A/N: The idea for this story came from watching The Avengers, which is in my opinion the greatest movie ever made. After watching it I wondered if it could be possible for that superhero team to form in the world of Avatar. After coming up with Avatar Avengers Assemble for a story title, I just had to make it happen. In this story characters from Legend of Korra will be replacing the civilian identities of the superheroes, because those characters are already established and names like Tony Stark don't fit in the universe.

I had originally written this chapter after the episode 'And The Winner Is...' but had to rewrite the beginning after 'The Aftermath' made my interpretation of the Sato family incorrect. For all intents and purposes, this is an AU after episode 7 since I have no idea what's coming after that point in canon.

Chapter 1: Iron Mako

So much had changed so fast for Asami Sato. Her father had been caught red-handed supporting Amon, developing weapons of war for the Equalists. Asami didn't want to believe her father was capable of such treachery, but Hiroshi admitted his hatred for benders. In the underground factory, when all of her friends seemed defeat, Asami had considered joining her father in Amon's crusade. Instead she seized one of the electrical gloves the Equalists used and turned it against them, freeing her friends and getting them out safely.

Having chosen a side, Asami couldn't live at the Sato mansion anymore. Korra offered to let her stay at Air Temple Island along with Mako and Bolin, which Asami accepted. But simply living there wasn't enough for Asami, she wanted to fight back against the Equalists. They had to pay for betraying her trust in her father.

On remote corner of the island Asami set up her own workshop, away from the houses and airbending training grounds. Deconstructing the electrical glove she stole, Asami learned how it worked and how to construct new ones. Testing the glove's effects on various materials Asami experimented to find something that could be used for protection, and found that rubber was the most effective. Asami designed a modification to the armor metalbending police used, a layer of rubber beneath the metal to insulate them from electricity.

A week after moving in at the island, Asami took a satomobile and drove towards City Hall. She took Mako and Bolin with her, to demonstrate her prototype rubber suits to the Council. Korra and Tenzin were busy with something in the training grounds and Asami didn't want to disturb them. Behind the wheel Asami drove the satomobile with Mako in the passenger seat and Bolin in the back.

"Hey can we stop for a bite to eat?" Bolin asked, rubbing his belly. "I'm starving."

"Maybe after we get to City Hall," Asami said, driving towards an intersection. "I'd hate to stop and get the equipment stolen."

As if on cue a large van drove into the intersection just as Asami did, ramming into the satomobile. Both vehicles spun out of control, sliding into a collision with a nearby lamppost. Wearing seatbelts, everyone in the satomobile lived through the crash. Before anyone knew what hit them they heard motorcycle engines, and looking through broken windows Asami saw two dozen Equalists riding motorcycles towards the satomobile.

"Ambush!" Asami yelled.

The Equalists surrounded the crash and parked their motorcycles. Another van pulled into the intersection, more Equalists climbing out of the back. Several of the Equalists rushed to the satomobile and forced the doors open. One of them used a knife to cut through Asami's seatbelt and then yanked her out of the satomobile.

"Asami Sato, come with us."

Mako blasted fire at the Equalist, but one enemy on his side of the satomobile struck him with an electrical glove. Bolin unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the vehicle, bending stone disks out of the ground and attacking with them. Another Equalist with an electrical glove struck Bolin, paralyzing him in the shock. Mako was pulled out of the vehicle while Asami was struck by a chi blocker.

"Leave the earthbender, Amon wants Miss Sato," the first Equalist said. He looked at Mako, remembering that he was Asami's boyfriend. "Bring the firebender, he might prove useful."

Asami and Mako were thrown into the back of the second van. But before the van started driving away Mako heard a new fight happening outside, but couldn't see anything. Just a minute later the van sped away from the scene, driving away as fast as it could. The horn of a train sounded and then Mako felt bumps from crossing railroad tracks. Mako heard a loud crash, but then nothing for hours.

When the van stopped the back doors were opened and Equalists pulled Asami and Mako out of it. They were inside a large warehouse, people moving equipment and supplies in and out of other vans. Equalists forced Mako and Asami on their knees, holding them in place. A group of chi blockers approached, and at the front was Amon.

Only a few feet away, Amon studied his newest prisoners. "Asami Sato, I have a proposition for you."

"What do you want?" Asami asked.

"Your father has already helped my cause considerably, but his vision has limits." Amon said. "And I'm sure the knack for invention runs in the family."

"I'm not helping you," Asami said, glaring into the eyes of Amon's mask.

"Then why do I hear doubt in your voice?" Amon asked. He grabbed Asami's chin and looked into her eyes. "Deep down, you know I'm right. That your father made the right choice in joining my cause, that you should join as well."

"No," Asami said.

Amon let go of Asami, then stepped in front of Mako. "Not even if he pays the price?" Slowly Amon moved his hand towards Mako's forehead, threatening to take his bending away.

Mako glanced at Asami. "Don't worry about me."

Amon looked at Asami as his hand was only inches away from Mako. "Speak now, or forever hold your peace."

"Stop!" Asami yelled. She looked down, ashamed of her weakness. "I'll do it."

"Asami no!" Mako yelled.

Amon pulled his hand away from Mako and faced Asami. With a snap of his fingers Amon ordered his men to release her, allowing Asami to stand. "My men will bring you to a workshop your father has already prepared."

For a week Asami was kept locked inside a workshop, where she was expected to design and build new weapons for the Equalists. They kept Mako in a cell, constantly under threat of having his bending removed to keep Asami in line. At first Mako hoped that Bolin and Korra would find him, but as the days passed no rescue came.

In the workshop Asami had free reign on what she could design, as long as she delivered new weapons. When she found schematics for the robots that Hiroshi had built, it inspired Asami to create her own version. While working on her new project Asami gave the Equalists energy-efficient versions of the electrical gloves, to keep them temporarily satisfied. Asami kept the project hidden behind a curtain, and when guards tried to pry into the matter Asami claimed it was for Amon's use only.

On one day Mako found himself being taken from the cell he was forced to live in and forced inside Asami's workshop. The guards had been told that Asami needed Mako to test a new device. When Mako arrived he saw Asami inside, as well as various tools and materials scattered everywhere. "Are you okay?" Mako asked.

"I'm fine, all things considered," Asami said. She waited for guards to close the door, then got close to Mako to whisper in his ear. "We're breaking out, today."

"What?" Mako blurted out.

"Over here," Asami said, walking over to a corner of the workshop. She grabbed a curtain hanging there and pulled it down.

Mako gasped as he saw a complete suit of armor, iron grey and bigger than he was. The only things Mako could compare it to were the robots Hiroshi made, but it was much smaller. "What is this, some kind of iron monger?"

"Iron mongers make metal, not wear it," Asami said. She squeezed a trigger below the armor's right shoulder, which made the chest open up and the helmet retract. "Get in."

"What?" Mako muttered.

"Trust me," Asami said. On a worktable she grabbed a small circular generator and installed it in the chest piece of the armor, powering the mechanisms inside. "This armor is impervious to chi blocking and provides some protection from electrical attacks. It also increases your strength tenfold."

Mako whistled, then started forcing his legs into the armor. "Why don't you use it?"

"These," Asami said. She lifted up one hand of the armor and placed her finger on a shining circle on the armor's palm. "I inverted the charge of the electrical gloves."

"And that means…?" Mako asked. He shoved his arms into the armor, and when his hands reached the ends he felt a slight tickle. "Am I supposed to feel something from these?"

"That's normal," Asami said. She closed the armor around Mako, including the helmet. "Try moving."

Mako flexed his arms, surprised that the metal armor wasn't impeding him. The eyes of the helmet didn't impede his vision, clearer than even the helmets used in the bending arena. He made a few jabs with his fists, still noticing the tingling feeling in his hands. "Now what exactly do these things do?" Mako asked, his voice seemed to sound metallic through the helmet.

Asami smiled. "I call them chi enhancers. Try firebending through them."

"Okay," Mako said. He turned away from Asami and thrust his open hand towards a wall. The motion was supposed to create a small fireball, but instead Mako got a fireblast bigger than he was. Fire struck the wall, the noise getting the attention of the guards outside.

The door burst open and a pair of Equalists entered, but hesitated when they saw the iron armor. Before they could say a word Mako firebended at them, sending a large stream of fire that burned both of the Equalists away. The noise from the larger firebending echoed through the building, alerting the rest of the Equalists.

"Oh boy, I think it's time to get out of here," Mako said. The armor was too heavy to run in, forcing Mako to walk out of the workshop into a hallway. Asami stayed behind him, using the armor as a shield.

More Equalists entered the hallway and tried to stop the escape. Most them fell as Mako fired larger than normal fireblasts, but a few managed to reach him. Equalists tried to use their electrical gloves on the armor, but he only felt a tickle as the armor absorbed most of the shock. Mako struck the closer Equalists with metal fists, tossing them into the walls.

At the end of the hallway was a door that opened into a brightly lit warehouse, filled with workers loading equipment and supplies into trucks. When the door burst open and the iron armor walked in the workers scattered, leaving the fighting to Equalists that had been overseeing the workplace. One of the Equalists threw a gas grenade, spewing green smoke around Mako. The rest tried to attack in the smoke, but random swings of his arm were enough for Mako to bat them aside.

Once the smoke dissipated Asami ran out from behind Mako, heading for one of the vans in the warehouse. "Come on!" Asami yelled.


Asami and Mako turned to find Hiroshi standing next to one of the vans. "Dad?"

"I can't let you leave," Hiroshi said, wielding a pair of electrical gloves.

Mako aimed his hands at Hiroshi. "Are you really going to hurt your own daughter?"

Hiroshi hesitated, slightly lowering his arms. "He'll kill me if you escape."

"Then come with us," Asami begged.

Hiroshi looked away, reluctant to fight family. But before he could make up his mind he saw Amon's chief lieutenant leap out from behind a van. "Look out!" he yelled, seeing the lieutenant swinging his electrified kali sticks at Asami. Hiroshi ran to Asami and pushed her out of the way, and the lieutenant's weapons struck his back.

"Dad!" Asami yelled.

Mako opened fire on the lieutenant, but he leaped out of the way. Shooting fire again and again Mako tried to hit the lieutenant, but he dodged far too quickly. The lieutenant leaped again and got behind Mako, then jammed the kali sticks into the armor's back. Enough of the electricity penetrated the armor to make Mako groan in pain. One armored arm reached behind Mako's back, grabbing the lieutenant's arms and threw him across the warehouse and into a wall.

At Hiroshi's side, Asami tried to pick him up. "Don't die on me," Asami begged, trying to drag him towards the warehouse doors.

"I'm sorry," Hiroshi muttered. His heart stopped beating, and his breath stopped with it. His body went limp, the sudden dead weight forcing Asami to drop him.

"Dad, no!" Asami screamed.

"We have to leave now!" Mako yelled. He aimed his hands at the warehouse doors and blasted them open, letting sunlight shine in the warehouse.

For just a moment Asami didn't care about anything, her world was falling apart. Now both of her parents were gone. But simply giving up wouldn't change that. She stood up and faced Mako. "That armor's too heavy to carry in these vans."

"I have an idea, hold onto the back of this thing," Mako suggested. He walked outside the warehouse and Asami climbed onto the armor's back. When Asami was holding on with her arms around the helmet Mako aimed his hands down. "Hang on!" Mako put everything he could into fireblasts straight down, launching himself and Asami into the air. They soared over nearby buildings, crossing several streets before gravity started bringing them back down.

"Not good not good!" Asami yelled, scared that the fall would kill them.

Mako adjusted the aim of his fire, trying to fight the pull of gravity. The effort slowed the descent and allowed Mako to slightly steer towards a building far from the warehouse. They crashed into the roof of a five story building, Asami tumbling onto the roof while Mako plunged through it. The armor crashed through one floor after another, each slightly slowing him down until he crashed into the bottom.

Wondering if any of her bones were broken, Asami slowly got to her feet. She looked through the hole in the roof, seeing Mako at the bottom. "Are you okay?" Asami asked.

The armor Mako wore was coming apart, and he pulled the helmet off his head. "I'll be feeling this tomorrow," Mako muttered. He tried to stand, but sore muscles and damaged armor kept him pinned to the floor. "Little help please."

Asami entered the building through a door on the roof, then climbed down stairs to reach the bottom. When she got there she started prying pieces of the armor off Mako, trying to get him out of it as quickly as possible. Only the armor's gauntlets and the chest generator were salvageable, the rest had been wrecked in the crash. Mako felt like his sores had sores, but would live.

Welcomed back to Air Temple Island, Mako and Asami recuperated from their experience. Korra personally healed Mako's injuries from the fall, glad to have him back on the island safe and sound. During the recovery Asami only thought about getting payback against the Equalists, and that her design was the perfect tool for the job. But the suit of armor had to be upgraded, and Asami spent every waking moment working on a new version.

Two weeks after escaping from the warehouse, Asami finished the new version of the armor. During that time Mako experimented with sustained firebending, trying to use it to fly. On Avatar Aang Memorial Island Mako and Asami were ready to test the new armor. This time the armor was sleek and formfitting, making Mako only appear slightly bigger than a normal person. Most of the armor was red with gold for the face, and the bright circle generator in the chest.

"Is it ready?" Mako asked.

"One moment," Asami said. She screwed the last piece of the armor's back into place. "How does it feel?"

Mako made several jabs and a few hops, finding no resistance from the armor. He thrust one open palm forward, creating a large blast of fire. "I see you kept the chi enhancers."

"There's a pair on the feet as well," Asami said. She walked over to a table with a radio on it. She turned it on and dialed in a seldom used radio frequency. Leaning close to the radio's microphone Asami whispered "Can you hear me?"

Hearing the sound through a miniature radio built into the armor, Mako nodded. "Loud and clear," he said, hearing the words come out of Asami's radio as well.

"Then you're ready for takeoff," Asami said.

"Okay," Mako said. He made a few deep breaths, trying to calm himself before trying to fly. Then he thrust his hands down, blasting fire down with his hands and feet. Powerful flames pushed Mako into the air, soaring across the city sky. Mako screamed with excitement as he flew, using his feet for thrust and his hands to stabilize the flight.

"Is everything working?" Asami asked through the radio.

"Excellent!" Mako yelled, enjoying the rush of fast flight. He crossed the bay and turned towards City Hall, flying faster than a speeding satomobile and scaring people in the streets below. For a minute Mako cackled like a child after a prank. "Yes!"

Suddenly a siren blared nearby, louder than even the roar of Mako's flames. "This Is The Police! Unidentified Flier You Will Land Immediately!"

Turning in the air Mako saw a police airship heading towards him. Instead of landing Mako flew straight at the airship, and when he got close he flew around it. Mako caught a glimpse of metalbenders trying to fire cables to catch him, but he was flying too fast for them. Within seconds Mako was behind the airship, and it would take several minutes just to turn around and pursue.

"This is awesome!" Mako yelled, laughing like a maniac. He wondered if flying was like this for airbenders, though they used currents of air instead of sheer thrust. "Korra's going to be so jealous!"

Looking down Mako saw that he was flying over the industrial district of Republic City, where an Equalist base was rumored to be located. There was a crowd being herded through the streets by armed Equalists, to where Mako didn't know. He flew lower and in between buildings that lined the street, and then landed in front of the crowd and Equalists.

"Who wants some?" Mako asked, raising his fists.

At first the Equalists didn't know what to make of Mako. They only saw a red metal man that had dropped out of the sky. One chi blocker leaped at Mako and tried to hit his pressure points, but the chi blocker's hands only hit unyielding metal. Mako backhanded the chi blocker, taking him out in one hit. Another Equalist tried to attack with an electrified glove, but Mako caught the attacker's wrist in one hand, and then threw him into the downed chi blocker.

"Next!" Mako yelled, beckoning for more Equalists to try fighting.

One Equalist threw a smoke bomb at Mako, which he caught in his hands. The bomb went off anyway and spewed green smoke into a cloud around Mako. Three Equalists rushed in to strike, but were blasted back out with massive flames. The smoke dispersed and Mako started firing on every Equalist he could find, stopping when those who could still run fled.

Mako stepped up to the chi blocker he had brought down first and picked him up by his shirt. "I have a message for your boss," Mako said, making sure the chi blocker was conscious enough to hear him. "Tell Amon that… Iron Man… will hunt him down." He let go of the chi blocker and took flight, heading back to Avatar Aang Memorial Island.

On arrival Mako landed in between the feet of the statue of Avatar Aang. Asami started taking the armor off Mako, putting the pieces into cases to take back to Air Temple Island. They took a ferry back to the island, and once they arrived they entered Tenzin's home. In the living room during midafternoon Mako and Asami listened to a radio. Mako wanted to see how the news broadcasts would react to Iron Man before putting the armor back on again, and he was not disappointed.

"This just in! Chaos turns to order as an Equalist round up is quashed by a mysterious hero clad in iron. Newly installed Chief of Police Saikhan disavows any connections to this renegade enforcer of justice, despite the fact that he could really use the help. Eye witnesses claim this 'Iron Man' is an extremely powerful firebender, the likes of which have not been seen since the last visit of Sozin's Comet. The City Council has yet to convene on whether Iron Man should be allowed to independently fight the Equalists or to incorporate him into the official fight against Amon…"

Sudden static interrupted the broadcast, drowning out the news report. Mako and Asami leaned closer to the radio, fearing that they knew who was interrupting. Sure enough, the voice that spoke next was all too familiar.

"I hope you're listening Iron Man, this is Amon. I received your threat, and I am not impressed. It will take far more than a shiny suit and flashy flames to discourage my growing army. But in the interest of fairness, I will give you one opportunity to strike a crippling blow. Come to the place where Hiroshi Sato met an untimely demise, tonight."

Static screeched and the news broadcast resumed. Mako wasn't listening anymore, planning to put the armor back on immediately. Asami saw him leaving and followed, grabbing his arm and trying to stop him. "It has to be a trap," Asami said.

"Of course it is," Mako said. He pulled his arm free and held onto Asami's shoulders. "But if there's a chance that I can end this now, I have to take it."

Asami sighed, then looked into Mako's eyes. "Just promise me you'll come back."

In half an hour Mako was suited up and in the air, flying across Republic City. The flames he flew with left a clear trail for the police, if they chose to follow. Just before sunset Mako landed in the street outside the warehouse Hiroshi had died in. The large doors had been repaired since the escape, but Mako immediately blasted them open again. Inside the warehouse was dark and Mako walked inside with a flame in his hand for light.

"I'm here!" Mako shouted.

The wall to Mako's left exploded as a thirty foot tall robot burst through it, larger than the ones Hiroshi designed and more human shaped. Long strides brought it to Mako in seconds and it swung a massive arm, striking Mako and tossing him across the warehouse. He slammed into a wall and fell to the floor, slightly disoriented by the blow.

Lights on the ceiling lit up the warehouse, giving Mako a clear view of the giant machine. It appeared to be a scaled up version of the prototype armor Asami designed, the chest alone big enough to hold a person inside. The head seemed far too small for the body, only twice the size of Mako's helmet. Internal mechanisms screeched as the machine moved, taking large steps towards Mako. Up close the machine tried to punch Mako, but cracked the floor when Mako rolled out of the way.

Mako blasted fire into the golem's chest, but the flames didn't stop it from smacking Mako with a free arm. He tumbled across the warehouse and the golem pursued, raising its massive fist for another strike. Mako blasted fire into the floor to take flight, almost getting above the golem before it grabbed his right leg with its left hand. The golem slammed Mako back into the floor, lifted him up and slammed him down again and again.

After the fifth impact with the floor Mako blasted fire at the wrist of the arm that held him, slipping fire through a gap in the golem's metal shell at the joint. The hand released Mako, but before he could move away the golem's foot stepped on his chest. Gradually the golem put its weight on top of Mako, slowly crushing him in the armor.

"Impressed?" a voice asked from inside the golem. Mako recognized it as Amon's lieutenant.

"No," Mako answered. He shot flames up into the golem's hip, right between the legs. While the flames scorched and slightly warped the metal, the heat flooded into the chest above.

Unable to withstand the heat, the lieutenant inside instinctively made the golem step backward. The golem raised its left fist and brought it down at Mako, but he rolled out of the way. Swinging the left arm, the golem hit Mako and sent him tumbling across the warehouse. Still hot inside the golem, the lieutenant pulled a lever that made the helmet retract and the chest open.

"I see Miss Sato upgraded your armor?" the lieutenant asked, trying to stall long enough for his golem to cool down. "She clearly went for style over substance."

Looking at his opponent Mako tried to come up with a plan. The chest of his armor was dented inward and squeezing him. The right leg was damaged and its chi enhancer broken, limiting Mako's ability to fly. "Can your design do this?" Mako asked. With both hands and one good leg Mako blasted into the air, arcing through the warehouse.

Pulling the lever again, the lieutenant made the golem's chest close. He tried to strike Mako, but he blasted down and flew just high enough to dodge a metal fist. Mako landed on the golem's back and started punching it repeatedly, denting a hole in the back. Large arms tried to grab Mako, but they were too bulky to reach the back.

Once he had made a hole big enough for both his hands to fit, Mako gripped with both hands and started pulling them apart. Using augmented strength in the suit Mako peeled the back of the golem open, exposing the inside of the golem. Inside the lieutenant twisted in his seat and drew an electrified kali stick, then stuck it out the hole and into Mako's chest. Groaning as the shock penetrated the damaged armor, Mako let go of the golem and fell to the floor.

Back at the controls the lieutenant made the golem kick Mako across the warehouse, slamming into a wall. Then he adjusted a few small levers and switches inside, and the golem's palms retracted into the hands. Large iron rods slid out and the hands gripped onto them, resembling a pair of scaled up kali sticks. A generator inside charged the large weapons, and inside the golem the lieutenant grinned.

"This is not going to end well," Mako muttered.

The golem charged at Mako, swinging the weapons at his head. Mako tried to get out of the way, but the electrified weapons still struck his side and slammed him into the wall again. Rolling in between the golem's legs Mako got behind it, but the golem's waist spun around and it plunged one electrified kali stick into Mako's right leg. The shock made Mako scream as it fried the armor on his leg, locking the metal in place.

Even as his leg felt like it was on fire, Mako twisted his body around and blasted the golem with fire. Feeling the heat inside the golem the lieutenant made it back away again, giving Mako a moment to breathe. Blasting the ground with his hands Mako soared onto the golem's right shoulder, and then stared blasting fire into the joint.

"Mako, get that tin butt of yours back here right now!"

Despite fighting for his life, Mako took just enough time to respond to Asami. "I'm kind of busy here!"

Still blasting fire and ignoring the heat, Mako put as much as he can into the effort. Metal screamed as the shoulder warped and softened, while the arm attached to it stopped responding to the controls inside and hung limp. Both oversized kali sticks were still electrified, and the one in the golem's left arm swung at Mako to get him off. At the last second Mako stopped firebending and let go, falling to the floor as the golem struck its own shoulder. The blow smashed through the warped metal, shocking the lieutenant inside.

After painfully making the golem remove the kali stick from the damaged shoulder, the lieutenant tried to operate the left arm. The mechanisms connecting the arm to the controls had been severed by the damage, rendering the entire arm dead weight. But the large kali stick attached to it was still electrified, the power lines still intact.

Mako smiled, seeing an opportunity. He tore off the locked metal on his right leg to free it, screaming in pain the whole time. Getting up Mako blasted fire down with both feet, getting a larger flame from the still armored left leg than he did with his right. Ramming into the limp arm of the golem at the wrist, Mako put the weight of it on his hands while blasting fire with his feet.

With the still functioning arm the golem swung its weapon at Mako. Just before the strike could hit Mako aimed his right hand down and blasted fire, lifting him and the limp arm out of the way. The limp arm bent at the elbow and the electrified kali stick moved higher, aiming the danger against the golem. Needing more thrust to move the arm further, Mako put the weight of it on his shoulders to blast fire with every limb. The damaged shoulder turned with the force, spinning the arm and plunging the charged weapon into the hole in the golem's back.

The electrified kali stick broke into the back of the golem, tearing through metal and sending electricity throughout the entire machine. It pinned the lieutenant to the inside of the chest, crushing him in addition to electrocution. Sparks flew out of every joint of the golem, until the damaged shoulder snapped and severed the electric current. Smoke rose out of the golem, the machine completely lifeless.

On the ground beside the broken off arm, Mako considered just lying there for a while. The damaged armor squeezing his chest was still painful, so Mako grabbed the armor and pulled until he had enough breathing room. For a moment Mako wondered if more Equalists were coming to finish the job, but none came. Just a few moments later Mako heard footsteps from outside the warehouse, and he turned his head to see Lin Bei Fong entering the warehouse

Mako couldn't help but chuckle a little. "You missed the party."

Lin Bei Fong glared at Mako, wondering whether to congratulate him or interrogate him. "Just who do you think you are?"

Mako grabbed the front of his helmet and pried the face off. "I am Iron Man."

Suddenly a distant roar sounded through the warehouse, getting Lin's attention. "Oh no…"

"What is it?" Mako asked.

Lin gazed out of the warehouse, worried for the people of her city. "It's The Hulk."

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