I just received a bunch for review for this story from a new author on FanFiction (thanks, PurpleLilyFlower) which made me decide to write this final chapter. I feel like I need some closure on this story, the dead tributes and the victor, so here's a short chapter on how everyone coped after the 14th Hunger Games.

Diesel Michel was never the same after his only child's death. Sure, he tried his best to go along with his life as usual, but going back to his large, empty house in the Victors' Village was just a sad, lonely reminder about everything that he'd lost. It was a few weeks after the Games' finale when he fired his avox servants, packed up his stuff and sold the house. He was never seen again. It's rumoured that he's now living out his days on a beach in District 4 where he spends most of his time deep-sea fishing.

The Gold family carried on their usual lives after Seni's funeral, their general philosophy being that death comes to everyone and that Seni died bringing the District, and their family, honour. The family was no stranger to death after Luster, the eldest child, died at the hands of Peacekeepes only four years after his Hunger Games victory, so life just went on as usual. The four Gold girls (soon to be five with the new baby) found solace in their training, especially Ren who is desperate to be the District 1 female tribute in two years' time.

Yen Golding seemed to retreat inside herself after witnessing the death of both of her children in the space of a few days. She spends all her time curled up in her bed, using sleeping pills to try to forget the horror that has torn apart her family. Mason Golding has tried everything to help her, but nothing can console the grieving mother. He himself is quite shaken up as he expected at least one of his children to make it home.

Sierra and Nic were buried in a joint-grave in the District 2 graveyard, because it was decided that, like in life, they should always remain together.

Naomi's family hardly seemed to notice that she was gone. In fact, one could say that their standard of living had greatly improved. They were finally free of her incessant wining, bitchy comments and air-headed behaviour, though in truth, they sometimes thought the house was too quiet without her. Another reason why her family didn't seem to grieve was that this was the second child they'd lost to the Games; the first being Naomi's elder sister, Pearl.

Like Diesel Michel, Lance's father had to move out of his house. It just served as yet another reminder about the family he once had, and continuing to live there would just have been too painful for him. Despite his loss, Mr Wolff finds a small comfort in the fact that Lance died for a good cause; saving the girl he cared about from death. He is also comforted that the girl, Capri Arello, eventually because the victor and now carries the ring that has been in his family for generations; the ring that is supposed to be given to someone that you loved. He hopes to meet Capri on her victory tour to find out more about the time she spent with Lance in the arena.

Even though the Jenkins family was by far the largest in the District, Evelyn's death seemed like a large, gaping hole that tore right through their centre. As much as they tried to carry on with their daily, struggling lives, the loss of the sweetest child was a blow that they just couldn't push aside. Even the young ones, who were too young to understand what had happened, seemed to feel it too and wouldn't stop crying on most days. The family is also suffering greatly because they don't have any children who are of reaping age, which means they aren't able to take out terrasse until Konrad, who is eight, turns twelve.

Zach's mother killed herself soon after witnessing her only son get shot through the chest by Sierra Golding. Zach's father soon checked himself into a psychiatric hospital in the Capitol is cope with the Trauma of losing his wife and his child in such shocking ways. His mental condition worsened, and because of this, Zach's six-year-old sister, Stephanie, was sent to live in the District 5 orphanage until her dad becomes fit enough to take care of her again. No one thinks this is going to happen.

Lexi's family is another family that is no stranger to death, but yet they still felt Lexi's just as much as the other deaths they've experienced. Her twin, Aston, took over Lexi's role as head of the family, though he is finding this job difficult to balance with his daily hunting trips with his cousin Aran. Rebecca Deryl became more withdrawn than she was before, but still tries her best to put on a brave face when looking after the younger children. She still blames herself for Lexi's death because the only reason Lexi died was because she volunteered for her in the first place.

After Vitz's death, Corolla gave birth to their daughter; a beautiful, red-haired baby she called Celica. As she was now 18, the District orphanage kicked her out on the streets, but luckily Lexi's family took her in to show respect for the loved ones that they had both lost. They now live semi-happily in a small house in the middle of District 6, where Corolla has opened up a school to teach street children who can't afford to go anywhere else.

Angela's almost-adopted parents felt the loss of their potential child, but not for very long because they kept on reminding themselves that they didn't actually know her. They went on to adopt a different girl, Lea, who surprising still sometimes complains that she has a brain tumour, even though her new parents had her checked out more than once. The only person who seemed to miss Angela was her best friend, Chase.

After Lee's death, Rye went on to adopt his daughter, Oak, just like the original plan had been. He misses Lee dearly, but has managed to come to terms with what happened and now lives happily with Oak in a nice house in a respectable area.

Shay's family said prayers for their daughter every day, and found comfort in the fact that she was now safe with their Lord in heaven. They'd expected her to die in the bloodbath (since she was only a small 12-year-old) and are so appreciative to Lara for taking care of their daughter for as long as she did. They're now saving for a short trip to District 11 to meet Lara's family.

Braxton's family refused to watch the rest of the Games after witnessing their son being eaten alive by crocodiles, though when the Peacekeepers found out, they were forced to watch in Town Square where everyone could see them. They did take feel a small bit of pride than their son was seemingly good enough to be invited into the Career pack, but it soon died when they realised that he had been a traitor to his first alliance. Didn't they teach him good morals?

Lara's family were in shock about their daughter's death. Unlike the first child they had lost to the Games, Lara was fit and strong, and in great condition to win. They understood completely when she decided to help the small District 10 girl because they too were reminded of their other daughter, Liza, who they had already lost. The most shocking news of all though, was when the details of Lara's plan to blow up the arena because clear just after her death. The Gamemakers ensured everyone that it would never have worked and that Alicia Thorne was clinically insane and shouldn't be taken seriously, but they knew in their hearts that it would have worked and that Lara would give her life to make a difference in the harsh world that they lived in.

Vee's family honestly thought she was going to win, but they respect her choice of taking her own life rather than being left with the scars of what she had to go through during her time in the arena. For this reason, they haven't really grieved for her and take comfort in the fact that her death was what she wanted. Her best friend, Haymitch Abernathy, took her death really badly and started drinking heavily soon afterwards.

Killian's family didn't realise how much they loved him until he was gone. His father doesn't talk much anymore, his mother spends most of her time crying, and his brother, Trek, will tell anyone who would stop long enough to listen that Killian was the best brother that he could ever hope for. Trek felt especially guilty about how he treated Killian in his younger years, and has now dropped out of school to find work in the District 12 orphanage to repent for his sins against his little brother.