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When the rest of the Avengers arrive at Steve's room, Jarvis opened the door for them. Inside the room, they see a stunning brunette in lacy underwear. She looks very familiar to Tony but he can't place where he's seen her. Tony has to hand it to Steve, he really has good taste. The rest of the males seem to agree as they drop their jaws quite literally and Natasha has to roll her eyes.

The woman looks so shocked to see so many people barge into the room. To Tony's disappointment, she quickly grabs a blanket to wrap around her body.

"Who are you people? Why are you here? Where is Steve?"

"Well, I'm Tony Stark, the owner of this tower. Steve is indisposed at the moment. May I know your name?"

The looks of realization dawns on the woman's face.

"I'm Shania. Oh, you are the Iron Man, I remembered watching your press conference on TV. Does it mean you are The Avengers? Wait, did I just sleep with Captain America? What have I done?"

She looks horrified, not the reaction Tony was expecting from someone who got lucky with Captain America. He files it under the blackmail material for Steve when he's back to normal.

"But I couldn't just sleep with and possibly deflower the icon of America, what will my friends and family think of me? I didn't know it was him, he acted so different from what I thought Captain America would act and I couldn't possibly remember how all The Avengers look like as I'm a not native New Yorker."

Tony can't help but grins. "Oh honey, you don't have to be embarrassed. In fact, I should thank you as you have done me a favor. I have tried to get him laid numerous times so he won't be so uptight but he doesn't believe in sex before marriage. I didn't know that he didn't need any help to get such a gorgeous girl like you. Did you two have good time?" He says the last sentence and wriggles his eyebrows.

Shania blushes furiously and hides deeper under the blanket if it's possible.

Natasha decides to step in.

"Stark, you're not helping the situation here. Shania, I'm so sorry but you need to get dressed quickly. Steve has not been himself since yesterday so you didn't make any mistake. I'm sure once he is back to normal, he'll want to know you better and perhaps even ask your hand in marriage as he believes in doing the right thing. But let's cross the bridge when we get there. I need to know how to contact you in case we or Steve need any further information."

They leave Steve's room to allow Shania some privacy. When she walks out of the room, she gives her contact information to Natasha.

She adds before she leaves, "I hope Steve is OK. Last night we talked a lot and he was such a nice and smart guy. Even if nothing happens romantically, I hope we can still be friends if it's not too awkward for us."

With that, she leaves them using the guest elevator. Tony kinds of feel sorry for Shania as she seems to be such a nice girl with brains too. She'd be a good match for Steve.

Thinking about Steve, now Tony is worried what state Steve is in now. They fled to his room without giving much thought to Steve himself. For Odin's sake, he was only wearing a towel when they left him.

"Guys, we kind of forgot our main problem here, which is Steve's behavior. I think we need to have someone with him at all times until he is back to normal. Thor, could you possible try to find Loki so that we can fix this little problem ASAP? "

"Certainly, Man of Iron, as I said yesterday, my brother is hard to find if he decides to hide but I'll try my best. Please take care of friend Steve for me! I certainly hope that Loki doesn't mean any harm but just cause some mischief."

Thor is lucky he leaves immediately so he doesn't hear Clint's answer.

"Sure, Cap is lucky. Loki just likes to play with people's minds not the body. I must be very lucky." He adds bitterly.

Natasha pats his shoulder and says, "Clint, we have gone over this. All those killings and attacks while you're under Loki's influence are not your fault. We don't know what exactly Loki has done to Steve but he seems to be in control of his own mind, not under Loki's influence."

"Guys, talking about feelings may be dandy and I'm as shocked as you all that The Black Widow seems to have a heart. However, I think we really need to get back to the living room to make sure Steve is OK."

Tony is thankful that Natasha is too preoccupied with consoling Clint, otherwise he needs to be careful as she may poison his coffee or use a paper clip to maim him.

When they walk into the common room, thankfully Steve is fully clothed. Tony wonders how the hell he dressed himself when he didn't go into his own room. Paying attention to his cloth, Tony is shocked. Steve is dressed in a printed T-shirt and three quarter length khaki pants, not the usual old man cloth Steve usually wears. He also combs his hair differently, it seems that his hair is styled up like the common youth, not the usual style where he combs it neatly and perfectly. He must have utilized super speed to dress and style his hair so quickly.

He can't contain himself and ask, "Where did you get your clothes from?"

"Online shops obviously," Steve answers as if that's the most obvious answer in the world and continues, "May I know who you are?"

"You hate online shopping. WAIT, YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM. But you just ask us to kick a woman out of your room!"

"Well, I called you "guys" as in I don't know your names. I just remember I live in this tower and I know where the common room is. I don't remember much besides my own name, my address and my own occupation as a musician. It seems strange that I don't seem to know much about myself. I don't think it's amnesia but who knows?" Steve frowns while he says that as he realizes his facts don't compute.

Tony suggests, "I guess we all need to sit down and discuss it properly. I wouldn't mind a stiff drink given our situation. Don't you agree Bruce?"

"Normally I don't agree with drinking to solve our problems, especially so early in the morning, however, given our unique situation, I guess it won't hurt," Bruce answers wisely.

"Uhm, I wouldn't mind a drink or two myself," adds Steve.

They all look shocked.

Clint says, "But you don't enjoy drinking. You can't get drunk! You ..." Natasha quickly closes Clint's mouth using her hand.

"Why are you all acting so strange? What do you mean I can't get drunk? Am I Amish or a teetotaler? Why do you seem to know me better than I do?"

"Because we are The Avengers, a team of superheroes, and you're our captain!" Natasha regrets releasing her hand and she quickly clams it against Clint's mouth again.

Tony is glad it is not him this time who has to blabber on and on. Hawkeye might have drunk a bit too much last night to lose control like that.

Steve looks more incredulous and says, "Now, I know that you're pulling my leg. A good prank though!" Then he laughs uncontrollably, Tony think it's quite similar to the state of rolling on the floor laughing but with his super strength, he holds on to the chair he is sitting on so he doesn't manage to literally roll on the floor, which is a shame, as it would be an excellent blackmail material.

The rest of them don't know how to react.

When Steve finally manages to control himself, he realizes that the rest of them weren't laughing so he sobers up. "Are you guys serious? I thought it was a prank but you guys look a little too serious for that. Either that, or you are all lunatics. Wow, superheroes? What are my so called superpower then?"

Tony thinks calling them serious is rich coming from Steve. However, at the moment it seems Steve is indeed more relaxed than the rest of them. He guesses getting laid does that to a person. It has been too long for Tony, he needs to call Pepper soon.

As the most sensible person in the room, Bruce answers, "Let's start from the beginning by introducing ourselves. Before that, I need to know what you know about yourself first. What is your complete name?" He whips out his StarkPad to take note.

"Steve Rogers. Is that a StarkPad? Wow!" Steve seems to look excited with StarkPad. Tony is surprised with that.

"Yes, but can we try to find out what's wrong with you first before we start with all the chit-chat . Your address?"

"This tower although I remember I also own an apartment in Brooklyn. I don't know why I need to live in 2 places but I guess you can answer that."

Bruce chooses to ignore Steve's question. "What year is this?"

Steve looks at Bruce as if he has grown 2 heads. "2012 of course, what kind of question is that? I may have partial amnesia but it doesn't mean that I'm an idiot."

"Believe me, it's important for your case. Do you know any self defense?"

Steve seems to consider them all crazy from the suspicious looks he keeps throwing at them, he is eying the elevator as if looking for an escape route. Tony can't really blame him. He would think exactly the same if he were to be asked such questions out of the blue. He needs to make sure JARVIS wouldn't let Steve out of the tower without anyone's company.

"Are you kidding me? I only know how to play guitar but I guess I can play really bad music or hit people's head with the guitar for the so called self defense. I hope it's the cheap guitar though as it's hard to replace a good guitar with a musician's salary."

Tony nearly bursts out laughing with this answer. This is definitely not the Steve Rogers he knows. He glances at what Natasha and Clint are doing. She doesn't clam her hand over his mouth anymore but just gives a stern look at Clint while holding his hands. He is not sure whether she is consoling or threatening him, possibly both. They also seem to tune in to the conversation. Clint seems to be holding out laughter as well.

"What are your skill sets then?"

"Obviously not self defense. I know how to play some musical instruments. Oh I know my way very well around computers, I can track people down easily using a computer."

Tony can't help it and says, "You and computers? You don't even like using a computer although I know you learn pretty quickly if you put your mind into it."

Natasha shoots him a look and says one word, "Stark!"

Tony quickly clams up, he doesn't want Natasha to clam her hand over his mouth especially after she holds Hawkeye's hands and mouth. Who knows where he has been with how drunk he was last night.

Steve answers indignantly, "I can prove it to you, just give me a computer or a tablet and I'll show you."

Tony really can't help it, he is Tony Stark for Odin's sake, he shakes his head toward Natasha to show he knows what he is doing then says, "Fine, if you can find Loki for us then I'll believe you!"

"Well, if you give me enough information on who this Loki fellow is, I can certainly find him for you," answers Steve hotly.

"I doubt it but I'll give you the benefit of a doubt."

Bruce quickly stops this derailed conversation. "We will deal with finding Loki after we introduce ourselves and explain our problems. Steve, one more question, what is the first thing you remember?"

"Now that you mention it, it's indeed very strange. I remembered waking up slumping on a chair in a 40s theme cafe. I didn't even remember when I went in to the cafe, let alone sleeping there. I don't think I'm the type of person who sleeps in a cafe."

Bruce seems to consider his reply seriously and scribbles some notes on his StarkPad. "Do you know remember what the time it was?"

"I was blacking out in a cafe and you're worried about the time," answers Steve incredulously.

Bruce replies levelly,"I think I can deduce the reason which I'll explain to you later. The time is important."

"I think I get more out of my therapist rather than you guys, that's if I have a therapist. Fine, I think it was around 8 pm as I looked at my phone when I woke up. Wow, I just realize I own a StarkPhone, I don't even know that I could afford one, not to mention my bank account balance."

Tony looks extremely smug that this new Steve which he privately labels Steve 2.0 seems to enjoy StarkPhone and StarkPad. Steve 1.0 only sees StarkPhone as a tool for communication and he often wonders what the point of a StarkPad is when you can use a computer. He's not sure whether he'll like Steve 1.0 back as Steve 2.0 claims that he enjoys his technology. Not to mention, he can even get lucky without blushing. He guesses the bank balance he mentioned must be Steve's backpay from the Army which S.H.I.E.L.D has been fighting to get for Steve. Steve is actually quite rich but from the way Steve 1.0 dresses and behaves, people will think otherwise. It seems that Steve 2.0 still thinks of himself as a poor musician. "Hey, you can beta test for my new StarkPad and StarkPhone if you are so interested in my products. It's free."

Steve looks like Christmas has come early. "Really, I guess you must be Tony Stark then. I've always been a fan of you and your technology. I guess in that case I believe that you are the Iron Man."

Tony really likes Steve 2.0, he wonders whether he can convince the rest of the team to keep him like this, although he doubts his teammates, Fury, and the world will appreciate the loss of Captain America.

Clint really can't help it this time, he says, "How is it possible that you don't believe in superheroes but you like and believe in Iron Man? He is kind of a superhero."

Tony answers, "Hey, give him a break! What do you mean kind of? I'm a superhero. Everyone with taste likes Iron Man."

Steve answers evenly, "I don't believe in superpowers given through mutation or accident, but Iron Man is based on technology, which is real." Tony feels like hugging Steve, he nearly does so but is afraid it may scare Steve off.

Clint looks so shocked but unfortunately that doesn't render him speechless. "How can you not believe in mutation or lab accident or lab success such as yourself? They can also be explained by technology."

Steve looks surprised with Clint's statement. "Do you mean I am also part of lab experiment? Gosh, what did I do before the blackout? No wonder I forgot everything, perhaps it's for the sake of my sanity. If you put in that way, I guess I can believe in superheroes."

Bruce mediates once again. "I think now is a good time to show Steve who we are. I guess JARVIS will be able to show the hologram introduction of us starting with Steve himself. JARVIS, I have a feeling we need to this multiple times so perhaps you can reorder and rearrange for later use. Steve, I'd like you to tell me more about your memory from waking up after blacking out until you arrive here," he flushes red before hastily adding, "but not the detail of what you are up with Shania in your room of course."

Tony wants to ask what Bruce means about telling more of Steve's experience after blacking out and the possibility of needing to show it multiple times but Bruce just shakes his head and mouths "later" to Tony.

Steve simply looks amazed. He asks, "Is JARVIS your AI? Wow, your tower is so cool. It can even show 3D holograms. I really love this building." Tony really can't help it this time, he hugs Steve tightly, Steve looks shocked but he doesn't push Tony away so he takes it as a good sign. He continues, "I'm also honored to know you, Tony. You don't think I'm a nobody, that shows you're a great man."

Tony has this little glow of pride that "Captain America" whom his father likes, praises him. He chooses to ignore the fact that this is not the real Steve's personality. He hopes that the opinion of Steve 1.0 of him has changed since the fist time they met. To his annoyance, his teammates don't share his happiness. Bruce is trying very hard not to laugh at Steve's statement. Natasha is massaging her temples which he knows is the sign of avoiding incoming migraine. Clint's jaw hangs open so wide it's actually comical.

"What is so funny?" asks Steve.

"Don't worry, Steve, they are just jealous they're not as awesome as I'm. Let's start the show, shall we?"

With that, JARVIS dims the light, and the 3D holograms which is arranged in sequence for Steve's benefit are shown.

First JARVIS shows practically the history about Steve: from how he became Captain America, how he saved the prisoner of war and became the leader of the Howling Commando, the news about how he crashed his plane to save New York, the footage of S.H.I.E.L.D of how they rescued and defrosted Steve 70 years later, and the more recent, the footage of Steve leading the Avengers in the fight against the Chitauris as caught by cameras. Tony notices that Steve has been subdued during the whole show and looks pretty shocked. He feels sorry for Steve as he learns all his pains again, he hopes it's not as much of a shock as the first time when he learned that he woke up 70 years in the future.

Later JARVIS shows the summary history of Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye. He is delighted to see that Steve's eyes shine during the introduction of Iron Man. He is OK with the Hulk introduction but the introduction of Thor unsettles him. He seems wary of Natasha after Black Widow's introduction, Tony can't blame him, Black Widow is very scary. He also admires Hawkeye with his good aim and Clint seems to be happy with Steve's reaction.

After the presentation finishes, JARVIS turns the screen off and lights up the room again.

Tony asks, "What do you think?"

Steve seems a bit shell-shocked after disbelieving the existence of superheroes then it's proven to be real. "Wow, I don't know what to say. Captain America is real! I feel one million times worse about the way I treated Shania, now that I know who I really am."

Tony can't help but say, "You're not supposed to be Captain America, you ARE Captain America! How do you feel about waking up in the future then?"

"I supposed I should feel out of place and time but since it seems that I experience it second hand as I watch in on screen and I don't remember any of it, I don't feel the pain. I can could be in denial but since I'm not an expert in psychology so I don't know. I'm surprised that we have other realms besides Earth, where is Thor anyway?"

Tony is glad of small mercy as Steve 2.0 doesn't seem to affected despite just learning that he's been taking a cap-nap for the last 70 years, but as he said it could be a denial thing, he needs to discuss it with Bruce. "Thor is looking for his brother, Loki. Loki is the one responsible for your memory loss and personality shift. He is adopted by the way. I believe you can find information about Thor and Loki in Norse mythology texts. Loki was the the one guiding the Chitauri soldiers you were fighting earlier in the footage. Well, as it seems you say you can find anyone using a computer, I challenge you to find Loki."

"Wow, magic is real. Who would have thought? Superheroes, now magic. Do you challenge me to find a Norse god who can't be found even by his own brother? I accept the challenge! I hope you don't have any battle coming, because at this point, I'm better at finding people than I am at fighting."

Bruce answers, "I hope not but we can never tell. Tony and I will try to cure you as soon as possible but if you can locate Loki for us, that would be tremendously helpful. I need to check you out in case your health's been affected by Loki."

While he takes Steve's vitals, Steve says, "You have a pretty cool profession, as a doctor given your alter ego, which I think is also pretty neat. Who wouldn't want to be indestructible?"

Bruce chuckles, "That's a pretty interesting reaction for the Hulk, usually people just run for the hill. I'm not a doctor by the way, I'm a scientist but I'm the closest thing to a doctor we have."

"Oh, I think the Hulk is pretty cool and it seems you have more control of him now. It's lucky that I'm not the doctor among us, huh, that would mean we're pretty screwed."

"Oh, believe me, we are screwed with the loss of Captain America, Director Fury will be furious!" replies Clint.

Natasha slits her eyes toward Clint so he immediately shuts up.

"Who is Director Fury?"

Tony doesn't know what's gotten into Clint, he seems to have no brain-to-mouth filter but thinking back further, Clint has always been like that, with or without alcohol. Alcohol only exaggerates the problem. He says, "He is the director of SHIELD Clint and Natasha are their agents. You don't have to worry about Fury for now, Steve. I believe you haven't finished your story from your blacking out until you ending up here in the morning. We may be able to help you faster with more information."

"Well, there is not much to tell. As I said I woke up in the cafe, I guess I can see why I choose that cafe because it has the 40s theme, I looked around my surrounding then I saw Shania reading 'The Hound of Baskervilles', which is one of my favorite story of Sherlock Holmes, so I came up to her and we chatted. It seems that we have a lot of common interests, well, one thing leads to another, I ended up asking her to spend the night with me here. However, in the morning, I realized that I'm not really relationship material, I'm a struggling musician, at least I think I was, while she is apparently a financial analyst in a top company so I just got cold feet and came here. I feel pretty shitty about it now, knowing that I'm Captain America"

Tony thinks at least some of the things of Steve 1.0 is retained in Steve 2.0 like his obsession with Sherlock Holmes and his tendency for feeling guilty. He answers, "Well, as Pepper says, as long as you make it up to her, all is not lost. It's important to cure you first."

"Who is Pepper?"

"Oh, that is the nickname for Virginia Potts, you must have known her if you know Iron Man. She is the CEO of Stark Industries, and my girlfriend."

"The CEO of Stark Industries? She must be really smart and capable. I really must meet her."

Tony feels his heart glows seeing Steve praising Pepper. It seem that another similarity between Steve 1.0 and 2.0 is they are attracted to strong and smart women. Well, he hopes Steve is not interested in Pepper, it's a shame to challenge Captain America to a duel or whatever is the equivalent to a duel in the 21st century. "She will come up later for me to sign some documents so you shall meet her but I hope you know the bros before hoes rule."

Steve looks surprised and says, "Oh, do you think I will be interested in Pepper? Don't worry, I don't stoop that low even if I'm not Captain America right now. I even feel bad about what I have done to Shania. Thinking about it, I think she looks similar to Margaret Carter, the woman shown in the video JARVIS just played."

Tony feels like slapping himself, of course that's why he Shania looks so familiar, she resembles Peggy, Steve's one and only love. He shouldn't remind Steve's love for Peggy with his current state, instead he says, "That's fine, I think you will get along with Pepper, she likes you as a friend more than me most of the time anyway. Bruce, are you done?"

Bruce seems satisfied and nods. "All clear, Steve, you're in good health. I would not recommend you go out of the Tower and if you do, please let someone accompany you. I'll let Natasha and Clint accompany you while I'll go down to the lab with Tony to compare you test results and discuss possible solutions."


Clint and Natasha also nod.

Natasha adds, "Clint, you'd better go to polish your bow or watch some TV here, as I'm not sure I can control what else you are going to blabber to Steve. How much did you drink last night?"

Clint answers, "Uh, Natasha, don't patronize me. I don't remember how much I drink but I think the amount can put the Asgardians to shame. I regret it now so please don't kill me."

Tony laughs and says, "Well, I guess Steve is in good hands with Natasha. I'll come back soon." With that he walks to the of the labs downstairs with Bruce.

3 hours later

When Tony and Bruce walk into the common room, Natasha and Clint are nowhere in sight. The most shocking thing is Steve is mostly naked, Tony is not sure whether it's 100% as the important part is covered by Steve's guitar, and Pepper is siting next to Steve looking amused. His first thought is "Where the hell did he get his guitar from?" Then he reprimands himself for thinking that as the priority while another thought comes up, "I hope he isn't completely naked next to Pepper as I'd really hate to have to kill Steve, 2.0 or not!"


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