Okay this will be a one shot collection of episode tags like I did with Alicia/Will (while I still wrote for those two) this will just be Alicia/Peter. I guess you can call them all AU, but they won't all necessary change other things later on in the show that much if at all. This first one actually would not change that much to be honest. There will be some that goes for a different outcome, and some that don't.

My Kalinda wanted one for 3.11 (one of her favorite episodes) and I serve to please so what she wishes she gets.

A huge thank you to Sabrina who once again beta-read it for me.

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Payback is a bitch!

Her first thought, as she started to wake up, was that she was not alone in bed. The next was how could she be so stupid: ending things with Will one moment and, from the looks of it, falling back into bed with him the next. This was not good at all.

She was lying on her side, and the arm wrapped around her was what had made her conscious about the fact that she had a bed partner. She kept her eyes completely closed for a few minutes in fear of opening them and getting confirmation regarding her own stupidity. However as the sleep cleared more and more from her brain she could not remember seeing Will last night or yesterday at all. Plus the arm around her did not feel like Will either, and the grip was different. It was not Will's grip that sometimes had left her more than a little worried that he had placed more into their relationship than she. The fanatically tight grip like he feared she would leave without telling him (something she had done the first couple of times, so maybe he did have a ground for worrying). This grip was tight but not fanatically trying to hold on to her in fear of her disappearance. This was more habit like. Just like the legs position was different, Will's had been pressed against the back of hers. No, these legs were completely in-twisted with her own. She carefully opened first one eye and then another, confirming what she had almost already concluded, she was neither in Will's bedroom or her own. She was actually pretty sure she had never been in this bedroom before, and from everything else plus the view she could see out of the window, she had no doubt who it did belong to. Peter.

No she might not have been stupid enough to fall back into bed with Will, she had just been stupid enough to fall back into bed with Peter. She was not completely sure which one was the worst of the two, and it did not really matter. She just knew that it left her in one messy situation, just like the Will thing would have. From the sound of his breathing she was pretty sure he was still sleeping -fortunately. She knew she would have to get out before he woke up; that would spare her the talk about what this meant - other than her weakness for alcohol and sex.

She knew that this encounter did not change things between them, they were separated. Peter had cheated on her with Kalinda, and not just Amber Madison. Yes, they were in a friendlier place at the moment, or at least they had been, but she was not prepared for anything else. Yes she had flirted with him this last week, and honestly she had enjoyed it a little, seeing that the spark they used to have had never gone completely away, but that was all she could handle at the moment.

Alicia carefully lifted up his arm, and slipped a pillow under it, so he would not notice the missing form. She then slipped out of bed and started to look for her clothes that were spread all over, actually the only thing of her clothes she could find in his bedroom was her bra and panties – ripped? She found her chemise just outside the bedroom door, and her skirt along the hallway. She was pretty sure her jacket and purse would be downstairs. As she had a faint memory of it being pushed off right after she had put it back on. She pulled on her chemise and the skirt, and tried to zip it up, only to discover that the zipper was broken. How desperate had they acted?

She saw a lamp fallen down from the table it was on, and had a sudden flash of Peter pushing her against the wall, then placing her on the ground while ripping the skirt off her, only to lift her up once again. She shook her head trying to get rid of the image and walked down the hallway very careful not to step on something that would make any sounds and risk waking Peter up. She got downstairs and found her jacket and purse where she thought they'd be. She also found her shoes, which she quickly put on. She checked she had her keys before opening the door, walking out and closing it behind her. She took a deep breath, she managed her escape.

She rested herself against a wall for a short moment, trying to pull her thoughts together as well as figuring out if she was clear headed and sober enough to drive (she really hoped she was), or if she would need to call a cab. No, she was sober enough to drive, so she walked down to her car and drove home.

On her way up in the elevator at home she checked her appearances in case Owen (damn her little brother and his eye for catching things like this) was up. Her brother she called last night and asked to look after the kids as she had to work late. She had worked late, but later on she went to thank Peter for handling the private school principal, she remembered that now. She was quiet as she unlocked the front door and slipped inside. She quickly hurried to her bedroom door. She was almost there when she heard someone clearing his throat behind her. She turned around and saw Owen standing a little behind her.

He raised an eyebrow at her. "You really did miss it, from the looks of things." She let out an annoyed growl as she mumbled for him to shut up. "Was it still good? The raw animalistic sex?" He asked her. Okay, he thought she was with Will, which was probably for the better anyway. Owen was after all not that fond of Peter.

"Fantastic!" she mumbled as she rolled her eyes at him and said she was going to bed to get a few more hours of sleep. "Alicia are you back together with him?" Owen asked her before she managed to slip inside her bedroom. "No, no I am not, as you said I just missed it." And she was not lying even though Owen was talking about Will. Owen looked at her for a moment and nodded, realizing he should drop the interrogation. She slipped inside the room, undressed again and slipped under the covers. As she rolled onto her side, pulling a pillow against herself, she realized the irony of the fact that she was sleeping in the side of the bed Peter used to sleep in. She wasn't lying about missing it, their past, their relationship and partnership. She missed it a lot, everyday if she was honest with herself, but she did not trust him anymore. She knew she still loved him, and probably always would but she was not in love with him. However the moment she finally let herself remember what happened the night before, she felt heat pool between her legs once more.

9.20PM the night before

Alicia looked at her watch as she stretched her back trying to loosen some of the frozen muscles she had from sitting at her desk for hours working on a case file. She was starting to feel tired but she really should be finishing this tonight. She decided to work on it a half hour more and if she was still not done she would be going home. 20 minutes later she closed the file, finished enough to count it done. She was about to shut her Mac down but saw that she finally had a network connection - it had been down most of the day - much to her annoyance.

She decided that she'd better check her email. She opened it up and saw that she had an email from Capstone private school. It informed her that they were pleased to welcome Zach and Grace, which grades they were placed into and the date and time they should begin at. She found herself smiling. It seemed that whatever Peter did to handle it, it worked out. She checked the clock once more. It was too late to call and thank him, but maybe she could stop by on her way home, just to tell him they got in and thank him for his help. She did want to tell him the news, and it would take maximum 10 more minutes. She packed her things up, went to her car and drove over to Peter's place.

She felt a little nervous as she knocked at his door, after all she had only been there a few times before.

Peter opened the door just as she was about to knock again. From the look on his face she could read how surprised he was by her visit.

"Alicia?" He asked completely confused "Is something wrong? Are the kids okay?"

She nodded. "They are fine. I just... I got an email from Capstone. Thank you for... handling it," she told him, giving him a half smile.

"Oh, well you are welcome... do you want to come in for a moment?" He asked her, there was no doubt he found what was going on at the moment just as awkward as she did, and was not completely sure how to deal with it. Sure they had seen each other when he picked up the kids. And now in connection to the school issue. And when Grace went missing they had been together for a little while. But she spend most of the time in her bedroom and Peter in the living room.

"Umm I really should get home, Owen is watching the kids." She was not sure entering his apartment was such a good idea.

"Ten minutes Alicia, after all you didn't tell me if the email said something else," he joked with her, as he stepped aside to let her in.

She shook her head a little but did follow him in. He lead her into the kitchen area.

"Do you want some wine?" He asked her, as he held up an already open bottle of Amarone.

Alicia almost rolled her eyes at it. It was so much like him. But she nodded, she could use a glass and if it was only one she would still be able to drive home. She took off her jacket and placed it with her purse on the kitchen counter. Peter filled a glass for her and handed it over, as he took a seat beside her on one of the bar stools where she sat down. She carefully took a sip of the wine. It was good, great actually.

"So did the email say anything else?" Peter asked her. She nodded and told him about the dates and time and the forms they would need to fill out. This question helped them break the ice and they were soon talking about the kids, like Grace and the Patrick issue. She told him about her meeting with him – carefully avoiding the Kalinda part. They also talked about the rules Alicia needed to set regarding Jackie and the apartment. Peter was annoyed by what Jackie had tried to do. He told her firmly that he was not interested in sole custody.

Alicia stopped thinking about the time, and when Peter asked if she wanted another glass she gladly accepted. She had to admit she had missed adult grown up conversations with someone besides Owen or co-workers. After all that was the real reason why she had tried calling her previous tennis partner and tried to form a friendship there. The drink with Diane the day before had been nice but it had been mostly work talk. Her and Peter's talk turned into other subjects. They joked a little about her meeting in court with Glenn Childs not so long ago. He told her about Eli trying to get him to run for governor.

She found herself laughing and enjoying his company, more than she could remember having done over the last year. It was nice and comfortable. And it made her realize the reason why she started to miss grown up company so much lately, was because all of those years they had been married it was not uncommon for them to spend a couple of hours after the kids had gone to bed just talking, about their day, books, politics or other things.

Alicia got so into it that when she reached for the bottle she discovered it was empty. Upon noticing that, she checked her watch only to see it was half past 12.

"Shit!" She mumbled.

"What's wrong?" Peter asked her a little confused.

"I didn't notice how late it's gotten. I really need to get home, Peter."

Peter checked his own watch. She saw his eyes widen slightly as he realized how late her 10 minutes and one glass of wine had turned into.

"Oh yeah. Want me to call you a cab?" He asked her. But Alicia had already pulled out her phone and was calling one.

"It will be here in five minutes, so I better go down and wait for it," she told him, after hanging up. She got down from the chair and Peter stood up as well, taking her jacket and holding it out for her so she could easily slip into it.

As they walked over to the door, she turned to Peter. "Thanks for the wine," she told him smiling a bit, hoping he understood it was as much about their conversation than as about the wine.

"You are welcome." Their eyes locked for a moment, both of them smiling.

She was not completely sure who moved first. It could have been Peter or it could have been her, but the next moment her purse was on the floor and Peter's arms were wrapped around her tightly, while his lips caressed hers.

His tongue was trying to rediscover every corner of her mouth, making her moan in pleasure. She wrapped her own arms around his shoulders and her fingers intertwined in his hair. Her jacket was disposed once again and so were her heels.

Hands were stroking, caressing and pulling off clothes. Her skirt hitched almost all the way up around her waist, as Peter lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around him for support as he carried her up the stairs and down the hallway.

Alicia fought with the buttons on his shirt, eventually giving up on opening them the natural way and instead pulling at the material and ripping it apart.

Peter growled into her neck as he slammed her against a wall. He set her down on the ground so he could get the shirt off, as well as the undershirt he had on, stopping for a moment his work on her neck, which she was pretty sure by now would look like she had dinner with a vampire, or rather been the dinner for one.

She felt his hands working on her skirt trying to get the zipper open and her out of it, while she made quick work on his belt and his pants. Suddenly she felt him pushing her skirt down, as he stepped out of his own pants. The moment they were off he lifted her up again, pressing her against the wall while his lips found hers. One of his hands found one of her still covered breast and cupped it, starting to massage it. Alicia arched her back and moaned.

One of her arms wrapped around him she was about to follow suit with the other, but Peter grounded his hips against hers and at the same time he twisted a nipple. Caught by surprise, she felt her hand knocking something over and heard it tumble to the floor.

Peter, on the other hand, did not seem to notice at all. He continued kissing her and massaging her breast. He started to move them down the hallway again.

She was not completely sure how they managed to get her chemise off, but off it got, just before they entered his bedroom. The next moment he slammed her down against the bed. And in a few moments the last clothes separating them were discarded as well.

His kisses were frantically drifting down her neck to her breasts, which he started to pay full attention to with his lips and mouth. Alicia was moaning and twisting in pleasure. He started to go lower, but Alicia stopped, pulling him up. Peter took the hint. The next second he was fumbling with his bedroom drawer, until he got a condom and finally slid into her body.

Alicia caught her breath, as their eyes locked in the dark. He placed a kiss on her lips, sweeter, more gentle than all of the feverish ones they had shared so far this night. But she could not deal with that, so she wrapped her arms tightly around him as she turned the kiss harder and deeper, all the while arching up against him, wanting him to move.

He followed her guidance, giving her what she wanted and needed like he had done almost two years before when she came home after kissing Will and entered Peter's bedroom, needing to convince herself she could still do it. She could still share a bed and her body with her husband.

However tonight was not about that, if she needed to say what it was about, she guessed it would be longing. Longing for what they used to be, and whom they once were, that and desire, sex. It was not about being in love, though she secretly would have to admit there was still love between them, just not same kind there used to be. She was no longer in love with him, but would probably always love him in someway.

It did not take long for either of them to find a common pace. A pace that soon had them both on the edge. And in a short moment Peter reacted like he would in the past, letting his hand find her clit and with a couple of strokes sending her over the edge before he followed himself.

His lips found the top of her left breast placing a sweet kiss there, as he collapsed on top of her. He moved off her, not to crouch her. Ironic really that he thought about that, after all it would be hard for him to crouch her more than he already had with his affairs.

None of them said anything. Whatever happened between them, it was over.

Alicia thought about getting out of the bed and going home. She was about to go through with that, when she felt Peter placing an arm lightly around her pulling her closer. She heard him sigh into her hair, or maybe it was actually her own sigh. She was not completely sure. However the arm around her felt, -well it felt good, really. She decided she could let herself live in their moment of their past just a few minutes longer. She closed her eyes and banished every thought of what was really going on at the moment. She let herself believe just for a few minutes that she and Peter were in bed after making love, in their old house, with the kids asleep down the hallway. The fantasy eventually turned into a dream as soon as sleep and exhaustion overcame her.

Present time

Alicia felt a couple of tears roll down her cheek as she remembered everything. She quickly pushed them away and forced herself not to cry. She could not and would not cry. She had no idea what this night would mean for her interactions with Peter the upcoming weeks, but she doubted he was too pleased with her leaving like that. She pressed her face against her pillow, the one that he actually used to sleep on, and forced herself back to sleep.

Peter woke up the moment Alicia closed the front door behind her. The sheets where she had been, had not gone cold yet. And he could smell the scent of her perfume on his pillow, leaving him in no doubt that Alicia really had been in his bed and it wasn't just another dream. But he also knew she was gone. And she didn't just go to the bathroom. She left the apartment. Whatever happened between them tonight had little chance of a repeat performance. He knew she thought it was a mistake, just as it was over, but still she stayed a little while. And he thought she might have really decided to stay when she had drifted off to sleep, still in his arms. But of course she left. It hurt that she was gone but he was not surprised. He just hoped that she had not left his bed and gone straight to Gardner's. Though he guessed that he, in many ways, deserved that. After all he more than once first made love to her and then went to meet Amber. The payback really was a bitch.