Karma's A Witch

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'You can't go to sleep on me. Alice instilled in my head that we have to cuddle after.'

Chapter Forty-Seven

6:42pm, Friday
December 12th

'As a rule, we shouldn't meld our minds unless the other is aware.' I comment, sliding while staying under the covers to loop my leg over Edward's waist. Naked cuddling happens to be awesome. Waking up and finding that Edward is still here cuddling naked -with me- is even better. 'I want to be with you, but not be the same person. I like sending my own thoughts when I want to, not constantly sharing.'

'Agreed. You are way too sexually driven. I can barely handle you now while I'm on the outside.' I scoff, punching Edward in the chest and looking up at him. He's smiling. Full on. A rare occurrence so I can't help that I move my sore cheeks the same way. Too much smiling worked my cheek muscles.

'Blood is basically sex for you, so... you are too!' My retort sounds childish, so I stick my tongue out. Edward's brow dances it's ballet. All smooth and perfect. I continue, 'Anyways. I accept your proposal.'

Those same ridiculous brows arch all the way up. A crescendo in the midst of their performance. 'Proposal?' Oh, how my vampire, in all his brain power, forgets so quickly.

'You know me and my mind. Sex, Edward. Duh.' I roll my eyes and act all nonchalant. I mean, the next step in our relationship is now. It's been three months. A blink of an eye to Edward but basically a lifetime to me. Even Cosmopolitan said a month is a good enough waiting period for sex. Damn Alice for instilling useless information in me.


'Don't you Bella me.' For a moment I wished I was an outsider. I bet our faces showed our conversation clear as day. My challenging narrowed eyes and thinned lips. Edward's... challenging narrowed eyes and thinned lips. I grinned in spite of our seriousness. My hands moving across his chest and over his shoulder.

The Volturi were coming. When we returned from our bloody bath in the woods, Alice warned us that Saturday, after Ten... they would be here. We'd all be waiting for them at the Forks border. A mile in from the highway. Surrounded by trees. The news really brought our atmosphere down but the intensity up. Our touches had become desperate but our moods have been soft and almost sad.

Alice only had the time predicted so accurately because she'd been looking at her new watch constantly. She knew she needed to change up her tactic so is training herself to look at the time every half hour. That way, in the future, she always knew the day and time. Her annoying damn watch made a beeping noise and she'd look. Jasper got it for her. Gag. Its engraved, she gushed over it forever.

It was sweet though.

Now, back to my own gooey relationship. Minus all the emotional shit.

'I'll be on top. Then you might not lose it.' I don't waste any time, climbing over his waist. He lets me, nervous though, because his lips don't twist. 'I mean, I'll lose it to you, but you won't attack me and all that.'

'Maybe I should let Victoria know. She can stop me if-'

'She's not going to watch this!' What was he thinking. I prefered her over James, and Laurent happened to be balls deep in Irina... but no way. Virginity losing is a private matter. I asked Alice earlier and she agreed. Private. Jasper is not allowed. We helped them kiss without the killing, but this is up to us.


'What if-' He stops on his own and I smile leaning back. Called that. 'I wanted you to interrupt me again.' He needed me to convince him, but I knew it was already decided. I'm practically bouncing. My vampire would have never let me climb on up if he wasn't ready for this. Volturi, smolturi! We both wanted this, the catalyst just happened to be the threat of death through a species vs. species battle we may or may not have coordinated.

'I know.' I mock him from this morning when I expressed my love to him. How very Han Solo of him. 'If you don't want to, just say so. But trust me, our magic, it's going to make this work. That's what the bonding is. Like balancing out two people to make them... perfect.'

Edward is so... Edward. My nose wrinkles and I push my ass back leaning down for a kiss. My lips hit his. I move soft, slow. I don't want to rush him. I don't want to push him. If he wanted to stop me, he could. If he wanted to do anything to me, he could. His hands grip the bed on either side of my knees. I can feel the sheets pulling, he's already tense about this.

'Relax.' I move down, my lips following his chin to his throat. It just so happens that my ass scooted down to accommodate the trail of my mouth. When his cock touches my backside ever so slightly. I slow down. I'm already needy, wet. I don't want this to be a quick encounter. I want the long fanfare of sweaty bodies bouncing together for hours. 'Let me show you.'

It's our thing now, showing instead of telling.

He's a statue. Still. I look up at him, his face is grimaced. Pained. He'd taken from me mere hours ago but when he met my eyes, fearful and desperate, they were black. Hungry. He wanted this too but knew he shouldn't take it. I smile softly, as if he's a child who stole a cookie before dinner. It's endearing, something he couldn't help himself yet still feels guilty for it. He's a vampire, he should never feel bad about what he is.

My fingers find every groove in his chest. I trace and draw, I even write the word love. It doesn't calm him. He's still wired tight, unmoving except to watch me. His eyes dart to every movement. I flex my foot and he's watching, wary. I tweak his nipple and he's staring. There isn't enough of me to move, he's too quick.

The curse is there, draped around his neck. I touch the velvet bag, my fingers thrilled from the power there. Arm numbing, just like before. It hasn't changed, the curse hasn't diminished. The strength is just as I remember, the pull is just as intense. 'Bella.' My vampire warns. The promise of sex lures me away but I know I'll be back.

Which is stronger, the pull towards Edward or the one to the curse?

Good thing they were together so I didn't have to decide. My core is pulsing, my wetness a testament to how ready I am for this. My little weak body is preparing. I can handle this. Edward's girth is daunting, especially since I have difficulty with jumbo tampons. Not the right time for that comparison? Oh well. Rose said this is different somehow. That sex is easier, after you get used to it, after you get passed the first time. Alice didn't know either, so we were doe eyed as we listened to Rose's words of wisdom.

It was like a training session on losing virginity to your familiar, since its always different there isn't a lot you can totally predict.

Victoria just said 'get it over with. The sooner, the better'. Thanks so much. I kiss his cold, hard nipple, my tongue flicking out and I enjoyed his taste. Cold and wonderful. His stillness made me feel like a pervert, like I am taking advantage of a statue. His hard cock on my buttocks though, mere inches from my wet core made my thoughts lull. It was harder to distinguish my needs from my wants.

I wanted him inside me, right now but I needed him to move slowly. Right? My body wasn't listening though. When I looked up at Edward, his eyes were the only thing moving. He shifted his gaze from my face to my breasts to my hand and then back up and around me. Edward didn't like this. How can I fix that?

'Do you want me to stop?' I bit my lip, looking away so I won't memorize his face as he rejects me. I already have too many memories of him saying no with his emotionless mask in place. 'I can tell you... aren't comfortable.'

"You move too much." He whispered. "You are unpredictable, your hands grab, you arch, your feet are even tucking closer, fidgeting and I... We might not fit together. I need you to be still, I want to..." His head shakes, his eyes closing harshly before they spread open wide to watch my finger twitch over his left pec muscle. Oh. Too much stimulation maybe?

"Trade me places. Hold me down." Edward doesn't move, his wide eyes just stare into mine before I huff, arching back to rub my wet flesh up his member. I shiver while he flinches. "I won't be able to stop moving, I've wanted this for too long. I want this to work, so hold my wrists together over my head, pin my leg down with your other hand and use one of your feet for my other leg, then you have one leg for leverage and there won't be any surprises for you."

He blinks. I've surprised him. Something I just said I would try not to do. Dammit. I just want this to work. I'm needy, aching and he is right there. I can't be trusted and Edward, he has self control unrivaled by anyone I've ever met. I have imagined us together in many positions, I've come up with every excuse and every reason for us to join so there shouldn't be any surprise that I have found a solution to anything he may come up with.

I like being dominated, I like being his prey. I fantasize about the game's we will play. Me running and him chasing, forcing me while I playfully resist. I love his vampire ferocity and I trust him not to go too far, to dominate me for pleasure and no other reason. To satisfy his vampire side as well as his needs as a man. To explore my darker side, my desire for blood play and the fact that I have always enjoyed novels with dark sex themes.

Edward is the key to unlocking everything. This one hurdle and I will be complete.

"Take me." I whisper, the lust inside me slipping out in my voice. Deep and raspy. I'm vibrating in anticipation. Forcing myself to wait. How is Edward so good at this? Denying himself, I can barely hold myself back especially because my vampire is willing and letting me explore. He sighs, it's not in frustration but relief and a mere quick heartbeat later, I am spred wide beneath my vampire.

My legs are open and I feel vulnerable, one hand on my thigh and one of his feet over my ankle. He is kneeling, his left leg is bent. His free hand over top my wrist. "Hold on to the headboard, if you let go, I'll stop immediately. Okay? that's our signal. You let me know if I go too far or if I hurt you." I twist my hands down, gripping the bottom of the wood with my fingers as tightly as I can bear. I will not let go of this sucker. No way, no how. This is my dream come true.

I'm grinning like a madwoman before I realize that me holding my own hands back, also gives Edward a free hand. He would be a great interrogator with the torture he delves out. So I try pleading, begging for Edward to skip all the build up and go straight to the prize. "Please Vampire, I'm ready now! You don't need to bring me over the edge."

"Are you telling me how to please you, witchling?" There it was, the threat in his velvet voice, the narrowed black eyes of a vampire eyeing his prey. The game had already begun. "You know the rule," he reminds, tugging at my elbow to see if I will let go that easily, "don't make me repeat myself." His hand wastes no time, dipping two fingers between my folds, shocking me as he twirls just to bring his soaking fingers up to his face, sniffing.

His tongue comes out, flicking over the very fingers before his face twists. Those lips forming his cocky half grin, those eyes glinting in promises and a very daring challenge. He's going to win this game and I'm going to enjoy the ride but I don't have time to show him how much I will like his victory because his fingers, covered in my own juices, are pressed to my lips. They unwittingly part, surprised before he dives forward, his cold tongue cleaning off my mess he's spread from my lips. He growls, his vampire side awakening as his fangs nip and tug. I can taste myself and the faintest trace of blood. He's nicked me, so small I can't feel it. Or I'm so stimulated the pain is inconsequential.

Oh. That's what Edward is aiming for, the pain of my virginity to be under shadowed by- oh!

He arched downward, his knee moving outward, moving my leg further down and apart as the tip of his shaft connected with my clit. It was like my cells bloomed in that moment, spreading a sense of wonder through me. What is that feeling? I only feel it when Edward's bare skin connects with mine.

His chilled body helped cool my steadily rising heated body. With the head of his penis right there, pressing into my most sensitive button and his tongue dipping into the crevice of my open mouth to get the very last drop of my own juices from me. It is overwhelming. His hand gripping my thigh tighter as I try to move, my hips trying to thrust against him in a natural motion.

'Please!' I beg. His chest rumbles deeper.

'No.' His voice is harsh while his touch is gentle. He's fighting with himself so I snap my mouth closed as if that will prevent me from reaching out to his mind again. His tongue curves around the bottom of my lower lip, I can feel him grinning against my skin. The cold, wet hand he had free suddenly grabs my chest. He squeezes, my torso arching up but he presses me down as I grip at the headboard harder.

Don't let go. Don't let go. He'll stop. Don't let go.

He smooths my wetness over my nipple, making it harden under his touch. He blows. His cool breath tickling me as goose bumps spread over me. Hot and cold. It's never felt so good. Thank you goddess. Oh praise you to the highest power.

My slickness makes it easy for Edward to move his cock head ever so slightly over my clit. It tingles, him being so close to my opening, but teasing. He loves his control, he loves to tease, to bring me to a point of losing all rational thought. I hate it in the best way, I love it in the worst. The wave starts building quickly, my anticipation making it that much easier for Edward to bring me there. To the point of orgasm.

He's an expert. My vampire can notice the subtle things that affect me. It makes it easier for him to repeat the movements that work. The harsher pressure I prefer to my clit, the tender feather touches to my nipples because of their sensitivity and now, he knows that domination turns me on. The impending knowledge that we will be actually having sex is also a big positive to my horny levels.

I can feel my impending doom, but I race toward it. If I cum he'll enter me quicker. He'll feel like he's accomplished something and the closer he gets to completing the checklist of the things he wants to do to me now, the sooner we are permanent. The sooner he takes me with abandon. The sooner I am no longer a virgin.

Keyword: sooner.

The tickling sensation of my abdomen begins, the twitching of my muscles in my legs makes Edward's thumb from the hand over my thigh, arch over my flesh. He likes feeling me lose control of my body. Rose warned us that sometimes the magic urges us on. I couldn't distinguish between the magic and the urgency. I imagine the bond won't officially complete until we're joined.

"Say my name when you cum." He demands, the harshness there making my spurts of breath faster. I only nod, afraid I'd let his name slip before my orgasm and be penalized somehow. Just like his dumb rule of me having to ask him. Thoughts didn't come easy in this state of mind so forming a true sentence... impossible. He drives me mad, with one touch I'm soaking and with one word spoken or in my head and I'm blushing. My very cells dilate in response to him.

With that kind of control over my body, how could I not comply with his wish?

His cock presses forward, harsh and urgent, his tongue flicks at my wet nipple. His hand slides down my side, from my ribs to my waist. It doesn't tickle as much as I expected, it feels like sex already, and we haven't... oh. His fangs nip at my hard nipple. It was a shock, a pleasant little bolt straight to my naughty bits. I'm going to cum.

My gasping breath makes Edward growl. His rumble turning darker. I shake my head, gripping the headboard in fear that I will let go when it hits, when I tumble over and my body loses all control that he will run. My fingers burn and it postpones my building. Edward switches breasts, being gentle, tonguing the little thing.

"Say my name." He says, taking a hard bite to my other nipple and when the jolt slides down to my core I'm there. The white light, the shaking muscles but I still hold back. I want this to last. It's Edward's hard thrust upward over my clit that forces me to tumble, his name ripping from me like the last bit of sanity I had.

"Edward!" The soundproofing is really important today. I'm mumbling, twitching and very sensitive when my vampire sits back. My arms almost follow to pull him back but fear stops me. I almost let go. His cock moves away from my warm, wet pussy and he grins as I let out soft pleading meows of disapproval.

It isn't until his mouth forms a little circle that I really start to struggle against his restraints, not daring to let go of the board. His cool breath tickles over my wetness, making me chilled, taking me down from my orgams high too quickly. Why did this feel good?

I want him to have me already. No more teasing.

"What are you thinking, wee witchling?" He's only holding me in place, frozen and blowing air on my most sensitive zone. I can't form true thoughts, let alone vocalize them. I'm too hyper aware of my body writhing against my hands and his. Edward's free hand flicks my clit and I gasp so loud it surprises myself. "Tell me."

"I. Please. I just." I'm panting. "Do that again." I say, forcing my eyes to stay open as I arch my neck up to watch him torment my body in the best ways. He doesn't listen, just blows his cool breath as his face inches closer. I bite my lip, not daring to say anything. I want him to bite at my clit like he did my bosoms. Only.. my vampire just demonstrated that I cannot demand anything from him. He's showing me how much control he had over himself and me, my body. He was worshiping my exaggerated responses. Showing, not telling.

I really wanted his extended fangs to nibble at my core. They couldn't be contained, his mouth parted to accommodate their length. Edward was really enjoying himself. His dark eyes, almost a pure reflection from his hunger. The vampire side of him was right there. When he comes forth there would be no extended play, just raw fucking. I shiver in anticipation of his mouth connecting with my slick flesh and the thought of me being ravaged by a vampire insane with need for me.


Fuck. Oh goddess, yes. Yes! He breaths me in, a deep breath at my core. My elbows are arching on either side of my head just to get a little stimulation... because the anticipation is killing me. Don't you dare let go. I don't, not when the stakes are this high. His cold tongue darts out in a quick lashing. I've cooled down from my last orgam but I'm still over sensitive, his strokes are acting fast, building me back up. It's a rhythm. A perfect soliloquy from Edward's mouth to my clit, a language only Edward understood.

He swirled, my stomach clenched. He dipped, I moaned. He sucked, my breath caught. His tongue pressed flat and slid upward, my muscles fought his restraining. He slipped his fangs forward, both on either side of my clit, I arched my hips as much as possible. Edward was forced to hold my hip in place since there was very little self control left inside me. My body was on fire, my lady bits drenched and ready for him while my brain started wondering if I could handle any more of this. Yes! Yes, please!

Does it get any better than this, because I'm starting to doubt that very much.

The hard fangs pressed against me move when his tongue does. It's like he's rubbing himself against me, his fangs just as relevant as his cock. Just as sensual. I wanted him to drink from me there, to make me orgasm on his fangs, literally right there on his face. The thought of him taking right now made me shiver in anticipation. I was getting warm. Little flashes of heat waves washing over me, spasms rhythmically working through me each cycle he made with his tongue.

He didn't feel cold anymore. I've warmed him, he isn't even breathing so the cool breath I've grown to appreciate isn't there to slow my stead climb. Too fast. He might not be as satisfied with his play time if I cum too quickly. I mumble "I'm so... close" which spurs his growl, his lips moving into a snarl against me. His teeth that much closer, the tips of his fangs holding my most intimate lips apart. I am spread wide.

My vulnerability is a point of excitement. The danger Edward possesses, it's addictive. My chest arches up, the only part of my body I have some movement available. I can't help myself, my muscles spasm and clench on their own when he makes me this crazy. The view of Edward's copper head between my legs, bobbing against me, its a vision I wish to have engraved in my head. I look forward to this flashback when the Volturi kill me tomorrow.

He looks up, his black eyes meeting mine and I can tell, without seeing all of his face that he's grinning at me. Edward, my vampire, is enjoying himself. He likes to taste me. It's all I needed, my eyes squeeze close against my will, my voice gasping out and at the last second I remember to grip the headboard like my life depended on it.

Its amazing that I actually forget his name for a second.

When the blinding light passes, when my legs are only twitching I remember to rasp out "Edward, my vampire... oh goddess, fuck." I'm a weak mess. Even my arms are shaking. I'm covered in a thin veil of sweat and I don't even feel gross. I feel amazing. Like I finished first in the marathon of my life. Like all the stress and pent up frustration is gone. Evaporated to make room for all this satisfaction and rapture.

"Now. Tell me now." He's deep and throating when he makes his demand. I'm there, cusping and still shaking from the force of my second orgam when he's at my opening, urging me to cum again just from the image of us finally joining. His hand holding down my hip moves to my naughty button, a threat, a promise. "Say it."

I only struggle for a moment to gather myself. "Now. Please, now." I want to pinch myself so I memorize every second of this very real moment but settle instead to weave my fingers together below the bottom of the headboard, pushing up so I don't let get. Yes. Goddess, fucking yes! I'm wet and ready, his peen hard and right there. Right. Fucking. There.

He pushes in, his head spreading me slowly and I feel it, his finger pressing into my clit as I'm rocked and shaking with my third orgasm. He's on top of me, his chest over mine, his leg folded on top of mine to hold me down, his hips matching up, fitting so nicely between my thighs. The third wave is here, with my vampire's cock just barely inside me. The thought of us finally doing this had manifested to be actual overwhelming spasms of ecstasy. It's a good thing my vampire took the time to hold me in place because this would be over before it even really began if I was the one in control here.

Edward takes advantage of my scattered thoughts and pleasured body to 'rip the bandaid off' so to speak. Rough, a heartbeat ago he was frozen at my entrance and then bam, he's covered to the hilt. I did tell him that is how I prefer my pain. Sudden and over quickly. So he pushed forward with vampire speed, trying to get the bad part over with while I'm orgasming.

It doesn't work out how he or I expected.

A rubber band snaps inside me. Its not white hot pleasure, it's pain. The two are so interconencted that my third orgams stops right in the middle, making the agony worse. My chest rumbles and my legs go limp before shaking again in a different way. They tingle, they burn and then they feel like fire. I try to stop myself but am unsuccessful, biting my lip but the pain is too much as my mouth pops open, bloody from my own teeth, sucking in air for one hell of a scream that rips through me with the force of a thousand volcanos.

White. Hot. Pain.

Edward is quick to pull back, disconnecting our chest but miraculously, I am quicker. I lock my arms around his neck, pushing myself up with the force of my newly acquired speed. He's up off the bed and I am fast to lock my legs around his thighs so our naughty bits are still connected. We struggle, he's surprised as his hands wrap around my knees, tugging but I can't give him what he wants. The fall isn't over yet, my scream is still shrill and powerful but it's my insides that are liquefying. I can't let him go. No, not yet. It's important, the most important thing.

He stumbles, falling backwards but taking the brunt of the force beneath me, his cock moving just slightly inside me and the pain redoubles. Now I'm trying to separate us, my hands releasing his neck to push at his shoulders and my legs tighten. Half of my body is fighting against Edward, unwillingly putting us in a position where I am on top cowgirl style, while the bottom half is pulled tight against him fighting my own will.

My scream squeaks out, my voice dying in a frightening moan. The silence is what gets me, unnerves me. What is happening? Will it stop? It had to stop. I try to focus on Edward, not understanding what the hell is happening between us. Rose did not warn us about the magic's intensity adequately! She said nothing about the sheer force of the explosion between familiar and mage! His eyes are wide, he's moved his hands away from my legs at some point without me noticing, both his hands are on the sides of his head in what I can only assume is an attempt to dislocate his skin from his skull using his hair.

"I'm sorry!" He says, his legs bending upward arching me forward and I use my hands to push my back against them, fighting. "It's stopping... This isn't..." He's gasping, can he feel this pain too? The throbbing the burning and the unquenchable desire that isn't ours? I don't think so. This is mine, my burden so I try to ease my face of my twisted expression so Edward doesn't have to see it. He shouldn't have to experience this through me. I try to accept what is happening but I can't, its not that easy. The next best option is to make it so my vampire can't be tortured by my torture. I collapse, giving up my fight and jerking against his chest, spasming. My arms snaking under Edward's shoulders as my hands grip them from behind only to loose the fight with my muscles as they weakly flop to the floor. I'm jello, my arms limp noodles. At least he can't see my expression, my face is hidden in his chest.

He's tense as I go limp. The burn licking along my flesh as the silence fades, my whimpers overshadowed by Edward's gutwrencher howls. His hands cup under my armpits to lean me back against his knees, moving his upper body up into a semi sitting position. I can't move my head up, so he cradles the back of it like you would a baby. His lips are moving but I don't hear him. He shakes me. His hips moving upward and back down. Fucking me with only centimeters of his length, sheathed completely inside me. Edward is fighting it too... or, I think.

I can see him panicking. His face more expressive than I have ever witnessed. He is howling. I can feel it, his chest shaking and compressing like he's releasing a long breath. My lungs are locked, my insides are boiling, bubbling. Is this what it feels like to change? Fuck. Fuck. I would rather be burned at the stake. The locking of my legs release just as the sharp fire burning inside turns and spirals down. My sudden intake of oxygen makes Edward freeze, his howling stops in a sudden jerk and his eyes close ever so quickly in relief. The cool air spreads like a cure. Smothering the pain as quickly as it came. The remenints, the spasms of irritation feel like small peas after what I just experienced. His hand pushes the hair from my face, smearing my sweat away and I smile exhaustively.

Holy fuck.

It makes sense now. I can feel Edward move before he moves. I watch as his muscles under his skin ripple a jiffy before he positions his arm under himself to stand. He goes to pull us apart but I shake my head no, vigorously against the hand under my skull. Edward listens. Laying me against the bed as he stands between my legs, hunched over as to not move inside me. He's afraid, his eyes as golden as ever revealing his true feelings. No hunger, fear.

"Bite." He's not hungry, he won't take much but I know that's next. "It will be over soon." My voice is nothing, the scream damaged me, I sound like a wispy wheeze and nothing like my normal self. Edward licks my bleeding lip instead, sucking softly at the blood dripping there. It won't be enough. The urgency builds in me. I'm anxious that the connection, the bond that is finalizing between us will lash out at me again. The fire is fading but the burn is still there. I wanted a cold bath, I wanted Edward to chill me. "Bite." I mumble out but I can't close my lips with Edward locked around the bottom one I mangled.

"Shh." He's gentle, his hands brushing the sweat away from my cheeks, down my neck and over my shoulders. "You are on fire. Don't worry about me." He doesn't get it, my chest starts to seize, my breaths becoming gasps. I mouth "bite, please bite" but he instead attempts to pull away from me, to separate us slowly. My hands are at his hips before he can. He freezes and I glare as harshly as I can.

If I pass out before he bites, before he cums, I am fearful that we will have to start over. That I will have to go through this transformation again. "Bite, now." I tell him, the harshest tone I've ever used with my vampire. He's wide eyed before they flicker black, gold and then black again in a narrowed otherworldly way. Yeah, vampire, we aren't done yet. Participation is key.

With my hands free, I reach up to his neck and pull him down, arching my hips and enjoying the sensation of numbness. No pain, it's not painful to move inside me anymore. Rose warned that my first time wouldn't be amazing, but if Edward bit me, I would still orgasm around him. Its involuntary. No need to feel my aching core when I can get my fill from his fangs. We don't line up this way, so I push with my shoulder to get him to roll over. He's still while I'm thrusting my hips against his.

I can feel him sliding inside of me. He's just hard, foreign but I still like this. Even if I can't exactly put a name to the feeling. Even if it doesn't feel good, I'm enjoying being with Edward in this way. He doesn't move, so I push up myself, sitting with Edward moving to accommodate me, kneeling over me. I reach for the back of his head, my fingers weaving through his hair as I arch up against his chest to meet his mouth to my shoulder.

He's panting, resisting.

"Sit and I will do this for you." A blink later I'm straddling Edward, my elbows curled up over his pecs, his arms stretched out behind him, holding himself up and gripping the bedding like its his lifeline. I move up, sliding back down with ease as the bedsheets rip behind him. I can't help but giggle. Wrapping my arms up to drape over his shoulders. "The magic part is over, I can handle this now. So bite."

He's shaking his head. "I would have... I was going to kill you, I can't." I'm too happy about our success to focus on the initial horrible moment, it's past. Over. "Your magic held me down, forced me away without separating us... I couldn't stop, you had to stop me." He's panicking and I just shrug.

"If you don't bite me, I'm going to bite you." I wiggle my face between his chin and his shoulder, grinding against his cock and feeling a twinge of electricity shoot up my spin. Oh, I liked that. A soft little moan escaped just as I repeated my motion and licked Edwards flesh right at his neck. His chest growls. I need to reawaken Edward's vampire half. That side of him is much more primal and easier to convince to take from me. "I want your fangs in me too, vampire."

"Bella!" He hisses, the intensity back in his voice, the rumbling of his chest giving him away. I grind again, twitching on the inside as he hits that spot again. I gasp out his name, pulling with my arms to get myself into a rhythm on top of his cock. Bouncing is nice but its the smooth gliding, that really gets me. The hard skin of his penis rubbing against my flesh, in and out, that's what is good.

How close Edward and I are, the feeling of being one... The ultimate act two people could do together. It all just came together in one big sensual experience. I'm chanting 'Yes, Edward. Fuck. Oh goddess.' For a good two minutes, exploring the feelings I can bring us both with my movements. The radiation of tingles, the surprising little jolts when you hit that one perfect spot, the utter knowledge that no one had been this deep inside me before that no one had claimed me the way Edward is right now. Yet, he isn't enjoying it. He's too stuck on the pain he perceived himself as causing.

The mattress buckles inward, causing Edward to move upward just a fraction. His tiny flex awakened a whole new array of feelings. It was even better when both of us were actively joining together rather than me just using his body. I felt like I was taking advantage of my vampire, but I knew he could stop me if he really wanted too.

So, since I'm already open, I open my mind to him. I send him everything until I feel him there too, coming into my head. Not anything close to a mind-meld, but an overlapping of thoughts. I show him what feelings I feel when I grind, when I pull back, how the top of his shaft grazes just slightly over my clit. That I am experiencing a miracle of pleasure diverging all over me. That right now, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else with anyone else. This is perfect. 'Forget about before. Now is wonderful.'

My heart is racing, my body is sprinkled in wetness which make it easier for me to slide down Edward's chest and back up. Our nipples meet and I shiver. He's so cold, a refreshing feeling against my heated flesh.

"The bond had completed us. There's no need to be gentle anymore." I whisper it, like a dirty admission of lust. I'm tucked too close to him to see his face but I know I've reached him when his hands grip at both of my hips. He relaxes and ever so slightly, moves forward to match my disorganized, exploring pattern of movements. Edward tugs at my hips, his fingers digging into my flesh and I respond in kind, my own fingers finding the back of his neck and his scalp. I made a fist, pulling at his hair and gripping the back of his neck. Leverage.

His growl, the feral beast sounds he made spurred me on. Even after all that crazy burning, I still felt my body responding, actually building toward an orgasm. "Bite me." I hiss, and that's his undoing. In a flash my back is slammed against the headboard, it cracks under the pressure, the whole bed dropping to floor level from the force of Edward's movements. My vampire growls, thrusts and holds me up by my hips so there is no escape. I match him, frenzied and desperate, tugging at his messy hair and panting.

"Yes, fuck, yes." He's abandoned all control, pounding into me with the force I knew as a vampire he'd always had. I look down, amazed that I can see it now. His flesh flexing from the strain of his muscles, the slowing down of time so I could view this masterpiece as it unfolds. Edward pulls us apart, as I fight to push us back together always a fraction of a second before my vampire hauls me forward. He's a machine, a marvelous, straining sex fiend that is laying his lumber on me.

I'm over the moon, his name slipping out between moans and hisses. Edward is between my thighs, his own connecting with mine with each inward plunge. His head arched back, his fangs elongated and bared as I meet him thrust for thrust. Our eyes meet, he's all vampire. Glinting and overpowering. I gasp, flushed and fucked. I have his attention, he's mine and I growl back, the best I can manage before digging my nails into his neck, snapping my teeth at him.

"Bite the fuck out of me, vampire!" I scream it, howling at the top of my squeaking lungs before he does it. Pulling me away from the wall and drilling me into the mattress, pile driving his dick harder into me. His fangs follow, my throat torn, right open with a licentiousness I've never seen from Edward. My legs wrap around his waist, my voice rasping, as I felt this orgasm slowly overcome me.

This one made my insides clench, my teeth chatter and my legs tug Edward closer. I arched, flesh slapping against flesh, my insides solidifying with each convulsion, each wave of ecstasy. I love sex. Why haven't I done this before? Why did I find this out a day before we are to meet our leaders in a battle for freedom?

My vampire releases my neck, licking at the wound which only sends shivers down my spine, making my orgasm extend. "I can feel you." Edward growls, "contracting around my cock." His words spur me on, his lips right by my ear. Its his sharp intake of breath that lets me know he too, is exploding. My vampire just came inside me. Me! He slows, his hands moving from my hips. One to my knee, pulling it free from it's locked position around his waist, the other moving up, grazing over my breast and stroking the bite marks on my neck.

When the last shivers of my climax fades, he smiles down at me. Spinning his hips in a tiny circle to show me he is still hard, even after his own ejaculation. It feels nice, but I wince involuntarily, which kills the mood and any chance of a round two. Dammit! When Edward moves into a pushup position I pout but the slight retreat of his cock had me squeezing my eyes closed.

"Shit. I." He's out, sitting back on his heels and looking around at the utter destruction of my bed. The torn sheets, the buckled frame, the splintered headboard. "It was your first time and I... The magic held me back but then it let me... I fucked you when I wanted to make love to you. To show you." Edward looks so worried, pinching the bridge of his nose, tugging at his hair, squeezing his own eyes closed with his poor little mouth in a thin line. He's brooding.

"That, was amazing." I huskily push out, my throat raw from all the screaming. Obviously I wasn't the quiet type. "You did show me. I promise." The exhaustion was catching up to me, the energy I exerted was astounding. I moved so fast, as fast as Edward! Faster, maybe! "We are doing that again, over and over, forever." I'm grinning like a fool as my eyes start to close on their own. I was just sleeping but feel so tired.

"You can't go to sleep on me. Alice instilled in my head that we have to cuddle after." He's at a loss though, tugging at the shredded blankets, trying to find something to make me more comfortable. I was so close to sleep, chuckling at his stupid unintentional joke. Yeah, the guys are supposed to be the ones that fall asleep right after sex. Girls should be complaining about the cuddling.

Silly stereotypes.

It was the best sleep of my life, too.

11:52pm, Friday
December 12th

Something cold was on my lip and between my legs, right on my naughty zone. I shifted away, pushing at the icepack on my vagina. Why in the... oh right! We actually completed our familiar bond. Its dark out. I don't even have to flutter my eyelids to adjust to the new lightings. I turn to the clock, it's way after ten!

Edward Anthony Masen did not leave me for the battle! I don't care if I slept the whole day away, he should have woken me up!

I fling the tattered blanket from me, spinning around and expecting to step off my bed only to connect with the floor way to early. Right, this bed frame didn't survive our sex session. 'Edward!' I hiss, standing up and rushing to my closet doors. He did not leave me out of this battle, I need to be there! I can try to do the shield thing, I can block some of their magic! I can be useful! I want to get dressed but my clothes are all over the floor as I pull them off the hanger. Pissed and just throwing them in my frustration. 'You fucking, bastard!'

If anyone is hurt, if anyone dies after I insisted on being there! If something happens to Edward and he left me behind I will never, ever forgive myself! He would have woken me up, right? He would have tried to rouse me for the battle!? Did I not respond? Why isn't he responding to me now? Fuck! It's probably... over. The battle is over an hour and a half overdue. They are all probably laying there, cold, dead. I'm going to have to find them, to carry them back alone, each body, one at a time and there will only be me, the last survivor of the resistance against the Volturi because I slept through the whole fucking thing!

"Fuck!" I sound tormented, raspy still. My emotions getting the best of me.

When I turn with the intention to start pulling my drawers out of my dresser, there is Edward, naked, bowed over on his knees right behind me. My heart quickens and my anger fades. He didn't leave me behind. Did they all go without us? Did the Volturi not show? Had Alice's predictions been incorrect?

I drop to my knees, right there, wrapping my arms around his torso as best I can manage gasping in breathes. Thank goddess, I think I might have been on the verge of a panic attack. "I thought you left me, it's after ten! Did the time change? Why are we still here!? We have to help the others." My vampire doesn't move.

"Tomorrow." He says, soft and sad. I pull back from Edward, sitting on my own heels. Oh. yeah, that makes sense. I felt like I slept for a whole day, so why do I feel this rested after just a few hours? That is crazy. My body really did change. I look down at myself. I still look like me, pale skin, moderate sized breasts, short.

"Am I pretty?" I say, touching my face as my vampire's head raises in surprise. His mouth even pops open ever so slightly. I'm up though, off the floor, speeding toward my bathroom door. I'm faster than before. If I really tried, I bet I could run like a vampire. I had that speed right after we finalized the bond. Good thing my default speed is normal human speed. I would hate to feel like I was slow. I bet that's how Edward feels around all of us. Dreadfully slow.

I'm in front of my bathroom mirror in an instant. Checking over my face after flicking on the light. My skin is smoother, my eyes brighter. I just looked thoroughly fucked, not anything like Edward's supernatural beauty. I still had the bruising around my lip, even. "Dammit." I mutter, my hair doesn't even shine like his does. I wanted to at least be physically his equal, not just... physically his equal. Gah, I still even have my muddled confusing brain. My thoughts don't even make sense to me! I glower, my face falling to my feet before I reach for the light switch.

Edward's hand is overtop it. Stopping me.

"You should be furious with me." He says, his brows furrowed, his hair sticking out in a mess above both his ears. In the light I can really see how much he's been worried. Did I always notice this much before? Is my eyesight better? Why in the hell would I be mad? He didn't leave me behind. We successfully gave/received my virginity.

"Why?" I say, wrapping my hand around his over the light switch. I step forward, closing the small gap between us. Did he regret it? Why? He drops his gaze, his free hand tentatively grazing over my hip, then the other, moving up to my ribs, then finally stopping at his bite mark. I look down, inspecting myself beyond my face. I have to say, I'm surprised. With how much force we both used, the bruising was very minor. A slight pink even in some spots. I shrug. Turning back to the the mirror to check out my neck. Yeah, that was bad. He'd bitten me over and over, viciously. "Well, I liked it."

When I go to flip the switch this time, I do it in vampire speed. It only surprises Edward for a second before I'm pushing past him to get back inside my room. With my clothes all over the floor and the bed torn up, it really looks like we were already attacked by the Volturi. Damn. So I lose it a little bit, giggling as I locate my moms quilt, fully intact but having been thrown toward the doors to my balcony.

"Bella." Edward whines, but I don't let him dwell. He's already been freaking out judging by the ice packs I woke up with and his hair.

"I'm fine Edward. I told you, we are... doing that, all the time, everyday." I grin over my shoulder at him, plopping forward back on what was left of my bed. Should I call it sex? Making love? Fucking? Going to funky town? "Now come here already." I am sore, it hurts to move too much but the feelings of satisfaction, the joy way overcompensates for all this silly bruising and stuff that will heal. It's temporary.

I grab the ice pack, folding it back between my legs and looking over at my vampire. I was really hoping that he would follow my lead, that he would just let it go.

"I hurt you, Bella. Your magic was forced to intervene just to stop me." He's frustrated, stalking toward me, glaring and growling. Was that why neither of us could move apart? We both had to wait until my, painful, transformation was complete? Still, I'm not mad. I told him over and over that he should trust the bond between us, that because we are mage and familiar- being together will work. Edward wanted me to be angry with him though, it would make more sense to him. He needed to feel like he is being punished. Like his thoughts about me witholding my blood, he felt like I was justified in doing so. I wasn't, but to Edward, he prefers it that way.

"Will you get me something to drink?" I ask him. Looking up at him from the ground, basically.. His eyes are wide, he shakes his head like he couldn't believe it before his eyes roam the room, looking for his clothes amongst my mess. He pulled on his pants, not bothering with a shirt before stepping through the door. As soon as he's across the threshold I wince, knowing he can't hear me.

I'm really glad he grabbed me some ice while I was out, he had to have known I'd wake up sore. Still worth it, but dang. It was like the worse kind of muscle ache right at my core. I am used to only feeling nice things radiating from there, to feel this, it took some adjustment. I adjusted the pack, putting the blanket over me and grinning as soon as the door opened again with Edward there holding up a glass of water and some kind of juice.

I take the water, downing half the glass before setting it on the floor beside my mattress. Now that I look around, all the broken pieces are gone. 'Did you clean up the bed frame?' He must have but I wanted to get him talking to me again. I wanted him to calm down about everything and just be happy, like I am right now.


I reach up for the other glass, sipping at the red liquid. Oh, ruby red grapefruit. I had asked Esme for this so she must have had time to go grocery shopping pretty recently. I take a few gulps, sighing when I finish it before eyeing Edward. He looks so good, freshly fucked, like me so I smile just a bit. "Fine. What do you need from me to feel better?" His perfect little brows pinch together. "Or better yet. Your punishment for the most amazing orgasm of my life will be to fuck me seven ways to Sunday before ten pm, tomorrow."

His brows shot up, his hands even coming up like I just threatened him with a gun. His head shakes from side to side. "Fine, if you don't like that one, cuddle with me and stop being crazy. Yeah, I'm bruised but think about it. My skin can handle full on fucking from a vampire, I'd say I held up really nicely. I'm sore, but it's my first time! The magic was going to get involved anyways and by god I enjoyed myself. What more do you want from me?" I huff, drinking a couple more sips of my juice before putting that aside with my water. I give him the eye, challenging him to combat that.

"You enjoyed it?" He came forward, placing both his knees on the bed in front of me, his hands coming up to either side of my face. "I'll be able to tell if you are lying for my benefit." I scoff, knowing he told the truth, but I wasn't lying.

"I enjoyed it. I told you, the bond makes us compatible in this way." His golden eyes study mine, shifting from one of my eyes to the other. He seems to come to whatever realization he needed. This is a part of my vampire I didn't like. He took the weight of the whole world on his shoulders.

"You are beautiful, wee one." He tells me. "I'm glad you didn't change." He smiles, some relief filling his face, relaxing it. Oh thank goddess. he's actually letting this one go. I smile back, shy. Well, I guess if Edward finds my looks agreeable, I'm glad they didn't change too.

"I'm faster." I tell him, proud of it.

"Only when you want to be, and thats good. You're obviously quicker at healing and more resistant." I shrug, glad he's seeing all the great things that come along with completing our bond.

"And now we can have sex all the time!" I gush, my arms wrapping around Edward's neck quickly, unable to contain myself. Of course, we will have to survive. It seemed like the both of us realized my mistake at the same time, pulling away just to gaze at each other in understanding.

"I will protect you, Isabella." He's adamant, leaning in to press his cold lips against mine. I flinch, touching the scab on my bottom lip. Damn, I bit myself hard. Kissings out then, so is sex. I frown. I wanted to spend my potentially last day on earth doing both those things to Edward. Pouting didn't hurt that much.

"I wonder what you got out of the sex." I mumble, smiling as Edward tucks me back, wrapping his arms around me while I cuddle up closer to him surrounded by my mother's quilt.

"You mean more than the mind blowing, lost complete control of myself, fucking?" He replied, kissing the top of my head when I laugh. "I do not want any more than what you've already given me, trust me." I let it drop, still wondering though.

We stay there together. His hand rubbing up and down my back, my fingers swirling along his side. I sniffed him, the sugary scent sticking with me, mixed with my own scent. I liked the feel of his skin, the hardness, how it didn't give when you pushed. I wanted to remember everything about him. The shade of his hair, the feel of his fangs and the way his cock can move inside me. How in the hell did I get so lucky?

That meant it wasn't going to last... I never did have very good luck.

"Tomorrow is going to be bad, isn't it." I whisper.

"It's past midnight, tomorrow is already here." I noticed my vampire didn't answer my question directly. Just like Victoria. I shiver, my vampire pulling me closer. "I got you, witchling, don't fret." I smiled, knowing I could die happy, but hoping I didn't have to.

We were going to war, how could I not fret? Especially with so many others joining us on the battlefield all the scenarios running through my head, I didn't come up with very many good ones. If I have to die, if it's my fate, I hope I go before Edward does. I bite my lip unconsciously, wincing when I reopen my scab. My vampire doesn't seem to mind, bending down to suck the free flowing blood away cooling the heated flesh with his tongue.

Well, I guess the goddess didn't like that request ,she made me bite my lip!

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