I no longer recommending reading this if you want a well written, well thought out piece of work. Please don't let the sheer amount of reviews fool you (though I am eternally grateful for them!) I wrote this when I first started writing and now, looking back on this I am embarrassed. Because it's so bad! I will eventually be writing a better, updated version of this, a complete overhaul whereupon I will re-evaluate the plot, take out bits I'm no longer comfortable in including and generally improving the writing.

If you like the plot (thank you) you can follow this story or myself as I'll just be replacing the chapters as opposed to taking it down and writing it again.

I won't stop you from reading this. But yeah, I warn you. It's bad!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me in my writing. It really means the world!

Harry lay down on his bed with a sigh. He was tired after another day of being beaten and being the Durselys personal slave. His stomach rumbled as he realised he hadn't eaten for two days and his expression darkened as he realised he probably wouldn't eat all week.

Harry started thinking about his godfather, Sirius whom he had met just last year. There he had discovered that it was not Sirius who had betrayed his parents like everyone had assumed, it was actually a snivelling man that goes by the name of Peter Pettigrew who had sold his parents out to Voldemort.

They had taken Pettigrew back up to the school (Remus put a charm on him to prevent him from transforming into a rat) Sirius' name had been cleared and under Veritsaserum Pettigrew had admitted to his crimes including betraying his parents and murdering all of those muggles. Harry felt a jolt of excitement as he thought that in a couple of weeks or less he would be out of Privet Drive forever.

He just had to wait for the guardianship Remus and Sirius had fought for over Harry was cleared and he would finally have a home, despite that Harry felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and how he had been treated by his 'family' for the past week, they had been more vile than usual, trying to cause as much harm as they possibly could before he left Privet Drive forever.

Just then he heard a gentle tap at the window and he heaved himself out of bed, wincing as he did so and went over to his window.

Sitting on the window ledge was a handsome tawny owl looking at him haughtily. He opened the window and the owl hopped in gratefully glad to get out of the torrential rain that was currently falling, flooding the street.

Harry gave the owl a treat and allowed it into Hedwig's cage who moved aside at once to allow room for the ruffled up owl. Grinning when he noticed Remus' handwriting, Harry sat down onto his bed and unrolled the letter he had just taken from the owl with shaking hands.

Dear Harry,

How are you cub? I hope you are well. I know that is not the case however and I can only give you words of comfort at this point.

I just want you to know Harry how much me and Sirius care for and love you. You will never be alone again I promise you that for nothing. I need you to stay strong for me until we can come and get you and I promise you that we will.

I am very happy to provide you with a home where you can be loved and cherished, not treated like vermin. I will be coming to collect you alone as a healer has advised for Sirius to get plenty of bed rest until he is deemed strong enough.

Just know this Harry when I arrive, I am going to give you the biggest hug you've ever had. Expect me to arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon. Sirius is excited about seeing you as am I. Well goodbye for now Harry I will see you tomorrow. Hang on in there

Love Remus and Sirius

Harry had tears in his eyes by the time he had finished reading but this time they were happy tears. It was a nice feeling to know that somebody actually truly cared for him.

Jumping up, Harry started stuffing all of his stuff into his trunk haphazardly; prising the loose floorboard up Harry gathered all of his letters and the photo album Hagrid had made for him stuffing them into his trunk with a flourish.

Smiling to himself as he looked around the room for the last time Harry flopped onto his bed and fell into a deep sleep full of happy dreams.