Continuation from the twelfth chapter into the thirteenth chapter…..

Without much thought Laffitte picked Hawkins up and the knocked out Bonney and threw them into an empty closet. The front door to the classroom was kicked down and a sickly boy riding a pony fell right onto the floor.

"Oi, oi Laffitte what the hell are you doing in here when we have to go hunt down those idiot students"!? Teech thundered.

"I was just looking out the window".

Burgess laughed, "Ya do know that all the windows in the classrooms are painted black right"?!

Van walked around the room but only his eyes shot directly to the closet. He grabbed his pistol and moved his hand to turn the door handle when the bird boy jumped on top of him.

"Stop trying to rape Van, Laffitte"! Teech barked.

"Oi I wasn't trying to-"

"Just shut up and get the hell off of me you fool". Van sighed.

The two boys dusted themselves off and one stepped at least a good foot away from the other one.

"S-so boss what are we going to do now"? Laffitte asked.

Teech smirked devilishly, "We're going down to the detention section of the school and paying a visit to a few old friends down there. Maybe bust them out for a bit of recess around the school, but we have to do this now because every teacher is distracted by Law and his friends making a mess in this part of the halls".

The tap-dancing boy felt a cold chill run down his spine as he knew who Teech was talking about. "Shouldn't I stay here in case someone comes looking for us"?

"For about ten minutes if you're asking to play lookout". Burgess stated. "Why are you asking Laffitte"?

"N-no reason I'd just thought that if the master teacher wanted to know where you guys were I'd tell him so none of us would get thrown into the army".

The four other boys and even the pony froze as soon as they heard those words. Fear struck their eyes and painful thoughts stomped around in their minds.

"(*Cough*) Listen no one needs to end up (*Cough*) in the master teacher's army, so just leave (*Cough*) Laffitte here". Doc wheezed.

Without any other words the four boys and the pony left the room and slammed the door when the last of them exited. The bird boy leaned up against a table and sighed in relief as Hawkins and Bonney both fell out of the closet at that time. "So did you two hear enough out of them or do you need any more students to come in here and show you why you all should get the hell out of here"?

"Listen we're staying until we get our friend back," Hawkins said. "You can tell your master to shove his army up his ass. I'd like to see that be predicted by anyone else but me".

Laffitte sighed, "Ok fine go get yourself killed and leave your partner in my hands, but I guess you'd be leaving your partner in your enemies in hands since I am technically your enemy".

The door was swung open and before dashing out Hawkins turned to the bird boy. "Ok so thanks for watching Bonney for me, and don't eat any pork tomorrow! Trust me if you do you have a hundred percent chance of dying"!

The door slammed shut.

Laffitte was flabbergasted at the boy's action.

Bonney had drool coming out of her mouth due to a dream about Italian food.

Zolo, X Drake, and Mr. Jinbe stared at the shattered remains of Bonney and Hawkins' battlefield. Each person had a dropped jaw at the mass destruction that most likely Kuma had caused for this hallway and those two students.

"Didn't I tell you that people die here"!? Jinbe yelled. "Kuma doesn't leave the bodies of his victims! Now tell me if you two see any bodies"!

Zolo bowed his head shamefully while X Drake bit his lip trying to hold in curses.

The three guys were about to turn around when Professor Hogsback stepped out into the light. He found three bloodshot eyes staring right at him with evil expressions.

Jinbe glared, "Zolo don't kill him but hold down his legs while I interrogate this fellow. X Drake you make sure no one can hear him scream".

A bunch of cursing and punching later….

Hogsback had been duck taped into a plastic chair and had his hands tied together by two pieces of licorices that one of the boys had on them.

"Now I won't ask you again where is Luffy and Law"!? Jinbe barked.

Hogsback groaned, "I fucking told you already I don't know where those two students would be. Now let me go you bastards"!

Jinbe turned around to the boys who were currently playing on their game boys trading Pokémon around. "Do you two have any idea where they could be then"?

"Wherever Magellan would take them is my best guess". Zolo yawned.

X Drake scowled, "Oi you gave me the wrong Pokémon you tired fool"!

"No I didn't you asked for that one"!

"You're half asleep so what do you know what you're doing"!?

The teacher turned away from the bickering boys and returned his attention back to the tied up Professor."Where do you take students for detention around here then"?

"Well if those two boys are with Magellan than they're being tossed into coffins and sent to the master so he can have their souls before they die". Hogsback grinned. "Have fun explaining to their parents why they died".

Jinbe smacked the man hard enough to knock him out and walked out of the closet and down the hallway. His mind was set on finding those two let them be dead or alive.

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