Okay this story was started the day after 4.01 aired but I never finished it until now it is a very weird story for Kiki. That came from her telling me she wished Peter had pinned Alicia to the bed and ripped the red suit off her in 4.01... And that she couldn't understand he didn't do just that. She wanted an angry rough sex story for the two of them. I was never inspired to finish it until my other friend Randi the other day told me she wanted a story where Peter took the initiative to sex with Alicia, where he was the one coming on to her. It made my remember this. So yesterday morning I started writing more on it. Later on that day I saw Nyte Quill's amazing new story, and I was honestly unsure if I should even publish this as it is far from as good... any way that story was also based on Alicia wearing red and looking fantastic in it. At least a part of the story was. Reason why I was unsure if I should do this or not. But I had after all promised Kiki the story long ago, so I finished it. Talked to my friend Randi about my hesitation on publishing now with the other out and she said I still should as I had reviewed the other and I could make a note about it. So there we go, note you haven't read the one Nyte Quill did based on 412 you should that story was amazing.

Story is for Kiki my BFF 3 love you dear sweet girl. (Oh and can we just say AU for the record, however it is the episode tage for 4.01)

I don't own The Good Wife...

The Torero and The Bull: aka, Peter the Bull

Alicia looked up at Peter, once more trying to convince him she was handling this, that he should leave it alone. She also knew already it was a lost cause, which was the reason she had avoided telling him about Zach getting arrested in the first place. She knew he would react badly, that he wouldn't take this lightly. He might not always have been the best husband, but was a good father and she knew he loved their kids so much. She could see the anger on his face, as she once more told him she didn't want to make anything worse.

"Our son is being prosecuted because of some agenda against me, Alicia." He told her, his voice was hard, and she knew if she didn't calm him down he would run out of the apartment and do something stupid the next moment, like threatening someone. So she turned her voice harder since calm was clearly not working.

"You will make things worse Peter." She hoped the level of her voice would cut through to him. But it didn't, instead it turned his already boiling anger against her as he stepped closer to her once more, a lot closer actually, so close they were almost touching.

"He is threatening our son, Alicia and you just expect me to sit still and let you handle it, I know you seem to have gotten used to men who sit back and don't fight against what they are facing, but I am not like you sweet little Will." Okay maybe it had not been a good idea at all to change from trying to calm him to hoping to get his anger out while he was here, because she felt her own anger starting to boil with his comment.

"Will fought, and the only reason why he didn't fight against the board's decision was because he was trying to protect the firm." Peter let out a hoarse laughter. "Well in that case he sure did well... Didn't you just end up in bankruptcy court, which is largely related to people being less appreciating that he is on suspension. But I guess that doesn't matter to you because everything he does is so amazing, he can do nothing wrong according to you." Peter was fuming with anger now. And he was not the only one.

"Well at least he didn't cheat on me with a hooker 18 times, and later on lied to me for years never telling me he had also fucked my best friend." She sneered at him, to hell with this, if Peter wanted to do something stupid, he could do it, she didn't care, she just wanted him gone now.

She started to walk past him over to the bedroom door wanting to go out and get to the kids and Eli, and mostly away from Peter. How could she even have been so stupid to have been thinking mere 10 minutes ago that there might be hope for them still, that maybe they really could work things out. She'd really been hoping that was the case, and wanting that to be the truth. Something she had hinted when she gave him that light teasing smile followed by asking him nervously if they were, in relation to them working on it, and what more was she had hoped he meant it and they really were working on it.

That he would be enthusiastic and interested in doing just that. Truthfully she was a little hurt he had not seemed happier and more exicted, that he had been so calm and grounded. That he had not said he wanted them to be working on it, that he really wanted it and that they should consider if they could live together again. Now however she thought he could go to hell for all she cared. Why did he always say those things? and why did they always fight like this? This proved it was hopeless between them, just one more time.

As she was about to open the door she felt Peter's hand close over hers on the door knob. For a moment they both stood like frozen. She barely allowed herself to breath in shock. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, that was how close he was standing to her, and annoyingly enough it send shivers down her back.

She let out a deep breath of relief when he let go of her hand once more and she was about to turn the door knob again, hoping to get away from Peter, escape him and the danger of what might happen if they stayed. However the next minute he had turned the lock on the door, and swirled her around to face him. She had forgotten how strong and fast he could be when he wanted something or rather someone, in this case.

She looked up at him again, her eyes still full of anger and hate speaking the words "Don't you dare!" loud and clear but he didn't care one bit it seemed as he leaned forward. She tried to hold up her hands to stop his progression but it didn't work. She knew what he was doing the moment he had locked the door, and her heart was thundering so loud he had to hear it, but it looked like that didn't matter to him it at all.

His lips still met hers in a hard and passionate kiss. It was bruising and his lips and tongue forced her mouth open so he could invade every corner. She was conflicted a part of her wanted to push him away to force him of her, like her head was telling her to, but her heart... her heart begged her not to stop it but to go with the flow, and she did for once she listened to her heart, for the first time since ending things with Will she listened to her heart. So instead off pushing him away, she pulled him closer, because a part of her had missed this, god how has she missed it. Missed having all of his power and passion focused on her alone.

He was kissing her like he had when she was still in law school and they had just met and had fought about everything you could possible imagine, but it was like foreplay to them back then and apparently now it seemed. She felt how his arms wrapped around her waist pulling her closer, pressing her against his hard chest molding her breasts against him. She felt warm all over and her lower abdomen was tightening in anticipation already. She was so focused on his bruising kiss and his hands tracing her back and gripping her ass and thighs, pulling her skirt up a little, that she hadn't discovered how he had moved them around until she felt herself being pressed down on what she presumed was her bed.

He was on top of her right away pressing her down, still kissing her like he didn't intend on stopping ever again.

His fingers found the jacket, opening it with haste and ripping the red clothes off her.

"Do you have any idea what you do to me wearing that?" He mumbled against the side of her throat he was now sucking on, probably leaving a mark that she would need to cover up for days. The next second she gasped as he had sunken his teeth into her and bit her on the neck leaving a real mark. She cursed him in her mind she would need to wear scarves for a week now at least, and what would the kids say. His fingers hand found her side zipper and was pulling it down, so he could rip the skirt of her.

"And you are a good girl I see... wearing thigh highs, I like that." he growled into her skin as his fingers found the lace between her legs rubbing her lightly on top of it, making her moan.

"You gotta keep quiet, the kids are right outside and so is Eli." He told her while ripping the red lace tong off her with a hard snap. He held it up for a moment before stuffing them into his suit jacket.

"You better buy me another pair." She commented annoyed, she loved her new red underwear Peter had just destroyed with a snap of his fingers like he once destroyed thier perfectly built life. Both things because of his passion, lust and desire.

"You shouldn't bother with panties when wearing that little red suit. It is a waste of time, when you look like this so hot and sexy, teasing me with what I haven't been allowed to touch for so long. And then smiling oh so sweetly with that red lipstick, batting your eyelids. You are a tease Alicia. Making me want you so much and then you smile at me sweet and perfect and I know I won't be getting anything from you but baby now I will. Now I will enjoy that hot little body of yours." He told her.

He was kissing her lips again, still bruising but not as hard as before because he knew she was not going anywhere. She was bucking her hips and twisting under him in pleasure, dear god what was he doing to her?

"But just to be good I will buy you a new pair for every day of the week." He smirked at her as he pulled back from the kiss. She sighed, she had forgotten how good he felt, the next moment she moaned loudly, forgetting where she was as Peter thrust two fingers into her hard. He started to circle her clit with his thumb, rubbing her juices over her and making her sensitive skin even slicker. She couldn't remember the last time she was this turned on and she hated and loved it at the same time. Peter should not be able to make her feel like this by his manhandling her body, he should not be able to turn her on this much, by his wicked words and teasing touch, but he did, she was on fire, and burning with need.

His fingers twisting and turning in her, going deeper and stroking her g-spot. God was he trying to kill her? By turning her body into so melting mush that at the same time was burning like fire. Fire, yes her skin was on fire. She was half naked on her bed with Peter who was still fully clothed on top of her, and she felt like she was burning up ready to explode. He rubbed her g-spot yet again making her hips buckle as she let out another moan.

"Alicia, you need to keep that pretty mouth of yours shut, unless you want to scar the kids for life." He told her, adding a third finger, stretching her a little more and driving her a slightly closer to the edge.

"I was not the one starting this... You could just get the fuck off me, if you don't want the kids to hear us." She hissed at him, the anger she had felt for him blushing up again.

"Oh, you want me to stop? As you wish, Hon." He pulled his fingers out of her, making Alicia whimper because of the loss. He rolled off her, smirking, while Alicia felt like she might very possible kill him. Was he really going to stop now? Fine, two could play that game. But she sure wanted him gone right now, if he really intended on stopping he better get the h*ll out of her home soon. She gave him a fake smile as she got up from her bed and found her red skirt and put it back on, slowly bending forward, giving Peter a look of her behind. She had just zipped it up when his hands locked on her waist again, pulling her back on the bed.

"Didn't I tell you what I felt about you wearing that color, Dear." He hissed at her, pushing the skirt up around her waist and angrily ripping the back lace chemise she had worn under it, in two with his bare hands, followed by the sound of him opening his pants and pushing them down. He snapped open the front closer on her bra, and his mouth found her hardened nipple and bit into it at the same time as he pushed hard into her body.

She was lucky he had been smart enough to place a hand over her mouth as she let out a deep high pitched moan because of the intense feeling it gave her. He started to move in and out of her in a fast pace, moving his hand off her mouth so he could steady her hips and make sure to go as deep as possible. She knew, she needed to keep quiet as he had told her and bit into her lip hard, before clamping her own hand over her mouth, to make sure she would not scar her kids for life, while Peter fucked her brains out.

"Peter... Alicia!" Eli knocked on the door. Making Peter pause immediately. Locking eyes with her and taking in her reaction. She moved her hand off her mouth and whispered in a low silky voice.

"I swear to God Peter, if you stop right now I will divorce you tomorrow." And she meant every word of it. She might very well kill him if he stopped. He nodded slowly.

"Don't worry Eli we are just discussing some arrangements regarding the campaign including next weekend in Springfield if Alicia will join me or not." He called out, as he started moving slowly inside her again, long deliberate thrusts of his hips, going deeper into her than before.

She clamped her hand over her mouth again, as she let out a deep moan. She locked eyes with him again. Her eyes telling him she didn't want slow at all. He nodded and the next moment he had grabbed both of her hips with his hands, holding her so hard she had no doubt he would leave bruises on her skin. And more than that as he pulled back out she started to fear he was pulling out of her for real, she was ready to curse him if he dared leave her now. However he pulled her to the edge of the bed, so he could stand up on the floor. He lifted her so her butt was free of the bed and she wrapped her legs around him. This change made him go deeper than ever in her and she was soon at the edge, he hit her most sensitive spot with every hard fast deep stroke. She was twisting on the bed one of her hands still clamped over her mouth to keep their encounter secret and quiet, the other was gripping the bed sheets hard. She clenched down on him like a fist as she came, just seconds before she felt his hot release coating her walls.

He collapsed on the bed beside her, panting hard. She laid still for a few seconds before turning to face him. He looked at her intensely.

"Do you hate me?" He asked worriedly. She shook her head surprised to find that she truly didn't hate him not even in this moment when she shortly before had been terrible angry with him. She was not sure what she really felt for him. The odd mixture of hurt, love, passion, desire, anger and many other emotions she felt for him made sure of that. But she didn't hate him, that she knew for sure.

"I practically just forced my self on you Alicia, I don't know what came over me." He whispered, as his hand found her cheek. "I am sorry... I should not have done that." She looked at him and reached up and found his cheek cupping it with her own hand.

"You did a lot of things Peter, but you never forced me to sex not now, not ever. I might be pissed with you. I might dislike you strongly, but I never once hated you or felt as you were doing things in this aspect against my will. Peter I knew you would stop the moment I told you to, and I have always known that. If I really wanted you to stop any sexually advanges you would do so. But I didn't, instead I kissed you back. I told you not to stop. You didn't force yourself on me at all. In fact you probably just gave me the best sex I ever had, though I have no doubt I will be sore tomorrow." She told him firmly.

"I am still sorry Alicia... no matter what... what I just did to you was wrong and I acted like a beast in heat." He mumbled.

"Well I guess you are my beast, then... No honestly Peter, I hate to say it, because of how it might make me seem weak, loving getting manhandeled like that... but I loved every second of it." She admitted softly, turning her gaze downwards, almost blushing.

"Are you two done talking soon?" Eli sounded through the door. Pulling them back to reality. Peter let out a deep breath.

"What do we do now?" he asked her worriedly.

"I get dressed. Though I have no idea how to explain my ruined suit." She lifted an eyebrow at him. "Then we go out. We send Eli home, you go home with the kids, and you call me later and we talk." She answered.

"Just like that? We talk?" He asked.

"Yes we talk late. Peter this... this whatever it was, does not mean I am ready to move back in with you... I don't say I won't be in some time... An hour ago I was going over the idea and I don't mind it as much as I would some months ago year even a couple of weeks ago. I told the reporter I slept over sometimes. And maybe that is a start. We have dinner from time to time, and we talk and see where this goes. We obvious have a lot between us left both good and bad. We have issues we need to work through like your jealousy, which led us to this right now, and my lack of trust in you. But I do care about you Peter, and we now know we still work very well together sexually speaking, and we already know we work well together professionally. So we talk and see where we are going." She told him gently. He nodded.

"I want you back Alicia. I should have said that before when you asked if we were working on it. I want to work on it. There is nothing I want more than to make it work with you. I love you." He told her softly, leaning in and kissing her softly. Unlike the other ones he had given her, this was sweet and gentle.

He pulled back and looked at her, before he stood up. Holding out his hand and helping her up from the bed. She took the offered hand and leaned in and kissed him softly once more time.

"We'll make it work Peter, it will take time but I know we will make it work over the next couple of months. But we need to talk." She told him firmly before pulling back. "And no more rough sex before we talk about the issues." She told him with her back turned.

"In that case please stop wearing red for a while. You don't have any idea what you do to me in those red suits or dresses." He mumbled. She glanced at him, and nodded.

"Understood, you act like a bull when you see red. Should I start calling you Peter the Bull? I wonder what the media would say to that name? Instead of the hammer, you can now be know as the Bull." She teased.

"It only comes over me when I see you wearing red." He confirmed with a smile, grabbing her hand and pulling her closer and leaning in to give her a kiss. One that was sweet, tender and teasing "Only you, so no more red, my very own Torero," He whispered against her lips before stealing yet another taste of her lips.