Every so often I caught myself sneaking looks Adrian's way and each time I looked he'd be staring back causing me to blush and turn away from him.

I toyed with my napkin nervously and was startled when the bridal march music started playing, everyone rose to their feet and I turned to look at Sonya.

She looked amazingly beautiful. Her skin was radiant and glowing with happiness.

Her red hair was in a loose chignon with a few tendrils framing her face. Her wedding gown was to die for, it clung to her body in all the right ways, before the fish tail spanned around her and the lace detailing on her bodice was so intricate.

I turned to look at Mikhail at the front of the alter. He looked sharp and handsome; they made a good contrast to each other. He wore a look of adoration. He clearly cherished Sonya a lot. The romantic in me sighed.

I heard Adrian chuckle beside me. I tore my gaze away from the beautiful scene to raise an eyebrow at Adrian.

He leaned close to my ear so his lips almost touching it, I supressed a shiver. "Don't worry, our wedding will be better." He murmured softly.

I refused to blush at his words; instead I shoved my back into his front roughly making him lean back so he wasn't in my personal bubble any more.

I sat down in my seat again and tried to concentrate on the wedding and not Adrian's presences next to me.

The wedding goes off without a hitch and it was truly beautiful. I felt my eyes water to be a part of such a sacred ceremony.

Adrian grabs the hanky from pocket and handed it to me. I look at him sheepishly and dab my eyes.

They way those two stared at each like there was no one else in the room was so cute.

"You're such a softy, Sage." He teased.

"I am not! Look at how in love they are, it's so sweet." I saw Adrian shake his head from the corner of my eye. He held his hand out towards me.

"May I have this dance?" He smirked. I play with my dress nervously and look around. I know there was some alchemist invited to this event but so far I couldn't see any.

"I don't know…if that's such a good idea…" I said nervously. Adrian seems to sense my anxiety and sighed. He crouched down so he's in eye level with me.

"It's just one dance Sage; I don't think that's enough off a case to send you to…" He didn't say the words. He didn't need to. I knew what he meant.

"Fine." I gently put my hand in his and my whole arm seems to heat up at the contact. I let him lead me to the dance floor and I wrapped my arms around his neck, while his gently rest on my waist.

I scan around the place again and smile at all the happy couples on the dance floor.

Rose is dragging Dimitri by his tie, Lissa had her head on Christian's chest and Mikhail and Sonya still seemed to gazing at each other lovingly all was right except for the fact that Jill and Eddie were still moping and Adrian and I's relationship was still as complicated as ever but I choose to savour the moment around me, knowing I'd never get a chance like this again.

Adrian and I sway back and forth to the music gently. His gaze is so unnerving and intense that I have to look away. I would pay to know what he's thinking.

"What?" I asked softly, hesitantly looking at him. He smirked at me and shook his head.

"Nothing, you just look very stunning Sage that I'm lost for words." He mumbled quietly so no one heard but my cheeks heat up nonetheless from his sweet words.

I punched his shoulder. "You're obliged to say that." I teased. Amusement flickered across his face.

"Sage, Sage, Sage…" He breathed. "You are so beautiful and you don't even know it, it's quite sad." I bit my bottom lip nervously and watched his gaze suddenly flicker to my lips. His eyes darkened a bit.

"Don't do that Sage." He groaned, like he was in pain. "You'll be the death of me."

I looked at him in surprise, confusion plastered over my face.

"What? I didn't do anything." He sighed and shook his head, mumbling a string of words under his breath that I couldn't identify.

He pulled apart from me as the song ended and I feel an ache to be close to him again.

Tonight was going to be harder than I expected.

Adrian nods as in acknowledgement at me.

"Thank you for the dance Miss Sage." His eyes are danced with mischief. I frowned wondering why he was being so formal. His gaze went over my head, staring at someone. He was telling me something.

I turned around and see Ian standing with Donna Stanton next to him, looking awkward and shifting from foot to foot. They were both in alchemist attire but Stanton's dress held a bit of colour.

"Lovely to see you again Miss Sage." Stanton nodded her head in my direction. "May we speak alone..?"

I see Adrian eavesdropping from the corner of my eye and his body turned just as rigid as mine from her words.

"Of course." I smile politely as she leads me to a darkened, isolated corner of the room.

"Miss Sage as you know you've had past experiences with these evil creatures of the night and…um…" She said a little awkwardly, my hearts hammering away in my chest, just ready to pop out. She's about to tell me, oh god. She's going to send me to re-education. She knows about me an Adrian. I felt my hands clam up and wipe the residue on my dress. I swallowed painfully.

"Well Sydney we'd like you to stay… a little longer to make a good alliance with them…" I felt as if a huge amount of weight had been lifted off my chest.

"Only if you wish to." She added in quickly, Ian stayed quiet throughout the whole ordeal, looking anywhere but at her, not that she cared in the first place. I wanted to tell her yes! Straight away but didn't want to come off as too eager and raise suspicion so I down played what I was feeling.

"Um…I'll have to think about it." I put a look of disgust on my face. Stanton falls for it and gives me a sympathetic look as does Ian. I pretend to put on a brave face.

"But Sydney…" She said hesitantly. "Don't let them…taint you…and convert you over like they did with Keith." She said. Her eyes dancing with an emotion I could not pin. Was she warning me…? I thought uneasily.

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