Kissing Practice
Kuroko no Basuke
Rating: T/Pg-15 (R?)
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pairing: Kagami/Kuroko, Aomine/Kise

Summary: Kagami wonders how kissing practice turns out to be a full blown make-out session. In which Kuroko is being innocently devious and Aomine wants to strangle Kagami for being so clueless. Kise doesn't help by fanning the already lit flame.

Disclaimer: Fujimaki Tadatoshi owns Kuroko no Basuke and its characters.

Warning: typical boy's romance, slight oOC-ness, shounen ai (actually it's yaoi now—beware of the steamy kissing scene), foul language (blame Aomine and Kagami for this), possible grammar and spelling mistakes (not beta-ed, sorry!).

A/N: Wokay~, now it's time for the second part of the two shots! Enjoy, guuuys~3

Kissing Practice

Part 2

"Huh, you guys stayed pretty late for practice session," Aomine couldn't help commenting after they got a table inside the restaurant, ordered and paid for their food. They sat at a table for four near the window.

"Well, we still have a lot to learn to perfect our dynamic on the court," Kagami said, looking slightly uncomfortable.

"Kuroko-chi, how about we go on date tomorrow? I want to shop in Akihabara for photo-shoot costumes," Kise asked the boy who was enjoying his favorite milk shake in total silence.

"I am sorry, but I have practice tomorrow too, so it is impossible," Kuroko declined politely.

Aomine was irked by the blond idiot who insisted to sit beside Kuroko for flirting with the shortest of the four so blatantly like that. He huffed and looked up to turn slightly to see Kagami's face as the red haired boy observed Kise and Kuroko seriously.

Huh, Kagami looked kind of strange. He appeared to be restless for some reasons.

"What's wrong, Kagami?" Aomine asked then. Well, he was curious somehow.

"Ah? It's nothing… Well, how come you and Kise are here? Your schools aren't in this area and yet…" Kagami asked back. It seemed he didn't want to talk about what was bothering him, but hell if Aomine cared.

"Aren't we allowed to go anywhere we like?" Aomine said, smirking slightly.

"Well, if you keep showing up where Kuroko is, I'm going to call the police and report that you guys are stalking him," Kagami said, looking at Aomine, deadpanned.

Aomine scoffed at that. "Really? Protective much? What are you, his mother?"

"No. But I'm still his friend and I care about him." Kagami said while huffing, looking annoyed.

"Friend, huh?" Aomine muttered slightly at that. Even Aomine wanted to be close friend again to Kuroko. But he was surprised that Kagami still didn't notice how Kuroko felt towards him.

Has Tetsu really put an effort to attract Kagami?—Aomine couldn't help thinking as he glanced back at Kuroko who was still trying to keep Kise away from him because he wanted to eat (and drink) in peace.

Aomine couldn't help smiling at the view. Kise was seriously trying to hit on Kuroko, but the other boy blatantly ignored him. It was like when they were in middle school again. "I understand, though…" Aomine couldn't help mumbling so fondly at the memory of their friendship a long time ago.

Kagami seemed to notice his expression and looked at Aomine strangely. Aomine blinked and looked back at Kagami before he coughed, looking away and blushing slightly as Kagami was trying hard not to laugh at noticing how embarrassed he was.

"Shut it!" Aomine kicked Kagami's leg for laughing at him.

"Ow! Bastard! What the hell was that for? I didn't even say anything!" Kagami delivered a light punch at Aomine's arm in retaliation and Aomine glared at him in annoyance and in embarrassment.

~Kagami x Kuroko~

"Aomine-chi was here to play street ball, and I had just finished the photo session for a basketball magazine in this area. We met at the park and played basketball a little," Kise said, smiling cheerily after he was done eating.

"It was just coincidence that we're here," Aomine supported the story dryly.

"I see…" Kagami still looked skeptical and Kuroko only looked at Aomine's eyes for five seconds before looking away again.

Aomine couldn't help feeling that kuroko somehow read his mind during that five seconds contact. It was rather disturbing how the boy could seem to read you so openly like a book while you could hardly do him. But he believed Kuroko wouldn't say anything about it, though… it was another thing about what he was thinking.

"Ne, ne, do you guys always have dinner together after practice?" Kise asked then, looking at Kuroko and then at Kagami curiously.



Kuroko and Kagami blinked in unison before they looked at each other.

"Which is it?" Kise looked at them confusedly, a bead of sweat dropping form his cheek.

"I usually have dinner here," Kuroko said. "Sometimes Kagami-kun comes along and sits in front of me," he continued.

"Without me noticing, of course. It's his fault for being so unnoticeable," Kagami added. "It's not always like that. I usually prefer home-cooking to fast-food," the red haired boy continued.

Aomine stared at the mountain of burger wrappers in front of Kagami, sweat dropping. "Yeah… right…" Even Aomine would get sick if he ate that much. And Kagami claimed he preferred home-cooking after sucking in those burgers like black hole?

"Then this is one of the rare times?" Kise asked again, looking even more curious, maybe a little jealous.

"Yeah, well… we have business together after this," Kagami said, sucking on the straw to drink his soda.

"What business?" Aomine asked then, while popping a stick of french-fries in his mouth.

"Practicing a kiss," Kuroko answered and Aomine almost bit his tongue off and choked on his food at that.

"Wait—!" Kagami burst out his drink and his face turned dark pink; his expression mortified, while Kuroko was still in his usual calm and collected self.

Kise dropped his jaw on the table. "Kissing practice?" The blond screeched, seeming to be totally shocked.

He does make an effort!—Aomine gaped at Kuroko, more beads of sweat prickling out his face. He never knew that Kuroko could be so bold! Of course Kagami would notice if it was something like that…!

"Wait, what are you saying in front of the person—?" Kagami slapped his mouth shut, being frantic and panicking for some reasons, probably for being too loud.

"No way! Kuroko-chi, if you want to practice kissing, use me instead of that barbaric idiot!" Kise wailed, protesting while hugging Kuroko.

"Hey!" Kagami shouted heatedly at Kise, seeming to be offended at being called an idiot.

"I'm much better kisser than him! I can even prove it to you right now—!" Kise then put his hand on Kuroko's chin and pulled his face up while leaning closer, seeming about to kiss Kuroko so suddenly.

"You—!" Kagami had already stood, but before he could do anything, Aomine had reacted faster and chopped Kise's head with his right hand. A big vein popped on his head.

"Are you an idiot?" the dark-skinned boy glared murderously at Kise.

"Hieee!" Kise shut his eyes in fright and immediately released Kuroko, covering his head lest Aomine decided to hit him again.

"Jeez, what the hell are you doing?" Kagami also shouted at Kise.

"Ah, if you guys had waited for a few more seconds, I would have punched the life out of Kise-kun's gut," Kuroko stared at his clenched fist in front of him rather menacingly.

Aomine and Kise who were bickering snapped and glanced back at Kuroko who seemed to emit dark, furious aura around his body. They paled slightly at that.

"K-Kuroko-chi… so mean…! Scary…!" Kise's eyes were already teary, his face still whitish and his body trembling.

Aomine had to agree that Kuroko looked very scary just then. "You should thank me, stupid Kise," he huffed then dropped the blond back to his seat.

"That's a scary line you said there," Kagami commented.

"I see…" Kuroko said, huffing slightly before he was back enjoying his shake.

After a few minutes of silence with Kise's occasional apology to Kuroko, Aomine couldn't help speaking again to Kagami. "So… you will be practicing kissing with Kuroko, huh?"

Aomine didn't know what Kuroko had said to Kagami, but he was doing a great job on convincing the taller boy even though he doubted that Kagami could be that dense. He must have totally realized it by now.

"What, are you jealous?" Kagami asked, his tone somewhat challenging.

Bastard. Of course Aomine was jealous. Both Kagami and Kuroko were being casual and easy going about the kissing subject. Because of his crush's airhead personality, Aomine had to endure being a friend all this time after all.

"Ass. Of course I'm jealous," Aomine said, huffing, feeling extra annoyed.

Kagami widened his eyes for a moment, looking very surprised. Aomine wanted to ask what was with that reaction when the red haired teen said "Then, you go and kiss him."

Huh?—Aomine turned to face Kagami, eyes as wide as saucers. What… did he say…?!

"Kuroko will be very happy if you kiss him," Kagami said again, his expression looking like he was hurting and for a moment, Aomine thought he was seeing red because this person was being so…


"...Idiot…!" Aomine mumbled slightly, clenching his trembling hand, very itching to grab Kagami's neck and to throttle him to death. "You are a total idiot, aren't you? Dimwitted, thick-headed, infuriating BAKAGAMI!" he couldn't help yelling while slamming the table very hard, surprising Kagami, Kise, Kuroko and the other customers in the restaurant.

Of course, who wouldn't be angry? How far does this guy's clueless nature go?! Hasn't he realized it yet?! –the dark-skinned boy couldn't help fuming.

"W-what—?" Kagami was seemed to be bewildered by Aomine's sudden outburst.

"Shut up and go DIE! You idiotic MORON!" Aomine shouted once more, breathing hard now, glaring daggers at the red haired buffoon beside him.

"A-Aomine-chi?" Even Kise looked alarmed at that.

"You make me sick!" Aomine shouted again, still looking at Kagami furiously. "Let's go, Kise! I can't stand to be in the same room as the idiot over here! Let's get out of here before I catch his idiocy as well! OUT! Stupidity is definitely catching!"

Aomine was still yelling and shouting obscenities as he grabbed Kise's collar and dragged the blond, storming out of the restaurant.

"Eeeeeh? Noooo! I still want to be with Kuroko-chi longeeeer!" Kise wailed, struggling and protesting.

"Shut up and do as I say!" Aomine glared at Kise with his killer eyes.

Kise paled seeing it. "Y-yes…" He definitely couldn't resist that alpha personality of one Aomine Daiki.


There was a pregnant silence after the two GOM boys disappeared behind the door.

"W-… what the hell was that about?" Kagami couldn't help screeching loudly now, seeming to be very confused and partially angry for being called idiot repeatedly. "What the fuck is his problem? So rude! Was he always like that? Was he?"

Kuroko looked at the door with unreadable expression. "I believe it was your fault this time, Kagami-kun…" he said slowly.

"Wait a damn second! How on earth was it my fault?" Kagami looked at Kuroko absurdly, in total disbelief.

"Believe it or not, Aomine-kun is a sensitive guy despite his personality. I think… you have said something insensitive to him," Kuroko said, shrugging slightly at that.

"Huh…?" Kagami tilted his head in perplexity at that.

~Kagami x Kuroko~

"Wait! Wait, a sec— Aomine-chi! What is wrong with you? Why are you so angry?" Kise couldn't help asking confusedly, he was still dragged on the road, but Aomine was holding his hand now, instead of his collar.

Though, Kise was indeed mystified about what had happened. Aomine had just flipped like that… it was strange.

"Shut up! It's that Bakagami's fault! I swear I'll never get along with that asshole!" Aomine was still fuming, gritting his teeth in anger as he cursed Kagami some more.

"A… are you by chance feeling so jealous of Kagami-chi for being able to kiss Kuroko-chi in their kissing practice?" Unfortunately, Kise wasn't good at keeping his mouth shut and keeping his suspicion to himself, so he couldn't help asking and Aomine stopped walking to glare at Kise.

Eeeeep! It strikes the bull eye!—Kise was honestly feeling worried for his life for a moment at the murderous look Aomine was giving him.

"You are also the same as him! So dense! Insensitive bastard!" Aomine growled, grabbing Kise's collar before leaning his face so close to the blond haired guy.

"Eh, wha—?" Kise could only widen his eyes in shock as Aomine's lips were suddenly descending upon his.

Time seemed to stop for Kise because he couldn't process what was happening. Aomine's lips were on his; why were they on his lips? And even though it only lasted for a short moment, Kise's brain had shut down because of the shocking information-overload.

"I wasn't jealous of Kagami for being able to kiss Tetsu! I was jealous of Tetsu and Kagami because they can kiss each other so casually in the name of practicing!" Aomine said before he gave another mind-blowing kiss to the blond.

Kise's consciousness was momentarily severed as the darker skinned boy kissed the life out of him, out of nowhere. He was still widening his eyes, speechless, when Aomine released the kiss for the second time now.

"There. It was the thing I want to do to you! And it wasn't a practice! Now you know why I was near the location of your photo-shoot. It wasn't a coincidence, you idiot! I went there because I knew you'd be there as well! Read the damn sign, stupid Kise!" Aomine yelled, blushing slightly before huffing and walking away, leaving Kise in the middle of the road, totally dumbfounded.

"Eh… Eh? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!" Now, after Kise was able to digest the information that was swirling and spinning inside his head after the deed was done, his face exploded in dark crimson color. He held his cheeks then, feeling very hot so suddenly.

Eh, eh?! B-but, but…! Isn't Aomine-chi supposed to like Kuroko-chi?! Huh? But then, the kiss… HUH?!

"HUUUUUUUH?" It seemed that that would be Kise's confusion and problem to deal with after this.

But let's save that for another story.

~Kagami x Kuroko~

Meanwhile, in Kagami's apartment…

Kagami gulped slightly as he sat beside Kuroko after making a glass of warm tea. "Drink first?" he offered.

"Let's get down to business, Kagami-kun," Kuroko said flatly.

Kagami was dreading this time. He was fairly conscious that he might have… been attracted to Kuroko now, and he somehow feared whether he could control himself or not.

It's just practice! A kissing practice for Kuroko's sake!—he couldn't help reminded himself for the umpteenth time that night.

Kagami then moved slightly closer to the shocking-blue haired boy, sitting facing Kuroko. "Okay… ahem, so… first, you have to build the mood," the red haired teen said awkwardly.

"The mood?" Kuroko looked upward at Kagami's face, a glint of curiosity in his clear, big, sky-blue eyes.

"Y-yeah… you know, by looking at your oppone—I meant, your partner's eyes. You think closely that you want to kiss him by looking at him… like this," Kagami showed Kuroko by looking at his eyes as well, using his enticing crimson ones.

There was a connection and Kagami lowered his gaze to Kuroko's sakura-colored lips. Kuroko reacted to that. He flinched slightly, despite his unreadable expression, and now there was that faint pink hue on his cheeks again.

Damn…! That reaction is natural!—Kagami couldn't help feeling how cute Kuroko was at that moment. Moreover… his lips look so soft…! Seriously, are a guy's lips supposed to be looking like that?!

"Good, the initial mood is here," Kagami whispered before he reached Kuroko's cheek. "You then build a deeper mood by touching your partner's cheek or chin," he continued and he almost jolted himself as Kuroko involuntarily leaned into his touch.

Kuroko seems to do it unconsciously, but… that's not a beginner move, damn it!—Kagami's head screamed again in alert. This was bad. Kuroko was enticing Kagami too much and he hadn't even gotten to the kissing part yet!

"Slowly… lean your face to your partner while looking at his lips and eyes back and forth, and slowly closing your eyes as well, but don't let them shut completely until…" Kagami couldn't really finish his sentence because his lips were touching Kuroko's now.

There was a spark as soon as their lips met, both Kagami and Kuroko closing their eyes, feeling the soft kiss.

Surprisingly, Kuroko's lips were indeed soft. Well, not as soft as a woman's, obviously, but somehow… they were better than the lips of those girls whom Kagami had ever kissed before. It was slightly moist, but not until the level of wet because of lip-gloss or lip-stick. Moreover… it tasted sweet because of the vanilla shake that Kuroko had earlier.

Kagami slowly released the kiss and both opened their eyes slowly. "You're… doing good…. How do you think?" he asked, or more like whispering huskily.

The pink hue on Kuroko's cheeks seemed to get darker in color and he looked kind of dazed for some reasons. "I… do not know…" He replied in low whisper as well.

Kagami's common sense was almost getting trashed by that ravish-able look Kuroko gave him. If only Kuroko would ask one more time….

"Please… one more time?"

Kagami finally snapped, his common sense thrown out of window. Kuroko had awakened the tiger for real now with that not so innocent request.

"Then…" the red head leaned closely to Kuroko again before kissing his lips more.

This time, Kagami didn't bother with the explanation. He also didn't do the second one as softly as the first. He pressed his lips more onto the other's, getting the heat to form between Kuroko and him.

At some point, Kagami licked Kuroko's lower lip and Kuroko gasped slightly, seeming to be surprised. But that was the reaction that Kagami had hoped for, because Kuroko opened his mouth slightly and it was his silent permission to invade that inviting mouth.

"Nnh…!" Kuroko moaned slightly in the kiss, seeming to be feeling the slick talented organ slipping inside him, licking his soft and hard palate before it went down to touch Kuroko's tongue.

Kuroko gasped again, feeling the tongue curl around his possessively, moving as if it was trying to engage the other in sensual dance. "Hn… ah…!" he moaned again and involuntarily reached to curve his arms around Kagami's neck, clinging to him, as if his life depended on it.

Shit…! He's so adorable…!—Kagami's thought was already too clouded by the thought of how sexy Kuroko's look while he was kissing and of his very sweet reaction, to think straight.

Honestly, seeing Kuroko's flushed face and hearing his keen moans got Kagami so excited and at this point, he couldn't even keep on track of what he was doing. He just wanted to see more of that amazingly delicious expression, so he went deeper, thrusting his tongue deeply inside Kuroko's mouth until it reached the back of his throat.

"Ah…!" Kuroko clutched at Kagami's collar, somehow, seeming to pull the taller boy closer… or was he actually pushing him away?

Kagami's heart beat harder and faster, pounding his chest-wall and he could feel Kuroko's heartbeat as well, throbbing in harmony with his. It was such wonderful experience that Kagami didn't want to stop kissing the other boy's luscious lips.


Huh, was that Kuroko calling him?

"Ah, w-wa-hhn… wait…!"

It did sound like Kuroko's voice…

"Ah, wai—plea—ahn…!"

Kagami jerked in surprise as Kuroko grabbed his hair and pulled it hard, almost painful. Wait, it was painful. "Ow… What…?" the red haired boy blinked, releasing the kiss before he looked at what he had done and was immediately stone-cracked.

Apparently, Kagami had done way too much. Kuroko was slumped on his embrace, panting and breathing hard with saliva, obvious the mix of Kagami and his, dripping from the corner of his mouth. His face was flushed pink, his lips bruised from the kiss and his eyes teary.

Moreover, Kagami's hand had apparently unconsciously joined action and one was already slipped inside Kuroko's clothes, touching his bare back while the other was fondling Kuroko's chest.

"Hh… can't… breathe…" Kuroko whimpered on Kagami's neck, still panting.

G—GYAAAAAAH!—Kagami finally exploded… inwardly. Well, even though he screamed bloody murder inside his head, he actually only paled so much outside, and totally freaking out that he had gone too far.

"I-I-I-I-I'm—" Kagami panicked, sputtering loudly and his confused crimson eyes were spinning. "I'm so sorryyyyy!"

Now Kuroko would definitely hate Kagami for this. He would kick and punch him before leaving. Kagami was such a fool! How could he lose his self control like that?

Kuroko was still trying to pace his breaths, wiping the drool as he looked upward slightly at Kagami, his face still slightly flushing. But surprisingly, he hadn't yet punched the life out of Kagami. Instead, Kuroko was still clinging to the taller boy… Actually, he was almost sitting on Kagami's laps at that moment.

"Why… are you apologizing?" Kuroko finally asked, looking puzzled.

"Well…" Kagami looked another way, embarrassed beyond believe that he actually lost his sense while he was trying to teach Kuroko kissing. "I… went too far… T-that wasn't… just kissing anymore. That was… making out…!" The read haired covered his face, blushing madly.

Kagami was ashamed. He was still too weak to restrain himself . He must have shocked Kuroko very much. How could a kissing practice turn into a full blown make-out session? Was he insane?

"…I do not mind," Kuroko said and Kagami turned to face him so fast that he thought he almost broke his neck.

"MIND a little!" Kagami shouted, flushing even harder. "You don't do that kind of thing with someone you don't love! I was wrong because I lost to my own weakness!" he protested, annoyed at himself and more so at Kuroko for taking this too lightly. The boy was too kind for his own good.

There was a brief pregnant silence in the room until Kuroko sighed deeply, seeming to be in defeat. "Really… Kagami-kun, your cluelessness deserves a reward from Guinness Book of Record," he said then, shaking his head slightly before looking back at Kagami with fond look.

"What? I'm being serious here!" Kagami complained, still blushing and honestly feeling bad for going too far while Kuroko must have wanted to do that with the beloved one.

Kagami refused to think about Aomine at that moment because that would piss him off.

"Kagami-kun… you have gotten the wrong idea," Kuroko said, still holding onto Kagami's neck leaning his face up closer to the teen who jerked in surprise. "You seem to think that I want to kiss someone else… but honestly, do you think I'd be willing to kiss someone that I don't like only for 'practicing'?" he asked slowly, looking at Kagami's ruby eyes deeply with those clear innocent-looking sky-blue pools that conveyed a lot of unreadable messages.

"Eh?" After a short pause of Kagami's brain trying to digest Kuroko's confusing speech, a light had been bestowed upon his mind.

"The one that I want to kiss… is you, Kagami-kun," Kuroko said more clearly in case Kagami was still too dense to even understand it properly.

"Eh?" Kagami's face exploded in red crimson color now. "Eh, but, but—! What about… Aomine…?" Apparently, Kagami still couldn't believe what happened.

"Silly. Aomine-kun was... is just a very close friend… back then and right now. There is nothing between us," Kuroko huffed. "I was just very worried about Aomine-kun. I care about him the same way I care about the other GOM members… and it hurts me seeing him suffering, unable to enjoy basketball which we love so much. Besides, Aomine-kun has had a crush on Kise-kun since we were still in middle school."

"HEEEH?" Now that he didn't expect, at all. "Aomine and KISE?" Kagami almost dropped his jaw at that shocking news.

"He got jealous at the restaurant because he could not kiss Kise-kun even though he likes him so much, and you told him we would have a kissing practice. That must have irked him to hell," Kuroko seemed about to smirk at that, but his expression didn't support his feelings, so it was kind of funny.

Well, it was still amusing though. Kagami actually laughed at that. "Oh, man, Kuroko, you're surprisingly quite devious!" He was still laughing while messing Kuroko's soft hair.

Kuroko hid his face on Kagami's chest, but Kagami believed he must have laughed too.

They were holding each other for awhile in comfortable silence after that, before Kuroko looked upward at Kagami's eyes again. "So… do you get my feelings, now, Kagami-kun?" he asked, a tiny smile gracing his lips.

Kagami blushed again at that. "Yeah… loud and clear," he said, softening his look more to Kuroko's happy look.

"Then… kiss me some more?" Kuroko requested and Kagami widened his eyes for a moment before laughing slightly.

"As you wish…" Kagami said, before he leaned down again to give another kiss to Kuroko's waiting and tempting lips.

This time, Kagami could read Kuroko very well, because when they connected, he could almost hear his feelings.

"I love you, Kagami-kun…."

End of Kissing Practice Part 2

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