AN: Sequel to my version of The golden lily. I did this because so many readers were like "What no! that can't be the end it's too sad. " Haha so this is for you and any one else who wants to read it.

It's been half a year since I last saw the gang it's been half a year since I broke Adrian Ivashkov's heart. There isn't a day were I don't think about him. I cry almost every night wishing I could take back what I said.

I keep in touch with the other they all email me but I can't find the strength to email them back.

Being in Palm Springs isn't the same with out them here. I took Keith's job so I could get away from everyone. Being an exemplary Alchemist was hard especially when you knew you really weren't. I had lied and played the Alchemist. I fell in love with a party boy vampire, he now forever owned my heart.

I went and looked at the email Jill sent me for the fifty billionth time.

Hey Sydney how's it going, hope everything's good in Palm springs. We all miss you very much and I don't know if you actually read any of these emails since you never reply but we all would love to see you at the wedding. Sonya sent you an invitation. I don't know if you've gotten it yet, but please, please come for me and Sonya she really wants you to come and be a bridesmaid. It's weird being back at court, all eyes are on me once again being the unknown princess. I hate it I wish I could go back to the shadows and go back to st Vlads with out being talked about or being the newest gossip. I'm being tutored now because things got so bad at school but enough about me. I hope you come it would mean the world to me.

always missing you.

love Jill oxo.

Each time I read it, it bought tears to my eyes. I don't know what I'm going to do but I really wanna see Jill because I miss her too. But that would mean seeing Adrian as well.

I sighed and close the laptop. I looked out the window of my apartment. The sun was setting which means they would be getting up now. I've got to stop thinking about them it's not healthy. I get up and go to the kitchen and start preparing my dinner. I'm not really hungry these days. I remember Adrian's words. "one of these days your just going to blow away." The simplest things remind me of him. I wish I could go one day with out thinking of him. Maybe it would be good to go, I might be able to finally get him out of my system and get over him. It was something I was going to have to sleep on.

I got into my pyjamas and slipped into bed. My body was exhausted but my brain was wide awake and fully alert. It annoyed me when this happened but pretty soon I was nodding off. That night I dreamed and I dreamt of Adrian, what would have happened if I hadn't broken up with him. Me and him running away somewhere nobody could find us isolated from the world. Him painting me telling me everyday how beautiful I was and how he lucky he felt that he could have someone like me in his life. It all felt so real but so fake at the same time. His head inclined closer to mine, we were a few centimetres away from kissing-.

beep beep. I groaned but kept my eyes shut wishing we could go back to the part where me and Adrian were just about to kiss. My alarm clock would not shut up so finally I dragged myself out of bed and switched of the irritating beeping noise. I knew what I had to do. I had to go back to court and finally get over Adrian. I had to make things right.

I called Stanton first and told her I would go to court and do the paper work on Sonya and Mikhail's wedding.(Since I was invited.) Someone had to do it. We Alchemist like to keep our records up to date. She agreed. I'm so glad people weren't Suspicious of me being a traitor any more but I still feel guilty because in a way I am a traitor. But it was settled I was going to court this afternoon, which only gave me a few hours to pack my belongings. I could do it with out a doubt. I grabbed the essentials, like underwear, toiletry which I already have packed before hand just in case I get called at random and need to go half way across the country, Some slacks button down shirts and a summer dress just in case I do stay for the wedding I wasn't planning on it. I just needed to talk to Adrian and get him out of my system. But it wouldn't hurt.

Now that everything was packed I would need to hire a cab since I couldn't really leave my car at the airport.

It took an hour to get here which gave me little time to check in but knowing me I planned everything out and ended up getting on the plane on time. One of the luxury of being an Alchemist is I get to fly business class. So I had a lot of leg room and there was no little kid kicking the back of my seat. I decided to catch up on some much needed sleep. I think I slept better knowing I was going to see Adrian in a few hours and this was all going to be settled once and for all. When I awoke I felt much better. I knew I shouldn't be excited but I couldn't help it, it was bubbling inside of me. I missed everyone so much and now I get to see them one last time and finally patch things up. I regretted that night a lot. I should have said goodbye to the others I should have tried harder to explain to Adrian. But I didn't because I'm such a wimp that I can't even tell the first guy I ever fell in love with that I couldn't be with him because of my job and because he was and evil creature of the night. A noise crackled up above me.

"This is your Pilot speaking please put your seat belts on as we are about to land soon." My knee started bouncing up and down as the plane descended lower and lower. When we finally touched down all I wanted to do was run and grab the next flight home. But there was no turning back now. It was do or die time. I stood on the tarmac and I saw them for the first time in six months.

I'm sorry I took so long I was at camp for a week and I know it's not so long but I'm just so tired. But I hope you enjoy it and hopefully the next chapter will be better. That is if you want me to continue. oxo