Disclaimer: I do not own Buff the Vampire slayer or Angel or any other characters, except for Eric and Angela. The rest belong to the legendary Joss Whedon

Summary: When the Oracles took back the Day that never was, every thing did not go as per plan. (yes this is another pregnant Buffy story)

It had been a week since Thanksgiving, but Angel had yet to stop plaguing her mind. He filled her heart, her soul, her mind. And the nights when she finally fell asleep were the worst. She dreamt of him, his touch his kiss, his warmth.

Buffy jerked up from her slumber. "Wait warmth…" Buffy wondered out loud, "Where the hell did that come from?" Suddenly she was assaulted by images of Angel in the sunlight, Angel eating ice-cream, Angel's heart beating against hers. Then she saw a flash of light and found herself in a white room.

"Greetings! Chosen one."

Buffy was face to face with a man and a woman with greenish gold skin. They were beautiful and were dressed in white togas.

"Who the hell are you, and what on earth are am I doing here?"

"Your impatience and insolence will not…"

"Hey first you X file me out of my bed and then you lecture me?" Buffy asked incredulously

"Be calm slayer," the female spoke "and all your questions will be answered."

"Look I have had a horrible, week with almost marrying Spike and all, not to mention the stupid dreams."

"Your dreams are exactly why you are here, young slayer"

"What no… You can't possibly know my dreams" Buffy looked up " Who are you people?"

"Messengers to the powers that be, you call us the oracles"

"As in fortune tellers, gypsies and funky crystal balls?"

This made the male oracle rage in anger "You dare compare us…"

"Brother! Patience." The female oracle smiled gently at Buffy "No we are not fortune tellers, the future is never certain, even prophecies made hold different meanings and may be contradicted, you of course are a living example of that."

"Yeah, with me supposed to be dead and all," Buffy said with a proud smile "I suppose I am the girl who changed the future."

"Yes you truly are."

"So what the powers, they are like God or something?" Buffy questioned

"That is none of your concern" the Oracle said sharply "You were brought here for a reason, we have something to show you

"Show me, something about my dreams" Buffy asked frowning

'yes", with that the oracle laid a hand on Buffy's head and showed her the day that never was.

"Oh God!" Buffy whispered, "no no no, this, it's not real, no I forgot, I promised not to but I did, oh God."

"Because you were supposed to"

"Then why?" Buffy gritted out, "why did you make me remember now? Is it fun, playing with our lives because you can, are our sufferings so damn enjoyable to the powers."

"We did what the Vampire asked us to do…"

"No, you did what you had to in order to keep a champion at hand" Buffy laughed mirthlessly "doesn't matter, what's done is done, hell not even five minutes have passed and I am over it. Life of a slayer and all. But my question still stands." Buffy took a menacing step towards the messangers. "Why did you give me back my memories"

"Because you will need them when time comes."

"Time for what?"

"You will know soon enough."

"God you guys make Angel look like an open book" Buffy lets out a frustrated sigh, "I am tired of riddles, just give me a straight answer for once."

The female Oracle gives Buffy a sympathetic look "When we took the day back, some things remained things we could never take back. Things that were prophesized."

"Okay what part of straight answer did you not get?"

"We cannot answer your questions, but I give you my word oh Golden one, ypur questions will be answered, and soon it will all be clear."

Just like that Buffy was back on her bed