Dating Tattoos Part 2

The sand on the beach was too coarse-grained and moist for Abby's liking but for one afternoon she could endure this. At least the sky was blue, the sun burning down and the waiting group seemed to be already in a good and playful mood. At least most of them were, because a handful had gathered around Dr. Jackson seemingly working on souring milk with their faces.

Blankets covered the ground, cooling bags stood ready and a few sun umbrellas tried to give a bit of shelter from the blazing sun. Knowing only a few of the around twenty people and most of those only thru web-cam Abby was relieved to see Tim McGee. Seeing he in real all the more reminded her of a boy in his teens and how he stopped two steps away from her, insecure how to greet Abby, only intensified the impression. A wicked smile on her face and mirth in her eyes Abby waited a few seconds how he would continue.

"Err … hey Abby, nice to see you." His smile was as great as was his blushing. Reminding of a frisky kitten Abby stalked nearer and her grin deepened as McGee's eyes widened and he started to move away, only to feel someone barging into him and shoving him into Abby's hug. "Oh sorry, I'm so clumsy sometimes." Tamara didn't make any effort to hide her mischievous smile as she walked away leaving a stunned McGee in Abby's hugging arms.


Abby watched Tamara leaving the water, the swimsuit clinging to her frame and accentuating the well-formed and athletic body. In contrary to most of the people around she obviously spent a great amount of time with sports of all kind. Even Tim and a few others who tried to stay in form hadn't nearly this kind of body. Not that Abby was dissatisfied with Tim's looks. Tamara drew many stares from her colleagues but seemed oblivious to this behavior.

"The water is really nice but now I need a break," Tamara whispered as she bumped on the blanket near Abby and Tim. Shortly her eyes wandered to Tim, switched to Abby with a wicked smile and back to Tim's bathers. Abby followed the stare with an equally wicked smile and concentrated not for the first time on the tattoo. Luckily McGee had closed his eyes and had at least for the moment forgotten the former jokes and lecherous comments.

An hour ago as he had undressed, a tattoo become visible. It had the form of a long lightning flash and was composed of several scientific formulas from math, physics and chemistry. Abby had to go very near to be able to read them – obviously just the intended reason – and was delighted with the idea. It started near the spine with a well-known E=mc² and continued around the waist with ever more complicated formulas. The last part of the flash until now was veiled thru the bathers and Abby's grin showed her intend to explore them before her return on Sunday.

Silently switching to a position touching Tamara's side Abby whispered: "Was it your idea? This tattoo I mean."

Tamara sighed and swayed her head back and forth: "In parts, yes. I steered him in the right direction with some questions. At first he wanted to have a tattoo uttering 'MOM' on his ass." Both women giggled. "Yes, believe it or not: MOM. And while that's certainly very sweet and all … you know, Tim wants to be a cowboy. And cowboys have something cool and certainly not mom on their ass."

Shortly following Tamara's look Abby stated: "And he has a very nice ass." That Tim didn't blush showed clearly that he was really sleeping and not only pretending.

Tamara nodded but her voice was very neutral: "Yes, he has. At least if you like those."

Not for the first time Abby's gaydar awakened and she pondered about asking Tamara, but the redhead reacted faster: "I assume you haven't any problem with my … preferences?"

Abby hurried to shake her head: "Never. I'm very … open … myself." Abby grinned.

"Good to know," Tamara responded with a playful grin before she closed her eyes.


The rustling of a newspaper and the angry voice of someone startled Abby from her slumber.

"What a nerve!" A young man, as far as Abby remembered a FBI agent Jeff what-so-ever, hit the paper and looked around with an angry stare. "And again the FBI obviously is unable to apprehend the vigilante … unable or unwilling, that's the question," he cited.

"What's the matter," Abby asked Tim with a whisper.

"It is about this vigilante who is killing criminals in Virginia since a nearly two years. He has killed four criminals so far. All victims had been in court because of a serious crime and all of them had been acquitted of the charge because of formal errors or because an important witness withdraw his statement."

"Oh that one, I read about him. He had been killing them with a sniper rifle and there hasn't been any evidence so far."

Jeff sighed deeply, fighting to soothe his anger. "They act as if we would enjoy his deeds."

"Don't we?" Tamara's interjection and even more her icy stare surprised Abby and Tim. "Don't you feel like vomiting if again a criminal got free because of a greasy attorney? Have you never felt like breaking the neck of a smirking criminal walking from court because a witness renounced his statement in fear about his family?"

"You don't really advocate vigilantism, Dr. Moore, I hope?" Dr. Jackson stated with an icy voice.

For some long moments all went silent and waited for her answer. At last Tamara sighed deeply: "No, certainly not. Our job is to apprehend criminals, not to judge or execute them. But sometimes … sometimes I understand … the urge to avenge a hideous act. But even then: in my opinions there is a difference between a father or husband avenging a rape or murder because he can't stand a not-guilty verdict and some vigilante such as this who obviously is out for the hunt. Even the avenging father is a criminal, but at least he has my sympathy. Sorry if that troubles you."


The weekend had been fantastic. Gibbs had agreed with Abby returning Monday morning and Tamara had organized a helicopter for the return flight. Deviating from the former planning they had met on Sunday evening in a nice Thai restaurant with Tamara as a nice conclusion of the weekend.

The hours with Tim had been amazing and refreshing for Abby and she smiled every time she thought about her exploration of that tattoo.

"Tim wants to be a cowboy," Tamara had claimed. Asked to explain the redhead had informed Abby about Tim's wish to become a field agent. "I think he is really good at his job and he likes brain-work. But … he misses something. He wants to be the one that catches the bad boys."

Abby understood this wish. Perhaps she should speak with Gibbs, give him some hints. At least he could invite him from time to time to participate in investigations … if the opportunity arose. We'll see.



In the series there are only hints about the affair of Tim and Abby. I wanted to give them something more.

The Vigilante is an own storyline that I'll expand later.