyes, before making his way up to the deck of the ship. The Pirate who looked like Sunsets and Kittens (arguably the biggest and well built man on the whole boat), easily took the barrel off the weakening Pirate with a Scarf. "Is it the last one?" he asked as he slung it under his arm.

"Yes, the Captains trying to woo Liz again,"

"Oi I heard that!" the Captain's voice trailed up onto the ship, and the two sent each other knowing looks.

Sunsets grinned. "I'll dump this one below decks and then we'd better get amoving otherwise we'll miss the tide."

"I know, I'll just-"

"Well, well, well," another voice drifted up from the docks onto the boat, unlike Cutlass Liz's (who was just poking fun at the other Pirate) the voice had a scathing and patronising tone – obviously directed towards their Captain.

"You'd better get down there mate," the Pirate who looked like Sunsets and Kittens advised. "With Black Bellamy on the dock it's gonna get nasty,"

Muttering his thanks the Pirate with a Scarf headed quickly down the Jacobs ladder, and onto the dock, only to see Black Bellamy with the rest of his crew behind him – and he seemed ready to pick a fight. He placed a hand on his Captain's shoulder, "Come on Pirate Captain, we'd better get going,"

"Goin' looting?" his smooth accent mocked, his eyes locking with the Pirate with a Scarf's who glowered back in reply.

Number Two could see that the Pirate Captain was in two minds about answering, Liz had sobered up and had joined the Captains side. Squeezing his shoulder the Pirate with a Scarf tried to direct the Captain towards the gangway and onto the ship, but his shoulders were hard and his back was taught like a set bowstring.

"We are – aren't we Number Two?"

"We're Pirates," he set a withering glower over in Bellamy's direction. "Being a pirate Black, I thought you'd know that,"

There was a snort from the surrounding pirates at Black Bellamy's expense. "Isn't just like you, getting your powder monkey to answer for you," the insult stung into the Pirate with a Scarf's pride, because he knew (as well as anybody) being the quartermaster to the most wanted Pirate of the seas was the highest honour. If it was even possible he felt his Captain tense even more underneath the firm grip that he had on his shoulder. The black bearded pirate smirk grew even more, his white teeth glowing in the dawn light. "And we all know what some Captains do to their powder monkeys," the innuendo struck hard, and Number Two lost his grip on his Captains shoulder, surprised that Bellamy even considered using that as a insult.

But loosing his grip on his captains shoulder was one of the worst things that he could have done.

The Pirate Captain didn't even resister the insult to himself, the insult that got him most was calling his quartermaster (he preferred the term First Mate), a powder monkey. Nobody insulted his crew (only he did, and that was only when he was in a foul mood – on the worst of days), the Pirate Captain tore himself out of Number Two's grip and thrust a surprised Polly into (a even more surprised) Cutlass Liz's grip and launched himself at Black Bellamy, whipping his sword from his sheath that hung around his hips he let out a battle cry and threw Bellamy onto the nearby wall of Tailored Hooks. Jamming the sword up to his neck the furious red bearded pirate nearly growled.

"Want to say that again?" the Pirate Captain snarled, voice low and deadly. Black Bellamy actually had the gall to look scared, and his coal black eyes widened in fear, his Adams apple bobbing in his throat he swallowed.

"What?" he grinned nastily. "About that boy you keep as your first mate?"

That was the wrong thing to say as the Pirate Captain shoved him further up the wall, gripping the collar of his shirt with one large calloused hand hand pressing the sharp edge of his sword into the man's throat – not enough for it to bleed, but enough for it it make a impression. "He's my quartermaster, and my boatswain have a problem with that?"

"You've not got enough crew so that lad has to fill in two positions?" for some reason the anger that was controlling the Captain was building and he struggled from running the other Pirate through, but if he did that would be high treason and he'd once again be banished from Blood Island, never to be able to regain his Pirate Honour.

"Shut it or I'll run you through," he growled lowly, like a furious Bengal tiger ready to kill. Suddenly he felt a recognisable hand on his shoulder, gently trying to calm the man down and pull him away from his attack on his fellow pirate.

"As much as I would like to allow you to continue to protect my honour we've got a tide to catch, and the winds are starting to change, if we don't out now we'll be stuck here for at least another day," the voice paused, "And that means another day with Bellamy,"

The threat was enough to pull the Pirate Captain out of his angered state, and he relaxed his grip on the black bearded pirate, letting him drop to the floor. "You've got a good point Number Two, we'd better get going," he started to walk up the gangway, collecting Polly from the stunned, slack-jawed Cutlass Liz's grasp, uttering a quick word of thanks, he helped his quartermaster pull in the Jacobs ladder. Bellamy was already standing on his feet, growling and pulling his hat from the floor, after dusting it off he placed it back on his head.

"I bet you're too chicken to even think about going where I've been!" the Pirate Captain ignored the attempts from the Pirate with a Scarf to ignore the other pirates, as he lent over the ridge of his deck.

"What in the stomach of a wale?" his retort was met with rounds of laughter from the other pirates that had watched the whole unusual stream of events take place.

"British waters!" the furious and blighted pirate roared in reply, his cheeks reddening slightly with embarrassment.

"No because we don't have a death wish, I've already had enough of Queen Victoria for one life time! And that includes her sunk flagship," the Pirate Captain bellowed back, slashing through his rival's pride like a knife through butter. The auburn haired captain didn't notice his quartermaster standing behind him with his head in his hands muttering something to himself about being pathetically bitchy this morning.

"Sunsets take up the anchor!" he barely heard Number Two's voice commanding the rest of his crew.

"Ey Pirate with a Scarf!" the large burly pirate replied, as he and Gout began to heave the heavy anchor out the water. The rest of the crew started (in a quick practised formation) to untie the sails and prepare the ship to leave port.

"I'd love to stop and chat," the Pirate Captain called to his furious pirate foe, "But I've got a looting to do!" he easily bounded onto the plank (the one that had caused all the trouble with Darwin and Polly in the first place), and flung himself onto the poop deck, where the wheel was situated, taking it from a grinning Pirate with the Accordion. Who ran back and started to climb the rigging to help the other member of the crew to unfurl the sales. He grinned at Pirate with a Scarf as he took the stairs up to the poop deck two at a time to join his side, Polly squawked with recognition and hopped onto his shoulder. He let his brown eyes meet the younger man's blue and was momentarily caught off guard. There was something written in those deep pools of blue that he couldn't quite read, and it shook him for a moment.

"Are we going C'ptain?" he grinned, knocking him off his guard.

He smirked back to his second in command, and whipped his sword out of it's sheath with a gallant cry, and a grin splitting his features. "Come on Freetbooters!" be bellowed at the top of his lungs. Loving the way that the breeze was flowing through his hair as it started to pick up as they made their way out of the Blood Island docks. "Let go a plunderin'!"

So far they had been unlucky in their search for booty. There was little breeze, and the breeze there was mocked the sails as it tugged on them uselessly. The crew were sprawled out on the deck, bored beyond belief, Albino was playing tiddlywinks against Pirate with Gout (in quite a short time they had discovered that playing marbles on a rocking sea boat was useless), Curvaceous was seated reading a book that read Pirates; a Art of War, but with closer inspection a second cover could be seen. Pirate with a Scarf shook his head in amusement, and watched as the Pirate with a Accordion as he took a nap, resting against the edge of the ship, the instrument made a whoomp sound as it hit the deck, the action only getting a snore from the elder pirate. Even he had to admit, with all the patients that he had acquired over the years dealing with this crew he was getting bored. He couldn't help but grin as the Pirate who looked like Sunsets and Kittens took a chaulk on the deck, loud snores coming out of the heavymans mouth. Suddenly something caught his eye's (and it wasn't the Pirate Captain slumped in a heavy slumber on one of the steps), scrambling up from his position he lurched for the telescope that was kept attached to the poop deck (for if such a occasion like this should arise). Unloading it flicked it open, and took a peak, a grin split his face, through the telescope he'd spotted a ship, it was a Ganges ship, with only two decks of guns – and was slightly larger than their own ship – and a typical war ship, but there were unrecognisable markings, and nothing showed that it was still in service.

At least it was something to do.

"Gange's style ship off the portside! Around one and half nautical miles as the crow flies!" Pirate with a Scarf called to the rest of the pirates down below the crew immediately snapped to attention, including the Pirate Captain who bounded up the stairs to stand next to his quartermaster at the top of the poop deck.

"Great job Number Two!" he pulled the spyglass from his First Mates grip and studied the ship. "You're right as normal! Full speed ahead!" he roared, and Pirate with a Scarf grinned, loving the way that the crew became animated as soon as there was something that they were able to loot. "Loosen the sails!" the crew immediately set into action and Pirate with a Scarf grabbed the wheel and flung it to the left. "This might be it Number Two," the Captain whispered underneath his breath, "What'you think of the haul?"

"Not sure Captain," as the pair zoned onto the ship in front of them. "Have they seen us yet?"

Albino had scrambled up the mast and into his crows nest, picking up his own spyglass and focusing onto the ship, "Dunno Pirate with a Scarf, but we sure are gaining on them,"

"All right men, prepare to board! Sunsets take the wheel! Two you're with me,"

"Ey, ey Captain," he tipped his hat in the other man's direction and the Captain grinned. The Pirate who looked like Sunsets and Kittens jumped up the stairs and took the wheel out of Scarfs hands, he grinned at him (looking completely and utterly manic along with the scar that adorned his nose).

"Better go keep a eye on him,"

"You read my mind."

"Avast!" the Pirate Captain cried as he swung his way down onto the main deck, "Hold her steady!" the small crew strained against the rigging that held the sails in place, the wind had picked up and the ship's sails were forcing the old boat forwards.

"Captain!" the Pirate Captain heard his quartermaster shout over the sudden rising wind. "We've got a storm approaching! Twenty nautical miles starboard,"

"Neptune's beard," the Captain cursed, "He's got it in for us today," any pirate knew that when two ships where locked in a intense battle a storm could be deadly. If the winds reached high enough the ships would go out of control and the masts and riggings from both ships could become ensnared, making it almost impossible for either ship to escape. "What do you think Number Two?"

"The choice is yours Captain! I don't think they've-" suddenly there was a screech of something that flew through the air, propelled by raw gunpowder.

"TWO!" he yelled out, obvious panic lacing his voice as he watched the metal sphere force itself through the wood and to where his second in command was standing. The crew watched with bated breath as the quartermaster threw himself down the stairs and out of the cannonballs path. The Captain winced as he tumbled down and the splinters of wood cascaded out from the captains cabin. He ran over to Number Two, who was sprawled out and disorientated, gripping the man's arm he hauled him upright. "Two are you okay?"

Number Two sent him a shaky grin, there was a gash that split the skin on his forehead but other than that he looked in one piece. "Thanks for that Captain,"


"Captain off the port side, their turning on us!" Albino cut the conversation between the two pirates short as the watched the warship turn towards them, smoke exploding out of the guns as the cannonballs where expelled from their hideout.

"I don't think they were with us to begin with!" the Captain shot back. "Sunsets hard starboard, lets tear these landlubbers to pieces!" there was a affirmed yell from the pirate at the wheel and the world seemed to spin on its axis as the ship was hauled to the right, to draw alongside the other ship . "Hold her steady!"

"Eye eye! Captain!" the Pirate Who Looked Like Sunsets and Kittens roared in reply. Another cannonball shot past him, narrowly missing Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate, who let out a surprised yell and dived to the side. As they drew up alongside the other ship the Captain saw the crew desperately trying to sink his own ship, he let out a manic grin – that wasn't about to happen. "Raise the flag!" he yelled, watching as Albino hauled up their skull and ham bones in a proud display. Picking up his trusted rope he started to loop it around in a circle, before gaining enough momentum to hurl the hooked end onto the ship (he may not have any luck with pirating but he was a damn good throw). He grinned as he felt it hook onto the other ships mast, and pulled it secure. "Two, Gout, Strange and Albino, you're with me. Sunsets, Hook, Accordion and Mr. Bobo, you man the ship," there were confirming yells as he leapt over the water and onto the deck of the other ship. He whipped out his sword from its sheath and bellowed, "I'm the Pirate Captain and I'm here for your gold!"

Suddenly the sounds of gunfire and cannonballs being released from their barrels slowed, and the world around him stopped as the realisation hit him head on. He was standing in the middle of a Victorian warship.

And how did he know that?

It was due to the fact that (at present) there were around forty royal naval soldiers pointing their loaded rifles (polished off with a very sharp looking bayonet at the end) in his direction.

"Bollocks!" the Pirate with a Scarf cursed. "I thought that ship was lost at sea ten years ago!"

"What are we gonna do Scarf?" Gout yelled over the continuous sounds of cannonball fire.

"Board, we can't back out now!" He grabbed a rope and the rest did the same, swinging them over to the other side.

"There ain't going to be any gold on that ship!" Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate latched her rope onto the ships rigging.

"I know," Pirate with a Scarf replied in frustration. "But there'll be naval maps on board, ships records, that type of thing is invaluable," he pulled his rope taught and prepared to swing across to help his Captain.

"But I thought gold was invaluable," Albino questioned confused, as he tugged on his own hook to make sure it was sturdy.

"They both are Albino," a idea suddenly struck him. "Albino get to the main mast and cut as many sails as possible, they'll be stuck then. Set them alight if you have to."

"On it!" he let out a battle cry and threw himself onto the ship, surprising some of the other crew mates as he went straight for the main mast.

Gritting his teeth Pirate with a Scarf knew that he was about to meet his dark past head on, on the ship that had destroyed his life as he knew it. "Bring it on HMS Minden," he growled. "Bring it on!" and with a roar (that surprised even Gout and Strange) he leapt into the part of his past that he had wanted to keep well buried.

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