Title: Fourth of July

Summary: Twenty one-shots of pure, graphic porn.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Warnings: Any and everything is a possibility in this one.

Chapter Eighteen: Slow-Build

Steve smiled softly to himself as he drove down the street on his motorcycle. Miss Romanoff and Agent Barton had offered him a place to stay inside of SHIELD on behalf of Director Fury but he thought it was best to go and see what the country had gone through over the decades. He felt comfortable knowing that the agents would take care of each other while all of the Avengers went their separate ways. Thor had just returned to Asgard and he was certain that the warrior would return after Loki had been punished; he had said that his Miss Jane and Miss Darcy planned on celebrating his return with a glorious celebration of Pop-Tarts and that meant that he would return as soon as he could manage. He had seen Doctor Banner slip into Stark's car before the pair of scientists sped off; and it made sense that they paired off like that. The scientists had paired off, the agents had paired off, and the blonde fighters were going their separate ways.

He was not sure where he was going to head to first; there were plenty of directions that he could have taken considering that he was trying to learn about everything that had changed. Steve figured that perhaps visiting New England would be best; from what he had heard, the northern states on the east coast were more relaxed than the hustle and bustle of New York. Figuring that he could start in Maine and work his way down the Eastern coast, the super soldier followed the traffic signs as best as he could, stopping only when his gas tank was running low and he had lost track of where he was.

Stepping into the little market that sold gasoline, Steve looked around, pausing at all of the bright colors that met his eyes. Ignoring the packaging of all of the supposed snacks, he made his way to the front counter, asking the inappropriately-dressed teenager where exactly he was. The young man looked him up and down with a sneer before telling him that he was in Vermont. Nodding, the soldier paid for gasoline before filling his tank, knowing that he was getting closer to his starting point as the sun began to set. He had just barely sat down on his motorcycle before a tinny sound began to echo by his side.

Quickly moving off of his motorcycle, Steve opened his little side bag, frowning when the sound grew more clear and he could make out the sound of drums. He tone was familiar; something that he had heard many times before... His fingers grasped at a metal device, plucking it out of his bag as tinny voices began to call out.

"Who's strong and brave, here to save the American way?"

Steve groaned as he covered the glass and metal device with his hands, trying to drown out the song or at least muffle it as best as he could. A young couple looked at him and snickered as they stepped out of their car and he could feel his ears burning in embarrassment, knowing that somehow, some way, Tony Stark was the person behind this.

"Who vows to fight like a man for what's right night and day?"

He was going to kill him. Captain America and Iron Man or not, he was going to kill Stark for this. Steve could not even see any buttons and no way to turn off that embarrassing reminder from his past without slamming the delicate-looking device against the ground. Glancing around the now empty parking lot, the soldier uncovered the small item, wincing when the singing and music grew louder. He shook it, hoping something would happen and let out a sigh of relief when it suddenly lit up.

A picture of Stark appeared bright and eager on the front of the small thing with two little words written underneath it. "Accept" and "Decline" stood out brightly and the super soldier realized that this thing was supposed to be a phone; he remembered Agent Coulson showing him some of those things before Director Fury... Loki, actually... Well, before what happened actually happened. Steve had lost many soldiers but that did not make it any easier to lose the man that was more than willing to help catch him up to speed on different things.

Sighing, Steve pressed down on the button that allowed him to accept the call, blinking when the face of one of his friend's only son appeared across the glass screen. "Hey, Cap!" the genius called out, grinning far too widely to be considered even remotely innocent. "You forgot something at my Tower." The Captain frowned as he thought back to when he has set foot into the ugly building that Stark was so proud of. He remembered walking in with the rest of the Avengers; he was wearing his uniform and carrying his shield, the exact same things that he walked out of the crumbling Tower with.

"Really now?" If he sounded annoyed it had something to do with the song that Stark had gotten, without a doubt, from Howard's old belongings. It was not something that he was going to be quick to forgive.

In an instant, the brunette was holding up a ring of keys that were decorated with red, white, and blue. "I know what you're thinking; "But, Tony, there's no doors with keys at your beautiful and stunning Tower!" I know. Pep helped me think of ways to get you to agree to moving in with the rest of the team and what better way than giving you your own set of keys?"

Unsure if the man was openly mocking him or not, Steve frowned. "I don't think that would be a wise thing, Stark." the soldier said, pausing at the way that the playboy's face fell.

"What? Why not? I thought you got over that whole-"

"You're Howard's son," Steve cut in, hoping that he got his point across. It was far too soon; the hurt was still fresh. He still had to get used to the fact that everyone in his life was gone. He did not even have time to mourn for Bucky before having to down Schmidt's plane into the ocean. Having to deal with Peggy and Howard's deaths, as well as those of the Howling Commandos… It was going to take even longer to come to terms with the fact that Howard had a son who actually despised him. Even more to acknowledge that it was entirely his fault. Maybe if he did not jump down the man's throat at the very first time he played around with Doctor Banner the genius would have hated him less.

But maybes solved nothing.

"Yeah, I'm his son," Stark spat out. Steve did not know why he seemed to harbor such hatred for his father; maybe he just hated everything from his time and that made it easier to hate himself, but that was too far of a leap to make. "I can never measure up to the old man."

"That's not it at all." So it seemed that the younger/older Stark was feeling inferior when compared to Howard. "When I last saw Howard..." Steve trailed back, thinking about how recent the encounter was in his mind. He had seen the future of their generation standing beside Peggy before he was going to confront the Red Skull. Peggy had actually hugged him and ordered him to take Schmidt down. Then engineer gave him a grin and wink as he promised to keep Agent Carter safe. When he nodded and turned to leave the room, he felt the genius swat his rear playfully before he was told to "Go get 'em." And that was seventy years ago. It felt like weeks to him and the time gap was going to take a while to adjust to. There was no quick fix, no magic, nothing to help him. "He was going to perfect flying cars and he was helping us all out during the war with his inventions. And now… Now he's-"

"Dead," Stark finished, not sounding the least bit broken up about the fact. "He's been dead for thirty years, Cap. Nothing's going to change that. So just...come home? Spend time with us. I already got Tweety and our Scarlet Recluse to join Jekyll and Fabio. All we need is our Superman. Come back."

"It hasn't even been a day." It was almost frightening how quickly the brunette moved. He had to have asked Thor before he left because he was fairly certain that Director Fury had mentioned that there was no real way for them to communicate between the two planets. Last he heard from the agents, they were not moving in with Stark so that meant that he had to have spoken to them after they had all parted ways. Steve also remembered his offer to Doctor Banner shortly after meeting him so it was no surprise when they left together. That had to mean that the genius was speaking to him last.

For a strategic standpoint, it made some sense. Steve knew that he was the only one on the team that Stark had a problem with; he got on fairly well with Miss Romanoff, joked around with Agent Barton, fought with Thor but still palled around with him, and immediately formed a bond with Doctor Banner that he had seen few people ever make. But the genius knew what he was doing: he was playing to the leader in Captain America. He thought that if he could get everyone else to move into that ugly tower, he could convince him to do so as well. He just happened to forget one thing: Steve did not belong.

He was not an assassin agent.

He was not a genius scientist.

He was not a warrior alien.

He was a guy from Brooklyn who fought in the Second World War.

He did not have a suit of armor that could fly, he did not mutate into a creature that was practically invincible, he did not have a hammer and could control storms, nor did he have impeccable aim or the impressive flexibility to knock someone out just by bending the right way or kicking high enough. He was just a guy with a shield who wanted to protect people from harm's way.

Letting him know that he had gotten the entire team of fighters together did little for the soldier; he was not a part of the team like the rest were. He did not bond with the others because he had met them right before the fight on the streets of Manhattan. It was not like the rest of the Avengers, who were all intertwined in some form or another; either by brief mentioning or knowing each other for years. Steve knew none of them and only knew Howard Stark. He had no ties and no relationships; he figured that it would be best to sort things out in his head for a while before even attempting to get close to any of them. He could visit the graves of those that he lost and tour the country like he used to do back when he was selling war bonds.

"A lot can happen in a New York minute," Stark quipped, a smile gracing his face but not meeting his eyes. "Come on, Cap-"

"Sorry, Stark," Steve cut off before looking out at the road. "While you have good intentions, I don't think that's going to work out right now."

"Seriously? Do you know just how many people would kill, absolutely kill, to be able to live in Stark Tower?"

"Feel free to give them my key. Now, not to be rude, but I've got a lot of road to travel so how do I turn this thing off?"

"I'll keep in touch, Cap," Tony promised before there was a soft click. Steve blinked as he pulled the device away from his head, shrugging at the dark screen and tucking the phone into his bag before driving off once more.

He would like nothing more than to say that it had ended there but Stark appeared to be just as stubborn as his father. He had barely made it out of Maine when the phone buzzed a shrill tune. Luckily for the blonde, he was in a motel for the night and had the time to fiddle with the darn thing and found a message scrawled across the screen.

"Ready to move in yet?"

Steve rolled his eyes at the text and took a few minutes to figure out how to text the man back.


"You have your own floor."

"Still a no."

"Why are you so damn stubborn? Didn't SHIELD thaw your thick head out of your ass already?"

"I'm not moving in, Stark."

"Do I have to beg? 'Cause I'm not going to beg!"

"You don't have to do anything."

"Fine, I'll beg."

"I'm not moving in."



"Please move in?"


"The Justice League needs you, Superman!"

"Captain America."

"Do you want to make Iron Man cry? I'll cry. I'm crying right now, Rogers."

"Goodnight, Stark."

Ignoring the next text of "PLEASE?", Steve turned off the bedside lamp and turned in for the night, preparing to drive around the state of Maine early in the morning.

He managed to make it the entire day without being interrupted by Stark, unfortunately, that left him surprised when it actually happened. He did not expect much as he looked over at the choppy water, pausing when his ears picked up a tinny whine that he had heard before.


Frowning, Steve straightened his back as the suit of brightly painted armor that landed beside him. "Problem, Stark?" He assumed that it was something that was not SHIELD or Avenger related as Director Fury would have tracked him down in an instant and briefed him on what was going to happen.

"Big problem!"


"You still haven't moved into Stark Tower."

"…Are you serious?"

"Like your face during a meeting with Fury."

"I'm not moving in, Stark."


"I'm not moving in, Tony," Steve corrected, wondering when he had made the jump to a first-name basis with Howard's son. Nothing had changed between them; he was still a pushy jerk and the soldier still had to find out where he stood with the brunette before he could even think about moving in with him.

"You're breaking my shiny, new heart, Cap," Tony replied, clasping his gauntleted hands over the glowing circle in the armor's chest piece. "Please move in? We're like a bunch of breakouts from a loony bin over there. Bruce is holed away in his lab, playing with shiny things, Clint's hiding in vents, stealing said shiny things, Thor's still in Asgard but he'll be back breaking toasters in no time and dragging his girlfriends around - nice eye candy, by the way - and I've got both Pep and Fury harassing me, ME, little ol' innocent me to keep them in line. Personally, I would shoot them all if I could but Widow's got me afraid to sleep at night in my bed. Seriously. Move in. Stark Industries, not to mention my stunningly beautiful Stark Tower, depend on it. Possibly even my testicles. You never know. And I really can't be threatened to be tased and drool while Fury reads protocols to me again. That's torture. The anticipation almost as bad as the actual event. PLEASE?"

Steve blinked slowly as his mind worked on quickly deciphering all that the brunette had rambled out as quickly as he could. "...If I move in-"

"Oh, thank God, Cap!"

"IF," the blonde reiterated. "If I move in, I'm going to earn my keep."

"Keep them in line and you will. Promise. Swear. Pinky swear!" Tony cheerfully called out, holding out his pinky finger to the soldier. Steve sighed before completing the gesture.

"I'll be there in a few days."

"Days? What? Uh, no! Vetoed! You're coming there with me right now!"

"I'm not abandoning my bike," the blonde countered, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"You won't. I'll drop you off at the Tower and swing back for this beauty and put her in the garage. You sort out the hooligans so I can finally get some sleep!"

Steve sighed and that quickly blurred into a flurry of motion, leaving the blonde to sort out the hassles of his team in the Tower while Iron Man flew off to get his bike. Sorting out everyone was simple enough; he had managed to pull out a cookbook and by the time the first batch of cookies was being pulled out of the oven, both Clint and Natasha were standing behind him. The redhead nodded at him before plating some of the hot desserts on a plate and walking off, her heels clicking and distracting him from noticing that Clint had made off with the remaining cookies on the tray.

Somehow, that had dissolved into the blonde making dinner for everyone; the group grabbing their plates before scampering off to different parts of the Tower. Natasha had been gracious enough to explain JARVIS to him, even though it did not stop him from tensing every time the calm voice called out and directed him to his room or the others.

Two weeks into their shared dinners, Clint had brought up that the best way for Steve to adjust to the future would be for him to travel. Tony quickly shot that down and Bruce recommended reading up on history. The archer shot that idea down and Natasha smirked and told him to roam the streets of New York. The way she said it, though, led the blonde to believe that something far more sinister was at foot and he did not want to walk right into the trap.

"Take college courses?" Clint offered with a shrug.

"Really? Captain America in a History 101? Don't be stupid," Tony sniped.

"Again: reading," Bruce offered as he bit down onto his piece of chicken.

"Russian literature would help him more than the books you have," Natasha shot back. "Explore."

"Fuck no!" the engineer cried out. "Not happening! Nope. Do you know how long it took me to get him to come here?"

"Two days?" Bruce put forward with a small grin.

"A lot shorter than I bet," Clint grinned.

"Long enough for me to clean out Clint's savings account," Natasha smirked.

"Exactly!" He pointed a finger at Steve before repeating himself, "You, Capiscle, are NOT wandering around the country. Do you know what Thor would do if he found you all by your lonesome?"

"Hug him to death?" Clint grinned. "I'd pay to see that. ...Well, I can't now..."

"Fury might go on the warpath if Captain America was hugged to death by Thor," Bruce quipped as he continued to eat.

"And I cannot deal with that! We're going to educate you the old-fashioned way: Google!" Tony smirked. Whatever it was that he was offering, Steve was not too certain that it was a good thing judging by the groans coming from his companions.

"Movies!" Clint demanded.


"I rather like the idea of movies," Natasha countered.

"Cliché," Tony groaned as he dropped his head onto the table. "Why don't we just stick him in a room full of old newspapers?"

"You do know that SHIELD gave me a varied group of materials to learn from, right?" Steve asked, wondering just when they were going to stop bickering. As his words went unheeded and the Avengers bickered, he served himself a second helping of the baked pasta dish. Somehow, the topic had been settled with each of the Avengers allotting time to spend catching the Captain up to current times using their preferred methods. Tony, though, bounced between his methods and soon their shared time together turned into both men hanging out together. The blonde never knew exactly what it was that the eccentric man would have in store for him - some days it was a new type of food, some days disturbing videos that were meant to shock him...and they worked.

At first, Clint had given Steve knowing looks whenever he passed him in the hallways for Stark Tower, winking or doing something with either his tongue or hips that always made him stammer and scramble to get away from the archer. Then Natasha joined in, her face blank as she stared at him in a way that made him feel as though the redhead could see every aspect of his life. Bruce just ignored him until he managed to get hit in the temple with a wrapped condom that the archer had flung around the living room. Then he pulled the Captain aside to tell him about the advancements in prophylactics. It was then that Steve wished to be back in the icy waters of the Arctic.

The individual times eventually blended into a single day of the week, but Tony still managed to keep his allotted time with the blonde, dragging him out of meetings and showing him the "wonders" of the internet and the melting pot that was New York culture.

The calm, though, was quickly ended when Fury had called all of the Avengers in due to a disturbance in New Jersey. Tony had brushed it off, claiming that any damage that was done to that pitiful trash of a state could only be an improvement. Natasha sat stone-faced while Clint decided to defend the Garden state just to make sure to annoy the brunette genius. Bruce could not help but smile as he watched the engineer point out all of the flaws with Jersey just to have the archer shoot him down efficiently.

"Are you two finished?!" Fury snapped, drawing the attention of all of the Avengers and making Steve feel as though he had let the Director down by not keeping his teammates in line better.

"He started it!" Tony claimed, pointing a metal-clad finger at Clint.

"Me?! He's the one-"

"Enough," Steve cut in, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "We have a mission to complete."

"Anyone else get a chill when he does that?" Tony snarked, looking around the room. "No? Just me? That's- Wow... Really?"

"Stark, I swear to all things holy-" the Director snarled, effectively getting the genius to stop with a hard stare. "Now, like it or not, Stark, New Jersey is an important part of these fifty states and you lot of children have a duty to protect the good citizens of every state. Get going!

He should have seen it coming.

Should have known it was all some ploy to separate the team.

Tony huffed as he paced through the hallway of SHIELD's medical bay, the heavy armor of his boots clanging loudly against the freshly waxed floors. His dark eyes kept flicking to the closed door, making sure not to stray to his bruised and bloody teammates that were pacing around just as equally or seething. He could still hear the thunder rumbling ominously outside as Thor wrung his large hands over the handle to Mjolnir, could even hear Clint's squawk of "Cap's down!" right when the whole mission turned to shit.

He really, really fucking hated New Jersey.

And, while Steve could probably come up with all of the good things from the trashy Garden State, the engineer did not have his stern voice reprimanding him for reaming the land that housed the Jersey Shore so he could think and say whatever he wanted. After all, Pepper already shot down his idea of buying the state and fencing it off from the rest of the world.

He also blamed Fury. The asshole went on and on about how they had to dispatch the overgrown crabs that were infesting the state - honestly, it was so poetically just that Tony nearly shed a tear at the sadistic juxtapositioning of CRABS running rampant in NEW JERSEY. Not once did he mention that HYDRA was behind the mutant shellfish. And, while he often ignored whatever battle plans Fury was busy rambling in favor of keeping tabs on the glaring eye and scrolling through his phone, he definitely would have dropped all of that if one of their - to be horribly cliché - mortal enemies was behind an attack. Even if it were Cap's instead of his own. Which, really, would have set off more alarm bells in his head that if he had heard that Stane had come back from the dead.

Because wherever HYDRA was, there were special weapons designed to take down Captain America. And he would not put it past those bastards to be trying to figure out how to bring Red Skull back from the dead. Reports were still iffy on what happened to the maniacal asshole.

So, if he had known that HYDRA was creating giant crabs, he would have made sure that JARVIS would have kept at least one camera on their super soldier at all times. Instead, he was too busy trying to keep them from scratching the paint job while listening to Thor's bellows about the feast that they will have on such creatures - not that he was willing to eat New Jersey crabs of any kind - to notice the sudden onslaught on their leader. Clint was the only one who caught it - and while listening to Fury snap about how the fuck this happened was a colorful mix of more swears than sentences, Tony was busy enough wondering if they got to the mother of all mother hens in time - and the only one willing to bitch out the Director about it as well. Natasha paced behind the archer during the hissing match of SHIELD Agents and Director. As much as he wanted to record the tongue-lashing, or get out of his shellfish-smelling suit as soon as possible, he did not want to miss what was going to happen when the questionable-at-best "doctor" returned.

He looked like hell. That was all that Tony could think as he looked down at the pale blonde that was lying in the bed. On the plus side, he was awake and already sitting up, picking at his bandages. On the negative side - and he could point out a LOT of negatives with the sight in front of him - he was awake, sitting up, and picking at his bandages. "If you scratch, it'll spread," the engineer quipped, eyeing the flimsy-looking chair before opting to stand lest he fall flat on his ass.

"I don't think that works for burns," Steve countered, looking up at his relieved teammates. "Status?"

"Jersey survives to pollute the country," the brunette retorted.

"And the team?"

"Avenging," Tony shrugged, moving to sit beside the bed before patting the blonde's arm and grinning. "So, Lion King?"


"Clint's decided that we're watching Disney once we get back to the Tower. It's either the Lion King or the Little Mermaid. Trust me, you want the Lion King. Much less gay." Steve rose an eyebrow and Stark could not help but continue on. "Seriously, a bunch of grown men and one woman all watching a half-fish-half girl find her true love after losing her voice to a half-octopus-half-hag? I'd rather watch cuddly-looking lion babies."

"The Lion King it is," Steve agreed just as Clint walked into the room.

"Ha! Suck it, Barton! No mermaids for you!"

Natasha smirked slightly as she watched Tony sling an arm around Steve's shoulders, his fingers grabbing at the firm muscles as he led the taller man into his workshop.

"'Tasha, you seen-"

"He's with Tony," she cut in, making her partner-in-crime pause before groaning.

"Again? That's the sixth time this week! And it's TUESDAY!"

"Well, Hawk, when two stubborn people want into each others' pants-"

"I can't hear you! La-la-la!" the archer cried out, covering his ears with his hands as he stomped away. "And tell them to practice safe sex!"

"Tony, no," Pepper laughed, batting away his hands. "You're going to a board meeting and you are not wearing a Captain America hoodie there. Dress nicely."

"What's not nice about Cap?" the brunette asked innocently as he batted his eyes at his CEO, pouting when she handed him a suit.

"Should I have JARVIS remind you of all of the things you've said about him behind his back?"

"In my defense, most of those involved his ass and you've seen his ass, Pep!"

Pink lips curved into a smile as she steered him towards the bathroom, "Stop daydreaming about your boyfriend and get ready, Mister Stark!"

Unfortunately, that thought stuck with the engineer for months. So much so, in fact, that the next time he ran into the blonde, who was casually eating a large lunch at the dining room table, he shrieked and spun around, leaving a confused soldier in his wake. He took to questioning Bruce, who just stared at him like he was a slow child who had just figured out that stoves get hot and you should not touch them. Clint laughed in his face before leaving the room. Natasha, damn her soul, handed him a box of condoms before walking off. Thor smiled brightly and congratulated them on their coupling.

He took to locking the blonde out of his lab, working hours that were longer once more - having been informed by JARVIS just how his time in the lab had depreciated when he was spending the day with Steve. He could, and did, ignore the disapproving glares that were thrown his way by a different Avenger every time he left a room that the Captain was in with ease. What he could not handle was the sad, kicked-puppy looks that the blonde would give him whenever he saw him leaving.

"You're an idiot," a voice called out with a lack of bite. The voice, so familiar and terrifying in its own nature, caused the brunette to slosh hot coffee all over himself. Letting out a string of curses that were guaranteed to turn Steve's face a shade of pink that would rival all others, he spun around just to pause at the sight of Agent Phil Coulson, back from the dead and wearing his standard suit and dark glasses.

"I'm not drunk enough to talk to ghosts," Tony retorted as he set his nearly empty mug to the side and pulled his steaming shirt away from his skin.

"Then that must mean I'm alive," Phil countered with absolutely no amusement in his face as he pulled out a taser. "Now, you have ten seconds to explain why Barton has been texting me that you essentially dumped Captain Rogers after dating him for almost an entire year."

"...I hate you all so much."

"So," Steve began before pausing awkwardly and looking at Tony, who was glancing down at his phone. "Should we just call this off and-"

"No! No, no," the genius cried out, waving his hands as he crossed the distance between them. "Agent- Well, to be honest, Agent tased the fuck out of me and while I was watching Supernanny against my will, I came to the conclusion that maybe we already were, kind of, sort of dating. You know, in a completely straight way. And Pep's been making all sorts of comments about weddings and the rest of the group is practically ready to murder me in my sleep-" At Steve's alarmed look, he scrambled over his words. "Kidding! Jeez, no. I'm just trying to say that- Well, why don't we just date? I'll have you know that I'm fantastic in all aspects of dating if I remember when the date is. I could sweep you clear off your feet."

An amused smile lit up Steve's face, "I think maybe we should start simple?"

"Sure, simple's fine. What do you have in mind for simple?"

"Well," Tony breathed as he held the door of the bathroom shut with Steve's help, "that could have gone better."

"Do those people follow you everywhere?" the super soldier huffed as he blocked the only entrance to the bathroom's. He thought it would be a nice thing for them to go out into the city and catch a movie. He was not expecting a swarm of photographers and interviewers that wants nothing more than to grill the playboy about his current actions as Iron Man and the goings-on of Stark Industries.

"I thought I gave them the slip," he answered with a shrug of his shoulders. "Happy's usually pretty good at that kind of thing. On the plus side, the movie was good. Did you like the popcorn?"

"It was really salty."

"Why else would I have gotten you a jumbo drink?" the brunette teased.

"The candy was good."

"Figured you would like Whoppers. So..."


"So I'm going to take a leap of faith here," Tony said, flashing the blonde a nervous smile before leaning up and pressing his lips against the soldier's. Pulling back, he licked his lips at the blushing blonde. "Good leap or a Pitfall kind of leap?"

"Can we... Uh, I mean-"

"No problem, Cap." Pressing their lips together once more, Tony was pleased to feel the blonde wrapping his muscled arms around him tightly, his mass still keeping the door firmly shut even as they kissed. Tilting his head slightly, he nipped and sucked at the taller man's bottom lip, drawing out a soft moan that he used as a distraction to press his body flush against the muscled blonde. They did not line up correctly given their statures, but the playboy could feel a sudden hardening in the front of the other man's pants.

Steve was breathing pretty heavy by the time Tony was able to line them up semi-decently, their hardening members pressing against each other slightly as the playboy ground their hips together. He pressed soft kisses along the soldier's throat as he rutted against the other man. He could feel strong fingers threading through his belt loops right before he was pulled firmer against the Captain, allowing his to gain more friction out of the act as he clutched at the dress shirt the soldier was wearing. It was a hideous shade of green so he did not feel too bad about wrinkling it as he efficiently worked to bring them both over the edge.

He was very proud about the fact that he was able to make Steve ruin his pants first, though. Tony could not help but smile into the other man's throat as he panted heavily, relaxing through his orgasm before pulling back so they were only touching from the hips down.

"So...n-next Tuesday?" Steve asked, his face flushed and damp strands of blonde hair sticking to his forehead. There was no missing the pleased afterglow on his face, though.

"It's a date," Tony replied before pulling out his phone and dialing Happy to deal with the gathering outside of the bathroom.

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