Author's Note:

Hello everyone :D It was requested of me a while back to make a high school AU though absolutely nothing other than that was specified. Therefore it took me a while to get started on it (what with Angel Training in the works and all that. I had epic things to work with so high school didn't exactly come to mind). Regardless, thanks to my account being frozen for 3 days, I managed to write over 8 chapters to this thing.

Now there are references to songs once in a while and I'd suggest opening a tab and listening to it on Youtube at some point during or after the chapter. I was listening to a certain album during the three days the first 8 chapters were written so a lot of the song references will be to that album lol Regardless I hope you enjoy this little high school AU I've created.

"Now! She puts the shot glass down. She asks for a-nother round. She wants to hit the clouds. Honey, are you up there now? Now, she puts the shot glass down-" Castiel swung his hips to the beat of his new favourite album, Trespassing by Adam Lambert, the one blasting full volume over his speakers was called 'Kickin' in' and damn did it make him want to dance! Fourteen years old, freshly into puberty and alone at home, life wasn't so bad, at least not this weekend.

"K-k-kickin' in! K-k-kickin' in! K-k-kickin' in! Honey are you up there?" He cried out, his arms up in the air as he danced around the kitchen, shaking his booty like he'd seen in all the movies, who said only girls could dance that way? He didn't see an issue with it. He smiled to himself as he finished the last of the chores his parents had given him, finally checking the dishes off the list left on the fridge. He nodded firmly and started walking toward the stereo to turn down the CD when the shuffled songs skipped to 'Underneath' and he couldn't help but sing along with the painful and anguished lyrics. He was a teenager, drama was a huge deal.

"A red river of screams, underneath! Tears in my eyes, underneath! Stars in my black and blue sky!" He could almost see the crowds now, screaming for him – a stadium full of fans with lighters waving in the darkened stadium. Castiel clenched his fists and fell to his knees as he sang with it, everything was about the performance. "And underneath, under my skin. Underneath, the depths of my sins. Look at me! Now do you see?"

"Having fun?" His older brother's voice shook him out of his concert, Michael stood in only a pair of plaid pyjama pants with the biggest shit-eating grin Castiel had ever seen.

"I thought you were out." Cas muttered as he stood up, ignoring the dark blush staining his cheeks.

"Nah, decided to sleep in today." Michael glanced over at the fridge and its list, his smile widening. "You did all the chores already, nice job poindexter."

"Don't call me that." Castiel snapped, his voice cracking horribly as he did so. He cleared his throat and turned the stereo down, "I get that enough at school..." He glared down at himself, his scrawny and awkward limbs barely strong enough to hold him up. He could see his ribs if he lifted his shirt and his complexion was as pale as it could possibly get. He his big cheeks, big ears and flat lips, he had to wear pretty thick glasses that made his eyes look like giant marbles and only aided in the 'nerdy' look he had going.

"Don't be so down on yourself." Michael smirked and headed for the kitchen to eat whatever food was good enough for a grab-and-go.

"Easy for you to say!" Cas turned around and crossed his arms over his chest bitterly. "You're gorgeous! You've got muscle in all the right places, flawless skin, you tan easily, and your hair looks good no matter what you do with it!" He waved his hand gesturing to all of Michael, "Not only do you look good but you're crazy athletic, captain of all the manly sports teams our school has to offer and the most popular guy in the whole town."

"Please," Michael laughed, "Keep going, I'm enjoying this." He chugged some orange juice straight from the container until he need to stop for air, "Seriously, Cas. You can't compare yourself to me."

Castiel pouted and looked away, "Yeah well it's kinda hard not to when everyone else is..."

Michael sat down at the table with a bowl of cereal and shook his head, "I wasn't always like this you know."

"Well you weren't ever like this either." Cas motioned toward himself, waving his arms to emphasize the noodley-nature they had. "I'm going to be an ugly, nerdy dork forever."

"Maybe." Michael shrugged and dug into his breakfast, not caring that it was past noon. "Regardless," he muttered through a mouthful of Lucky Charms, "I'm graduating this year so you won't have to worry as much about it." He glanced at the way Castiel was tapping his foot with the beat of another song that came on, "You've got a pretty good thing going for you there, try to stick with it."

Cas sighed and adjusted his glasses, "Why'd dad have to have such horrible genes like these?" He muttered.

"How do you know it's dad's?" Michael raised an eyebrow curiously.

"I looked at the family trees, duh." Castiel snorted at him, "Mom's side is full of beautiful people all the way down to our great, great, great grandparents and the only thing wrong with them was that our great, great, great grandfather had an incredibly long nose." He laughed a little as he lifted his hand a good four inches away from his face, "Like this."

Michael scoffed, "Dork."

"What!" Cas frowned.

"You looked that far in our family tree? Seriously?"

Cas opened his mouth to say something but waved his hand at Michael instead, "Ah whatever, you wouldn't get it." He hit the 'eject disc' button on their stereo and took his CD up to his room singing quietly to himself again, "Honey are you up there now? She puts the shot glass down..."

Michael shook his head and tipped his bowl back to drink the remaining milk.

Castiel put the CD into his personal player and dropped onto his stomach, a fashion magazine opened in front of him. He stared down at the pages carefully, trying to figure out what was coming into style so he could get ahead of the train and wear what the cool kids would be donning. He paused, looking at a pair of faded skinny jeans for a few seconds before shaking his head and turning the page. "Who am I kidding? I'd never look good in those." He muttered. With Michael home it looked like his Sunday was ruined and brought down to this, research for the rest of his high school years.

"Goddamn it, SAM!" Dean fumed as he went to plug his play station 3 back in.

"Dean, watch your language!" Mary scolded from the other room.

"But mom!" Dean hollered angrily, "I was in the middle of a game and he unplugged the system! I haven't saved in a while, I lost all my data!"

"Well then maybe you should pay attention to him, or let him play once in a while." Mary walked in and crossed her arms in that 'mom' way.

Sam stared sheepishly at the floor, his mussy brown hair curling around his cheeks in a way that made him look like a cherub, but Dean knew the truth. "Little monster." He grumbled at the ten-year-old.

"Why don't you play one of those two player games?" Mary went and picked up a game she'd bought them a year ago, one of those cartoony just-for-kids games, and placed it into the ps3. "There, now you can both play." With that she walked back to the other room, a big smile on her face.

Dean frowned at Sam, "Why'd you do that?" He snarled.

"You've been playing all day." Sam pouted.

"So?" Dean rolled his shoulders bitterly and glared at the opening scene to the kiddie game with ferocity.

Sam stood quietly as Dean nearly snorted fire at the stupid game playing a jolly tune obnoxiously loud over the speakers. He twiddled his thumbs awkwardly and sat down on the couch next to his big brother, letting Dean finish setting up the controls and two-player mode.

"You gonna pick up your controller, or what?" Dean snapped.

Sam flinched but shook his head. He shifted hesitantly but leaned over and wrapped his arms around Dean. "Sorry." He whispered.

Dean tensed for a second but stopped when he looked down at the curly brown hair pinned to his side. "Hey, it's alright." He put his arm around Sam's shoulders and gave him a good squeeze, "So go get your controller."

Sam shook his head again and looked up with a big smile, "Nah, this game sucks."

Dean grinned, "Hell yeah it does. What'd you have in mind?"

"Grand theft auto?" Sam offered.

Dean glanced toward the kitchen then nodded, "Definitely, let's take turns each time someone dies, deal?"

"Deal!" Sam gave a quick nod yes and went to get the game as Dean moved to remove the crap his mom had put on for them.

John walked into the living room just in time to hear Dean shouting, "No, no, no! Go back and get the hooker!" he furrowed his brown and looked at the TV screen for a second. He glanced back toward the kitchen where Mary was busy getting lunch ready; when he was sure she wouldn't come into the living room any time soon he hurried to his chair to watch his boys play.

"Nice," John grinned, "You know that price is pretty ridiculous-" He looked at his sons' expressions and shut up, "Uh... never mind. Keep playing."

Dean laughed, "Do I wanna know how you know that?"

"Not in the least." John smirked, "So Jet coming over again today?"

Dean shrugged, "Probably, he tends to come by whenever mom makes food."

John nodded, "Right... He's been doing that for years, why do I bother asking anymore?"

"Don't know, Alzheimer's is my guess." Dean chuckled.

"Watch it." John warned with a laugh.