Normally Dean wasn't one to pay much attention in English class, particularly during the last period of the day on a holiday, but in spite of her wacky witch get-up Mrs. Weyner caught his attention with her retelling of the legend of the Sanderson sisters. Dean was probably the only one taking notes; the rest of the class, though listening attentively, seemed familiar with the story and didn't need to jot anything down. Scattered among the doodles that he'd started off making at the beginning of class were the names of the witches – Winifred, Mary and Sarah – their related powers – spell casting, tracking and summoning respectively – and Winifred Sanderson's final words:

On All Hallows Eve
when the moon is round
a virgin shall summon us
from under the ground

Even as he jotted it down Dean shook his head to himself – that particular scenario had disaster written all over it.

Mrs. Weyner continued speaking through Dean's musing. "No one knew what became of Thackery Binx those 300 years ago. Some say, that on Halloween night a black cat still guards the old Sanderson house warning off any who might make the witches come back to life."

Dean was as surprised as everyone else when the other new kid in the class mumbled, "Gimmie a break." Clearly Max was not as practiced as Dean was on blending in at a new school and flying below the radar. Dean had been in school a day or two when Max arrived. Max broke the first cardinal rule of "new kid" by choosing a seat next to a pretty girl instead of in the back of the class like Dean had. He broke the second cardinal rule by talking about California all of the time and dressing like he still lived there; tie-dye was not the way to go in Salem, Massachusetts. And now, here he was, drawing attention to himself by scoffing at local folklore – strike three.

Dean absently doodled a gruesome jack o'lantern as Max blithely explained how "everyone knows that Halloween was invented by the candy companies."

"It's a conspiracy!" he stated emphatically.

Dean was surprised when Allison, the pretty blonde, jumped in. She got Dean's attention. "It just so happens that Halloween is based on the ancient feast called All Hallows Eve. It's the one night of the year when the spirits of the dead can return to Earth." And just like that…she lost Dean's attention. It must be nice to live in a bubble where there's only one night a year when spirits can roam.

In another surprise move that made Dean wonder if the kid was just that clueless or completely ballsy, Max got up out of his seat in front of the whole class to give Allison his phone number. He even fed Alison a corny line – "Give me a call if Jimi Hendrix comes back."

Dean had to give Max a little credit for throwing Hendrix in there, but anyone who was paying any attention could see that Allison was way out of Max's league.

The bell rang sparing everyone from watching Max further embarrass himself, but Max and the Sanderson sisters stayed on Dean's mind as the class was dismissed and he headed toward the junior high school to pick up Sam; a new kid with something to prove and a local legend to test himself against on Halloween was not a good combination. What was worse was that Dad had his hands full with tracking down local Puckwudgies which was the reason they were in Salem in the first place. Dean didn't want to distract Dad with hunches and hormonal teenagers, particularly if it came to nothing and made him lose ground on the hunt he was already in the middle of. No, it'd be better if Dean kept an eye on the situation himself. It looked like he and Sammy would be going out for more than candy this Halloween.