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Victor Crowning – Amita Mullur

I wave to the crowd, a sad smile covering my face as I make my way up the steps to my chair. I sit down slowly, brushing my hands along my little gold dress. The District Two color was gold, and it went well with my darker colored skin. I give one last kiss to the crowd, and then President Rain makes his way up the steps. The crowd cheers, and he smiles and waves, his young features lighting up.

"Welcome, welcome, citizens of the treasured Capitol!" He laughs.

"We are highly honored to represent miss Amita as our Victor. And we look forward to another fantastic Hunger Games next year!" This gets a huge amount of cheers and applause, and shudders run down my spine.

I stand up, watching as President Rain picks up the gold crown, making his way over to me. I smile, and he gently sets the crown on my head. The crowd begins to cheer, and Rain smiles at me.

"Your daughters must have missed you dearly." He says.

"Yes, sir." I nod.

"Are you eager to see them?" He chuckles.

"Of course, sir." I say honestly, listening to the endless noise from the crowd.

"Well, your home District is very proud of you..." He nods, giving me a truthful smile.

"Thank you, sir. I appreciate that." I reply.

"Mhm." He nods his head, then turns to the crowd, waving and smiling.

Night of the Interview

I walk up the same mocking stairs as I did a few weeks ago, waving to the crowd and blowing a few kisses. The crowd reaches up on the stage, trying to touch me. I raise an eyebrow, tilting my head. How weird... It's not like I'm magic or something. I shake my head, then sit down.

Raymond Flickerman greets me with a warm smile, and a fantastic cheer. "Congratulations, Amita!" He exclaims.

"Thank you, Raymond." I laugh.

"So, let's begin with a few questions... Alright?" He smiles.

"Sure." I chuckle.

"What was going through your mind? When you were standing on that starting plate?" He asks, patting my hand.

"Well... I... I felt kind of nervous, but also... You get this inexplicable rush of adrenaline... And then you're off." I say with a shrug, nodding my head.

"Interesting. And, how did you feel when Chrysanthemum killed herself in front of you? I mean, what were the emotions running through your head?" He asks bluntly, shaking his head as he places a hand over his chest.

"Uh..." I try not to choke up, and I can already feel the urge to cry in my throat, "I was very scared. I didn't really know why she would kill herself... If only I had gotten to her before Abbey and the Careers did... Then, she'd be sitting here..." I say quietly, stroking the seat of the chair.

"Awww," Raymond gushes, wagging his head side to side.

"And how did you feel when Tom and you made that deal?" He asks.

"I felt like there was, just... An amazing sense of serenity. I knew that he wouldn't kill me... Well, maybe. But I didn't know he'd let me go like that. I was so thankful, I just... Couldn't believe it." I say, wiping at my teary eyes.

"That's touching. Well, everybody else was amazed." Raymond smiles.

"So, did you miss your girls?" He asks.

"Yes, so much." I smile sadly.

"Are you excited to see them?" Raymond chuckles.

"Oh, yes. I can't wait to get home." I say.

"Well, we have a surprise for you." He laughs.

"What is it?" I ask, lifting my eyebrows.

'I hate surprises... Sometimes.' I think to myself, keeping a fake smile on my lips.

"It's a surprise. Come on out here!" He yells, waving his hands in the direction of the stage.

Suddenly, my girls come running from backstage, squealing and crying as they jump into my open arms. I hold them close, beginning to break down in tears. The girls and I cry, hugging in the middle of the stage for all of Panem to see. I ignore the awes, and the crying coming from the crowd, and I just embrace my girls as tight as I can.

I can't think of a time when I didn't remember how much I missed Talia and Rose. I close my eyes, breathing in the familiar scent of home from the girls. Everything seems so normal, even though we're miles from home. I finally feel like something is right, despite the blood and gore I'd seen yesterday. I smile, tears smearing my makeup as I look back to Raymond.

"And you can bring them along on the Victory Tour!" He declares, making the crowd go insane with cheers.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world." I smile, holding up my girls to show all the Capitol.

The daughters of the Victor. The Victor of the 455th Annual Quarter Quell. I grin in pride, then wave to the crowd. Rose and Talia laugh, waving and blowing little kisses to the Capitol. I turn to Raymond again, and they wave to him and shake hands with him, sitting on my shoulders. The crowd dies down a bit, and Raymond smiles.

"We'll be sure to see you around Victor's Village, Amita." He laughs.

"Yes, you will. Thank you, Raymond. And thank you, everyone!" I exclaim with a grin, giving the Capitol a final wave goodbye.

"Goodbye Hunger Games..." Rose says quietly, waving to the crowd as I make my way down the backstage steps.

"Goodbye aloneness!" Talia giggles, patting my head.

"I won't leave you again." I assure them, holding their little legs so they won't fall off my shoulders.

"Promise?" Talia asks.

"I swear."