M.I High-Carrie & Oscar/Rose & Vinnie

And Then There Was Four.

Chapter 1:

It was on one Thursday morning in late October, the cold winter air swept through his blonde locks of gelled back hair. The email arrived just as Oscar was slipping on his favourite jacket. It was the news he had been waiting for. Without a second thought he headed straight for the car, picking up Rose and Carrie on the way. Something was very different about Rose; she seemed much more reserved than usual. Thinking it must just be the early starts that were getting to her, as they would normally be at school and most likely not have to go gallivanting round the streets of London every morning before school. However, lately that was becoming a much more recurring event; somehow the criminals of London were on the up and they would be woken so early they wouldn't know whether it was day or night. He couldn't help but notice that Carrie was acting oddly too but not as noticeable, she was always well.. Carrie. Very promptly she held Rose's hand and whispered something Oscar couldn't quite make out. Rose had been heartbroken after the situation with Vinnie, but that couldn't be the reason she was behaving the way she was. After thinking things though in his head Oscar decided to put it to the back of his mind. They were on a mission and that's what they needed to concentrate on.

As Oscar settled down for the short but extremely tense journey ahead he thought of the contents of the email.

"Oscar come quickly, important news; pick Carrie and Rose up on your way here. Meet at MI 9 headquarter at 9.00am,"

He wondered what could be so important that Frank would ask them to come to the main MI. 9 headquarters at the same time they were meant to be arriving at school.

"So what do we recon Frank has got for us today?" Oscar said, after mustering up the courage to begin a conversation to make the journey a little less awkward.

"Hardly doubt it will be anything interesting, surprisingly all the missions we decently have been on have been seriously dull. No mission has been anywhere as good as the undercover factory mission." Carrie said promptly not even a millisecond after Oscar had said the last word.

"Yeah and what's strange is the fact we have been twice as busy and I can't even remember the last time I ate anything." Rose slipped in just as Oscar had turned the car onto the MI. 9 driveway up to headquarters.

"Don't quite know why they have been instructing for us to have training session's everyday at 6.00am, since when is anyone ever up at that time?" Oscar said abruptly and then had finally turned into the right entrance to the multi-storey that M.I 9 kept underground.

"They must have a good reason for giving us this amount of training."

"I find it rather enjoyable, nothing like 500 press ups in the morning to get your energy levels up." Carrie said with an annoyingly happy expression on her face. Both Oscar and Rose just signed and rolled their eyes at her reply.

"I think that they're getting us ready for a big mission or trying to find out are weaknesses so that they can try and find a replacement for one of us." Rose said with a sudden aggression in her voice.

"No of course there not, it's just so that they can make sure we are keeping fit." Oscar said to try and defuse the conversation.

It was nearly 9.00am, after parking up Carrie, Oscar and Rose entered the main building to MI. 9. After receiving their visitor passes they headed for the 6th floor.

As they walked in, they found Frank sat at the end of a long glass table that looked as if it had just been cleaned only moments before. Frank had an unreadable expression on his face, looking up to see his team walking in. He went to greet them and thanked them for coming so fast.

"Hello, sorry for the timing but I have some news, and I'm not too sure you're going to like it." Frank said tenderly.

"What is it Frank what's going on?" Oscar demanded.

"You remember the mission; Agent Stark had sent you on about a month ago to retrieve the crystal of St. Helena? Well you do you also remember that you weren't the only agent s to go on this mission."

"What?" Carrie shouted, confusion appearing on her face.

"Err hang on wait, Frank do you mean who I think you mean?" babbled Carrie.

"Vinnie Crawford-Smith, yes Carrie" Frank explained.

"Frank what are you on about, what has Vinnie done now?" Rose interrupted, uncertainty became written on her face.

"What has this news got to do with Vinnie?"

"Yeah, I thought that was over with. Isn't the uptight git in jail?" Oscar snarled.

"Well, if you would just let me explain properly before you hit the roof." Frank continued trying to find the right words to tell his team.

"He is in our custody still yes but after reading through his file MI. 9 has now decided it would be better if Vinnie joins MI High for the forcible future as an agent."

As Frank finished the sentence the MI High team couldn't contain their dismay. Oscar went on about how absurd the whole thing was and Carrie couldn't believe they would actually be letting Vinnie work with them and join their team as an agent, as an equal after all he has done. Rose on the other hand was just staring into space, she didn't look annoyed or even angry but she felt a wet liquid drop onto her shoe and even when the other team member turned round to look for support about the decision made, she still didn't realise it was coming from her own eyes. Not in till Carrie and Oscar were staring with worried expressions on their faces. What was going on, why was it that she had begun to cry. Vinnie was a villain and she had been perfectly fine after her crush on him a few weeks ago, even if it had taken her near two weeks. She had forgotten his existence and now all the forgotten feels had suddenly been released back.

"Where is he?" Rose said, after she had realised that Frank had been trying to get her attention for the best part of five minutes.

"Here, he's next door." Frank replied.

"Rose, are you okay? Carrie said concerned.

"If you need time just say. I know how you felt about him."

"No its fine, he's only a boy. I'm not letting him upset me again" said Rose.

"Yeah but if he does, he's a dead man. You know you're like family to me, both of you." Oscar held his hands out to his team, and then giving Rose a hug then proceeded to kiss Carrie on her forehead tenderly and then sat down on one of the chairs.

After stopping herself from blushing, Carrie decided to ask Frank if Vinnie will be join them at school and where he will be staying.

"Do you need a moment or should I.." Frank said, before answering Carrie.

"No we are all fine, well as fine as we can be" Carrie replied.

"Yes Vinnie will be joining you at school but he won't be in all the same lessons." Frank answered cautiously.

"Also I don't think you're going to like this Oscar but we didn't have much of an option. Vinnie is going to be staying with you in protected custody due to him being an only child and having no relatives that he can stay with that we know of."

Oscars face dropped.

"Are you actually being serious? How the heck do you expect me to accept and live with that dweeb?" Oscar shouted.

"Calm down, it will be fine okay. You won't be sharing a room or anything, just try to understand it from his position." Frank replied, startled by how much anger Oscar had shown.

"Can we get this done with?" Rose said abruptly, walking nearer to the table and taking a seat to wait for Vinnie to arrive.

"Bring Agent Vinnie in from next door, please." Frank said.

As the door opened, Roses mouth dropped. He looked even better than she had remembered. Even Carrie was gob smacked by his appearance. Vinnie started to walk through the walk way towards the team. His hair side swept and floppy, sort of looking as if he had just come off the beach surfing. His big dark glasses, contemplated his rather long face. His legs were so long that it looked as if he had been put on stilts; he had a white shirt that looked so smooth as though it could have been a liquid. His dark brown boots looked so new but then so old at the same time. He was also donning a new leather jacket, which sort of suited him in an odd way.

"Hello Rose long time, it's good to see you again." Vinnie said.

"Err Hey Vinnie, yes been a month actually but nice to see you too I guess." replied Rose.

"Hi Vinnie" Carrie interrupted; still with a slightly red face after initially see him. She walked over and shook Vinnie hand and stared blushing.

"Cassie, isn't it?" Vinnie replied.

"Carrie actually, but that was close enough" said Carrie.

"And so that leaves you Oscar" said Vinnie.

"Err yes I guess it does, hi." Oscar snarled.

"How have you been?" Rose started.

"Yea I've been great, had a lovely holiday in the MI.9 cell. Thanks for asking." Vinnie replied in a sarcastic manner.

"Oh yes, forgot about that. We had fun though, I enjoyed working with you. Together we found what people had been trying and failing to find in thousands of years." Rose said.

"Ah yes, the Crystal of St. Helena. We were absolutely amazing together. I was so consumed by my desire that I tried to take the crystal myself. I do deeply regret that decision, I wish I could have joined MI.9 back then but I guess at least I have now." Vinnie replied, full of remorse.