Author's Note:

This story describes the events of season 1, the building of Gibb's Team. Because of McGee I plan to include the first 1-2 episodes of season 2 as well. Vivian Blackadder (the female agent of Gibb's team in the JAG/NCIS pilot episodes) will have guest appearances.

Dr. Tamara Moore is no official NCIS char but my own. To read more about her look into the prologue story "Bocca della Verita".

Something about the real NCIS: in reality the NCIS isn't as small as described in the series. According to Wikipedia 2500 members belong to the NCIS, half of them in the center at Quantico. Because of this you'll see more of other teams and assistant directors in my stories.

I plan to write 1 story about each season.



Yankee White – Part 1

NCIS Bullpen – Evening (Gibb's POV)

She felt unjustly treated, I knew. And somehow she was right about that. The promotion she got had been a nice way to get loose of Vivian, but everyone realized the reasons behind the action.

In the beginning she had been very eager to join my team and I liked her abilities and her fighting spirit, something she surely needed for this kind of work. But all too fast it became clear that she had only revenge in her mind, revenge for the death of her brother and many other marines that had died in the bombing of the USS Cole. And I couldn't allow this kind of behavior. We had work to do and no one was allowed to fight his little private war.

After some nasty discussions and lectures she had altered her behavior somewhat and at least tried to work with the rest of the team. But somehow she was simply unable to integrate. Her cooperation with Tony DiNozzo had been mediocre at best and with Ducky she had only been able to interact reasonable polite, even if she always declined any invitation apart from the work. But what really infuriated me had been her bad behavior towards Abby, funny, intelligent, bouncing, pig-tailed, caf-pow-holic Abby.

Abby always saw the best in other persons, always at least tried to be nice and open, allowing all kind of stupid and weird idiosyncrasies – perhaps because she had more than one of them herself. But even she had developed a healthy antipathy towards Agent Vivian Blackadder and I trusted Abby's insight into human nature. It always had been a kind of complementary to my own gut feeling.

Because of this I had spoken with Director Morrow and surprisingly easy he could be convinced to switch Vivian to another position. She would go to another team, a very new one and take the position of senior agent, a place Tony held in my team. So it would be a kind of promotion for her and a relief for the mood in my team. But in the same moment it aggravated the urge to find one or two other agents for my own team. More than once Director Morrow had proposed some candidate but always I had declined. Turned it out wrong now that I wished only a very special kind of agent to join my team, that I expected a very special mix of abilities and character? No, the case of Vivian proved me right, I was sure.


"Gibbs," Morrow's voice called me back into the presence. My head snapped up to the lone figure looking down into the bullpen. "A new job came just in. The football carrier died on the Air Force One, cause of death is unknown. Air Force One is on the way to Wichita now. Take DiNozzo and Ducky. Transport is waiting. Hurry up!" Before he ended his little speech I was already on my way to Ducky, pressing the shortcut with Tony's number while I hurried down to the morgue.


"Oh, FBI is already there," Tony's voice sounded not amused and without showing I agreed with him. As we had been informed most of the secret service – apart from one Agent Todd – had left the plane with the President and switched to the backup. So at least the USSS shouldn't be a problem. But the FBI as expected tried to fetch this case. It was simply to patriotic – a death in the vicinity of the President – to let the case pass by.

"I can't allow you to take the body away before the coroner had a look at it." To hear the voice of Ducky's friend – whom the called on the way to delay the removal of the dead Commander Trabb – nearly caused me to smile but I had to suppress the impulse as we entered the plane and the sight of the waiting FBI agents – and a single young woman in the traditional outfit of the USSS. Young, attractive, intelligent and belligerent dark eyes, was my first impression and while Tony, as expected, instantly took his 'predatory stance number one' I had this feeling about her. Somehow I knew that this case would be far more interesting than I believed a few minutes ago.

"Agent Fornell, you may stay here, but the rest of your team has to wait outside until the M.E. and his … assistants have finished their work." The small pause in her sentence and the slightest smile on her lips as she turned away from FBI Agent Fornell showed me that she wasn't convinced about the announced status of Tony and me as Ducky's 'assistants'. As Fornell ushered his team away with a deep frown I allowed me a hint of a smile.

Some minutes later with Ducky still working on the body of Commander Trabb and Fornell following Tony towards the room where Trabb had been eating with the President immediately before his death, Agent Todd used the opportunity. "Who are you? And don't tell me the bull about assistant coroners." Her hand was near enough to her gun that I had no doubt about her reaction if my answer wouldn't be convincing.

Slowly I showed my badge. "Navy CIS, I got the order to examine the death because he's a dead marine. Do you have any problems with that?"

For a moment she stayed silent. But to my relief she smiled weakly and shook her head. "As long as you produce results …" Changing back to the corpse she continued: "Commander Trabb isn't the standard football carrier. Normally Major Timothy Kerry would be in his place but he got a 24-hour virus and stayed home for this turn. Commander Trabb is really new in the team and I don't know him very well." The implication – that she knew Kerry very well – she didn't express but it was clearly audible. I stored that information away.

With Tony and Fornell returning Ducky announced that he had finished his work and Fornell went to the exit to fetch his men. I sensed Todd's stare as I followed Fornell but she stayed silent until I used the moment Fornell was standing outside to close the door behind him, locking out the FBI team.

"I hope you know what you're doing," I heard Todd's voice behind me with a hint of amusement. "And I hope you know that you'll need my permission to get the pilot to start the engines."

With a bland face I turned around. "I know exactly what I'm doing. And I could always abduct the plane."

The small smile didn't deceive from the fact that her answer had a hint of trueness. "I would regret if I had to shoot you."

It had been the first time I smiled openly at her and she responded in kind. How little could I know that this moment would be the beginning of a year-long cooperation and intense friendship?


"You're not looking very well." Ducky's voice caused me to look at Agent Todd and I had to admit that he was right. After the first hour of the flight – with Tony doing his normal work of taking shots and sketches and Agent Todd watching him interested – we all had been silent, gathering energy for the work that awaited us after the landing. Somewhere in between Agent Todd obviously had started to show signs of uneasiness. She was pale and had pearls of sweat on her forehead.

"It is nothing," she tried to soothe Ducky's concern. "Only a little virus, the same Major Kerry had."

"Oh, I thought Major Kerry stayed behind and didn't show up to work?"

"He didn't," Todd only answered, her glare showing that she wasn't eager to go on and after some silent moments Ducky understood and turned away.

Leaning back in her seat Todd stared at me. "Don't you feel the urge to scold me, to lecture me about not having affairs with teammates," she asked me slightly unnerved.

I shook my head. "Rule number 12: never date a co-worker. You certainly know the sense and the repercussions yourself. But you don't belong to my team." For a moment she narrowed her eyes, obviously pondering about the hidden agenda of my words.

Before we had a chance to continue, one of the crewmembers showed up: "Agent Todd? Agent Baer wants to speak you."

"Do you want me to speak with him," I offered to allow her some more time to recuperate, but she declined. "Before that I have to be dead already." She went with him to the communication center, followed by my smile about her reaction. I liked this kind of thinking and spirit.

"He'll order her to deliver the corpse to the FBI after the landing."

I nodded to Tony's statement. "It is time to start phase 2."