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"Will anyone judge me if I say this place is cute on the inside like it is on the outside?" Arthur looked around the cosy little sitting room he was currently sitting in.

James looked at him sidewards before turning back to looking over the books on the bookcase. His fingers skimmed over the spines, eventually he pulled one off and turned the cover.

It wasn't just them two who were released, in fact three other men were sitting with them right now. The kind elderly woman who ran the B 'n' B had pottered off to set up some rooms for them. Although because they were all sitting in silence, albeit apart from Arthur's chimed in comments, they could hear her voice from above. She was ordering someone around and no sooner had her voice stopped did a few sets of footsteps ran around the level above them.

"Is it an interesting book?" Arthur questioned, his voice pulled James from his thoughts. In fact James almost dropped the book from him suddenly appearing by his side.

James couldn't answer because the woman appeared in the room ushering them each up the stairs. Arthur flung his bag over his shoulder and walked slowly after another man. James picked up his case and walked after him.

Each in turn they got given a room, it ended up being that Arthur was on the second level of the building and James was up one floor. As much as he disliked to admit it, James was relieved. He meant no offence by this, it was just a little to much of Arthur's company was honestly to much.

He was the last person to be given his room, putting his case on his bed he turned and looked at the woman.

"Thank you." He smiled, the woman in turn smiled back at him and left him to unpack. Well, unpack what little possessions he actually had.

There was the very minimum in the room, all that was logically needed to live with, a wardrobe, chest of drawers a door which lead to somewhere. Opening the mysterious door James looked around a small en suite and retreated back into the room again.

The village had turned into a static charged place. After the bombings of the harbour everyone was more guarded. Neighbours would whisper to each other and seem to not talk as freely as they once had.

All in all it seemed like the village had finally grasped what was happening. The problems from over seas were now crossing over. It seemed like the one thing everyone had grasped onto however was; it's started and will continue to go on.

Making a popping noise Dot reached out and tugged the jacket of a young boy in front of her. He looked over his shoulder at her and narrowed his eyes.

"What's the big idea?"

"Do you often run into roads when cars are coming?" Dot questioned, the boy blinked confused and looked to the road as a few cars drove past. "Consider your life just saved." She smiled and crossed the road when all the cars had past.

Passing the newsagents Dot back tracked and looked over the main headline. "Awful isn't it?" Looking up at the owner of the shop she nodded slowly.

"Attacking our capital," he tutted and exhaled smoke before stubbing out his cigarette on the ground underneath his foot.

Dot didn't have anything else personally to say, anything that was even worth retorting she turned and walked off. The shop owner had long since got used to her rather flaky appearance and conversation skills, or lack of conversation skills.

Stopping at a street corner she crossed her arms. Sitting on the steps of the small B 'n' B was Arthur, even from here she could hear his exaggeration of things. Pinching the bridge of her nose she looked both ways before running across the road.

Arthur noticed her appearance and stopped talking, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"My words aren't for women to hear."

"Which means you're either swearing or you're being rude, or you're being both." Dot rolled her eyes. "I don't care for what you're saying, in fact I am here to see Mrs Baker."

"Oh house calls now?" Arthur marvelled, Dot just narrowed her eyes at him before pushing him out of the way and walking up the steps.

Doing house calls to some of the elderly residents of the village was suddenly a new aspect to her job. Dot wasn't personally complaining, she quite liked it. It made a difference to deal with injuries and problems she'd first started her career on helping with.

"Mrs Baker?" Dot called out and looked into the living room, two men looked up at her before returning back to listening to the wireless. Moving towards the kitchen she smiled, the elderly woman in question sat at the kitchen table.

Noticing her she put down her cup and the newspaper. "Dear Nurse Blake I didn't know you were coming today."

"It's Thursday," Dot said simply while walking over and sitting down at the kitchen table too. "How are you feeling?"

"No more tired than usual."

"You really should accept more help here." Dot put her small case on the table. Mrs Baker's husband sadly died last year, the two ran the small B 'n' B together. Since his death she had taken soul responsibility of its welfare.

Only her body wasn't coping to well with the strain of work, that and having a acute sense of anaemia certainly didn't help matters.

"I have the boys." By this she meant her nephews. Their mother works in the Land Army and their father was away fighting. Dot sighed, looking after two teenage boys was just adding to the strain.

"I meant hire help."

"But I do not have enough to pay them." She shook her head, "And it'll feel awfully like charity."

Dot rolled her eyes, "Just please take it easy. Whether you listen to my advice or not." She smiled and took out small items from her case.

Someone walked slowly into the kitchen just as Dot was taking Mrs Baker's blood pressure. Looking over her shoulder she smiled at James. "Morning." He said simply while walking over and sitting down.

Mrs Baker took from looking from him to her and then back again. A sly smile spread on her face and she shortly laughed a few seconds later. Both James and Dot looked at her confused.

"You're awful at acting innocent," the elderly woman laughed, she wasn't referring to one of them specifically.

"Your blood pressure is fine."

"Change the subject, how pleasant of you." She laughed again, Dot shot her a semi serious look which just caused her to laugh even more. For a lady in her mid eighties she certainly was a odd one. The way she acted – despite only knowing her for a month or two – Dot had come to the decision she acted more like a teenager than the elder years that she actually was.