Title: Fourth of July

Summary: Twenty one-shots of pure graphic porn.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Warnings: Any and everything is a possibility in this one.

Chapter One: Oral

While he was not exactly certain what condition he was going to find the ever righteous Captain America in when he found him, he was definitely not expecting this. Fury had informed them all earlier that while Steve was out on a reconnaissance mission, all contact had been cut and the blonde vanished. Finding the star-spangled man with a plan was rather simple; he had planted trackers into the modified uniforms of his not-quite acquaintances/not-quite friends without them knowing of it yet. Slipping into the building was easy and finding his way to the blonde superhero was even easier. Looking into the rooms, he eventually froze in place, eyes widening as he looked the soldier up and down, grateful that he did not have the foresight to tell the other Avengers about the trackers or where he was headed.

In a dark room, Steve was kneeling in the center with thick metal slabs that was encasing his thighs and bolted to the floor. Bare thighs; Tony could not help but notice. Opening his faceplate, for a reason he could not quite think of, Tony stepped closer as his eyes ran up his teammate's figure. He noticed the thick chains that wrapped around Steve's elbows all the way to his wrists, pulling his body tight as the metal reached to the ceiling where it was bolted far above his head.

"Sir, your pulse is speeding up," JARVIS cut in, making the genius clear his throat.

"Y-yeah," the billionaire breathed, "I know." Dark brown eyes trailed down the chain-encompassed arms to the blonde hair that was deliciously mussed on top of the Captain's head. White cloth was wrapped around his blue eyes, keeping the patriotic superhero blind to his surroundings while a larger strip was rolled around itself and tied around his mouth, the material tied tightly to gag him and keep all but silent muffles from Captain stifled. Tony licked his lips at the sight of the pale-pink lips parted but the white fabric that was forced between his teeth, his heart hammering at the sight as he eyes continued to travel further south. "Don't worry about it, JARVIS," he dismissed as he ran his eyes down the expanse of the super soldier's bare chest.

There was no denying that the blonde was well cut; he spent more time in the gym that all of the other Avengers combined. It certainly was not hurting anything. His eyes traveled lowered, taking in the golden trail of hair that started at the underside of his navel. Unable to stop himself from following the trail, Tony swallowed thickly when his eyes landed on the treasure at the bottom of that happy trail. He could tell that his arc reactor was working harder with the way his heart was beating rapidly in his chest. His mouth went dry at the sight of the impressive length that lied limp between the blonde's bare thighs. Very toned, bare thighs.

"Well, well, Cap," Tony called out, trying to sound confident and snarky instead of like a horny schoolgirl. His eyes remained on the blonde's tense body, not missing how he jerked against his bindings and faced his direction. At least his ears were not plugged. Stepping into the room, the suit's metal clanked loudly against the rough concrete flooring. It was amusing to see how the blonde was trying to keep track of his whereabouts by sound alone while his body was spread and pulled tight. It was definitely an arousing sight that reminded the playboy of his younger days; days spent by touching himself while thinking of his father's golden boy. Captain America. Looking at the prostrate figure in the middle of the room, he could not help but marvel at the wonders the serum had done and just how golden the man actually was.

Hell, he looked as wonderful as fireworks on the Fourth of July!

And the irony of that thought was that it actually was said day.

"Happy Independence Day to me," Tony breathed as he stepped closer to the leader of the Avengers, murmuring for JARVIS to stay quite in the meantime. He crouched in front of the blonde's slightly damp body, taking in the sight of yellowed bruises, part of him wondering if everything about the man was golden. "Don't worry, Cap," he said cheerfully as his eyes sparkled in mischief, not missing how the muscles in the Captain's abdomen twitched at the sound of his voice. "I'll free you. Promise." The suit was feeling rather stuffy and far too hot as the brunette tore his gaze away from his childhood hero to look at the metal that was binding his thighs to the concrete.

Rather than stand up and walk around the hero, Tony stayed in his position, just leaning up and looking over the blonde's shoulder to look at the slabs. Whoever it was who did this, Tony was definitely going to have to thank them. Cement studs bolted the metal into the floor, making it damn near impossible for a normal person, let alone a restrained super soldier, to get out of the situation alone. Whistling, the billionaire patted his leader's slim hip, grinning at the muffled huff from the other man.

"I've got good news and bad news for you, Cap. Which do you want first?" he teased playfully, certain that the ever good patriot would be casting a disapproving look his way if he was not blindfolded. "Oh, don't get your panties in a bunch! Oh, wait!" he continued, grinning even more at the bright flush that had began to engulf Steve's face, neck, and ears. "You aren't wearing panties, are you? Dirty, dirty, Cap. Didn't you know that it's downright naughty to leave the Tower without your panties? Some people could consider that simply...slutty." A perverse and amused grin overcame Tony's face as he watched his fearless leader squirm against his bindings. It was very erotic watching how the large muscles strained against his skin, pulsing as he tried to break free. "Relax, Cap! I'm teasing..." he muttered as his hand slipped from the blonde's hip to fondle his leader's soft cock. "Kind of."

Another muffled sound came from Steve as his blush intensified. "I've got to say, Captain America," Tony murmured as his other hand reached up and rest against the blonde's flushed cheek. "The good news is that I can free your hands." Right at that second, knowing that the impressive length of his Captain, his leader, and his teenage wet dream was hardening in his hand because of him, he wanted nothing more than to be out of his suit. "The bad news," he murmured as he leaned closer, his tongue darting across the soft, pink lips of his Captain, "is that I can't free your legs. And I can't tell you just how much I want to free them."

Yet another muffled sound came from the restrained man and Tony took that as a sign of agreement and encouragement. "But that doesn't mean that we can't have a little fun in the meantime. Sure, we can't do anything really dirty; I'm in my suit, after all. But we can still have fun. What do you say, Captain? Want to have some fun before I call for help?" While he stroked the hard flesh between the good Captain's spread thighs, the brunette leaned forward and nipped on the blonde's bottom lip, sucking the abused flesh between his lips and rolling his tongue over it, grinning at the slight nod of Steve's head. "I'm so glad you agree, Spangles. Don't go anywhere!"

Pulling back from the blonde, Tony grinned at the annoyed and confused expression on his face. "Relax. It's not like we can easily do the horizontal tango with you in that position and me in my suit. We'll just, have to take this a little slower than I would like. But definitely faster than you would," the brunette said as he grinned, his dark eyes looking over Steve's position once more as he swallowed dryly. The blonde's cock was engorged and standing upright proudly. Hell, if he was packing something as thick or as long as the golden boy was, he would probably wear even tighter spandex in his uniform or just walk around naked.

Naked was a very good look on Steve. He could probably get all crime to end just by walking outside like that...

Humming softly to himself, the brunette quickly debated whether or not it would be a mood killer to have AC/DC playing in the background. He quickly ended that mental argument by deciding that it would be best not to spook the righteous patriot before the fun even began. And if he did a good job, there was a chance for even more fun activities in the future! Spurred by that thought, Tony quickly stood back before dropping to all fours and looking up. The massive girth of Captain America's cock was standing to attention right in front of his face. While Tony had been very adventurous in his teenage days, he knew that his ability to suck cock was surely rusty. Not that he would ever admit to such a thing out loud. Even though he was one of the first to admit that he had a large mouth, he also was not certain that he would be able to fit even half of the star-spangled man's length in his mouth without gagging and choking on it.

Granted, it would be one hell of a way to die.

As he reached out and cupped the blonde's impressive balled in his metal-encased palm, a wide grin flitted to his face at the thought that this could quite possibly be the first time that anyone had ever given Captain America head. Pride swelled in his chest at a muffled grunt above him. It definitely was not one of discomfort. Going with his new-found courage at the sound, Tony leaned forward and opened his mouth, his tongue darting out to run up the throbbing vein along the underside of the blonde's cock. The super soldier let out another muffled sound as he squirmed deliciously in his bindings, making Tony feel all the more proud. He flicked his tongue across the flared tip that was slick with a bit of precum dripping from the slit near to tip of the crowned head.

As the salty fluid hit his tongue, the genius licked his lips while his mind raced with the implications. There was a hint of something sweet in the viscous fluid, something that had him wondering if the blonde had taken to eating sweet berries earlier in the day or if it was simply something that was a part of Steve. He continued to fondle and cup the blonde's balls while his tongue dragged up and down the impressive length of the Captain's cock, slicking up every vascular inch of the man's girth. Stopping short of where the blonde curls met the base of his length, the playboy could not stop himself from pressing his face against the patch of blonde hair and breathing deeply, taking in a sweet and feminine scent. A scent that he recognized but took a minute to place as the body wash that he had Pepper pick out as a gift for the Captain's "Sorry I was a douchebag to you" basket after the whole Loki incident.

He remembered the blonde had flushed brilliantly before trying to give it back to him, even going as far as claiming that it was his fault and that he had picked the fight against him at the time.

"Damn, Steve," Tony moaned as he looked up at the strongly-built soldier, his brown eyes taking in every twitch of his muscled as the heavy rise and fall of his pectorals. "You smell good. JARVIS, remind me to buy more of that crap Pepper bought him and send it to the good Captain."

"Affirmative, sir," JARVIS chimed. "Should we not-"

"Not now, JARVIS," the brunette cut in before pressing a soft kiss to the blonde's hip. Moving back, he pressed more kisses along the hero's cock as his own pulsed with need. Ignoring his own needs for the time being, the genius made his way up the blonde's length before taking the flushed and damp crown into his mouth, sucking heavily and making a louder sound come from his Captain. Humming as he drew more of the fluid out of the head with his sucking, Tony reached out with his other hand to slowly stroke up and down the length that he could not easily swallow. Taking in more of the length as he sucked, the billionaire had to pull back when he got overzealous and pushed more of the blonde's cock in his mouth than he was able to take. Coughing and gagging around the flesh, Tony pulled back as he sputtered. "Sorry! Sorry, that was all me!" he offered as he wiped the saliva off of his chin. He breathed heavily to regain his composure before running his tongue up the underside once more, gathering the fluid that dribbled down the crowned head once more, making sure that none of it was wasted while his mind raced to dissect and pick out what was causing the sweet note across his palette.

Tony opened his mouth once more to swallow the crowned head whole, not missing the rapid pulse against his tongue as he sucked even harder. His own heart was hammering rapidly in his chest and he was certain that his arc reactor was getting a run for its money trying to keep him alive at the moment. Pumping his hand faster, the brunette continued to take in as much of Steve's cock as he could, dragging his flat teeth across the sensitive skin as he sucked and slowly bobbed his head back and forth while his hand picked up its pace. He tightened his grip around the thick member as he stroked him faster, eliciting another muffled sound from the bound superhero before hot liquid hit the back of his throat suddenly.

Gagging once more, Tony pulled back as he swallowed as much of the salty cum as he could while some of the liquid still dripped down his chin as he sputtered. "Jeez, Cap! I'd tell you to warn a guy, but I haven't exactly un-gagged you, huh?" Chuckling to himself, he leaned forward and licked the blonde clenched before rising to his knees and moving so he was chest-to-chest with his flushed leader. Reaching up, he pulled the blindfold over Steve's face, smiling when his brilliant blue eyes fluttered open and revealed the cobalt orbs that were heavily dilated. "There's those baby blues," Tony nearly purred as he grinned shamelessly, his cock still throbbing in his pants.

Running his metallic fingers across the blonde's flushed face, Tony gently pulled the white material out of Steve's mouth before pressing his cum-slick lips to the pale-pink lips of the taller male. Forcing his tongue into the other man's mouth, he eagerly kissed the blonde before murmuring against his lips, "Don't move." A loud sound filled the air around them as the metal chained snapped, the edges of the metal red and soft to the touch, melted away from a repulsor blast. "Now don't get too carried away," he muttered as he pulled his head away from Steve's gently lowering the limbs until they were right in front out his chest but still stretched out. "Let the blood come back on its own, it's going to suck, though." A nod came from the blonde as he kept his arms still.

"...They tingle," Steve mumbled as though he was embarrassed, his voice soft and adorable in every way. It was like he was shy about having to admit that the great Captain America got the needle-like feeling in his arms after being chained up for who knows how long.

"Just wait for it to pass, you baby," Tony teased with a grin as he began to unwrap the chains, freeing Steve's arms completely. "There you go. JARVIS, activate the communication lines with the other Avengers."

"You are open, sir," his AI replied, making the brunette grin devilishly. A look that man the Captain a bit nervous.

"Hey guys, I found the good Captain. We're going to need something to cut through concrete bolts and about a solid inch of steel. Bruce, you'll find everything in the lab. Oh, and someone needs to grab Cap a pair of pants. After all, it'd be rude if you all stared at his bare naked ass all day long," Tony said loudly over the link, grinning that the replies that he got in return before cutting the link and looking at Steve once more. "As for you, Rogers-" Strong hands gripped the brunette by his forearms before he was pulled into a chaste kiss, his mind spinning at the feeling of soft lips crashing firmly against his own, slightly chapped lips. "...Woah..."

"...You have some... stuff... on your chin," the blonde offered up with a meek and sweet smile that made the playboy's heart flutter in his chest.

"Cum," Tony replied blithely as he grinned. "Does that make you shy, Captain Panty-less?"

"Be quiet, Stark."

""Stark?" Come on, Cap, I just sucked your dick! Weren't you ever told to play nice with your toys?"

"Wh-what? You're not-"

"Speaking of toys, we'll have to try some when were get back to my Tower," the brunette continued as he winked, laughing at the way that the blonde flushed. "How do you feel about cock rings?"

"...I know of one ring and it doesn't go anywhere near a rooster," Steve answered as his face flushed even darker.

"Oh, are you in for a treat! JARVIS, make a reminder: show Steve the wonders of sex toys!"

"Right away, sir," JARVIS commented as the great Captain American groaned in humiliation.

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