Karma's A Witch

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The End Is Nigh.

Chapter Forty-Nine

9:12pm, Saturday
December 20th

I slept in. I took one look at the clock and groaned. Edward had woken me up earlier, but his interruption of my sleep had been more than welcome. Reality settled in when the sleep in my brain fizzled out. One week had gone by and the house was still in whispers. No one dared crack a joke or smile. It was as if we didn't want the dead to hear us.

With a grave site already so close, the vampires had added those left behind to the ground there. Some we didn't know, going unclaimed and others from Twilight- our friends and family. Esme had decided to bury Carlisle beside my own father. A family cemetery taking root and growing so quickly it was alarming.

Perhaps now there would be peace, just like Carlisle wanted.

'Alice's birthday is tomorrow.' Edward reminded me. At midnight she could be bounded with but she hasn't left her room for more than an hour at a time since the battle and I hoped Jasper would not take advantage of her like this. Next year would be the game of chase. I have her gift ready, a frilly, girl bag with the best thing I could come up with. A coupon for a full day at the mall- including a meal- all on me.

What did you give her when she was clearly desolate? The rest of us were no better off and the weak, half-attempts to cheer each other up seemed empty when there isn't any happy to spread.

Edward is in the warehouse, Carlisle had left it to Edward. Not as in ownership, but as a place for helping others. He knew my vampire pretty well and in his will it outlined that Edward could now practice medicine -as he had planned when he had been younger- on those who needed it in our supernatural world. Rosalie was his first patient and with the huge migration of those freed from Volturi slavery, the reservation is full of those in need.

I go the long way to Alice's room, knocking twice from the hallway. There is no answer but I don't expect there to be. I push the door open, some clothes and fabric being slid along the floor to pile behind her doorway. "Alice?" I call out, going toward the mass on her bed. I push on her blankets and it caves in, nothing there.

Perhaps she is in the bathroom? With a quick survey I know she isn't here. Maybe she needed some alone time? More than her room provided, though? I knew I had needed time to wrap my head around my loss too, so I understand. More so since I've lost my father too. That wound hadn't healed yet and with Carlisle... it seemed to be infected. I put her gift on her end table, going toward the living area when I see Esme at the dining table. A piece of paper catches my eye, it was in front of my aunt.

The smile on Esme's face is what freezes me in my place.

"I hope you slept well, dear." She tells me, not miserably. It was an improvement. I nod, moving toward her as she spins the paper in my direction so I can read it. Esme touches my hair as she stands, going out the back door with bare feet. Perhaps, connecting with the earth like Angela used to do all those months ago. I hope it comforts her more than we seem to be able to.

'She's in a better mood.' I tell Edward and he takes a moment to respond.

'Alice is full of surprises, it seems.' His voice had a kinda-happy tone to it. I look over the note Esme had clearly invited me to read. 'She is more intelligent than she even gives herself credit for.'

Esme? Or Alice?

The letter is addressed to us all. It outlines that Esme and Carlisle had shown her a clear example of how a loving relationship needs nothing more than kindness and trust. She states she left right at dawn when the sun rose so she could escape under Jasper's nose. She wanted the love her parents had and she refused to have magic influence them for as long as she could prevent it. 'I'm running away to NOT elope', she writes, and I smile at her. She planned to return after her birthday.

'Does Jasper know?' I ask, smiling wide as Rose and Emmett came down the stairs. Both looked surprised to see me, or perhaps just to see me smiling. Edward explained he hadn't seen Jasper yet, so perhaps he found out as soon as the sun had set and attempted to find her. We had been uh, busy, earlier. So my vampire may have been distracted.

Emmett gave a weak smile back to me but Rose looked weary. Like my smile was a blade angled towards her and she didn't want to get closer.

She was trying to keep the stress down, School had been helpful to give us all a distraction. It was easier to do when you had something to distract yourself with and move forward. "Good waking." I state, "Alice left us a letter." I tell them as I walk past with my smile still wide. Our family would pull through, I just had to give it time.

On the porch, I slip my coat on, walking and tripping in the snow toward my vampire. As I round the warehouse to the door I come up short, two dark skinned shifters speaking to one another. The two seemed to be disagreeing.

"Leah said here? It doesn't look like a hospital." The slouched boy stated, his arm was clutched to his chest, bent at an odd angle. Obviously he needed medical assistance.

"How could you be expecting one? We have different needs than humans- besides your arm healed like this, it needs rebroken." The shifter that escorted him is one I recognized from the first wave of those that came down from their captivity, Collin. With another withering look he continued to explain. The broken boy was new, I could tell from his face and oblivious questions. "You think a human or any of us will have the strength or skills to fix that correctly?"

"No- but this is a garage... It doesn't look like the right place." He looked nervously around as they approached the door which made him spot me. He stood up straighter, flashing me a white toothed smile.

"This is the right place, I can show you down, if you want." I speak up.

"Oh- Hey Bella." I nod up to Collin after his greeting. He was nice, Leah has been pretty busy lately but she still found time to call me. When I went down yesterday morning to watch Seth eat, I could tell she needed some help and Collin had been there to pick up some of her tasks. "This is Brady- New, obviously."

I hold my hand out for him to shake it before I reel it back to my side. "Ooops, Sorry- I see your arm is in the wrong shape for shaking." I smile up at him and he laughs at my lame joke. All I can muster is a forced upcurve of my lips, I hope it looked like I was happy. For Brady's peace of mind, at least.

"I'm going to get back, Leah is orchestrating cabins being built. We've already had to double up families in the homes that are still structurally sounds so the faster we move the quicker we can get to living our lives." He nods at me. "Brady's an easy fix but he didn't have enough confidence to meet the Doctor alone. You know, with all the mysterious tales."

Collin and I both grin (a real one for a whole second) while Brady looks between us wearily. The reservation had taken a stance that species doesn't matter- so the fact that Edward was a vampire didn't seem to come up much. It seemed a bit like a test or a hazing ritual. To be accepted into the tribe, you had to find out on your own that you were entering a vampire's den for help.

Edward usually told me the funny stories in the evening to cheer me up. Today, I would get to experience one on my own.

"Well Brady- Don't be afraid." I tell him, as Collin turns toward the woods and starts walking away.

"If you're my nurse, I will have to break my bones more often." He states a tone to his voice that reminded me of Mike Newton. Collin full on laughs as he spins on the spot, calling out to Brady a warning. "Don't go flirting with danger- boy. Don't even think about it."

Oh, was he flirting? Brady seemed to take Collins words lightly as he nudges me with his elbow. I hurry to open the door, letting him in as I point in the direction of the warehouse. The inside door through the garage housed my vampire.

"What, are you seeing someone then? I bet a shifter already claimed you." He leans in to sniff me and I give him a confused look as he gives me one back. "What is that smell? I know I grew up sheltered but-" I cut him off.

"Dude, I know scents can reveal a lot. It's polite to pretend like you can't scent out all my dirty little secrets." I open the next door for him, thinking with his arm it's the least I could do.

"So, you have dirty little secrets to scent out." He waggles his eyes, trying to be smooth while walking by me and into the newly organized hospital area, straight to Edward. Brady's whole demeanor changes and I think he even tries to step between my vampire and me, perhaps a misguided attempt at protection. I close the door behind me.

Of course Edward was full on glaring at the poor boy. I skirt around Brady, just out of reach of his good arm as he tries to stop me from going toward my vampire. "Brady, this is my dirty little secret, Edward. He'll be the one re-breaking your arm today."

I swear, the kid started sweating right then, eyes wide and fearful.

"Awe, man- I didn't know." He cursed a string of long rushed words before he regroups. "They didn't tell me anything, I had no warning coming into this. Wait- there are good vampires in the world?" Even anxious he rebounded pretty quick.

"Are their evil shifters?" Edward replied, tucking me into his side and giving me a quick kiss in greeting. Brady seemed lost, awkwardly looking around as his feet fidgeted and his non-broken hand came up to his hair and pushed it all back.

'I brought your lunch.' I tell Edward, giving him a sly grin (had that one lasted a fraction longer than the last?). 'When I want to visit my man at work, I'm to always bring food. Per the wiki.'

'It does smell delicious.' He whispered back, most likely only giving me his sex eyes to get me all wet and bothered. Poor Brady. Edward steps away, all business.

"Right this way, Brady." Edward states, patting a table for the shifter to sit on. He listens to him, giving me a nervous look. I tried to look reassuring. I wondered briefly how old Brady was. If I took a guess I would say fifteen. I suppose I shouldn't think of him as a boy when I may only be a year or two older than him. The last couple months of my life seemed so long, I felt older than my age.

I've grown up- harshly.

Edward motioned for Brady to give him his arm but he looked at me again, scared before facing my vampire. "Dude- for real, I didn't know. I wouldn't make a pass at your girl. Not only because your a... well, you know... but I liked my arm the way it used to be."

"Regardless of how I personally feel about you and your less than gentlemanly thoughts, I will do what I can to help you." Brady nodded, believing my loves words and handing over his arm. DId he miss the 'thoughts comment' or was Brady too wired with nerves to understand it? Edward's fingers danced over the bent forearm, prodding it. Brady probably assumed Edward was guessing about his thoughts. I wondered if Collin would fill him in afterwards and laughed to myself imagining Brady's face then.

The sound started me, even Edward pauses in his work to look me over. Catching my face still joyful before it fell back to my somber neutral. A second later Edward is back to focusing on being the good doctor.

"I will have to rebreak this bone." Brady exhales, my vampire's lip twists up. "I did not make that up for revenge. We can get a second opinion if you would like." Edward's hands spread out, as Brady sighs in relief.

"Yeah, a second opinion- you know, given the circumstances and- OUCH!" It had happened fast, Brady groaned as Edward released the shifters arm. It was over and he clutched his arm to his chest just as before. I'm sure it would hurt for a few hours.

"It's done." Edward smiled softly to him. "Can I trust you won't use this arm for the rest of the day? Or should I cast it. You heal fast, it will reset but be ginger with it until it's fully fused. No shifting- your wolf weight would just snap it again."

"Damn dude!" He jumps down from the table. "I mean, thanks and all, but a little warning would have-"

"Just made you tense up, I avoided pulling your muscles." My vampire finished the sentence for him. Brady nodded and gave me a small smile before mumbling as he passed me. 'A vampire as a doctor! I'm going to kill Collin' and something about being set up for a laugh. He was probably completely right.

Poor kid. He left the way he came, thanking Edward again but obviously wanting out of this situation.

"Fun, right?" Edward half-smiled at me, but it didn't reach his eyes. Pulling me towards him and dipping his cold nose into the side of my neck. Yeah, having shocked shifters find out a vampire is on their side... it is fun. "Now, about this lunch you brought me..." I smile, wiggling up to him as I breath his sweet scent.

This was the only thing that made me feel better, like things were going to be okay... Being with Edward.

10:25am, Sunday
December 21th

"You know- it's not my birthday. I'm not the one supposed to get the surprises." I tell Edward, as he opens the passenger side door to Rosalie's car. I eyebrow him, not getting in until he confirms he had permission to be taking her car. Nothing would stress her out more than her baby being stolen- her car-baby, not her baby-baby.

"Rose knows the surprise and offered it to us." Edward explained, and I narrow my eye at him as I slide in scrutinizing his features. So Rose knew about this and I didn't. No one said a word to me.

"How long have you and Rose been plotting together?" I accuse.

"Since ten this morning, but this surprise had been a few weeks in the making. All on my own, with the last person you may suspect helping." My intrigue spiked. Alice had called the house earlier today to make sure Jasper wasn't there, she was having a hard time pinpointing his location- perhaps changing his mind to be unpredictable. It was daytime, so she was using this time to go further into hiding before he could pursue her again. She also wanted to speak to us on her birthday. She refused to give away any hints but I didn't think Edward would get involved in that situation at the moment. Of course, she knew what was being planned. She got all emotional and told me she was so happy for me- future me. It was actually a weird proclamation.

I hoped she was on a beach somewhere sipping mojitos. But... I also hoped Jasper found her in time.

"I hope you didn't get put out by this. I'm not one for big gifts." I tell him, honestly happy with just spending time together.

"I know- it would be so much easier to woo you if you were into expensive things." He pulled out of the garage, rueful. "But then again, it wouldn't be very challenging and where would we be without challenges?"

Yeah, I guess everything we have faced together so far had brought us here. The cost had been high to be where we were today. Sometimes I wasn't sure it was all worth it. People were free but without the Volturi the mages were fighting amongst themselves. There wasn't a ruling force so crimes were up without a solid place for victims of those crimes to go. I even heard humans were being harmed, that werewolves were spreading into the mages previously protected area...

The volturi were bad but people were scared without them. Esme says that it's normal after a government fails for people to go a little crazy. That it will calm down and with their people (Twilight members) involved in the rebuilding that the next person in power will be elected- and hopefully better.

Not that being better than Aro will be difficult. That slippery bastard. Esme was the lead on finding and killing him. We hadn't heard much but she had ferociously told us not to worry about him and I wondered if she had already found him and murdered the bastard. With her spending so much time alone in the greenhouse... I wouldn't be surprised.

We pulled out of the driveway at a leisurely pace. We made it to town slower than usual, as if simply enjoying the drive was enough. Knowing Edward, he was probably being extra careful with Rose's car. Forks was still the same, rainy and cold and as we passed the diner and the stores I wondered where he could be taking me. The road to go toward the highway entrance was just up ahead and as we past that too, I was getting more and more confused. The normal googleable date ideas were all being narrowed down and crossed off. What were we doing?

"Can I have a hint." I ask, and his easy smile warms me. A mischievous shiver finding its way down my spine.

"No." I scoff at his playful and quick denial.

"Not even a teeny 'ittle one?" I bust out the big eyes and I laugh as he easily denies me again. "So much for the whole 'I can deny you nothing' proclamation." He chuckles as we turn into a neighborhood. A snowman with a carrot nose is in the front of a house we pass. This was as suburban as it gets around here. "Are you taking me to a house?"

He doesn't deny it and I get a fear in my belly that he bought me a damn house. I wasn't ready for that. Being bound and live forever- yeah sure whatever. But a damn house? I stare him down, thinking he might actually do that. What if he found a steps to a solid relationship list and he was just checking them off. Oh... no...

We pulled into a driveway. It was a normal house. Two stories, a white snow covered lawn with a bunch of footprints leading to the front door as if people were coming and going and coming and going recently. I took a calming breath. I wouldn't freak out that he bought me a house. I will explain to him that this isn't right, that there are decisions that should be made together. He is an old, crazy vampire that just needs some guiding in the relationship area of our life.

Edward isn't smiling when he looks at me, studying my face. He looks worried, and I know he is mirroring me. A soft 'talk to me'. Drifts across my mind and I know he is worried. That so much had happened... and a house, a goddamn house isn't the answer! All thoughts are flown out my brain as soon as I hear it.

"Bella!" The sweetest voice, a voice I hadn't heard in so long. Make that double, as the second one follows the first. "Bella!"

My heart breaks as I spin away from Edward, out of the car in a second as the front door of the house slams, snow falling from the roof in a powdery woosh from the impact. I'm only a step away from the car when they reach me. Arms are everywhere, as they tried to tackle me into the snow, unsuccessfully. My brother Josh asked "What have you been eating?!" when I didn't go down. I laughed, nudging him.

"SO many potato chips. Without you to hog them all." Isaac joins in the nudging of Josh saying "Get off her! I called hugging her first!" It wasn't long before they start talking over one another trying to fit in all their news at once.

"We saw a real live werewolf!" "There were guards at our old house waiting for you." "Mrs. Weber went nuts, tried to move us all to iceland." "We missed you!" "I cut off the tip of my finger trying to hover a blade but dad put it back on before mom found out." Dad...? He called Mr. Weber dad. "Angela made us watch lifetime with her, it wasn't that bad actually." "Yeah, sorry for giving you so much crap about liking it."

I just listened trying to catch every story they were both telling me, over top one another. It wasn't until Edward stepped out that they stopped talking. A rarity. I grinned over at him just as my littlest brother started talking again, only this time not to update me on every little moment I missed with my old family... or just... my family.

"It's day time, how can you be out in the sun?" Isaac asks. "Will you drink my blood?" Josh blurts, ever so cautious (note sarcasm). I really wasn't surprised he lost a finger tip. "You'll be a vampire then." Isaac stated, looking thrilled by the concept rather than alarmed that his brother wanted to be bitten. "Not-ah, that's not how it works for us." My brothers did bicker, the faded memories started to resurface and my heart warmed being with them again. "You wanna bet." "Twenty dollars and you do my chores for a month." "Done." They were both off, cornering Edward.

"Bite me!" My brother exclaimed, pulling his blue puffy coat down to show his neck.

"It's for Science." My other brother agreed, pulling on Edwards sleeve a bit as if that will get him into motion. A little crack of a smile twitched at My vampires lips. It seems they amused him, too.

I started toward the house, knowing now that Angela would be there and hoping that Mrs. Weber would let me visit them. Perhaps with the Volturi gone she wouldn't be so... cold. I shivered and it had nothing to do with the snow.

Angela stepped out, looping her scarf around her neck in a rush before she spotted me and just left it dangling on her shoulder as she rushed forward. She was stronger than I expected and we both flew backwards, crunching into the snow together. Angela laughed as I tried to catch my breath she knocked from me. My face felt foriegn with such a huge smile after not really being happy for so long.

She looked me over before her arms wrapped around my head and she tucked me against her. She rushed out so many things... how sorry she was she didn't fight her mom to walk with me on my birthday- how she heard about my bio-dad. That she missed me so much and that she was so glad that we could finally be a family again. "All your things are in our room- I set it up already but if you want to change or arrange anything- I will help you."

I squeeze her too me and her muffled voice becomes unintelligible against my coat. Just a mumbling mess as I start to cry, so happy to have me family back. To see them again and be apart of them. The old crack in my heart started to fuse and I felt like my younger self. The naive girl who had known nothing about the world.

Mr. Weber was in the doorway, calling to us. "Come in! I made some tea. It's cold as a witch's tit out here." With a chuckle from all the mages and a very confused look from Edward, we all came toward the home. 'You're always warm there, witchling' Edward says in my head, perplexed. Phil stopped me on the porch to give me a hug. He'd been kind to me, but always let Mrs. Weber lead the way. With a hand on my face he studied me, a small smile graced his lips when he met my eyes. "I'm so glad you're home, Bella."

"I'm really happy to see you too, Mr. Weber." His brown eyes looked so lost and sad as he said really low. "I always wanted my kids to call me dad, so if you want... I know after Charlie and Carlisle..." I winced, but nodded, ducking into the house before he could say more. Carlisle was like a taboo topic at the Cullens. It was brushed upon but never said. No one wanted to be the one to pop that bubble, afraid of what would be wrought when the sorrow weighed us down.

Unhealthy or not, that's where I was at.

There was no Mrs. Weber. They never said where she went and I didn't ask. The house was nice, three bedrooms with a bathroom to share for showers and one to share with guests. Angela and I's room was very similar to the one we grew up in and all my books were there in a bookshelf behind my bed. I wouldn't be moving back in, as I had a new home and a family that needed me more than they did.

"But I would love to stay here sometime." I tried to bandage the ache I saw on my dear Angela's face with a quick amendment to my 'I have a home with the Cullen's now' but it was Mr. Weber that saved me.

"This is your home too, you don't have to call in advance, you don't have to knock. You have your own key and your own bed. Come whenever you want, how often you want and we will be here. We will come to you too, as that's what family does. We sure miss your cooking." There was a hearty chuckle and I didn't dare share that food was nothing to me now. I would never call Mr. Weber dad but as we were leaving (with many hugs and tears) I squeezed his hand and said "thank you, Phil." and that seemed to be enough for him.

It would have to be. My dad was dead and Carlisle was too. That title was sacred... and cursed.

Edward got on with Phil swimmingly. Angela gave him a more discerning look and she told me later she wasn't sold on Edward yet. I laughed as if there were any way to go back from where we were. Josh and Isaac were balls of energy. So excited to see and be with me again it was like their normal rough-and-tumble attitudes on steroids. They were going to start regular school up with us at Forks and even have some lessons with Esme when she was in a better place.

I'd love to host them in the greenhouse when that started up again.

As we were leaving I felt better, more whole than I have in a long time and I wondered if that was the hole I'd been feeling. That having my family back was enough to kickstart the healing. I squeezed Edward's hand on the stick shift, snuggled into the seat of the car and closed my eyes to relish in the peace that had settled in me over the past few hours of our visit.

"Was that good, then?" Edward asked, perhaps a little unsure of me.

"Silly Vampire, that was the best." I lazily opened my eyes to smile softly. So glad he tried to eat me all that time ago.

12:00am, Thursday
June 21th

Summer Solstice

The endless screaming, moaning and panting was wearing on me. I needed a shower with how sweaty I was, and when the twentieth hour had passed I really wished I could take a break to brush my teeth. I looked over at Edward, his gloved hands bloody but steady as he prepares a plastic pad on the table. The little instruments on his silver cart being taken out of their sterilized plastic covers.

"It's almost over." Emmett says, whispering down to Rose as he held up her leg on her other side. I adjusted my own grip on the leg I was holding, opposite him.

"You've been fucking saying that!" Rose hisses; sweaty, angry and exhausted. It's been over twenty four hours now. I'd lost count as I didn't actually know the time but I guess giving birth can take a long time, be complicated and honestly not an ounce fun. The whole never having children thing... it really didn't seem that bad after watching Rosalie vomit up white bile for the seventeen hundredth time since this baby started coming.

My feelings really changed when she begged for an epidural after she hit seven centimeters dilated and then how she cried and cried because she gave into the pain. She sobbed, saying how she failed her baby, how she had never felt so much pain in her life, but for her tiny little baby she should have suffered. That the drugs were for her benefit, and her first choice as a mom... she had picked herself over her baby. What echoed in my brain, what chilled me, was her statement that she would rather have a curse removed a hundred times than go through this torture.

Edward said her body and womb was not damaged by the curse. That this was just what childbirth looked like. That this was... normal. Although on the severe side.

I didn't agree with Rosalie's logic, I felt like if she wanted a pain free birth that was her call. I knew why she was upset, she had an expectation and that natural, loving, joyous, perfect birth imagined by her was not coming to fruition. She even cursed her mother. 'That nasty cunt gave birth to me in under 6 hours.' she'd whispered. 'Why do the bad people get good things?' I had no idea what to say to that. Emmett though, he told her that she was doing so well. That this baby was just special so needed extra effort to come into the world.

I just nodded, wide eyed and sad for Rose. After the effort she took to even get this baby growing, she had earned herself an easy six hour birth. Edward had told me privately that she was edging into the longest birth he had ever been apart of, that the baby had been large for that other mother. He had estimated the baby to be an eight-pounder but now he was thinking he may be even heavier.

Rose had gained a bunch of weight. She was seriously huge, but My vampire said she was still healthy. Just took the 'eat everything you want while pregnant' thing to heart. I didn't blame her, I missed eating. It had been one of my greatest joys.

"Rose, he is starting to crown. Would you like a mirror to see for yourself?" Edward asked, picking up a wide rectangular mirror with a handle. He didn't face it in our direction so the pale plastic back was all that shown. I looked down then at the gaping stretched mess going on between her legs. Rose must of nodded yes as Edward pivoted the mirror for her. I was horrified so I averted my gaze, wide eyed to look at my sweaty friend. Rose didn't look horrified at the slimy head coming out of her, she looked awed. As if it was beautiful. I peeked again thinking I must have missed something but it hadn't miraculously morphed into a pristine baby. This was the messiest thing I'd ever witnessed.

"Is that his hair?" She asked, and again I found myself looking. The light colored hair looked like it was glued down with a white film, it was hard to tell from here so Rose must have really studied the tiny bit of crown that was showing.

"Yes. He is blonde, like his mother. A few more hard pushes, okay?" Edward explained, his hands coming up to touch Rose on her lower stomach. "Push from here, use these muscles."

It was then that Esme got all a flutter. "The summer solstice during the power hour! He is going to be a powerful boy! You are doing so well, Rose, so good!" She gets her camera going, shooting some pictures as I steady my hold on Rose's leg. With each push she yells, her muscles tense and I actually see the top of his head push farther out into the world, before she pants in a breath releasing her muscles and his head retreats back in. As if he was shy.

"He's coming." Emmett says, actually sounding surprised as if a baby wasn't the end result of giving birth. "Push baby." He said, and I roll my eyes as Rose is in the middle of giving birth, she didn't forget what she needed to do here.

She fights, pushes and ever so slowly his head is forced more and more out of her. His forehead is completely out when she really starts screaming. Each push isn't a howl, it's a gut twisting, full-body scream. A warrior howl during battle. I remembered that from our war and I shivered when the same cord in my chest vibrated.

With just the top of his head showing I could see he had little eyebrows, and he is covered in this milky film. Like school glue before it dries. His eyes are shut, his ears are caked down and he is so small. Smaller than I had ever seen a person be before. She's giving it her every effort and with each push he is pushed out a centimeter and with each relaxed breath he retreats back in half a centimeter.

It's greweling.

His nose was so tiny. The rest of him came out easy once his head popped free. He slimed his way out and Edward was there to catch him. My vampire cleaned his face and I looked back at Rose, at the hole that was left behind. Holy. Shit. I am never having a baby! Esme coo'd at him, that baby reached up toward Rose and even exhausted I watch her reaching for her baby too with the last bit of her energy. My heart tightened and for a moment I thought... I will never have a baby... I will never know that love. I can see it, Rosalie falling in love with that slimy tiny person. She looks softer than I had ever seen her.

"Push, Rose." Edward says, startling me. The baby is already out. His hand is pushing on her stomach and his other had a hold of the umbilical cord. It looked like a vine made of chewed on white rubber with purple veins and that same white film. Rose barely pushed and a hunk of... something... just flopped out of her. It was large, with big veins extending to the umbilical cord. It looked like a liver and alarm spiked through me. Only the baby was supposed to come out. No one else seemed alarmed and in slow motion, Emmett cut the cord with a pair of scissors. It wasn't a clean slice, it seemed like it bounced back and he had to snip it a few times before the baby and the liver-thing separated.

Esme gave Rose a blanket and she helped clean off the white stuff off the little guy. That was when Edward started going to work on Rosalie's mushed up downstairs. He was sewing a needle through her flesh there and with wide eyes I watched as she grew puffy and swollen. Edward told me before that the human body is capable of amazing things, that she would heal and be back to her normal self in a week or two but I just... could not imagine ever being the same after that.

When he was finished sewing up whatever tore down there, he told Emmett and I that we could let her legs down. I had forgotten I was holding hers so I straightened her out. Emmett went up to ooh and awe over the little one so I pulled the blanket over her to give her some modesty back. Edward took his gloves off and stepped off to wash his hands. I took the opportunity to take a seat.

"Carlisle." Rose says, breaching the taboo topic. The name we never said. She kisses the blonde boy who had his tiny little fist clutched to Rosalie's shirt resting against her chest. He was content, after that traumatic entrance into the world, he hadn't cried even a tear. "His name is Carlisle Emmett Cullen." And I smiled, glad he would be a Cullen.

Edward took my hand and I flinched just a bit, being taken unawares. 'Talk to me.' He whispers and I smile sadly up at him.

'Just... Carlisle and that wasn't as... easy as I thought it would be.' I skipped over the ache I had over not ever having my own baby, that would fade and Edward didn't need that to worry about.

'Childbirth is traumatic, but the mind is amazing, she will forget the pain and the suffering. She will remember the love and the beginning of her son's life. Her body will heal and all will be just as it was.' I smile, squeezing his hand and leaning my head against his torso beside my chair.

"He looks like you, Rose." Emmett says, his big hand dwarfing the baby's head as he feels the fine hairs there. "When will his eyes open?" He asks and Rose smiles with a little whispy voice she says "Whenever he is ready, he will open them." She is so tired and it doesn't take long after she passes her sweet bundle to Emmett to hold that she falls asleep. Esme is next and she's crying over the little boy as she diapers him and dresses him before she puts him in the bassinet beside his mother's bed. Emmett is watching, asking in whispered tones about how often you feed the baby and how to change a diaper. Rose and baby Carlisle are sleeping as Esme takes some more pictures. His newborn hat is too big on his head and his tiny tiny fingers look so soft. Ever so tentatively I brush Baby Carlisle's cheek and it is the most silky thing I have ever felt.

I may never have a baby of my own, but I would love this one. I will be the best damn godmother and aunt there ever was.


Twilight © 2005 by Stephanie Meyer

Note: If there is enough interest I will post an epilogue and possibly some outtakes. Let me know. Apologies again about the year break. ;)