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"Ugh…" The moan was the first thing that made its way out of my mouth when I woke up. I mean, what else would you say when you were woken up by the damn annoying chirping of birds outside of your window? And it wasn't even the pretty, melodic chirping either. It was the cackling of multiple feathered monstrosities that had nothing better to do in their pathetic lives than to wake me up.

Weak sunlight - I'm sure it's going to be gone before half of the town's population woke up - filtered in through my flimsy curtains and hit my eyes straight on. I groaned again and rolled out of my bed… only to land on my face on the cold, cold floor.

"Fuck!" I rolled over and clutched at my nose. Was there any damage to my beautiful face? A sigh of relief came when I felt nothing wrong. Hopping to my feet, I made my way out of my room and into the bathroom across the hall.

Maybe Charlie didn't use all of the hot water today... Cold water blasted into my face and I yelled. "Gragh!"

Gragh? What the hell kind of word is 'gragh'? I added that to my list of questions to ask Angela later as I finished and got out of the shower and started my morning in-front-of-the-mirror routine. I briefly dried my hair with a towel before heading back into my room, not worried about Charlie. He already left for work earlier so there was no worry over shocking him with the sight of my hot and sexy bod.

I quickly put on a bra and a pair of panties. The cold morning air was getting to be a bit much for my female bits, if you get what I'm sayin'. Grabbing a pair of distressed, slouchy jeans I slipped into them. The multiple holes in the knees didn't help my warmth problem but they were beyond comfy so fuck the warmth. The next thing to fall to my wayward hands was a muted orange tee shirt that had black graffiti on the front. A black zip hoodie was ripped from its' hanger and graced my form.

Finally satisfied with what I was going out in public in, I then not-so-gleefully tromped down the stairs. Like I said earlier, what sunlight that had popped out earlier was beaten back by the constant cloud cover of Forks, Washington. Poor sunlight… it never stood a chance.

Shaking myself from the pity of UV rays, I headed into the kitchen to find something to eat. A peek into the empty fridge showed me that there was nothing to eat. My stomach growled.

"It's okay stomach," I consoled and pet it before heading towards the pantry. "I'll find something to feed you. No worries, no worries." The search in the pantry yielded 2 granola bars and a half-eaten bag of cookies. My inner health foodie fretted over the issue of sugar for breakfast but the hunger monster promptly took a nauseating bite out of her and then burped in metaphorical contentment.

Satisfied that there were no longer any more moral roadblocks, I stuck a hand into the bag and withdrew the chocolaty goodness. I stared at it for a moment, wondering at the thought of how long the bag had been sitting in the dark pantry before shrugging and walking into the foyer.

The food items were dropped into my tattered black backpack as I stooped over to tug on a pair of sharpie-doodled black Converses. My back cracked when I straightened up.

"God… I am getting old!" Sighing, I grabbed my lanyard and headed out the door, backpack in tow. I locked the door behind me and then got into my one car. It was a black Toyota Camry and relatively new. Phil, the paranoid ass – said in a loving way of course – got it for me when he heard I hadn't got a car yet and was still using my banged up bike. I was kinda grateful and Charlie was just glad he didn't have to drive my ass around anymore. There was no need to ride around in the snow when there's a perfectly good car to drive.

Anyways, I got into the car and plugged in my iPod. Upon starting said car, and turning on my music, the sounds of A Day to Remember's "Have Faith in Me", blasted through the speakers. It's always a great day when you start off listening to rock music.

A happy grin was pasted on my face the whole way to hell. Or better known as Forks High School.


Yes, this is my story and I'm not plagiarizing anyone. This is a resubmission of the original "Unexpected Circumstances".

I would first of all like to apologize to anyone who had to find/favorite this story all over again due to the unfortunate deleting of the first one. This chapter and the next will most likely be the same so repeat readers, there's nothing to worry about. Reason that this story disappeared in the first place was due to the fact that the "title/summary not fiction G rated and not suitable for all audience". I understand the need to keep everything below the radar in the summary in case a younger person or easily offended person found it offensive. What I don't understand is the fact that they felt the need to delete my story without telling me first. That bugs me more than the deleting. I was going to do away with some of the chapters anyways because I was going to rewrite it but a little forewarning would have been nice.

Anyways, the main story line is going to vaguely be the same except that there are going to be quite a few changes in plot, character development, and general cleanup issues that should have been dealt with but wasn't. I'm not guaranteeing that this story will be fast to update, like with the previous one. I'm going to enter my senior year soon - after the summer obviously - so I will be extremely focused on getting into college and basically begging for money (scholarships) while I write admission essays. Again, I'll try to update when I find the time but there are no promises on my end.

One more thing. If you find same-sex relationships, excessive cursing, and general sortof ickness offensive, please don't read this. I don't want to deal with flamers that obviously know what they don't like and read it anyways just for the opportunity to rip into someone's writing. That's your own fault for reading something you don't agree with when the author states, loud and clear, what you should expect. It's irritating and no one likes an irritating person. I like hearing tips and any advice on how and where to improve my writing, not a baseless attack on issues you don't agree with.

I apologize for the rant but some things I just can't deal with, especially blind, ignorant fools. I hope no one is turned off of this story due to my rant. It will take a bit for things to develop this time but I think it'll be good. Hopefully, you will too. Enjoy.