Kissing Practice
Kuroko no Basuke
Rating: T/Pg-15
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pairing: Kagami/Kuroko, Aomine/Kise

Summary: Kagami wonders how kissing practice turns out to be a full blown make-out session. In which Kuroko is being innocently devious and Aomine wants to strangle Kagami for being so clueless. Kise doesn't help by fanning the already lit flame.

Disclaimer: Fujimaki Tadatoshi owns Kuroko no Basuke and its characters.

Warning: typical boy's romance, slight oOC-ness, shounen ai (actually it's yaoi now), foul language (blame Aomine for this), possible grammar and spelling mistakes (not beta-ed, sorry!).

A/N: Yahooo! Meet you guys again in Kurobasu fandom! Yeah, so… I decide to do a sequel for the first plot bunny 'A Friend's Care', though it doesn't have anything to do with that. It's just… that can make a nice background story concerning Kaga/Kuro's 'current' relationship in this one *lol* But instead of Momoi, Kise shows up here to fan the flame *grins*.

Kissing Practice

Part 1

Kagami Taiga thought that Kuroko Tetsuya was a strange person. Believe it or not, it wasn't about his 'hard to notice' presence or his creepy habit to show up and to disappear without notice or his odorless strength.

It was more because of the way Kuroko acted. The sudden exclamation of 'I will become your shadow' and 'I will make you number one in Japan' thing was indeed odd, especially to be said to a person that he met for the first time. Honestly, Kagami was quite bothered at that strange event.

However, despite how unusual it was, Kagami didn't dislike that part of Kuroko. Not at all. The shocking-blue haired boy was blunt and to the point, never saying unnecessary thing if it wasn't important. Moreover, he took his promise seriously. Those qualities made Kagami respect the shorter boy.

It was true that Kuroko was mysterious at times, and Kagami didn't know what he was thinking, but it applied to everyone else beside him as well. Though, Kagami had to admit that when Kuroko told him about the real reason why he was so desperate to defeat the other Generation of Miracle members… to defeat Aomine, he had thought that maybe… maybe Kuroko had feelings for the taller, dark-skinned boy.

Maybe it was Kuroko's way to say 'please look at me' to Aomine.

That was a selfish wish, that Kuroko had uttered, during the match between Seirin and Touou, but Kagami also knew that that was how kind hearted and how caring he was towards people that mattered to him. He wanted to be the one that could help him grant that wish, while subconsciously, Kagami wondered if he was in the category of those people that mattered for Kuroko.

Of course, asking Kuroko directly about that subject would be out of question because it was very embarrassing. Despite his personality, Kagami did have his own thought and worry. Moreover, Kuroko tended to surprise people, whether it was the way he suddenly shows up or disappears, or the way his mind works.

Kuroko never ceased to amuse Kagami as well. His personality was hard to understand. Sometimes he was reserved, but another time, Kuroko could be very bold as well. Kagami even thought once that Kuroko could be manipulative even if the boy didn't do it on purpose.

Well, most of the time though, Kagami gave up trying to figure Kuroko out half way.

Though, this time around, Kagami had to admit that… Kuroko's strangeness had multiplied at least five times.

Well, it wasn't noticeable, but… Kuroko did something strange like throwing away Kagami's things and then buying him the new ones. It was weird. Kagami just realized that friends didn't usually do that. Usually, they would point out about the flaw his thing has and then suggest him to buy the new one to replace it. To actually throwing his things without his permission could be considered rude, but for some reasons, Kagami couldn't get angry with him. Well, not long at least. After all, he immediately got the replacement from Kuroko himself.

Also, this was probably nothing, but Kagami felt that Kuroko stared at him more, whether it was during class or during practice. Like he said, it was unnoticeable. Heck, no one even noticed, but Kagami had an instinct like a wild tiger when he became a center of someone or anyone else' attention.

However, Kagami wasn't exactly bothered. He was only a little bit conscious about it. Maybe Kuroko only observed him for research. Though, Kuroko didn't seem to have any particular reason. Kagami didn't feel uncomfortable being stared at by Kuroko either, so he thought it was quite okay….

Huh? That was another strange thing about Kuroko. Kuroko wasn't being creepy even though his act was a little disturbing sometimes.

The list could go on like how Kuroko seemed to be beside him all the time no matter where he went or to assist Kagami in almost everything, like he was an extension of Kagami's hands. The only time Kagami was left alone was during his time at home… or when he was in the bathroom.

Though, of course Kagami didn't notice this until after everything was on for several weeks… months? Kagami wasn't sure. It happened so naturally that when he asked the other members of the team they said,

"Isn't that the usual thing?"

See, there was nothing noticeably strange about how Kuroko acted, at least not more than usual, so Kagami couldn't even bring the subject up. That's why; Kagami decided to let it be and to treat it as 'normal' for Kuroko's standard, at least. He was sure it was Kuroko's way to treat his friends nicely.

Well, that was what Kagami thought, until one day, during practice, Kuroko suddenly asked, "Kagami-kun… please teach me how to kiss properly," in that straight expressionless face of his.

Kagami missed the ball he was shooting, almost actually biting his own tongue at the shocking, out of blue request.

"W-what?" Kagami sputtered, face beet red in embarrassment and bewilderment as he turned to stare at Kuroko disbelievingly.

Well, apparently, Kagami wasn't the only one suffering from the shock, of course. Hyuuga Junpei actually fainted; face as pale as daylight moon after hearing the dropped bomb.

"Hyuuga!" Izuki Shun and the other second years of Seirin basketball team were also there, shocked by Kuroko's bold request and mortified at the extreme impact of that said request on the glasses wearing senpai.

Aida Riko, their female coach, looked at Kuroko as if he had grown an extra pair of arms from his forehead and Koganei Shinji exclaimed "Ooh! Way to go, Kuroko!" in totally amused look while Mitobe Rinnosuke was blushing, seeming to be in panic and to try to shut Koganei's up with gestures.

Kiyoshi Teppei laughed nervously at that situation and the fellow first years, Fukuda Hiroshi and Furihata Kouki, were speechless, gaping at both Kuroko and Kagami with totally dumbfounded looks.

"Please teach me how to kiss," Kuroko repeated his ultimately embarrassing words without any sign of shame, not even a flinch.

"WHY?" Kagami couldn't help shouting or screeching; whichever worked better to express his horror. His head couldn't help screaming in red alert at the prospect of Kuroko finally losing his mind.

"I have been thinking… that you might be good at it, since you'd been in America for awhile before," Kuroko said tonelessly, but with a strange glint of certainty in his unreadable stare.

"That's not what I'm asking! Why the hell did you, of all people, ask ME to do that?" Kagami yelled more, his voice increasing in tone and in volume. He honestly couldn't understand what Kuroko was thinking! He meant, seriously? He was practically asking Kagami to kiss HIM.

Was that normal? He was a guy, right? And Kagami was a guy too for god's sake!

"Well… I am curious," Kuroko said, leaning more closely to Kagami who had the sudden urge to step back, or better, to bolt, but he didn't because that would mean he had lost.

"Of WHAT exactly?" Kagami asked, still with that high disbelieving tone.

"It is teenager's hormone acting up," Kuroko answered, still looking totally expressionless as well despite the spark in his eyes.

As if that was the ultimate reason to answer everything!

Kagami was dizzy. He was totally confused and embarrassed. And confused. Wait, he mentioned confused twice, didn't he?

"Listen, Kuroko. That's not a normal request to ask your male friend!" Kagami tried to calm himself down while draping his big hands on Kuroko's shoulders. "If you want to kiss, go to your girlfrie—OW!"

Kagami's words were cut by a basketball suddenly colliding with his head.

"What the fu—!" the tall red haired boy almost cursed when he turned around to yell at his assailant. Still, he immediately stopped dead and paled as he was suddenly faced by a very pissed off Aida Riko who cracked her knuckles and glared at him dangerously.

"How dare you two disturb the training session with your stupid couple's problem…!" the scary brown haired coach emitted a menacing aura from her very angry form.

Eeeeep!—Kagami honestly wanted to run away. He didn't know about Kuroko, but Kagami wanted to run away from her. Screw getting lost in the battle of will or whatever!

And what did she mean by 'stupid couple's problem'?—Kagami's head couldn't help screaming more.

"Ah, I apologize for getting distracted," Kuroko bowed politely at her still speaking tonelessly and expressionlessly.

"Kuroko!" Kagami dropped his jaw in shock that his friend was very casual about it.

Aida seemed to get even more furious, probably thinking that both Kagami and Kuroko didn't regard her seriously. "Triple portion of the training session for the both of you!" She yelled then, smacking both Kagami and Kuroko on the head with a basketball in her each hand.

"WHAAAAT?" Kagami protested, horrified.

"My condolences…" Koganei said, a big bead of sweat rolling down his face.

Furihata and Fukuda seemed to feel the same as Koganei as they nodded in unison; paling as well thinking what kind of hell their ace and their passing expert would go through in the tripled portion of their training session.

"Hyuuga! Wake up!" Izuki was trying to wake the still passed out Hyuuga, strangely not trying to make this into a pun. Maybe he was honestly worried about his friend…

"You've got to see this, Hyuuga! This is soooo interesting!" …or maybe not.

Mitobe was still blushing, but he looked kind of concerned about their two underclassmen. Kiyoshi was still laughing awkwardly, probably feeling sorry that Kagami and Kuroko had to be at the receiving end of Aida's wrath.

"This is entirely your fault, Kurokoooo!" Kagami couldn't help complaining loudly all the way to their tripled training program while Kuroko just sighed deeply in defeat.

The red haired teen couldn't believe this! Why should he go through this because of Kuroko? Kagami would seriously die at the end of the training session!

~Kagami x Kuroko~

Though, despite the irate yell of Aida and the amused stares Kagami and Kuroko received because of what happened in the gym (except Hyuuga who was somehow in denial when he woke up and exclaimed that he had fallen asleep during practice and saw a very vivid horrid dream about Kagami and Kuroko), they still stayed late in the gym to have extra training session (both Kuroko and Kagami decided to have practice to perfect their dynamic on the court) and to tidy up.

"Don't forget to lock up and return the key to the security's room, Kagami, Kuroko!" Hyuuga reminded before the Seirin Basketball Team Captain got out of the locker room.

"Yeeees," Kagami answered wearily while Kuroko just simply nodded.

Kagami sighed deeply as he took a break from their combination practice. "This is insane. I can barely move! Coach was very ruthless today…" the taller guy moaned, slumping tiredly on the floor.

Kuroko was surprisingly quiet. Kagami thought the strange sky-blue eyed boy would throw at least a smartass remark about Kagami being too dramatic.

"I apologize," Kuroko said suddenly and that surprised Kagami.

Kagami looked upward from where he was resting, raising his eyebrow. "Why are you apologizing?" he asked, confused.

"I was distracted, and I dragged you down in the punishment. I should have chosen more suitable places and times to ask you, Kagami-kun," Kuroko sat beside Kagami then, looking forward, genuinely regretting his action.

Kagami blushed slightly as he was reminded by the bizarre request. Right, he still had that problem. Somehow, he forgot about it during the tripled training session.

Kagami looked upward at the ceiling and scratched his head rather curtly as he thought about that again. "Hey… why did you ask me to teach you how to kiss?" he asked then. "And don't say it's because of teenager's hormone. That's bullshit," he quickly added before Kuroko repeated that reason.

Even Kagami knew a guy wouldn't ask another guy to do something like that because of hormone. Especially, not Kuroko (but he wasn't sure because Kuroko was indeed strange).

Kuroko was silent for at least twenty seconds (probably thinking about how to respond to Kagami's question) before he answered "There is someone I like."

Kagami's heart skipped a beat when he heard it. He conspicuously glanced at Kuroko who still faced forward. The shocking-blue haired boy looked slightly serious, even though his expression was hard to read, Kagami knew he was focused, just like when they were in the middle of a match.

"I have… liked this person for awhile, but he does not seem to understand how I feel despite what I have been doing all these times," Kuroko continued slowly, not exactly picking his words because he actually mentioned a 'he' in his sentence and not a 'she'.

It wasn't that surprising, though. Kagami had a fair idea who Kuroko was talking about. Must be that bastard Aomine…! Jeez! Why do I have to get involved in their problem?—he couldn't help thinking.

"I need a drastic attempt to tell him how I exactly feel, so…"

"Then just confess to him," Kagami said, a vein popping out of his head. He didn't know why he felt annoyed at the thought that Kuroko would seriously date Aomine. Even the thought of Kise clinging to Kuroko didn't annoy Kagami as much as right then.

"…I do not think he would understand even though I said 'I like you' numerous times," Kuroko paused, before speaking again, now facing Kagami and looking at his crimson eyes deeply.

How dense can Aomine be then?—Kagami thought, more veins popping out of his head. How dare that Ahomine* make Kuroko struggle so much to win his heart! Jeez…!

"Is that why you need to kiss him?" Kagami asked again, calm enough to speak normally now despite the hint of blush on his cheek.

"…I wanted to," Kuroko said, somehow, looking earnest.

"Then just tell him that and kiss him," Kagami said, looking back at Kuroko's eyes seriously.

"That… cannot do," Kuroko said.


Kuroko glanced at another way. "He must be good at it," he said slowly.


"My first kiss with him… I want it to be special, so… I have to be good at it too," Kuroko said. "And practice makes perfect," he continued.

"Right…" Kagami sighed. He forgot that Kuroko was this kind of person. Despite how he usually acted, he hated to lose.

"That's why, Kagami-kun. I need you to teach me," Kuroko said again, looking back at Kagami's eyes surely.

"But, Kuroko… is it really okay to give your first kiss to someone you don't love? Won't it be more precious if your first kiss is with the one you love most?" Kagami said, looking away slightly.

Kuroko was silent for awhile now, probably debating how to answer that question again.

"Even so… I still want that first kiss with him to be memorable because I don't know if he will return my feelings or not," Kuroko finally said.

Kagami sighed deeply at that, surrendering. There was no end to this because Kuroko was stubborn about it. He really did hate to lose, didn't he? He must have liked Aomine so much that he was willing to do this far for him.

And Kagami had promised that he would support Kuroko to realize his dreams, just the same way as Kuroko had pledged to help him. "Fine," he finally agreed.

Kuroko's sky-blue eyes widened slightly before a tiny smile graced his lips and Kagami was amazed of how incredible those tiny changes made him look.

Shit...!—Kagami's heart throbbed slightly at the sight. He didn't know why, but his heart started to beat harder and faster. Wait, this wasn't right. It was just a favor to help a friend. It was supposed to be that, but… why did he get excited so suddenly?

Kagami shook his head slightly to clear his confused mind.

"Um… when do you want to do the practice?" Kagami asked to deter his mind from Kuroko's look. That face was kind of dangerous. Kagami actually noticed how soft Kuroko's lips seemed to feel and how pretty his eyes were.

That wouldn't do! Kuroko was Kagami's friend! He shouldn't think like that about his friend! He needed distraction!

"How about now?" Kuroko suggested.

"What?" Kagami sputtered again in shock. Seriously! What was wrong with Kuroko? They were all sweaty! It would be gross to kiss in that situation, right? RIGHT?

"I only need to kiss a guy, so this is fine," Kuroko said, leaning closer to Kagami who had that same urge to bolt again right then, but he also hated to lose, so he stayed still.

"At least we should hit the shower first!" was Kagami's last attempt to postpone this bizarre idea.

"You meant… you want to practice in the shower?" Kuroko looked at Kagami with a surprise, somehow, despite his toneless voice.

"WRONG!" Kagami yelled, blushing furiously at the implication. "Stop making it sound so dirty! I just want to clean up first before we do that! It's sweaty and hot and it will be gross if we don't at least wash away all the dirt first!"

Kuroko sighed, turning another way with a patronizing look somehow. "You're such a drama queen."

There, the remark was out. "Shut up!" Kagami couldn't help yelling at the boy again for his involuntary insult.

Well, at least Kuroko was back to his witty personality… Wait. Was he witty again? Kagami couldn't help wondering when both boys retreated to the shower room.

~Kagami x Kuroko~

Of course, Kagami was trying hard not to look at Kuroko because they would be naked in the shower… just the two of them, and considering what they would do after that (practice, Kagami; it's just practice!—his mind couldn't help adding to remind him over and over again, of the objective), it was hard not to look, even though it was just to check out what the other boy looked like for real.

The taller red haired boy had never had any problem in looking at naked guys, and he had already seen Kuroko's naked body several times without anything strange going on in his head, but maybe it was just because Kuroko was hard to notice to begin with. The others' presences hindered his senses to look at Kuroko for real.

However, at this time… it was just Kagami and Kuroko, and despite Kagami's effort, he couldn't help feeling rather conscious of the boy's presence in the shower stall next to him. Somehow, he had to slap his cheek several times to wake his common sense up because that would be so wrong, right?

They were just friends. Kuroko liked Aomine. He was just doing Kuroko a favor to teach him how to kiss later so Kuroko could kiss Aomine perfectly. It was just kissing practice. It wasn't a big deal. Kagami had the experience since Alex kissed him all the time. And even though it wasn't serious, he did date several girls in US. It shouldn't be that different from kissing a guy.

But it wasn't just a guy. It was Kuroko. For some reason, Kagami's gut couldn't help telling him that this wouldn't be a usual experience.

When they were done with the shower and Kagami accidentally saw Kuroko with only towel covering his waist down to his knees, he couldn't help feeling amazed at how fair Kuroko's skin was. There wasn't a single scratch on them. It looked so flawless like high class porcelain. It made him want to touch and mark that delicious looking—!

Kagami banged his head on his locker to stop that inappropriate thought going further.

That seemed to catch Kuroko's attention because the shorter boy asked, "What are you doing?"

"…It's nothing…" Kagami wanted to cry because his forehead was painful now, but his chest strangely felt more suffocated. His heart beat a mile per minute.

This isn't good. Get a grip, Kagami Taiga! Focus!

"I'm done. I'll be waiting outside," Kuroko said before he disappeared from the locker room, unnoticeable as usual except for his notification by speaking.

Great.—Now Kagami was sure even the strange Kuroko would regard him as a strange person.

~Kagami x Kuroko~

After returning the key to the security, Kagami and Kuroko stood in uncomfortable silence (for Kagami, at least) in front of their school gate, and the red haired teen didn't know what to do to melt the tension in his air. Kuroko seemed to calm as tranquilizer. Damn him.

Kagami coughed slightly to break the silence before asking "So… we should probably look for more comfortable place. Is your house nearby?"

"Unfortunately, it is rather far from here," Kuroko answered.

"Then… let's go to my apartment," Kagami decided. Wait, he didn't sound too eager, did he? No, of course not. It was his usual self. He was okay with it and Kuroko was okay as well.

There was a slight pause before Kuroko said "Sure."

What did that pause mean, Kurokooo?—Kagami was getting slightly anxious about it. He didn't want Kuroko to take this the wrong way. Wait. Shouldn't he be the one who had to take this the wrong way? He meant, Kuroko was the one who requested it!

Kagami's eyes were spinning a little bit while both he and Kuroko were walking down the street to downtown.


Kagami snapped out of his reverie at the sudden call of his name. "W-what?" Damn! Did he stutter?

"I am kind of hungry right now. Is it okay if we stop by Maji Burger to eat before going to your place?" Kuroko asked then, still calm and collected and as pensive as ever.

"Eh…? That's a good idea!" Kagami said, seizing Kuroko's hands with his bigger ones.

Anything to prolong the time before doing that kissing practice!

Kuroko blinked slightly before he shifted his gaze at Kagami's hands on his. Kagami of course noticed the look and hurriedly released them. "S-sorry…" he said, grinning sheepishly.

"I do not really mind it," Kuroko said, smiling slightly.

Again, Kagami's heart skipped a beat. Was Kuroko this attractive before? He couldn't help shaking his head again to clear his mind. He seriously had to stop or Kuroko would hate him for being so disgusting.

As they walked together to the place where they usually had dinner after practice, Kagami couldn't help wondering.

"Hey, Kuroko… may I ask why you choose me?" Kagami asked.

Kuroko turned to face Kagami, his eyes seeming to question what Kagami meant.

"I meant… for this… kissing practice thing?" Kagami said, flushing slightly at how embarrassing that sounded. "I meant… if this is for kissing, isn't a woman like that pink haired manager from Touou better, moreover, for the first time…?"

"I… cannot do that," Kuroko said. "Momoi-san has feelings for me. That will be so cruel, right? After all, I do not like her like that," he looked down. "I am not that heartless… for using a woman's feeling to get the experience that I want…"

Kagami instantly felt guilty for even suggesting it. He should know that Kuroko was too kind-hearted to do something like that to his friend that he cared about.

"T-then, what about Kise? He seems to respect you enough to be willing to help…" Kagami suggested another name.

"That also cannot do. If I ask Kise-kun, I am positive that he will eat me alive…" Kuroko sighed deeply in defeat.

Kagami's sweat dropped. Well, that might be true. That Kise guy was very… attracted to Kuroko after all. Unless Kuroko had his defense up, Kagami was certain that Kise would attack the shorter boy. Thank god Kuroko stayed strong until now.

"Uh… then, what about the other guys in Seirin? I think if you explain the situation…" Kagami asked again before he realized that Kuroko wasn't exactly close to anyone in the team beside him. "Don't tell me I'm the only friend you have …"

"It is not like I cannot ask them, but… Kagami-kun is the only one I can trust for something like this, because I have faith… that Kagami-kun will never use this against me no matter what happens between us…" Kuroko then looked upward at Kagami's eyes with a tiny smile on his face and Kagami couldn't help blushing at that.

"Y-you…!" The red haired teen couldn't even cover his flaming face to hide his embarrassment.

Damn that Kuroko! He really always says embarrassing things like that so suddenly!—Kagami could only fume inwardly then, unable to voice his protest out loud after that, until the rest of the journey to Maji Burger was done.

Arriving at the fast-food restaurant, the two Seirin guys bumped into a tall, dark-blue haired boy and a taller teen with sparkling golden blond hair.

"Ah," Aomine Daiki blinked and-

"Kuroko-chiiiii!" Kise Ryouta beamed while launching his much taller and bigger body to the shocking-blue haired teen beside Kagami to hug him enthusiastically, the moment he landed his eyes on Kuroko.

Geeeh! Aomine! And Kise!—Kagami couldn't help feeling surprised at the sudden unexpected encounter, especially with the two most troublesome guys he didn't even want to think about, moreover to meet, at that moment.

"Hello, Kagami-chi as well!" Kise then looked upward at Kagami, greeting with one hand while the other one still entrapped Kuroko's neck so intimately.

Even though Kuroko still looked calm, he huffed slightly. "Please stop making a scene, Kise-kun. Let go of me," he said, though he didn't sound annoyed, he must have been. Kagami just knew.

"Yo, we meet again, huh?" Aomine smirked slightly at Kagami and at Kuroko.

"Good evening, Aomine-kun," Kuroko nodded at him slowly, greeting him back.

Kagami sighed deeply. Just in time to add his already piling up problems with more problems….

End of Kissing Practice Part 1


A/N: Okay, this was supposed to be one-shot, but somehow… the plot stretched, so I parted it into two shots and then added the side pairing… *lol* Yes, I'm a fan of Ao/Kise too, everyone. I don't know why, but I like it more than Ao/Kuro. Also, It's been decided for me that Kaga/Kuro will be my OTP *grins*

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