The funny thing about kids is that if you tell them they're important- that they're special: they'll believe you. But only if you give them reason to believe why.


Dear Tom,
If I had only known what had happened...
If I had only realised, perhaps you wouldn't have been left alone all of these years. All of it was just a trick. What Merope did was no more than spell and a lie. And because of her falsehood, because she died without lifting to spell to tell me of you, you became a monster.
You grew to be the villain she bore you to be.
And when you discovered your powers for evil, you killed me, Tom. You killed all of us.
And they never do learn, do they? No one told me until it was too late. Not until after your heart was cold and your soul was scattered into pieces. It was too late for a father to make a difference in a son he always knew was a mistake... Too late for a word of condolence to leave a mark on his son living and breathing while his own father withered and died at his hand.
Too late for me, but please- it's not too late for you.
-Tom Riddle Senior