Author's Note: Hi guys! So this is my first attempt to write a story. It's based on the Night World Series by L.J Smith. I hope you like it.

I don't own the Night World only this plot and my imaginery characters.

I want to know what you think, get new suggestions and ways to improve my story as it goes on. I'm not really familiar with the American ways and I would love for someone to tell me if they see an error so I can correct it.

Chapter 1

"That's it. I'm out of here." Brittany said.

She couldn't take a minute more of this. Her little sister Amy and her little brother Tom or Tommy, as she always called him, were playing-fighting and making it impossible for her to study for school and keep an eye on them since her parents were out of town for the week, on a business trip and would be back on Wednesday.

Her grandma didn't help much as she was in her own world, "I wonder if she even understands whatever happens around her?" she thought. Britt had made her decision, she was going to take the car and wonder around the city until Tommy and Amy both were in bed.

She walked and sat right in front of her grandma and tried to talk to her clearly above all the noise. "Granny, can you hear me?" she asked.

Her Gran looked at her, smiled a nice wide smile and nodded. "Okay. Good. I'm going out for a walk, please can you put Tommy and Amy to bed at midnight?" she said, slowly and carefully.

"12 sharp, but my dear, isn't it late for two, two year old children to be sleeping at midnight though?" gran answered, still smiling.

Britt sighed. "Grandma, Tommy is seven and Amy is five and it's already half past eleven so midnight would be okay. Could you please just do it? You can tell them a story! Remember like you used to tell me when I was little?"

She said trying not to lose her patience. She waited until she nodded and then went to separate Tommy and Amy who were still fighting. That took awhile but she finally made it, then she stood looking down at them and told them.

"I'm going out. You'll keep quiet…." Even as she said it she knew that wasn't going to happen but she still had to try. "….and you'll be in bed before I come back. You got it?"

She watched them carefully to make sure they were taking her seriously, they obviously weren't. And then she went on. "Otherwise….." that caught their attention. "… might see the ghost."

Their eyes got wider in that instant. She saw her chance, they were scared now and continued. "And you know what the ghost does, don't you?"

The swallowed loudly and shook their heads. "Okay, let me see. I have an idea! Why don't you go to granny who knows the story better and she can tell you all about it." She said smiling.

Now they were excited they said, no yelled "Okay" and went off running to the living room where gran sat. She remembered that her gran always had great imaginary stories to tell, and now she was sure she'd figure something out.

She went upstairs in her room, let her hair down, brushed it and changed into a pair of jeans and her favorite sweater. She was ready to leave but paused and stood firmly close to the door, looking at her room, remembering every little prank she and Kim had played on mom and dad, who would look all over the place to find where they had been hiding.

Playing very loud music and singing alone with the CD player, pissing them off and waking up everybody taking their afternoon nap. And of course her last birthday, when Luke and the guys had come/sneaked into her bedroom for her slumber party with all the girls there.

Britt laughed as she remembered all that, and then sighed. That was the past. Now she had to live for the future. And that was gonna be hard enough if her suspicion was correct.

She closed the door and then walked downstairs carefully trying to keep quiet. She could hear gran's soft voice doing it's magic. Hypnotizing Tommy and Amy, making them feel sleepy, draining the adrenaline out of their bodies, relaxing them.

She knew how they felt she used to feel the same way every time her gran was telling stories. Mesmerizing, that's what she always thought. She felt a part of the story, like she was living in it. Somehow free.

She went to the door, put on her boots, her coat, her gloves and scarf. It was really cold outside these days. She took the house and car keys and got out into the snow. It was snowing, of course. It snowed almost every day. It was the last week of school December 17th almost 4 days until it closed for Christmas vacation.

She got into the car and turned the hot air on. "God it is cold" she said in a whisper and started the engine.

She left her street, her neighborhood and drove towards city. Her house was about twenty minutes out of town. She really hadn't decided where she would go. "I'll probably go to Sam's" she said out loud.

She was feeling suddenly uneasy. Sam would make her feel better. Sam was her best friend, even though a year older.

In school they were usually into everything fun, every school activity apart from cheerleading, Britt hated that from the day her ex best friend since kindergarten Kim and she had been in their last year before High School and finally after two years Luke Adams had collected all of his courage and asked Britt out on a date and Kim started all of a sudden being a total snob and a mean person.

She had managed to become the most famous girl at school. And with fame always comes power. This year Kim was the "captain" of the cheerleading team and her life's purpose was to make Britt's life a living hell.

Britt had met Sam during her first days there, she was signing up for the school Christmas play, they were gonna present it that week. Something like "The Christmas Carol" parody with funny and sarcastic dialogues between the Christmas' spirits that visited Mr. Scrooge and of course like every play, they would sing popular Christmas songs. Britt had an excellent voice and Sam was an acting star.

Sam'd helped Britt a lot every time something had to do with Kim. She was really sad that Kim was so mad at her. She didn't even know the reason. The thing had gotten out of control this year. Kim was the total "queen" of their class and had decided that she wanted a boyfriend and that the boy she wanted was Luke, Britt's boyfriend.

She never believed that she would actually manage to take him away but she was wrong. So Luke was with Kim and Britt had given her full attention on studying hard and practicing for the play. And Sam was there.

Samantha Smith was tall with short black curly hair and fierce green eyes. And her exact opposite was Brittany Evans. She was tall but her hair had a golden blond color and it fell down to her waist. And her eyes were a very light blue not grey but not quite blue either. Britt felt like Sam was an older sister.

The tension she felt earlier was wearing off now as she was thinking of the play and all the good and fun times they had there. She had turned the radio on. Christmas songs were playing and she just went on singing along with it until she reached Sam's house.

It was past midnight and Britt thought it was late for a visit she was feeling awful and she hadn't considered the time or to call before she went. All the lights were off but she reached into her coat pocket and got her cell phone, dialed Sam's number, pressed the phone to her ear and waited. She would wake Sam up but she needed desperately someone to talk to.

"Bee? What's going on? Are you okay? Did something happen?" Sam's voice was urgent and disoriented.

"Don't worry! I'm fine. Everything is… great" Britt couldn't stop herself before hesitating she knew Sam would see right through it but she continued. "So sorry to wake you. I am so sorry." She tried to cover it up hastily.

Sam yawned once and then snorted "You know I don't believe that! What happened?"

Britt sighed "Well…. I don't really want to talk about it from the phone, I think it would be better if you'd let me in" she said.

"What? Are you crazy? Why didn't you say so from the beginning? Wait I'll be right there." Sam said and hung up.

Britt got out of the car and went to the door to wait for Sam. After a minute the door opened and Sam let her in and then closed the door carefully behind her. They went upstairs to Sam's room.

Once they made sure her parents were still asleep Sam said "Okay tell me what happened. I want to know everything." She sighed and suddenly she felt the same way she did about a week ago when she happened to overhear one of her parents conversations.

Britt took a deep breath, closed her eyes and said. "We're leaving."

Sam didn't say anything and Britt opened her eyes to find Sam staring at her, her eyes wide. "What?" she whispered.

Britt smiled sadly and said. "I overheard my parents talking about a week ago I was waiting until today to see if they would tell us but they left this morning without saying anything. So I thought it was just something they were talking about. But about an hour ago a house seller called asking for mom so that she could tell her that she'd found a great but a little old house in California about two to three hours way from Los Angeles." Britt gasped for air; she had managed to say everything without stopping.

Now Sam was shocked and went on looking at her without really seeing her. Britt was thinking about how much she wanted to leave Portland and visit sunny California but not to move there.

What could a sixteen year old girl without any friends in a fancy new high school do? She would be like a fish out of the water. The weird new kid. A stranger. Out of place.

Now that she was thinking of that she felt completely terrified. She was lost in thought when she realized that she was crying and felt Sam hugging her.

The clock stuck one.