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A small boy wearing a little fuzzy hat came walking back home one fine snowy day. He was dressed in an orange coat and had the letters that spelled death written in sharpie on his fingers.

As he kicked open his front door his mother greeted him. "Honey how was your day at school"? She called from the kitchen. Law didn't reply, instead he dropped his book bag down on the floor and walked up to his room. Upon hearing no reply his mother came up to his room only seconds after he slammed its door.

She sighed upon seeing him digging in the toolbox about to play operation with a stuffed animal. "Trafalgar what's the matter, usually you grunt in response to my questions"? His mother asked. "Did something happen at school"?

"Yeah it was pet day and guess who was the only kid to not have a pet"? Law said with a duh tone. The woman sighed and sat down on the floor next to her son.

She questioned. "Ok so how did this all start"?

"Well Iceburg brought in his pet mouse, Perona brought in an actual ghost, Luffy had a reindeer with him, and worst of all Kidd showed off his new bird"! Law ranted still talking in a bored tone. "To make matters worse the bird talked and I bet Kidd taught it to cuss me out like it did when the teacher wasn't looking"! His mother didn't seemed fazed about the fact that her son said something about a ghost.

Once he finished he looked back to his mother and saw that she had an understanding expression on her face.

"Well Trafalgar if you're that upset about it than maybe tomorrow we can go to the pet store". She stated. "After all your birthday is next week so I guess you can receive an early present". She stood up and ruffled up his hat and he quickly took it off to show the personal space value of it.

"Your teacher will allow you to bring in your new pet by tomorrow right"?

After brushing his hat off he looked up at her and sighed. "Yeah she'll allow it, but I have to get a pet that'll show Kidd and his stupid bird what's what". As his mother left the room he returned to his patient who had been quiet the whole time.

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